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T'is the Season for Solipsistic Holiday Whining.

12274217_10153877576240809_6298490738344730827_nSay “Merry Christmas” to me, goddamn it!

On which planet is it where we “can’t” or “must” say Merry Christmas? Some people don’t. But that’s certainly none of our business…unless you are a Hillary fan or a PC campus nut job.  They are the type who think they should decide for others what they must and must not say. I doubt anyone I know would demand others say, “Merry Christmas” or anything else to them. At the same time, I am sure all the same people feel perfectly at liberty to say it themselves. The exception, of course would be a store employees with a private fiduciary arrangement with their employer. The operative word here is “private”. I know that none of the people I respect would try to make a store employee feel bad for following a policy that is ONLY the business of the store and the employee. Only shrews and liberal snowflakes would feign outrage and go out of their way to make people who work in stores feel bad in order to make themselves feel righteous.

I have a secret for the constant whiners: Xmas isn’t the only holiday celebrated this time of year. And even if it was, there are countless ways to wish someone well. They can “enjoy the season”, “have a nice holiday”, “have a joyous Noel”, and of course the dreaded, “Happy Holidays”. I’ve worked retail over two Yuletides. Do you have any idea how old it gets saying Merry Christmas over and over again, for weeks?

So grow up, y’all. Be happy that another human even acknowledged you, much less included you in their best wishes.       From my family to yours… Enjoy the Solstice! But don’t spoil the kids with too many dreidels!

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