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Mask Hysteria: Why the “science” is invalid.

I was just getting to why the “science” is invalid.  It’s about methods.  If the methods are not valid, there is NO SCIENCE.

Part 3

All the government intrusion, the destruction of the economy, the endless propaganda, has been based on “science”. Really? The numbers cited to justify all this are totally invalid. I didn’t say necessarily wrong. But they are definitely invalid to the point that we don’t know the real numbers and can’t know legitimately how to deal with them.

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The first problem is data collection. When employing REAL scienctific data collection must be uniform and accurate. In any scientific setting, data collection, whether preliminary, observed or final, must be uniform and accurate. But the data used to scare the hell out of you has been anything but.

New York City routinely added untold numbers to their COVID data collection, especially in the area of fatalities. On two days in late May New York reported that they had added over 4000 and 3000 on consecutive days to their death totals. In these cases they decided the cause of death was unknown but presumed to be COVID. And why would they do this? Well, money and politics, of course.


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In the state of Florida it was discovered that for a long and undetermined period, only positive tests were being reported. Without a full report the significance of the “positives” reported is zero. So, why would they do this? Again, money and politics.

There are many (actual numbers are unknowable) where someone tests positive repeatedly. Some professions have required frequent tests. Many employers have told people who have tested positive they can come to work when they test negative. It has been suggested that teachers test daily or every other day. Guess what they do with these repeat “positives”. You got it. They are just added to the total of positives reported.

What could possibly be the motivation for politicians to sell us such garbage in the face of a [gasp!] PANDEMIC?

Let’s get to that.


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Mask Hysteria: Fun for Germaphobes

In a few, short months we have become a nation of germaphobes.  We were discussing going to Walmart and not being able to visit a medical specialist.  It gives me a headache just writing that last sentence.

Part 2

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And what of the “science” employed by those big box stores? Most have two large access points. Some have three. Federal, state and sometimes local authorities required these stores to take steps to keep their customers “safe” from the ChiComm plague. And how did they do that? By and large they decided to close all but on set of doors, funneling access and egress through one set of doors. What mental midget came up with this plan? Why not one in and one out, thinning the exposure between transients? That would be a bit more scientific anyway.

Also, through the magic of SWAG (Super Wild Ass Guessing) governments arrived at
magic numbers for these big stores that dictated how many people could be in the
stores at any given time. So you see one unfortunate employee with a number
clicker in hand counting the numbers going in and out. SOOOOOO scientific.

This is also a lot like how they reached the 6-foot magic distance of disease control…

“Expert” 1: I don’t know, George. We have to give them something.

“Expert” 2: Tell them to stay far apart in public. Make them feel like they are doing something.

“Expert” 1: Right. How about 3 feet?

“Expert” 2: Hmmmm. No. That just doesn’t feel like a big enough number.

“Expert” 1: How about 10 feet? There’s no way you can breath on someone from 10 feet.

“Expert” 2: Are you crazy? Walmart would never go for that.

“Expert” 1: Okay, 6 feet. That’s got to fly.

“Expert” 2: Yeah. It sounds significant and if public places can’t maintain that they can just shut down. Yeah. Perfect.

These are just silly examples of how we are “containing” the virus. But I said at the beginning everything we are being told is invalid. So far we have just discussed the results. These are all based on what we are told is the underlying “science” from the real “experts”.  And that is what has been invalid almost from the beginning.

Find out why.


Travel back to the happy, carefree days of 2015-16, when the only worry we all had was Trump vs Clinton.  Perhaps we can find ideas to help us cope with the national nuthouse we all live in now! Click here!   

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