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Smirky Head Shakers II

Those TV and movie moments that make normal people smirk and shake their heads.

I was at a doctor’s office waiting for my wife last week, watching a Biloxi news show. I had to cringe. This is why local news is seen as the kindergarten of the news media industry.

The anchorwoman was discussing child obesity with a local “expert” on the subject. The “expert” said that child obesity strikes 74 million boys and 50 million girls in this country. The “news” anchor joined the “expert” in a short round of somber head-shaking. Why, it’s just shocking!

Made all the more shocking by the fact that we now have 124 million kids out of 73.8 million (total) suffering from obesity. (Look at those numbers again if you aren’t smirking yet).

We see this almost every day; and not just on local news. It only stands out on a local level because these programs look like high school media projects. But we see this kind of “reporting” everywhere. The reason why most people don’t question enough is because when the shoddy information is reported it is often reported on varsity outlets like cable news, featuring our favorite celebrity reporters.

Guests make the most outrageous claims and the “news” celebrity nods, giving the statements an air of legitimacy. We shake our heads and wonder My god! Is there ANTHING that can be done about this!

 In most cases, with the slightest intellectual curiosity on our part, we would find that what we are being told is either grossly exaggerated, being spun to the point where the underlying information is worthless, or that the statements are outright lies.

Name a big news item we’ve seen on the last 10 years. Think about what is reported and opined upon with respect to the “news”. With ten minutes of critical thought, you can probably find that a) the “reporting” provides very little in the way of fact surrounding the item, and b) the opinions are ALMOST always an effort to advance a commentator’s personal crusade or to advance the career of the commentator/”reporter”.

Here’s the problem with that. Once we reach the point where discussion is bereft of fact or reason argument ceases. You cannot argue a point with reason on one side and self-serving bullshit on the other. And when reporting and discussing reaches the point where both sides are shoveling agenda and spin and ignoring reason, you hit the slimy bottom of the sewer.

As a culture, we’ve been there for a while.

Name the subject:  North Korea, Donald Trump, the Vegas shooter or fat kids; there is precious little being said anywhere having any intrinsic value. There is almost no subject upon which we can gain purchase and reach valid conclusions. Not from the sources we presently accept as legitimate.

We ARE the “idiocracy”.

We live in a world where in some powerful circles Donald Trump is still referred to as “brilliant” and a great “deal maker”. He was NEVER either. We live in a world where an entire house party caucus still allows itself to be disgraced by Nancy Pelosi. We live in a world where a cabinet officer, former first lady and presidential candidate is caught red-handed, up to her eyeballs committing felonies – and nothing happens. In this world, Mitch McConnell is still revered. Global warming alarmism is gospel, while not a single person can tell you what the ideal median temperature of the earth* is supposed to be.

And while half of the population latches onto one of these stupid conclusions the other is only motivated by how they can be used to discredit or destroy political opponents.

We may well have passed the tipping point where recovering a mature, educated, civil society is impossible.

How do we now teach our daughters that a pat on the ass, while most consider it inappropriate, is NOT sexual assault? How do we then teach her to handle such things as an adult?

How do we teach our children that history favors free and open discourse, while we allow a growing list of things we are not permitted to discuss?

How do we, as a nation, ever again recognize the laws of economics (as hard and fast as gravity) versus the failure of “managing” an economy among 312 million people?

We live in a country where adults watch TV shows about vampires and zombies, and now police officers with magic super powers. Think about that! Less than a generation ago such concepts would be laughed out of any adult gathering.

Me-too-ism is running rampant. For every dramatic news event, there are now battalions of Americans jumping in and trying to be part of someone else’s narrative. They are followers and claim the mantle of weakness or victimization as if those were good things.

Our schools, our government and now many of our corporations operate not from a position how do I improve my world today, but from a kill Ivan’s goats perspective.

Some believe we just need “god in schools” to fix everything. But our present-day, citizen-as-obedient-drone society has been metastasizing since Woodrow Wilson. Religion has been around since the discovery of fire. Prayer in schools and the Pledge of Alligiance didn’t stop the rise of FDR or LBJ. So that’s not the answer.

If someone can tell me how we can un-Animal Farm this nation based on reason and without magical thinking, I’d love to hear your argument. I will enthusiastically invite you to post it here.

Just follow and message me here.

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Stalinist and Stupid, Part 3: Attacking Reason

Where Reason Goes to Die

In final installment of this series we will discuss the perversion of science being proposed by Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, et al. Science is being perverted at expense of all Americans and at the peril of the foundation of all our Constitutional rights. Yes, it is that bad. It is an attack on reason itself.

Religion as Science

In a work entitled On the Extraordinary: An Attempt at Clarification,[1. Zetetic Scholar, Vol. 1, No. 1, p. 11, 1978] Marcello Truzzi stated “An extraordinary claim requires extraordinary proof.” It is a challenge often thrown down when addressing miraculous or supernatural phenomena. In discussions of the spirit world, the response to the challenge is never answered satisfactorily for even the mildest of honest skeptics. Proof is often offered in the form of restating the original claim in another way or implying fault on the part of the challenger. He lacks the requisite faith to understand the Holy Church of XYZ. But the proof is not forthcoming.

Science as Religion

We see the same behavior when dealing with climate change/global warming (CC/GW) activists and alarmist. Like most religious movements, the Church of CC/GW was created and spread amongst the heathen to the benefit of those making the extraordinary claims. A professor in the UK was trying to make a name for himself. By farting around with temperature statistics and using an odd combination of methods, he was able to create a possible scenario regarding future, theoretical temperatures. By continuing to play with the model, using wilder and wilder assumptions – few, if any, have ever occurred – he was able to produce an alarming upswing in temperatures. When his findings were picked up by opportunistic laymen, all possible outcomes were based on the existence of one gas and it’s effects on the climate. The countless other influences, whether diminishing or amplifying, were ignored. By exploiting the irrational fears inspired by the alarmists, less then ethical people like Al Gore have profited nicely from investing in “clean energy alternatives” that don’t work, yet are flooded with government dollars. And those in government who dole out those tax dollars make lots of money back in the form of campaign donations and bullshit “honoraria”.

Like religion, when doubt is cast upon the Church of GW/CC, the evidence provided the doubter is a louder repetition of the original claim. If the doubter is dissatisfied with that, he is told the 97% of all scientists agree that man and CO2 are causing climate change and global warming. This is not only untrue,[2. I’ll Alex Epstien, of Forbes magazine provide an important insight here.] it is an obscenely unscientific argument. That a lot of people say or think something does not make it correct. It would make an interesting side note, perhaps add a bit of credibility to an argument, if true. But in this case it is not at all true.

In any event, it is not evidence. When an honest skeptic persists beyond the 97% poll crap, the skeptic is then labeled a “denier”. The origin of this is the label put on people who denied the Holocaust. For that event we have real-time documentary evidence. Denying it makes you quite the conspiracy theorist. No one has successfully argued the Holocaust didn’t happen. And no one who has denied the Holocaust as done so without an extremist agenda.

Arrogance Run Amok

The intent is clear. Lacking a convincing, scientific argument, GW/CC cultists use the most egregious charge they can find to vilify anyone who would question their religious dogma. Reason and intellectual curiosity have been declared verboten by the GW/CC believers. Careers in the sciences have been destroyed by the zealots. This is especially true on college campi. This is just one example of how reason is left to wither at colleges and universities. But it is also the most dangerous.

All this self-righteous abuse comes from people who do not know what the optimum mean temperature of the earth should be. No one knows that. It is unknowable with our present understanding of the universe. We don’t know if we are moving toward it or away from it. And yet these climate geeks feel free to destroy anyone who dares to speak against them.

The New Inqisition

Days ago, in a nod to the looniest of the American left, the Democrat Party has placed in their platform a codified instrument of government persecution. Thinkers of every stripe in any field need to oppose this fascistic action. You may not be shocked to hear that the felon/candidate, Hillary Clinton has endorsed this proposal.

What it says is that any company who disagrees with GW/CC alarmists should be prosecuted under racketeering statutes or sued under the color of governmental authority for contributing to the destruction of the planet.

If this plank survives the convention, our lives will be forever altered. Politicians who pretend to believe they can alter the Earth’s temperature by .06 degrees over 20 years by manipulating the presence of one gas in the atmosphere (they really do know they can’t) will be able to stifle speech and reason on ANY subject, if doing so is popular enough. Note: I didn’t say true or important enough. Just faddish will do.

Please read The Perversion of Knowledge (Available of Amazon). If the Stalinist, GW/CC dogma plank isn’t laughed and jeered out of the Democratic platform, this book will be the model of your future and the future of our centers of learning.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here!

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