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Stalinist and Stupid, Part 2: The Magical Land!

The Magical Land of Stalinist Stupidity

Hello boys and girls. Today will talk about a magical land. It’s a special place where people have suspended all disbelief and want felons and circus clowns to take care of them and protect them. In this land the have a news industry that doesn’t do research and reports everything the leaders say as if that was the news. They are very obedient to the leaders they love.

In today’s episode, we find that the obedient media keep telling the people about the TWO candidates that are running for president. The liberal media[1. They are called “liberal” because they actively support socialist candidates. But we all know there is nothing more illiberal and pig-headed than a modern American “liberal”.] loves a felon named Hillary Clinton. They worked very hard to defeat Bernie Sanders. He is a socialist who tried to win the liberal presidential nomination. No matter how well he did, the media kept saying he wasn’t a good candidate. The conservative media are stuck with man named Donald Trump. None of them believe in him because he is an inarticulate clown. But they think he has the best chance of defeating the felon lady.

Oddly enough, it was the pink, socialist media who helped the clown the most. They have all kinds of dirty things to say about him. But they wanted to match the felon against the clown. So they carried him through the election. If you watch TV, you’ll see that they are starting to bring up these dirty things a tiny bit. But they are really waiting for next month. That’s when they will talk about all the naughty things they have been holding on the clown. Nothing the clown has done is a pittance compared to the actions of the felon, but that doesn’t matter to the pink media.

The conservative, or ham-handed media are trying to make the Donald look good. They don’t REALLY think he can win. The surely don’t think he would do a good job. But they are too afraid to do ALL the difficult reporting necessary or make any of the commentary needed to help or hurt the clown and actually defeat the felon.

LOOK  AWAY! No Candidate to See Here!

So unless you watch the news cycles twice a day like your Uncle Matt does, and pay VERY close attention to the details, you would never know there was a third candidate running for president. Buried deep down in the dark world of 10% poll ratings is a man who is on the ballot in 50 states. But the obedient media people almost never even mention him. All the political wizards told them not to. And when they do mention him, his name is Gary Johnson, they just say he can’t win. Even though 60% of all the voters hate the felon and the clown.

Every day the wretched felon says something silly, like “free college”.[2. Only stupid people think there is such a thing as free college or free WiFi, or free cell phones.] And the media people run to the silly clown and ask him for his reaction. Then the clown says something and they scurry like good little slaves to ask the felon what she thinks. No one ever asks poor Johnson, a successful two-term governor, or his running mate, also a successful governor, what they think. That would require real work and honesty. The modern media don’t want to work and they are not honest. So they keep going back and forth to the criminal and the real estate huckster. The media pretend their words have merit. They tell you these are the only REAL candidates running for president. They know that the vast majority of all the people don’t want Donald or Hillary. But they are under orders to make you want them.

The media, and their bosses in politics believe in the magic of intentional avoidance. They believe if they close their eyes and keep pretending governor Johnson isn’t there, you’ll believe them and vote for one of their candidates. Poof! Magic!

Here’s the most magical, mystical, pathetic part of our story. This week, the pink side of a pretend government commission announced that they wanted to sanction FOX News for how they structured their August debate last year. That was the first debate with a prime time and an under-card debate. People on the pretend commission (the Federal Elections Commission) wanted to make up pretend laws that said FOX “contributed’ to one campaign and hurt others by using the split line-up.  Poof. Magic. New laws.

Never mind that the media goons at CNN did the same thing. That was magically overlooked.

Providing and under-card with pre-determined qualifications didn’t help anyone except the voters who had a chance to see ALL the candidates. But still the pink commission members wanted FOX News punished for being…well…FOX News. In government, that is how you handle your political opponents. You ignore the U.S. Constitution and make up magically stupid and childish inanities to stifle free speech. You remember that, boys and girls. Free speech is what our college students lost years ago. Soon, we won’t have that right either.

And during all this time, the silly pretend commission has ignored years of established media barking about equal time. If there is anything the media slaves are doing to hurt one candidate and favor another, it is ignoring their job of reporting on the Johnson candidacy. It is being done by liberals and conservatives to forward the interests of their political masters. If that isn’t a contribution-in-kind to the felon and the clown, your Uncle Matt doesn’t know what is!

And this story might have a sad ending boys and girls. If Uncle Matt is correct, most of the silly voters won’t research the candidates on their own. They will listen to the media puppets and vote for one of the two worst candidates ever to run for the presidency. Or they will just stay home and hurt their country that way. I hope I’m wrong. Don’t you?

Full disclosure: I support the Johnson campaign by default, not personal enthusiasm. The major parties shame themselves this year in what they offer the American voter. I probably disagree on twice as many issues as I would agree on with Johnson. But he believes in taking a wrecking ball to the budget. That concept is decades, and trillions of dollars, overdue. He believes in small government and doesn’t think A-holes inside the Beltway should be involved with how you live your life. He is the only successful chief executive in the race and is backed by a successful governor as his VP. In my opinion, this is a no-brainer. We all need to grow up and dump the felon and the clown.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here!

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The Ever Present Media Flim Flam!

The Latest Media Flim Flam

It is now accepted by many that the news industry exists, not to inform, but to advance a political agenda. There are few people, including those who work the con, who don’t accept blatantly slanted news as axiomatic to modern life. It isn’t new, but they’ve gotten so good at it and they’ve been so successful at creating an utterly apathetic citizenry, that the media now find themselves in a position to crate an entire presidential campaign out of whole cloth.

Gone are the days where reporters, especially television personalities had to be nuanced in how they spun a story. Now, without the slightest blush of embarrassment, Wolf Blitzer can weave a tale in which a felon can be president while carrying her Republican counterpart from announcement to nomination to defeat in the general election even as the viewer knows it is happening. And the public laps it up, pretending to believe what they are told. Those who don’t have retreated to their respective social network echo chambers, where they harmlessly tell each other how everyone (that would be the rest of the universe not a part of their conversation) is stupid.

They have the basic conclusion right anyway. We are gullible enough as a nation to be called “stupid”. No one on either side has made the slightest demand that their candidate measure up to the least standard. They didn’t think to. The candidates were brought to us 24/7 by the propaganda machine.

How to Make an Idiot Look Good

While Trump faced seventeen opponents, you’d never know there were more than three in the race at any one time. The news outlets would split screen an empty podium for an hour before a Trump event almost every day. He would blather about what is bad, how great his poll numbers are, what a rich guy he was, and it would be carried almost with out comment. Sometimes a talking head would make a remark about Trump’s lack of seriousness or intellectual laziness. But that was pretty much the show. Later in the day they’d carry an obligatory sound bite from whomever Trump was attacking, and that would be the extent of the Republican primary coverage.

How to Make a Felon Look Acceptable

On the Dem side, there stands the most corrupt candidate ever fielded by a major party. The press pounded away at how no one wanted her opponent to be nominated because he is a socialist. Meanwhile, that opponent drove his campaign to one success after another. Had the devotion to the felon been a bit weaker, had the coverage of Sanders been any less condescending, he might have won. But alas, the corruption of the press and the “super delegates” was too great. The media got their girl nominated just under the California wire.

There exists enough material for the media to have gone after her on her slush fund, Benghazi and her illegal server and hounded her out of the race in a week, as they would have done to ANY serious-minded candidate. Her silly double speak answers to the lame questions that were asked are so easily picked apart that not having done so leaves the media nakedly in the bag as her pet. And yet, most people still speak of this election, AND OUR MEDIA, as if it all actually means something.

The race we have today is the exact race the elites inside the beltway, and those that feed off the scraps of the powerful, wanted us to have. The felon queen continues to give her elementary school speeches and the media slowly turns up the heat on the Donald. Now when he says something stupid they report he said something stupid. When he says things that make sense, they belittle or ignore the statements.

As Street Politics Predicted…

And it’s only just begun. As I have said since this time last year, by the time Trump is declared the official nominee, the media will be in a full feeding frenzy. By late July, you will be hearing about Trump’s mob ties. Reporters will be pounding away relentlessly at him. Banner headlines will record his demise. And BJ Bill’s wife will be left unmolested. No one will ask why a criminal continues to run for president. What happened to Comey and the FBI? Why did he chose to be such a tool?

The media also pretends this is a two-person race. Their justification for ignoring a successful, two-term governor on the ballot in all fifty states is that he is not polling well. Of course, a thinking voter would know Gary Johnson isn’t polling because the press is pretending he doesn’t exist. I have seen him interviewed twice in the last four months on FOX and once on CNN. (See, now they can say, “What slanted coverage? We interviewed Johnson!”) Only one of those appearances was prime time.

I admit I am pissing up a rope here. You’ll read this, know it’s true and maybe sigh at the ugliness. So what. You won’t do anything about it. I could tell you how to get Johnson into the debates (in fact, I will in a later post), but experience says you won’t lift a finger to do so.

An ugly reality awaits you in November. It scares some of you. It disgusts most of you. But you are going to stand there and let it happen to you. I listen to all the loud, strong conservatives out their talking a big game. You talk about maintaining your right to assembly and free association, the right to carry a firearm and to say what is on your mind. But when they come for you, or your weapons, you’ll roll over and take it, meekly.

That will be your testament to the success of this monstrous infection we have permitted to fester in our midst.

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Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here!

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