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My New Campaign Helping Social Whiners

My New Banner

This is the symbol I am using for my Be Kind To Social Whiners campaign.  Like it?  It’s rather flashy I admit. But I wanted to draw special attention to the plight of those who feel the need to whine incessantly.  It must be such a headache to be them.

It is fortuitous the I happened to choose this banner, because whiners and pisspots all over the country are blowing aneurisms right now over an image very similar to this one.

As it turns out, there are people in this country who have used that symbol in honor of soldiers who fought and died for the Confederacy during a war that took place only three generations ago. (Yes, it’s been only three. Two of my great, great grandfathers fought for the Union. I’m a Philly boy.)

Sadly, they are now told that no matter who their relatives are, or what warriors they admire, they can no longer use this symbol in their honor.

There are others who have walked under this other banner to show that they are mouth-breathing racists.  These Billybobs would say the stupidest things.  They were intentionally hurtful in the things they said. It was almost as bad as listening to a Malik Shabazz speech. Fortunately for the scutmouth Malik, he has the freedom to say the things he says; First Amendment and all.

Not so for the Civil War buffs and the Billybobs.  They have been told they must stop using their symbol. There is pressure on Gettysburg to help us un-write history by getting rid of that flag. That must be in honor of George Orwell.  TV networks are trying to get us to un-remember hit shows that had that same symbol painted on a car.  There are certain TV shows I’d like to un-remember, but it’s more than passing strange that we are being told to, don’t you think?

Anyway, it’s all a weird coincidence that the two symbols are so similar. I don’t anticipate any problem having MY symbol at the top of MY campaign. But in the event someone does take umbrage, I can only say that as far as I know, I have the right to express myself as I see fit in this country.  I hope that allays your concerns. If it doesn’t and you feel the need to whine and cry about my symbol, then you can go F#%& yourself.

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