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Trump vs Clinton More Painful Reality

One of the most egregious of myths being touted in the political arena is the idea that Trump is leading Clinton in head to head polls. What makes it so offensive is that some of the TV talking heads like Hannity and Bolling along with Trump himself, use the myth to advance his campaign. The fact is, Trump hasn’t led Hillary since last fall in any major poll. And even then, that poll number was a one-off. She was at her lowest ebb and the Donald had a good week. He hasn’t been close before or since.

If, Trump were say, as he does too often “Look at the polls. I’m the only one to beat Hillary” and he was referring to a stand-alone, two-week old poll, that would be a little white lie. He has never been the only one beating Clinton in a head-to-head. But it wouldn’t be an insulting lie. But when he says it now, when every major poll has had him him dragging behind Clinton for months, he is playing his fan club for idiots. And they seem to enjoy it.

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