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Nehlen v Ryan, Kahn v Trump and Other Stinkers

Keep your eye on this Nehlen guy. He is demonstrating, honestly and accurately, how Ryan and his ilk play bitch to “progressives” to make their own incumbency easier to protect.

This and more…

Why So Quiet?

A friend mentioned that I’d gone quite quiet recently. Indeed I have written more in my travel blog than I have Street Politics.

The reason is that the bullshit is piling up so fast on the political front, I can barely keep up with it. With people like Trump and Clinton, where do you begin?

But I’ll do better.

Let’s Dump Ryan and Others!

Things seem to be going poorly for Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan up in cheese country. It seems the folks in Wisconsin are thinking less about the imaginary status having the Speaker as your congressman provides.  They are starting to listen to a new-comer, Paul Nehlen. Nehlen’s resume would indicate he is a smart man. His policy positions are straight-forward. Many of Ryan’s positions are similar, though throttled by inanities and loaded with wiggle room.  Nehlen doesn’t seem to give himself such room to slither around in.

The truth is, Ryan is every bit the sellout his mentor, John Boehner was. He is utterly disinterested in anything that requires real effort on his part, if it doesn’t lead to political dollars and re-election. He is certainly not a conservative! Ryan and his ilk in congress, both houses, have become a national embarrassment.

I’m getting a kick out of listening to all the RINOs now crying that Trump won’t endorse them. Personally, I think it is suicide on Trump’s part to not tout all Republicans down the line.  He would be smarter not to say a single negative thing about another Republican (Chapter 17).  But he can’t help himself. He is not a bright man. Trump does nuance the way a gorilla would do ballet.  Still, to people like Ryan, who said Trump shouldn’t be nominated now whining for his approval is proof that they are not worthy of the offices they seek.

Let’s all send $5.00 to Nehlen and make noise on Facebook and Twitter.  Let’s encourage our friends in Wisconsin to do the right thing and dump Paul Ryan. Let’s get rid of McCain while we’re at it.

Whitman Endorses BJ Bill’s Wife! Hah!

If Christine Todd Whitman, former Governor of NJ, were still a viable entity in politics, this might rile me more.  But it rings of a pathetic has-been exercising her immature urge to shock, and so gain notice.

So Christie, you don’t like Trump.  Join the club.  The line is long and distinguished. But at one time you claimed to have at least SOME principles by which you lived your life.  In this race, you have a serial felon, a reality TV clown and a successful two-term governor, Republican when he served.

Everything Hillary Clinton stands for, except for a few social issues (which should mean little to a TRUE conservative – Chapter 4) are the very antithesis of what you made your life’s work.  Aside from being the most corrupt politician in the last 100 years, beating even FDR, she would preside over the continued deterioration of the U.S. economy.  She would draw power unto herself, without a thought of laws or ethics.

Trump…?  Who the hell knows what he stands for?  His campaign spends every day trying to explain the stupid thing he said yesterday.  As of last weekend, Trump forgot the Russians had taken half of Ukraine.  So, for not endorsing him, you are forgiven.

But then you have Gary Johnson.  He does share positions on some of your social issues.  He likely differs on some other issues as well. I know I disagree with his stand on the military and immigration.  But he isn’t an idiot and he isn’t a felon.  And he was a successful governor; more so than you were. 

Have you no dignity, Ms Whitman? Did you actually endorse someone who is a standing insult to everything this country is because you both have vaginas.  Were you stupid enough to buy into that con job?  Here’s a thought.  Why don’t you get together with Hillary and Barbara Streisand and their Democrat friends and form the Vagina Party? Or would that just be redundant?

Trump vs Khan

If you wait long enough, all the smelly shit eventually oozes out, doesn’t it? I will dispense with the now cliche preface of “Sorry for your loss”.  It has been said so many times this week it has lost its meaning, even to the Khan clan. So there we were, watching the couple who lost a son in war 12 years ago. that son was said by Larry Sabato to be a good man and a top-notch soldier.  If Sabato says it, I believe it.  So the greater the tragedy it is.  We need good men like him.

Lo and behold, the Clinton campaign plucks this couple from obscurity.  It seems Khizr Khan sees the banning of Muslims from this country (a false flag, a straw argument) bothers him because his Muslim son died for this country.  We watch as Mr. Khan pulls out his pocket Constitution and scolds Trump on not understanding what is written there.

Sigh, sniff.

But there are some problems here.  We can simply mention that the Constitution makes absolutely no prohibition against a congress or a president throttling immigration in any way they chose, certainly not against the same officials using immigration restrictions as a means of security!  I’d be more comfortable if the immigration moratorium were simply expressed in terms of geography, leaving people’s personal superstitions aside.  But their is still no constitutional restriction even there.

The second problem lies in the Latin question, cui bono?  Whenever something smells funny, like a speaker at a Democrat convention pulling out a pocket Constitution, you should always think of that question; cui bono?  Pocket Constitutions are punchlines in Tea Party jokes.  “Progressives” going all the way back to Woodrow Wilson have chafed at the Constitution.  They insult those who stand by it because it restricts their ability to “manage” the population and all their activities as “progressives” fit.

I knew Khan was a stage prop, but where was the benefit for him? Fifteen minutes of fame?

Well!  It turns out Khan is a long-time associate of Hillary Clinton with a motive to advance her ambitions and thereby his own.  Khan is also an immigration lawyer.  He makes lots of money gaming the system to get green cards for people. The influx of hundreds of thousand of refugees from unknown, unverifiable dung heaps, Clinton’s plan, would channel millions of dollars worth of business to Khan’s law firm. 

Okay, show of hands; who doesn’t think the deal from Clinton was, “you give me a good speech and get me some mileage and I will make sure you are overrun with Syrian, Yemeni and Iraqi clients.  We will instruct INS to direct them to you.”

If anyone doubts that, if anyone thinks Khan dragged his wife onto that stage without a solid quid pro quo, you need to go outside and slam your car door on your head several times. It won’t do you any good. But it feels good to picture you doing it.

As for Trump, he was stupid to engage.  But since he can’t help himself, his handlers should have taught him a better approach.  It would have been smarter still if he had waited.  He could have beaten Khan over the head with this information and accused him of whoring his own son’s death for financial gain which, of course, he did!

Gary Johnson, are you listening?  This is your chance. Speak up. Get in the news cycle. Controversy is good, so long as you are on the side of honesty.

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What You May Not Have Considered!

My old boss used to say, give me the bottom line up front. He used the acronym BLUF all the time.

With that in mind, I know there are many people who won’t need the detail in this piece. So I will sate my case here. In this election, much more important than who we make president is who we send to the DC and state legislatures. No matter who goes to the White House we need to send them with a huge Republican majority. You can noodle that out for yourself, take it on faith or read on to understand why this is critical for voters in ANY party.

As of last night, 3/1/16, we need to get our heads around only two possible scenarios for the remaining election season. One is Donald Trump getting the nomination. No one has been harder on Trump than I have. Some have called him more names, but those people tend to ride on pure emotion, lacking documentation or argument. I’d like to think my remarks carry a bit more heft. I do not apologize for a syllable of those remarks.

I will continue to pound away on him unless and until he is nominated. That said, I will support him in the general election. In such a case, I would be asked to choose between a narcissistic populist and a felon. As potentially dangerous as Trump’s personality disorder might be to the nation, we already know that Clinton is a criminal. People who think they are clever usually correct me on this point and like a college professor put a finger in the air and say, “alleged criminal.”

At the risk of breaking progressive hearts everywhere, the words alleged and allegation are restrictions placed upon the police and the courts who are required by law to treat everyone as innocent as a matter of gaining a clear disposition of a case. I have no such burden. We KNOW Clinton had highly classified material on an illegal server (that is not legal theory) in her home. We KNOW she had cut and pasted some classified material to unmarked documents to facilitate the transmission of those documents across her illegal server (again, not legal theory). We know she convinced a low-level IT tech to install the illegal server, yet another crime. And these were just the latest string of offenses in a career blanketed with criminal or unethical activity.

We don’t KNOW Trump will act intentionally against the citizens. So that low bar persuades me that if what I am about to discuss does not happen and Trump becomes the Republican of record, I will vote for him. But to make sending Trump to the White House a responsible move, we must send him with HUGE coattails. Most people haven’t even considered this yet. We get fascinated with all the hype surrounding presidential politics and forget there are more important things to consider. I’ll explain in a bit.

There is only one scenario that would spare me this unpleasantness of voting for the huckster. Glenn Beck – yeah, I know, drama queen –  outlined a suggestion on his radio show today that I have favored for a while now. It’s likelihood of occurring is minimal considering the mindset and egos of the players. Eric Bolling[1. totally in the bag for Trump] used very sound figures this evening to demonstrate that the suggestion I am about to offer is the only sound option.

The Five, Fox News, 2 March 16
The Five, Fox News, 2 March 16

In an effort to show the Trump is inevitable, Bolling laid out the likely impact of the next several states. I found it so useful I took a shot right off the TV. WTA = Winner take all.

If you examine what the polls say about the upcoming states, many of which are WTA, you must admit that a three-way match up of Trump, Cruz and Rubio, almost guarantees a Trump lock in just a few weeks. If Kasich figures at all, he just accelerates that outcome.

So what to do? Well, as Beck suggested, Rubio should drop out and Cruz should name him now as a running mate. Beck went on to say the two should name cabinet members and their pick for Supreme Court justices as well, but that isn’t necessary.

For all the Rubio folks out there, take a moment to catch your breath and I’ll explain. With all three men in the race, Rubio will never see the nomination unless Trump drops dead of a heart attack. The polls, very accurate this year, say Rubio will not even win in Florida. Just to get  out before facing that humiliation would be a smart move. But here is the kicker. If Cruz quits, a vast majority of his people will either go to Trump or walk away entirely. Rubio is too much tarred with McConnell and a business-as-usual congress. But if Rubio drops, and this must happen VERY soon, his folks will gravitate toward Cruz as a rebel type but not as crude as Trump. With the way Rubio is finally characterizing Trump, there is no way his supporters jump to Trump.

If Rubio can swallow his pride and see being Vice President as a better deal than going home after spending ALL his money and losing, then it is more than likely the Donald will be sidelined. And Rubio is still young enough to run as a sitting vice president later.

I have said the Hermanos Cubanos have been too clever by a half for several months in their decision-making. This concept cannot be faced with the same ineptitude. Egos must be set aside. Cruz needs to reach out to Rubio NOW! Rubio needs to take a day, buck up and accept. If we see Florida before this happens, Trump will have likely gained enough of a lead and momentum that he will be unstoppable.

Marco Rubio’s supporters can wish all they want. Marco will not win the nomination this year. It would be irresponsible to drag this out and lose the White House to Trump. It would be treasonous to hand BJ Bill’s wife the victory.

In my BLUF, I mentioned coattails. With the choices we have, we must have a backstop for the two crazies or real support for Cruz.

Starting with Cruz; he is the only one of the three that has a real agenda to pursue. He wants to create an environment where the economy can be cut loose to perform at the optimum.

In the case of Clinton, I know there are more than a few Democrats out there who won’t switch parties, but have real trepidation about sending someone who is clearly a felon to the White House. But since the FBI and DOJ are clearly slow-walking the investigations into her criminal activity, the Dems may get stuck with her as a nominee. The only way to control her corrupt impulses is through the use of the legislature. Everyone knows that the leadership of both parties is presently lazy and corrupt. But with a veto-proof Republican majority in congress, both sides would be forced to work together while controlling the felon.

As for Trump; this is a man who announces which journalists media outlets should fire. Their crime? Not praising Trump. He makes policy pronouncements based on who likes him and agrees with him. He has an ego infinitely larger than Obama’s, and BHO’s ego has been a huge problem. Where BHO fails, he simply weakens the rule of law and the Constitution. He feels entitled. Trump already talks of the White House as if it would be his throne. He is more likely to try to RULE by executive orders than BHO ever dreamed of doing. We also don’t know, to this day, if he isn’t just an alternative to Hillary who was asked to run (as a “Republican”) just in case she gets busted. The left would kiss his ass and get Supreme Court nominees and support for laws more to their liking. But the reality is, you don’t know if it ends there. With his ego and inability to understand nuance, he could be very dangerous. Anything he screwed up would be good news for Dems in 2018 and 2020. But they could also be catastrophic for the country. To prevent him from ordering the construction of a border wall, or changing of banking regulation, or an attack on Lithuania by presidential fiat, we would need a veto-proof Republican majority. Trump says he’ll repeal Obama’s executive orders. What idiot doesn’t know he’ll just undue the ones he doesn’t like and keep the rest to maintain his power. Congress will have to do it.

In 16 20 24:, I said that in order to wrest this country from the direction it is headed, the next president must execute that greatest surrender of power since Washington turned his sword over to congress. Neither Clinton nor Trump have it in them to do such a thing. Cruz might. But a huge Republican majority can simply demand it. The more fresh blood we get in there, the more determined the real rebels will be for such a showdown.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here!

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If you can believe the polls, you can assume by the end of the night Donald Trump will have carried Iowa in the first primary head count of the season. (Update: Iowa vindicated itself by NOT handing Trump a coronation.)

More curious than his meteoric rise in the run up, are the sources of support he enjoys in America’s heartland. To these eyes, his success in Iowa is one of the biggest con jobs in political history. But that’s just one man’s opinion. This is not, however, an opinion without some merit and thought.

New Hampshire, the “Live Free or Die” state, pay attention. You are in the midst of being flimflammed yourselves. If you love freedom, the polls say you are on a disastrous path. (Update: New Hampshire is no longer the Live Free or Die state. It is now the Say Anything and I’ll Buy It state.)

Consider: Donald J. Trump is the most left-wing candidate in the Republican field. But his victory will be provided by people who vote for someone because they are Christian[1. If you read my book or my blogs, you know that I find identity politics based on race or religion to be the sleaziest and most damaging to the social fabric] or because they say they are voting for the one who will be the most conservative.

If you are an informed voter, you are laughing at Iowans already. If you’re not I’ll tell you why you should feel free to do so.

We’ll deal with the ill-informed “conservatives” first. These facts are beyond dispute. Trump is a crony capitalist. He cemented a great deal of support, sapping it directly from Cruz, with his stance on government corn. That would be the food many Iowans grow to be put into gas tanks, on the orders of the nanny state, that the rest of the country doesn’t want in their gas tanks. But evidently, a majority of Iowa’s “conservatives” want that government corn to keep on growing, to the benefit of no one except the super farms that are cleaning up on the guaranteed cash. Some say that the direct subsidy given to the farms has ended. And so it has. But when it was ended, the law to keep putting food in our gas tanks remained in place and the percentage required to be mixed with our gasoline went up to 15%. The farms growing the government corn are still swimming in our hard-earned money.

Trump is a huge fan of eminent domain for narrowly focused private enterprises. Here’s the scam. Sleazy politicians get in bed with businessmen and tell citizens that their homes are to be given to the business men so the can build a condo community, or whatever. They will be compensated in the form of a price, agreed to by the government and the sleazy businessmen. If they refuse, they’ll be moved anyway. In his own defense he has said that those who say they don’t want to leave their homes are just greedy and holding out for more money. He also says they make 5 or 10 times what their property is worth.

The former statement is just another example of Trump’s shocking inability to see that there are things more important to people than money and his stupid condo project. The latter is simply a lie. Most people facing displacement under eminent domain are rarely compensated for the market value of their property. Those who are don’t see 10 times the value of their property. In other words, Trump is lying or ignorant of the facts. Neither would be a surprise.

It is important to point out that recently Trump has insisted that without eminent domain we’d have no road, bridges, pipelines, etc. This is a lie of misdirection. The uses of eminent domain people are complaining about are of the Kelo vs New London variety. These were not instances where a utility or major corridor would result, benefittig a huge swath of a state of region. These are cases like the one I cite above. People are forced from their homes, whatever the price, so one man or company can enjoy private profit from a narrow group of customers. When challenged on this, Trump simply avoids the specifics of the question and talks about roads and utilities again. But it is still a lie. You can bet, once nominated, the press won’t give him a break on this. He will be cross-examined in every interview. He’s not prepared for that kind of grilling.

Finally, the favorite of conservatives everywhere, Trump wants, and once in office will fight for, a single-payer healthcare system. He has yet to be called on this by another candidate. And he should be. His debating skills are that of a middle school girl. It would be like shooting fish in a barrel for a candidate to pick apart his argument on health care. But first that candidate has to have the guts to  make the case. As of the caucuses, there isn’t a gonad in sight. With all due respect to Carly, I speak metaphorically. Although she has shown more “balls’ than her counterparts on several occasions.

But the real belly laugh comes from the “religious right”. The latest surge Trump has enjoyed comes out of his embarrassing performance at Liberty “University”. It turned out to be a match made in heaven (pun intended). The guy who made billions wheeling and dealing in real estate meets the guy whose family fortune comes from the soaking folks with the religious angle. Trump swooped in, cocked up a bible quote, (one may safely assume he made a generous donation to the “university”), and voila, Falwell endorses Trump.

Within days the “religious” right is all about the Donald. Perhaps it is due to Trump’s similarities to Duck Dynasty. Successful business people, “reality” TV shows, no special displays of social maturity, but they say they’re Christian. Ya know, samey-same.

While your host disapproved of Cruz announcing his candidacy at the same “university” and felt the speech smacked heavily of theocracy, I still stand in awe at how easily swayed the”religious” right seems to be. They suddenly see Trump as Mister God, Mister Morality…over Cruz? Trump is a monument to pointless greed and empty vanity, among other of the deadly sins. Do you people research anything for yourselves?

I hope the polls and my assessment are wrong about Iowa. I hope they show some sense in their collective decision-making. Of course, I have been hoping since June that Trump was real and was going to get serious with no luck there yet. A low turnout would not bode well for the Donald. There is hope, but I’m not sanguine.

For the record, Rand Paul remains the most adult figure in the non-establishment group but he needs to get a lot louder. SOON. (Update: He’s gone back to Kentucky to pursue his Senate seat. Would Carly Fiorina please stand up and get loud?)

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here!

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