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Mask Hysteria: The New Burka

Read Part 4 here.

I was hinting that there might be some comfort and encouragement in the realities of COVID-19.

Part 5

But, no! You are not to be permitted comfort. If anyone within 100 miles has COVID you must live like a neurotic germaphobe. We must create the same or greater level of distress in our children. And regardless of the FACT that the flu will kill many times more of our children this year than COVID will, it is considered heartless to NOT kill our economy and shut down our schools. It is even more heartless to point all this out. The truth is simply not dramatic enough.

And to pile onto the non-science of shutdowns…this was Bill DeBlasio’s plan instead of opening schools. Opening them would be too dangerous for kids or teachers. Instead, Warren Wilhelm (that’s De Blasio’s real name, swear to god) said he was going to open daycare centers where the kids could gather and daycare workers could monitor their activities and see that they do their schoolwork. WTF Warren!? And do you know there are people in New York stupid enough to fall for this? Only a non-thinking, big government, nanny state jackass would ever have an idea like this. I am writing what I watched Wilhelm say and I still can’t believe it.

The new burka.  For god’s sake, cover yourself!

And then there are the goddamn masks. As of late March of this year the entire medical world had amassed more than a century of knowledge about surgical masks. That collective knowledge was reflected in the words of Drs. Fauci, Berx, Redfield, Adams, Siegle and many others who were asked about wearing a mask in public and if it would help fight the spread of COVID. The immediate response across the board ran along this line: A little maybe, but not much, and it could be counterproductive depending on the wearer.

I’ll give you a gross anecdote to demonstrate one problem with masks and our present expectations.

I kick up a lot of saw dust in my woodshop. This is especially true when using my planer. At the end of the day I always have to blow my nose. When I’ve worked with dark wood the mucus comes out black. With blond wood it’s brown. BUT…and here’s the important point…when I wear a mask I blow my nose with the exact same result.


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Some of the masks I’ve used are really good surgical masks. It doesn’t change the net result.

And a grain of saw dust is much, MUCH larger than a COVID cell.

Beyond that, the doctors above, among many others, leaned toward following. While part of the overall arsenal of devices worn to ward off infection, the mask is likely among the least effective; helpful yes. Why breath directly into the incision of a patient? And while hospital workers often catch what patients have, despite the wearing of masks, the mask is better than nothing in close contact situations.

But hey! Add a bit of political pressure and the intoxication of celebrity and the science quickly erodes down to a popular social meme.  As we see here.

 Travel back to the happy, carefree days of 2015-16, when the only worry we all had was Trump vs Clinton.  Perhaps we can find ideas to help us cope with the national nuthouse we all live in now! Click here!   

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Mask Hysteria: Why the “science” is invalid.

I was just getting to why the “science” is invalid.  It’s about methods.  If the methods are not valid, there is NO SCIENCE.

Part 3

All the government intrusion, the destruction of the economy, the endless propaganda, has been based on “science”. Really? The numbers cited to justify all this are totally invalid. I didn’t say necessarily wrong. But they are definitely invalid to the point that we don’t know the real numbers and can’t know legitimately how to deal with them.

Photo Credit: Ichkäfer Flickr via Compfight cc

The first problem is data collection. When employing REAL scienctific data collection must be uniform and accurate. In any scientific setting, data collection, whether preliminary, observed or final, must be uniform and accurate. But the data used to scare the hell out of you has been anything but.

New York City routinely added untold numbers to their COVID data collection, especially in the area of fatalities. On two days in late May New York reported that they had added over 4000 and 3000 on consecutive days to their death totals. In these cases they decided the cause of death was unknown but presumed to be COVID. And why would they do this? Well, money and politics, of course.


Who got KUBB?  You got KUBB? We got KUBB!

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In the state of Florida it was discovered that for a long and undetermined period, only positive tests were being reported. Without a full report the significance of the “positives” reported is zero. So, why would they do this? Again, money and politics.

There are many (actual numbers are unknowable) where someone tests positive repeatedly. Some professions have required frequent tests. Many employers have told people who have tested positive they can come to work when they test negative. It has been suggested that teachers test daily or every other day. Guess what they do with these repeat “positives”. You got it. They are just added to the total of positives reported.

What could possibly be the motivation for politicians to sell us such garbage in the face of a [gasp!] PANDEMIC?

Let’s get to that.


Travel back to the happy, carefree days of 2015-16, when the only worry we all had was Trump vs Clinton.  Perhaps we can find ideas to help us cope with the national nuthouse we all live in now! Click here!   

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Why the Swedes are doing better than we are?

Because of a fully indoctrinated mindset, many knuckleheads will respond to this article by saying, “You just want people to DIE!” Ironically, it is probably these very same people who need to take what I say for action.

Question 1: How is Sweden doing these days vis-a-vis the ChiComm virus?

Answer: Quite well, actually. They have elected not to do a shutdown and have a mortality rate very similar to the United States. Ours is just under 3/10000th of the population or .0003. Theirs is just over .0003. Their dense population centers in the warmer southern cities oddly, have fewer cases than the cities to the north. We seem to be all over the map on that score.

In the case of both countries the vast majority of deaths due to the virus are the very old. The next endangered cohort would be the obese, diabetic and people with various lung ailments. The fraction of the population dying outside these parameters is negligible.

(Oh, here we go. People are already screaming… “There’s no such thing as a negligible death! MJ is a pig!” Of course, we know the term negligible is not a reflection of the value of human life. It is a numerical term, and it is in this case, inarguable. But in order to continue to justify hiding in their homes, and maintaining drama, many will still react as I characterize above.)

So where will Sweden and the US diverge in terms of mortality and COVID?

That’s easy, this upcoming flu season. Sweden is going to have a 7-month buffer between the outbreak of COVID and the beginning of flu season. During this time they allowed their citizenry to develop herd immunity to COVID. In the meantime, we have hidden in our homes and avoided the least contact with each other. Come flu season, a tremendous number of Swedes will have already been exposed to and beaten Covid. So when and if they get the flu, most will just get the flu.

We on the other hand will reap the whirlwind for having hidden for months. When people get the flu here many will have to go to the emergency room. And where is the greatest chance of getting COVID? That’s right…medical institutions. So, flu victims, already in a weakened state will be contracting the Red Death in much higher numbers than we see right now. If our experience so far has put you in a panic, you are not psychologically prepared to deal with such an exponential double whammy.

We have destroyed 25% of the restaurant industry. The rest of the small business damage is presently incalculable. So what will be our reaction in the late fall when many times more people are dying than have during this entire episode so far? Will we shut down again?

The fact is we accomplish nothing with shutdowns.   Assuming we will not have a vaccine by November, we have only endangered more people, more of OURSELVES, by a long shutdown to begin with.


It can be argued that since more than half of all new cases are people who have been shut-ins, we might assume that we are going to do almost as well as Sweden during flu season. If that turns out to be true, it will be an even greater indictment against ever having shut down the economy to begin with. But it is more likely we have weakened our immune systems across the board.

Along the same lines, most people who claim to be participating in the stay-at-home orders are really not doing so. We have been staying home and avoiding contact with anyone EXCEPT for when we NEED to get gas to get to Home Depot, Walmart, convenience stores etc. The incubation period for this Wuhan Crud is two weeks. So the second you touch that gas pump or walk into Walmart, your two-week counter goes back to zero. So in reality, none of us is really doing the stay-at-home thing. We are just pretending. In this regard we may be more like Sweden than we think.

This, again, shows just how stupid this stay-at-home thing has been. We have destroyed our economy for NOTHING.

We now have about a three and a half month window to get back to a normal life and hope that most of us WILL contract COVID now. (Note to dummies: This doesn’t include old people) Of those who contract it, only some will get sick. Of those who get sick, yes, a tiny fraction will die. But if we don’t take the risk NOW many, MANY more WILL die later. The longer these non-scientific, phased re-openings drag on the worse it will be for all of us in the fall.

Yes, I said non-scientific. ALL of the guidelines being touted by politicians are arbitrary, the results of spitball sessions by unqualified people. They have no basis in science at all. There is no way of knowing whether they are worth the paper they are printed on. The risk calculation is yours and yours alone. The politicians CANNOT help you.

So if you own a business, open it. If you have a job be ready to go back. NOW.


…you can continue to listen to the politicians, many of whom have a stake in keeping you at home and the economy weak, and you will actually INCREASE your own chances of dying from COVID. Again…the flu and COVID together? You don’t want to go there.