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Poor Venezuela? WE ARE Venezuela (without the riots)

What happened to Venezuela?

I watched a Fox News report about the corruption of Sean Penn’s favorite government and how violently they are putting down riots by people who can’t buy toilet paper.  A senator joined the broadcast and talked about what we need to do for Venezuela.

At face-value, she has a point, of course.  Why should we do business with a rogue regime and support such low-lifes and Sean Penn’s buddy, Nicolas Maduro?  I would take great pleasure in seeing these people dragged into the street and shot.  It is what they richly deserve.


When you get right down to it, who are we to scold other governments for running their countries into the ground?  We Are Venezuela!  The only difference between what our government (both parties) are doing to us and what was done to the real Venezuelans is they didn’t have so far to fall and Maduro and the fat-headed Hugo Chavez tried to do it all at once.  Also, Americans are far more docile and naive than most other people.  Thank you, educators!

But the basic results are the same as the results we see here every time the government pretends to be helping us. Whatever they pretend to be helping with becomes more expensive and more scarce.  And quality plummets.

Look at Obamacare.  We used to bitch when we saw places where healthcare would “skyrocket” by 11% (usually after a stupid mandate was tacked onto insurance policies by the government).  Now we have states paying 120% more this year than last.  The entire country is paying well into the double digits more every year. 

Of course, I speak only of the productive class.  The taking class is saving a bundle while we foot their bills as well.

According to U.S. News, not a wide-eyed, conservative publication,

The report, published online Friday in the journal Health Affairs, also showed another distinction for 2015: The federal government now pays for the largest share of health care. [emphasis mine].

That means after you pay all you medical expanses, made inhumanly higher by Obamacare, you then pay more, as a productive tax-paying citizen than those who pay no taxes.

Our path is unsustainable.

And it isn’t ONLY medical insurance scams we have to worry about.  How much of the economy does Obamacare, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security (Ponzi scheme), college loans (a con of epic proportion), the FHA continued buying of shit mortgages, and Food stamps represent?  Add on the 47 job training programs we have from DC, not a one of which reports a single result.  And NONE OF THESE, in their present form are sustainable.  If we don’t back away form them quickly and create a growing economy again we will one day SOON be rioting in the streets because we can’t find basic goods.

The pace at which both parties are now bringing us to ruin increases just a little every year.  

Smirk all you like, then demonstrate historically how “Venezuela” is not the result of Socialism?  Here’s a fact, it is ALWAYS the result!  Just because it is happening slower here, and we have more wealth to destroy, doesn’t mean we are safe from it.  

I say frequently that the laws of economics are as hard and fast as the laws of gravity.  If we keep whistling past the graveyard while tsk-tsking places like Venezuela, we will one day find ourselves without a paddle, on the headwaters of the mighty Feces River.

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Random Thoughts: Trump, the Media, Socialism and a Gorilla

Thoughts on the Trump Press Conference

Donald Trump had an accidental moment of clear truth at his debacle of a “presser” today. He was asked, after saying that he would not attack state and local politicians who had their own constituents to answer to for not supporting him, why he attacked Governor Martinez. His answer? “She was not nice.” Not nice, by his own definition, means she didn’t endorse him. Check this out from about the 37 minute mark.

Does it bother anyone that Trump, as I have said numerous times here, makes major decisions based on who kisses his ass?

He also had it out with the media today. Does it bother anyone that from the time he got spanked by Megyn Kelly using his own words, that Trump said that the media is dishonest and as president, HE is going to fix that. How does he plan to “fix” the press? Does he plan to have a state-run media? how does the president “fix” the press? Trump is surely not equipped to fix anything with the weight of argument. He has no argument.

If he actually had a valuable, articulate, (not self-serving) point to make today, he may have come away from the press conference better in the eyes of his skeptics. As it is, he only looked good in the eyes of his cult followers. To everyone else he looked like the same professional wrestling fan he has forsworn many times before. “I will be more presidential…I will be so presidential; believe me.”

“I didn’t want the credit,” he cried repeatedly, regarding the donations to Vet groups. But, as usual, that was an out-and-out lie. His first fuss about veterans happened when he ducked a FOX debate, trying to over shadow the debate by attending a rally for vets. He did not organize the rally but has claimed credit for having done so. The rally raised $6 million dollars. He claims credit for that as well, though his presence there was with only a day or two of prior public notice. Is this part of the $6 million he claims to have raised. He gave $1 million to veterans’ charities, promised months ago, only after a newspaper called him out to keep the promise. We can call that coincidence, but we are not bound to.

ALL his work with veterans, like many politicians (can we stop saying he’s not like the others), was a cheesy attempt to make our warriors his puppets, while he polished his brand.

Some Thoughts on Recent History

This morning , Stewart Varney repeatedly banged away at the fall of Venezuela as being the result of socialism. He is right, of course. But he tempered his observation with the fact that, well, yes, oil prices have fallen in recent months. Damn it! Venezuela was rationing toilet paper when oil prices were at all time highs. That country should have been swimming in oil money and all the progress it should have spun off. But it was being run by socialists already. They had, years ago found ways to fail at the un-failable. My heart aches for the poor stupid wretches who believed then, as Sanders and Clinton want us to do now, that socialism works. It doesn’t; not even with oil propping it up. But about 50% of the people reading this believe it does. I know Sean Penn does. Cuba and Venezuela are his idea of utopia. But that’s because he is irretrievably stupid. Are you?

On Clinton

Last week the media spent a few days carefully telegraphing what they need the Clinton campaign to say in order for them to get back to their primary job of supporting a criminal socialist for president. They clearly don’t want the honest socialist.

Today, John Podesta obliged them with their talking points regarding the illegal server and criminal cover-up (Wow! These people are beneath contempt). You can expect the press to maintain the story line Podesta put out until another report surfaces reiterating what an unworthy creep she truly is. At that point, the press will “voice their concerns” again. In other words, in their reporting, they will outline the myth they believe they can carry. The Clinton campaign will respond with a new set of lies to foist on us.

Just for fun, maybe someone can investigate how many clients of the Podesta brothers (corporate and foreign governments) have paid into the skanky slush fund euphemistically known as the Clinton Foundation.

On the Gorilla

Bang!! Good shot! Somebody get that kid outta there!

Seriously, I don’t know how I feel about zoos to begin with, especially in the case of higher order animals.  And this outcome, though tragic, was a no-brainer.

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