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Paulie P and the Nation of 12 Year Olds

Listen to the press whinging on and on about Paulie P.  Almost every month since this administration took office, and then weekly more recently, the American media have consistently struck new lows in politics and journalism.

The mainstream media is clearly the obedient lapdog of the political Left.  Nothing new there.  But the complete lack of journalistic curiosity mixed with vindictiveness gets more strident as the Democrat Party staggers toward defeat in November.  The liberal talking heads will say ANYTHING in an attempt to salvage a few candidates from the flames.

Now, I will preface with a statement.  It will be true and sincere.  But it will be treated as if I never said it.  I do hope Paul Pelosi was not permanently injured by his assailant.  I hope he has a full recovery and his assailant rots in prison. Even people who oppose his wife politically say he is a very nice man.  So it is easy to assume he is.

That said…

In an ugly and obvious attempt to exploit this attack on a nice man, the Left and their lapdogs have come out fuming and snarling about complete nonsense.  The most nonsensical would be connecting  this to January 6th.  PLEASE!

So the nudist, drug addled, nut bag who lives on a dilapidated bus, with BLM and rainbow flags, and talks to angels and thought he was Jesus Christ for a year is the long-awaited, racist right wing explosion the Democrats have been warning us about as the upshot of January 6th?  Really?  Does the press think we are really that stupid?  They must think so, because they keep connecting a Mini-riot in DC with this guy in San Francisco.  Pathetic.

And they’ve personalized it as well.  I will single out Eric Swalwell, Phang Phang’s pathetic boyfriend, for specific treatment here, because he is the one who has lied most egregiously about the whole affair.


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Over the weekend, this ass hat blasted the GOP, specifically the leadership, for not condemning the attack.  This was a lie.  It is a documented lie.  He deserves nothing but scorn from both sides and should have been called out by the MSM for the lie and the insult.

But oh, the media can’t.  Lapdogs, remember?  They pumped up the statement, gave it huge play.

Here are the facts:  Mitch McConnell, upon learning of the incident immediately issued a statement condemning the attack and said what everyone else said, that he is hoping Paulie P recovers quickly. Prayers for the family and all that.  So did a lot of other leading Republicans.

So once again, Swalwell demonstrated what a shallow dunce he clearly is and the media promoted his idiocy.  McConnell’s statements, along with half the GOP, were already on record.

He’s not alone.

The media has accused anyone who ever criticized our shrill and self-serving Speaker of the House as causing, or being happy that, this attack occurred.  This isn’t true, of course.  There isn’t a national or local media outlet of either stripe who hasn’t come out and condemned the assault and wished Paulie well.   No matter, when you are a profession that behaves like a classroom full of 12 year olds, you say what makes you feel good.  You also say anything to hurt those who aren’t in your clique.  That’s how 12 year olds behave.

Besides, there is an election to be won.  Fuck the truth.  Just make up something about how this is part of 1/6!

Then there is the hypocrisy.

I’ll just provide one example.  A few years ago Rand Paul was assaulted in his own yard by a neighbor.  While the Senator was working on his yard, this scumbag went at him at a full gallop and ran him to the ground. Paul suffered six fractured ribs, three completely severed internally.  He would go on to get fluid in his lungs and recovery was very slow. He also lost a piece of his lung.

Now as anyone who has suffered broken, or even severely bruised ribs can tell you, this is a painful experience.  For weeks or months, just getting out of bed is a unique experience.  Rand Paul spit up blood for a year.

Now, what did the Left say about it? Well, MSNBC commentators laughed about it on the air, on the record.  One news babe called it her favorite story.  A columnist said she wished the neighbor would go back and do it again.  Exactly – 12 year olds.

But, the humdinger came from a relative of a politician who tweeted that Rand Paul’s attacker was right to do what he did.  This was Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Christine.  And why shouldn’t she think this way.  Her mother is the embodiment of the middle school mean girl.  Always has been.

So when the entire Right comes out in one voice and condemns the attack on Pelosi, the Left and their lapdogs condemn them for not doing so.  When an assault victim points out the retarded hypocrisy of the Left for their offensive, on the record remarks, HE now is getting blasted by the lapdogs!

When the intentional stupidity of the Left reaches each new low, language become more and more inadequate to address it.  One gropes for a term that might be critical enough of such behavior.  I can’t find the characterization,  Perhaps a better writer might.

I want to think the Left has hit a moral rock-bottom with this episode.  But I am sure they’ll keep digging.

But no matter.  They are losing an election.  They put an idiot in play in Pennsylvania and Stacy Abrams is calling a record turnout in Georgia voter suppression.  So they must keep exploiting the Paulie P thing.

Okay, Lefties, all together now: “IT’S JANUARY 6TH! IT’S JANUARY 6TH!   WHITE SUPREMACY! RUSSIA, RUSSIA RUSSIA!” Good.  That’s a wrap.  Keep repeating that stuff.

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Mask Hysteria: Fun for Germaphobes

In a few, short months we have become a nation of germaphobes.  We were discussing going to Walmart and not being able to visit a medical specialist.  It gives me a headache just writing that last sentence.

Part 2

source CNN

And what of the “science” employed by those big box stores? Most have two large access points. Some have three. Federal, state and sometimes local authorities required these stores to take steps to keep their customers “safe” from the ChiComm plague. And how did they do that? By and large they decided to close all but on set of doors, funneling access and egress through one set of doors. What mental midget came up with this plan? Why not one in and one out, thinning the exposure between transients? That would be a bit more scientific anyway.

Also, through the magic of SWAG (Super Wild Ass Guessing) governments arrived at
magic numbers for these big stores that dictated how many people could be in the
stores at any given time. So you see one unfortunate employee with a number
clicker in hand counting the numbers going in and out. SOOOOOO scientific.

This is also a lot like how they reached the 6-foot magic distance of disease control…

“Expert” 1: I don’t know, George. We have to give them something.

“Expert” 2: Tell them to stay far apart in public. Make them feel like they are doing something.

“Expert” 1: Right. How about 3 feet?

“Expert” 2: Hmmmm. No. That just doesn’t feel like a big enough number.

“Expert” 1: How about 10 feet? There’s no way you can breath on someone from 10 feet.

“Expert” 2: Are you crazy? Walmart would never go for that.

“Expert” 1: Okay, 6 feet. That’s got to fly.

“Expert” 2: Yeah. It sounds significant and if public places can’t maintain that they can just shut down. Yeah. Perfect.

These are just silly examples of how we are “containing” the virus. But I said at the beginning everything we are being told is invalid. So far we have just discussed the results. These are all based on what we are told is the underlying “science” from the real “experts”.  And that is what has been invalid almost from the beginning.

Find out why.


Travel back to the happy, carefree days of 2015-16, when the only worry we all had was Trump vs Clinton.  Perhaps we can find ideas to help us cope with the national nuthouse we all live in now! Click here!   

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This Is What Being Chumps Feels Like (Apathy 2)

We are all being played for chumps.   Let me rephrase that.  Most of you are being played for chumps.

Now, point at yourself and say, “Who, me?”

Yes, you.  There is better than a 66% chance I am addressing a chump right now.  And you’re a chump because you suffer from the apathy I spoke of last week.  I exclude myself because I, and a few of my fellow citizens, actually are paying attention and refuse to be played.  If that makes me an elitist in your eyes, so be it.  It’s hardly true, but I couldn’t possibly care less.  If you are one of the few who see what is happening or if you are the type of person who gets involved and writes their representatives, you are on my side of the equation, even if you disagree with this post.

We just ended the most ridiculous week in politics since the passage of Obamacare.  Yes, even more embarrassing for the country than the last election.

The Republican led legislature (happily) failed to get the Obamacare “Repeal and Replace” bill to a vote in the House.  But they tried their best, most knowing there would be no consequence to them either way – because you’re a chump.  They know you believe the myth that you have the good Reps and Senators. My Senator said so himself.  It’s all those other Congressmen that are ass hats, right?

So you can just go about your business.  Nothing to see here.  Don’t check on what these phony “liberals” and “conservatives” are doing inside the Beltway.  You just keep your brackets straight and make sure you catch the next zombie show on TV.

Let me break all that down for you.


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Flimflam #1

Labeling.  What was before the House this week was not a “repeal” of anything.  This was a classic example of how government programs, no matter how temporary or worthless, tend to gain immortality.

The Republicans created a bill that kept the class envy, bureaucracy, income redistribution, corruption and almost all the financial burden on the Makers intact.  The plan was to hype how they would dicker around the edges of the worst law in American history and claim to have “replaced” it with a wonderful new law.

Of course, their proposal did no such thing.   They left all the backbone in place for the system to be completely restored by the first change in government.

Why?  Because they want the same thing the Dems got from the bill when it passed to begin with.  With the cash subsidies, Republican can throttle it either way, giving the Takers more or less depending on what they needed in the way of votes.  “Look at what I’ve ‘given’ you,” they’ll exclaim next election.  “I increased your money from the government by XX%!  Am I not a generous, moderate Republican?”  OR  “Look at the money (2 or 3% of growth) I cut from that terrible subsidy! Am I not a great conservative?”

The ACA and the AHCA give both Dems and the GOP several avenues through which to scam money from companies, and votes from the chumps.

Flimflam #2

Phony Strength.  Once again, for the fourth time since 2010, when Republicans claiming the mantle of “conservatism” were elected to office, they opened their argument with a 75%+ give away to the opposition.

In the case of some (Trump is at the top of the list) this is just a display of their complete ignorance of how the free market works and what conservatives truly believe at their core.  For others it demonstrates clearly that those in control of the GOP in Congress are NOT conservative.  They are opportunists, as devoid of principles or interest in what is good for the country and the economy as Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi.

These people don’t want affordable health insurance.  They don’t care about that.  They want control, pure and simple. By keeping things like the tax on “Cadillac plans”, the Republicans are fighting the Democrats by BEING Democrats. Idiotic!

(The term “Cadillac Plan” is a Democrat canard for insurance plans that successful people are willing to pay for, putting more money into the overall insurance pool.  Keeping the tax in place plays on class envy and discourages participation in the plan.  This shrinks the amount of money in the associated insurance pool.  Way to go, geniuses!)

I’ll do just one more example, but I can go on for hours.  You can even see other parts of a valid argument on the subject here.

Flimflam #3

Binary Choice:  This is the third time in the last 12 months we’ve seen this term thrown around.  The first was when the media hyped Trump and Clinton for a year, instructing you (the chumps) that you only had two choices.  Being drones of whatever the TV tells you, you believed that out of the original 21 candidates running for president, you could only choose from two, no matter what.  To make an intellectual decision on your own would spell the end of civilization as we know it.

And you bought it!

Then near the end of the general election, when both leading candidates had demonstrated how lacking they were in either scruples or basic intelligence, you were once again schooled by the talking heads that you only had two choices to pick from. Never mind the other candidates.  We, the media, are not covering them.  Therefore you have no choice but to listen to us.  And don’t you dare research these candidates on your own.  A vote for X will cause unworthy candidates Y or Z to lose and you don’t want that, do you?

And you bought it again!  You ACTUALLY bought it again!

I’ve made this point before and it is proven here in stark numbers.

There is an old adage I picked up during my Navy days.  “Once learnt, twice burnt. Three times, a sucker.”  And this week was your third time.  “There is only a binary choice,”  they keep telling you.  There are no other choices out there.  Congress must vote to keep Obamacare or vote for keeping 75% of Obamacare plus the expense of rewriting and enforcing the new regulations.

But the only reason there was only such a choice was because that is how the “leadership” arranged it and how the media sold it for them.  They could have actually created a real plan, starting from pure free-market principles and allowed real debate and amendments to occur before trying to cram the bill down everyone’s throat as Obamacare did.

They could have explored the infinite number of choices which debate would have provided.

They could have started from a position of strength instead of starting from a 75% Democrat position.  They would have had the GOP in both houses locked down in favor of the bill.  Then the destruction of our economy, if it occurred, would have been on the heads of Democrats.  They get that.  They’re dishonest, not stupid.

They could have forced the Democrats to try and defend Obamacare in the face of outrageously high costs to the Makers in our society.  And the Dems would have lost that argument.

Trump would have gone along with this.  He wouldn’t have known good from bad anyway.  He’d have supported that looked like a campaign promise being kept without argument.

But NO!  Only what Paul Ryan and a few other skeezy politicians say are the choices – are the choices. “It’s a binary choice”.

And from all appearances, it would appear you are going to happily eat this shit sandwich again!

Here’s the Chumpiest Part

And they continue to get away with this because they are 100% certain that you are either ignorant of the way they are supposed to do their jobs, or you are totally disengaged and won’t even notice them scamming you yet again! Or both!

Hell, one of the biggest complaints the GOP had about Obamacare was the centralization of power it created and the heavy hand of regulation over legislation involved (2700 pages of law and almost 30,000 pages of regulation by the executive branch).

And what does Ryancare do?  It leaves two thirds of the law untouched, passing responsibility for making new healthcare “regulation” (read changing the law) to the dictates of the Executive Branch and HHS. 

A few moments of critical thought will destroy even the arguments Ryan makes about it on his own web page.

For the truly slow, HHS would have written those regulations in such a way as to protect their share of power.  Bureaucracies are inherently bound to protect themselves, not work for a greater good.  You would have seen a whole new, big-government side of Tom Price, I can assure you.

So, would someone explain to me again why we elected Ryan speaker and how Trump is a conservative?  From where I am sitting, both notions are preposterous.

Thankfully, we now have a clean slate from which to start and we can still purge the government from the health insurance business.  If we can succeed in doing that, we will see premiums drop into the basement.  Half the people who were moved onto Medicaid by Obamacare won’t need it.  In fact they’ll prefer a market driven policy to the garbage the federal government doles out.

But that will only happen if you join me in calling on your reps to introduce new legislation.  The final lie is that this was our only chance.  What horseshit!  They can deal with Obamacare any time they wish to and as many times as it takes.

C’mon!  Talk to your reps! A phone call.  An email.  You can do it.  Get back in the game!

Matt Jordan is the author of Street Politics: It Ain’t Your Daddy’s GOP Anymore! 50% of all proceeds go to Jeff Kerr and his team at the Colonial Crossroads event to fight Multiple Sclerosis! Be sure to get your copy! Just click on the book!