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Relax. Breath. Assess.

I wrote this in May and forgot all about it.  It has been in my Draft box since. do I have my finger on the pulse or what?

My son mentioned Gary Johnson in a text today. It is the second time someone had mentioned Johnson in a week. It makes one think. So sit back, relax and consider your alternatives.

I still see Trump-ettes gloating and Cruz-ers complaining on social media sites. The media will make you think there are only two candidates left in the presidential race. And if not for FBI Director James Comey slow-walking the Clinton investigation (he has made the FBI political tool like the IRS), there might have been only one Democrat.

If you look at the polling data, there are more voters dissatisfied with a choice of Trump and the felon than there are people happy about it. I don’t recall a situation like that in recent memory. The number who don’t like or respect either candidate (regardless of their intention to eventually vote for one) is in the vicinity of 60%. That is a critical number. 60% of all voters think the front runners are clownish and immature (Trump) or phony and untrustworthy (BJ Bill’s wife).

This provides the electorate with an opportunity not seen since Lincoln. As I tease this out, keep in mind that in 1860 most people saw Lincoln as an affable oaf. Enough people in the states that participated in the election saw him as honest enough to elect. So cast aside for a moment the grand images we have of Lincoln today, and think like a person who might be in the 60% mentioned above.

The talking heads on all networks like to tsk-tsk and smirk at the idea of a third party run right now, but as I eluded to, the Republican party in 1860 was a lot newer than the leading third party we have today.

The candidate put forward by the Republicans was far less experienced than the leading alternative candidate we have on the ballot in all 50 states this year. Unlike Donald Trump, this candidate has chief executive experience of the kind that is not entirely driven by a what’s-in-it-for-me motivation. In real life, Trump was a financial funnel more than an actual chief executive anyway.

Unlike Hillary Clinton, the alternative candidate hasn’t destroyed women on behalf of an ethically bereft spouse, used his office to strong arm hundreds of millions from foreign governments, or needed the protection of a corrupt president to cover her felonies. And that is just a short list. It is worth mentioning also that EVERYTHING Clinton ever attempted in an official capacity has failed miserably.

In the person of Gary Johnson, a person I tend to agree with about 50% of the time, we have a two-term Governor of New Mexico. A proven anti-tax warrior (Trump wanted to raise them before he wanted to lower them, before he wanted to raise just some of them. Sanders gains an auto-erotic thrill at raising taxes.). Johnson reduced taxes in New Mexico several times and never increased taxes during his tenure.

He is a consistent enemy of run-away national debt. Both Democrats are debt producing machines.

Kindle Version, STREET POLITICS: It Ain’t Your Daddy’s GOP Anymore! 50% of all author proceeds go to fighting Multiple Sclerosis!!

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My Wall is Better Than Trump's Silly Wall.

I Still Can’t Believe Trump Is Serious!

In a campaign season dominated by the ridiculous, one recurring theme stands out, Donald Trump’s border wall.  To a person opposed to illegal immigration, as I am, the idea of building a wall to keep illegals out sounds like a good idea – for about six seconds.  It takes very little critical thinking to conclude the idea is not only ludicrous but an unworkable waste of resources.

General George Patton is often quoted as saying, “Fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man. Anything built by man, can be destroyed by him.” This speaks to the first and most obvious reason we don’t need a wall. From the moment the first shovel of dirt is drawn, efforts to defeat the wall will begin. A physical obstacle, as often as keeping some people out, draws others toward it with a desire to thwart or destroy it. Drug runners and coyotes will enhance their reputations, and thus their paydays, by creating ways to overcome this fixed barrier. If it works at all, it will work for only a short time. Walls, locks, doors, etc. are all created to keep honest people honest. Dishonest or desperate people will eventually render these things obsolete in pursuit of their needs.

The “They-can-do-it, why-can’t-we?” Argument:

Have you heard this old saw? “Israel has a wall and it works!”

Well, it works most of the time. People often do get over, under or around it. And the Israeli wall has a luxury we don’t have in this country – a nearly inexhaustible supply of personnel to man it. They have mandatory service and huge military reserves per capita. These troops need something to do while not fighting a war. To man a 400 mile wall is no great challenge. And it is not against the Israeli Constitution to do so.  Conversely, we have two problems. Our wall is supposed to be almost 2000 miles long. Manning it the way the Israelis man there’s will be mighty unpopular, especially among the soldiers sent to do it. Then there’s the little question of the Constitution.

Oh, I can hear the outcry already from the Wall lovers. Well, Obama didn’t follow the Constitution or the law when he redefined immigrants and even telegraphed his desire to have more people cross the border illegally!

I agree with that 100%. Obama has abetted criminal activity on the part of illegals. He should face charges. He won’t, of course. But you don’t fix that with further debasement of the same laws. This country is not ready to have federal troops manning checkpoints and possibly aiming weapons at us. Civilian entities charged with doing so are stretched thin. They will not be able to cover our Wall the way Israel does theirs. And we have no provision for the Army to do it.

I Stole Donald’s Idea…Sorry.

With all this in mind, and eager to demonstrate how competition is good for the buyer, I hit on an idea last week.  I sent the Mexican Embassy in DC the following email.

To: His Excellency Miguel Basanez Ebergenyi, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

From:  Matt Jordan, Author, Not at all extraordinary.


 I have been watching Donald Trump going on about building a wall for a year now.  In his words, “It’s going to be a great wall; a GREAT, GREAT wall.  Let me tell you.”  Then he always goes on to say, “And Mexico is going to pay for it, believe me.”  Why would you do that?  I am not altogether sold on the idea of Trump’s wall, but if Mexico is interested in paying for a wall in the United States, why wait until election day?  

 I was recently combating erosion on my property and hit upon a brilliant idea.  It’s a win-win for everyone involved.  I already built a wall.  It is…well, perhaps not great…but it’s pretty nice.  And it is very practical.

 My idea was to let Mexico pay for this wall instead of the Trump wall.

 Think of the advantages with the deal I am offering.  It’s quick, easy and far less expensive than the deal Mr. Trump is offering.  And the work is already done!   Frankly, I don’t see why you would even consider what Mr. Trump is offering.  It sounds terribly pricey and does nothing for the curb appeal of either country. 

If you prefer my wall, and IF Donald Trump becomes president and says it’s time to build a wall in the U.S., you can say, “No problem.   We already built one in Mississippi.  But good luck building yours, Donald.”  And if Donald is not elected, his campaign can say,  “Well, at least Mexico was nice enough to pay for a wall, anyway.”   Trump saves face.  Everybody wins!

 I’ve taken the liberty of attaching the invoices for my retaining wall.  The total comes to $182.74, USD.  I subtracted $15.26.   You shouldn’t have to pay for my light bulbs too.

 But wait!  There’s more!

 In the spirit of international cooperation and because I had a great time in Playa Del Carmen, I am not going to charge you for labor.  So, you have that going for you.

 Thank you for your time.  I look forward to your considered reply.  And I sincerely wish you all the best.

 Very Respectfully,

 Matthew E. Jordan III

 Yes, I really sent the receipts and pictures of my tiny wall. I hope the Embassy takes the email with the humor intended. I hope they enjoy reading it. I hope they actually cut me a check.

Trump, Wall, Clinton, Mexico
My Wall. An ankle-high marvel of engineering.

Trump, Wall, Mexico, Clinton


Trump, Wall, Mexico

The funniest send-up I’ve seen on the Wall issue was the treatment it received in South Park.  In the episode, Canada decided to build a wall to keep Americans out.  Needless to say, Americans had all the reactions you’d expect.  Insult, resentment, curiosity.  All the Wall really did was to interfere with the natural rhythm of life on the border and hurt both economies.  

When asked what Canada was hiding behind the wall, the response was one that will become legend in comedy history: “[long pause]…Don’t worry ah-boot it.”

The Wall That Never Was (A Remake)

Another reason to reject the wall as ludicrous is that it will never, ever be built. I am of the opinion that the wall talk is just a populist rant. It gets good poll numbers among those who believe it. But let’s assume Trump is sincere. He REALLY wants to build the wall. They’ll start it. There will be ribbon cuttings and politicians with chrome-plated shovels turning over clods of dirt. Men with hard hats will move in and get to work. From that day forward, every foot of the structure will be challenged in court. There will be case after case, genuine and frivolous, filed. Most will be from landowners or environmentalists representing every species living within 100 miles of the wall. They’ll all get their hearing. Injunctions will roll out by the wagonload. Work will stop and start. Contractors will have to give up to control losses. After a few years it will be announced that due to costs and interference the wall won’t be built. Or it will just be left to die quietly with no announcement. But I can assure you that at the end of Trump’s tenure, whether it is four or eight years, there will only be a few sparse, abandoned sections of what was intended to be a wall from the southeast tip of Texas to the Pacific. It will be exactly like last time when we were promised a wall in exchange for amnesty for millions of illegals.

The only way we will reduce the numbers of illegals coming into this country is to make it as uncomfortable as possible for those who try. Enforce existing law. No welfare, no food stamps, no Medicaid, no housing assistance for illegals. And damn sure, no Social Security! If churches and charities want to try to provide all that, fine. Their illegal beneficiaries will still be deported when caught.

If the federal government is too corrupt or cowardly to enforce its own laws, states and municipalities have the right to declare themselves illegal alien no-go zones. By not enforcing the law, the federal government forfeits the right to interfere in such enforcement by state and local government. If, for example, Jackson County, MS decides it wants no illegals there, they have a right to pass laws proscribing the hiring or housing of illegals.  It would be the equal opposite of sanctuary cities.  Just watch the real estate values shift!!!

It will take real effort on the part of those against illegal immigration to force corrupt politicians and their crony business partners to follow the law. I doubt 98% of the people reading this will ever lift a finger.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of Street Politics: It Aint Your Daddy’s GOP Anymore!

Kindle Version, STREET POLITICS: It Ain’t Your Daddy’s GOP Anymore!


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Debate: The Real Result = 0

The first debate of the general election is in the can.  And as I warned repeatedly, in the book and here, all the felon had to do was talk.  She could have recited nursery rhymes.  She may as well have since ALL of her points were general socialist crap the left has been shoveling for decades mixed in with the pretense of economic understanding.

I said on FB last night that by morning CNN would declare Clinton the debate winner and FOX would say Trump won.  Well, I just watched CNN and despite showing four polls to one with Trump as the winner, CNN says the felon won.  At FOX, their own focus group has Clinton winning overwhelmingly and FOX says that Trump won.  Go figure.

The fact is nobody WON last night and the viewers, who hoped to see something significant, lost.  Hillary spent the evening doing her best more-of-the-same routine in front of a nation, 75% of whom think we are headed to hell on a rocket sled.  So Hillary didn’t win – she just didn’t lose.

Except for one moment, Trump was left to repeat the same, tired, tangential blather he always uses when he is not on teleprompter.  He did nail it on TPP for two reasons:  First it is 100% true the Hillary Clinton was totally in the bag for TPP until she saw Trump polling through the roof by being against it.  She immediately flipped.  The second reason he scored is because the tangents he swung through happened to be on topic, so he sounded good.

But basically the Donald that I, the media and BJ Bill’s wife have expected since last year showed up last night and made a hash of the debate.

Make no mistake.  While I am no fan of Trump and warned against his nomination, I am even more an anybody-but-Clinton advocate.  But Trump just did not rise to the occasion last night.  He isn’t capable of doing so.  He missed so many opportunities (cyber security, Benghazi, Syria, economic growth, the Clinton Slush Fund) to slap that silly grin off her face that I was left yelling the lines and ranting to my buddy Dale via IM.

But again, Trump didn’t lose, he just passed on too many opportunities to walk away stronger.

The Trump cult is intact.  The rubes who think “mommy government” should continue to change their diapers are still pulling for Hillary.  And 60% of us are left to continue to shake our heads and wonder how these two could possibly have been nominated.

I’ve said it before.  Gary Johnson is a dorky guy.  But he is a successful, two-term governor dork.  He can also form complete sentences.  If for no other reason but bringing an actual argument to the debate, we need him on that stage.  Hell, Johnson might be the catalyst that keeps Trump on message.  He’ll certainly be a foil against the kind of Clinton pablum which has dominated the left since 1968.  He is up to 13% in recent polls.  Let’s get him over 15% just to shake things up. Just click here.

And be sure to visit 2get2get2 on Facebook.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here!

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Hillary Milhous Nixon or Richard Rodham Clinton?

A Simpler, Happier Time

In the course of investigating a burglary of the Democratic headquarters in Washington, DC, Congress discovered that Richard Nixon had a surreptitious system recording all White House conversations. This was not new. FDR and Ike had such systems, as did Johnson and Kennedy. I have no doubt that every president since has had one. I’ll allow for a smart president who may not have wanted one for fear of taping himself saying something embarrassing.

But in those days it was considered bad form for gentlemen to collect information on others in this fashion. (Yes, there was a time when such things actually meant something.) So it was incumbent upon congress to feign shock and appear to do something. Most historians of the era correctly conclude it was the discovery of the covert tapes that caused momentum to shift against Nixon in front of Sam Irvin’s Watergate committee. A subpoena was issued for the White House audiotapes. The purpose was to see what could be gleaned about the Watergate cover up operation.

To that point, investigators only had hard evidence of a break-in – no one was disputing it at this point – and rumors that Nixon found out about the break-in and tried to cover it up. BUT… the ace kicker that sent the White House into a death spiral was an 18-minute gap in the taped evidence.

To this day, it is not known what was in the missing 18 minutes. It could have been something about the cover up. It could have been something unrelated which was so sensitive that someone decided better to dump it and risk further legal damage than to risk it being played in open committee. Maybe it was something really juicy about Nixon or someone on the White House staff. No one knows. But it could also be that the person transcribing the tapes actually did hit the wrong button, letting the system run before discovering the error, thus taping over conversation. That was the official line at the time.

The general consensus was Nixon tampered with evidence. Few people could be convinced otherwise. At that point Nixon’s impeachment and ultimate conviction in the well of the Senate was considered inevitable. That’s because as corrupt and divided as we saw our government at the time, there was still at least some sense of duty among statesmen. A huge number of politicians in both parties decided to do the right thing. No one circled the wagons and redefined the English language to create a 100% false narrative to protect a party or an individual; not even the President of the United States!

Nixon X 30,000 Documents = Clinton

Flash forward to two years ago. We discovered we had a Secretary of State who was actually the tip of the spear in a criminal conspiracy to breach national security, break several federal records laws and break several sensitive information laws. A short history can be found here.

Later we found out she destroyed federal documents by the thousands. (This could have been avoided if the FBI hadn’t been reduced to a pack of political goons and had followed protocol upon discovering the existence of an illegal server being used to transmit official State communications.) Any single one of these acts was far more insidious than anything Nixon ever dreamed of doing. None of them were a prideful or misguided act to protect underlings. All were cynical, illegal acts performed by the principal suspect to protect herself from mandatory oversight and hide shady, pay-for-play scams with cronies and foreign governments.

And at no point did anyone actually do anything effective to thwart or punish the crimes. Oh sure, Jason Chaffetz and Trey Gowdey have made just enough hay to keep their names in the news, but even they have dragged their feet. The entire Democratic Party apparatus inside the beltway has chosen to embrace seedy corruption over honorable service to their country in allowing Hillary Clinton to walk in the face of SO MANY blatant crimes. The Department of Justice and the IRS have been reduced to thugs covering up the crimes of their betters rather than serving the country.

And this week we hear not only did Clinton destroy documentary evidence, she commissioned a civilian company – which was not cleared to hold the documents to begin with – to destroy their backups almost a full month AFTER subpoenas had been served and preservation orders had been issued for that very evidence.

We’re Not Just Mucking About Here!

The complaints listed here against Hillary Clinton are not vague law school theory. Crimes, serious crime, have been committed. The chief perpetrator is running for president, unmolested. Her co-conspirators still work for her and work for her slush fund. If you were suspected of the same crimes, you’d be jailed without bond pending trial. If you were a similar risk to national security and had the Clintons’ track record for corruption, no judge would let you walk the street after arraignment. Your house would have been torn apart within hours of the server being discovered. You would not have had the months Clinton had to purchase software designed to cover up crime and carefully use it to permanently erase evidence.

This is handcuffs and prison shit, folks. Every day Clinton walks free and is not tossed in the back of a police car is another victory for the political criminals who are wrecking this republic.

How did we ever end up here? At what point did the Democratic Party completely sellout to slime? The Clintons are like the Peanuts character, Pigpen. Everywhere they have gone, for the last 35 years, they have moved in a cloud of blatant corruption. There has always been a stench about them. And yet there is no shortage of people willing to debase themselves by following in their fetid wake.

There is no legitimate media in this country anymore. It is one thing to have an editorial line and spin commentary in favor of one candidate of another. It is something else entirely to ignore rampant crime and corruption and willfully further lies and obfuscation in order to see a candidate win office.

Serious Americans Need To Read This!

Are you one of the 60% who disapprove of the two “major” candidates?  Would you like to take control back from the ruling class.  Are you a Democrat sickened by the prospect of voting for Hillary?  Are you a Republican who realizes “the Donald” is a clown and a fraud?  Would you like to do something about it? Let’s see some guts!

What Will It Take?

Trump once said that if he stood on 5th avenue and shot someone, he wouldn’t loose his following. Does anyone remember the reaction the left had to that remark? So what would it take for them to pull the plug on Hillary and go with Biden or Kaine? Clearly, harming our military and our security doesn’t count for anything.

One needn’t be a naïve boy scout to be disgusted with it all. It isn’t puritanical to be sickened by the prospect of this nation being represented by an arrogant, self-serving felon. You don’t have to be a fanatical patriot to understand the disdain the military holds at the very idea of serving under such a person. Here, I am not speaking of the post-Vietnam “yes” men who populate the high offices of the Pentagon. I am talking about the professional soldiers in the field, officers and enlisted, who still have a sense of honor about them.

It appears doubtful that a very large number of voters share this sense of honor and dignity. If polls are accurate, about 45% of the people still think Hillary Clinton deserves their vote. Is it ignorance of the facts or a lack of fortitude?

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here!

Kindle Version, STREET POLITICS: It Ain’t Your Daddy’s GOP Anymore! 50% of all author proceeds go to fighting Multiple Sclerosis!!

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You Can Make History – Literally!

Answering the Call of History: Consider Your Options

Do you consider yourself a Libertarian? Do you say you are for responsible government? Are you one of the disaffected Republicans with whom Donald Trump has failed to connect? Are you a Democrat with an ounce of self-respect left? Perhaps you are a JFK liberal as opposed to a (smirk) “progressive”.   I’d like to offer you a chance to make history. I am not talking in a vague, esoteric sense of the word. I mean you will one day tell you grandchildren, “Yes, that really did happen. It was exciting. And I was one of the people smart enough to make it happen!”

If you see yourself in the first paragraph, you know the two leading candidates in the presidential election offer a disastrous choice. There is no winning situation with either one. I have listed the specifics of that charge numerous times at I will leave it to you to read those thoughtful opinions. But if you are still reading, you know what I am saying is true and you would love to change the game. So, here’s the good news: YOU CAN!

I wrote 16 20 24: A Path to Consistent Conservative Victory in early 2015 and published it last summer. In it, I made a number of predictions and observations. Those predictions, what the candidates did and failed to do, the way the press continues to cover the election, have all come to pass as if I had planned it all myself. I don’t say that as a matter of boast. I say it because I know there is one and only one way we can alter the outcome of this election in such a way that the clown and the felon are denied the oval office and we start fresh, RIGHT NOW, to rebuild the American Experiment.

If you understand already that an honest, successful, two-term governor backed up with another successful governor as his running mate make more sense as president and vice president than Trump or Clinton and you want to make that happen, skip the rest of this essay and go straight to the paragraph entitled This is Where the History Happens below.

If you need a bit of convincing, I will lay it out for you.

Respectability vs Populism vs Criminality

Gary Johnson, Libertarian for President, has many specific issues I disagree with. I don’t like his stance on immigration. I feel his message about the military was, until very recently, odd and muddled. I think his abortion argument is filled with vague clichés. That said, I believe with a conservative legislature at the tiller, Johnson would be a far superior choice over the present field.

Whatever his specific policies, he is a small government man and has proven it in New Mexico.

  • He has no felonies hanging over his head.
  • He can form sentences and doesn’t dabble on Twitter like a little girl.
  • His plans to cut deeply into the military would be impossible to carry out with a conservative congress.
  • His abortion stands are pretty much what we have right now, so it isn’t like we’d suddenly have abortion clinics in our middle schools.
  • His immigration stand is naive, but again with a conservative congress, he wouldn’t be able to declare the US a haven for every loser wanting welfare or coming here versus fixing their own dysfunctional country.

Further, Johnson strikes me as a man who would not employ totalitarian, statist, non-existent “executive authority” to push these things through without the consent of the governed. To do so would run counter to everything he claims to believe. Also, if conservatives in congress push for banning gay birthday parties or call for mandatory prayer at NASCAR events, a President Gary Johnson would veto that. There are real checks and balances possible here.

I am suggesting, whether you agree with his individual policies of not, he’d be a better president than the clown or the felon. Besides, single-issue voters and populist voters have enabled both parties to destroy this nation. Any person elected for this one policy or for that one group has not been properly tested. They have no evidence of being able to navigate in the real world effectively.

I’ll take it a step further. Johnson’s running mate, Bill Weld, unlike Mike Pense, doesn’t believe the world is 6,000 years old. Weld doesn’t believe it was made to look older by the devil to deceive us. He isn’t a corrupt party hack like Tim Kaine. With this ticket we really are getting a two-fer.

At this writing, there are less than 70 days left until the election. What can be done in that time to really change the outcome? Well…a lot, actually. And the work can be done in 30 days. And it is ridiculously easy work. The question is, will you do the work? My experience with social media says most of the people who read this are just people living in their respective echo chambers, unwilling to put out the effort to really impact their own governance. The more obnoxious the posts, the less brain power and the less likely they are to vote. And that’s just talking about the people who show an interest in politics. Many are utterly cynical or obtuse about it all.

But we have a simple way to get people engaged and cause an event that has only happened twice in our history; force the election into the House of Representatives. If we succeeded in doing that, using a ground-swell operation, there is no way even the stupidest of Republicans would elect Clinton or Trump. And a lot of Democrats would come along with the wave.

Before I tell you how YOU will make history, let me reiterate; as president, Johnson will do things that will piss off conservatives. He will also do things that piss off liberals. Hell, he already says things that flame out Libertarians! I guarantee all three of those statements are true. But he will be a more level-headed, honest and capable president than Clinton or Trump. The most important contribution he will make is in the area of economic growth. He will need a conservative congress to succeed here. Reid and Pelosi are devoid of scruples and will simply stand in the way of anything Johnson would do to shrink government and grow the economy. With the first real uptick in interest rates, you are going to find out how critical that is, no matter what side of the fence you are on politically. The economy doesn’t care if you think there is such a thing as social justice or you want school prayer. People in both those camps are going to be slammed the just as hard when Janet Yellen runs out of Wall Street sugar pills.   So we’ll need a fiscally conservative down ticket to right the ship.

This is Where The History Happens

Almost everyone knows what happens if you take a penny and double it every day for a month.  For those that don’t, if asked how much money you’d have in thirty-one days, you often get estimates of tens or maybe hundreds of dollars. The fact is you’d have over ten million dollars.

But who would be able to generate that much money to test the process? Certainly not me. And if you could, what would be the purpose of the experiment? You’d already have the money so the experiment would silly.

But what if we apply it to politics? If everyone reading this did a few very simple (I’ll admit, a bit gutsy) things in the next 24 hours, we could not only push the election into the House, we could possibly secure outright victory for a new breed of politician. Not since Lincoln has anything so historic happened in a presidential election. And you can be a real part of it. With this plan every single link, every person taking part, is as critical as every other. Every person can truly say, “I changed the course of history!”

So here are the steps:

  1. Commit to throwing your support behind Gary Johnson.
  2. Go to Johnson’s website and throw the campaign a bone. It could be $5.00, $1.00, $3.68; anything. Just chip in a little. (This will help, but it is actually the least important step in the process.)
  3. You all know disaffected voters from both parties and people who just don’t vote or participate. Cut and paste this article in an email and send it to them. Or send them the link to this post.  But then talk to them by phone or in person.  Tell them you know they are in X party, or you know they really don’t care about politics generally, but would they please just give you a listen and let you make your case.  Then step them through the points listed above.
  4. Try to do it all in one day but DON’T GIVE UP UNTIL YOU HAVE TWO PEOPLE WHO ARE COMMITTED TO DOING THESE SAME 4 SIMPLE STEPS. Encourage them to do the very same thing. Each person brought along to find two to do all the same things. Find two, who find two, who find two, etc. And by all means, don’t limit yourself to 2 people. If you are on a roll, keep going!
  5. Actually vote for Johnson in November. And vote a fiscally conservative down ticket.

Let’s say of all the people who see this post in the next 24 hours, only six decide to commit and stick it out. If each successive person had complete success in only 25 of the next 30 days, there would be 100,663,296 people actively supporting and voting for Gary Johnson by the end of September. That’s not an indecisive, House of Reps election. That’s outright victory! And we would have done it entirely on our own. No political organization, no government involvement; just citizens who got together, with a very simple process and blew the doors off the old school!

Pie in the sky? Well, if we do a quarter of that, the House will put Gary Johnson in the White House.

We can do this! YOU can do this! Good luck.

For extra credit: contact CNN, FOX, MSNBC, CBS, all of them. Tell them whom you vote for is not for them to decide. From now on you expect to see Gary Johnson and Jill Stein asked for their reactions to anything the other candidates are asked about. For every Trump or Clinton event covered by the media, there should be Johnson events covered as well. If there are reporters assigned to the dem and the GOP guy all day, there should be the same assigned to Johnson. Tell the media to stop living up to our worst expectations, for a change, and do their damn jobs.

Full disclosure: I am not, nor have I ever been a part of any campaign for federal office.  This project originates here at and is created entirely by the author.  Send inquiries to

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here!

Kindle Version, STREET POLITICS: It Aint Your Daddy’s GOP Anymore! 50% of all author proceeds go to fighting Multiple Sclerosis!!

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Bernie's Embrace of Corruption!

Lay down Bernie! Roll Over! Good Boy!

Well, Bernie Sanders showed Hillary Clinton his belly and urinated a lot sooner than I thought he would. The Democrat nomination results were invalidated by the release of emails demonstrating collusion between party officials and Clinton. Sanders had a fresh opportunity to reinvigorate his platform influence at the convention this week by putting up a floor challenge. Instead, he demonstrated his cowardice and with barely a whimper, gave up the fight.

Clearly, you’d be hard-pressed to locate a complete pair of gonads within the entire Democrat establishment. There is no one who has the fortitude or the good sense to stand up to the felon and her machine, even though they can no longer deny the damage that’s been done to the party and is potentially in store for the nation. The modern “progressive” is a prideless, gutless, witless slave to party elites. Whatever Hillary orders them to swallow, they’ll swallow. And, drones that they are, they will march forth with their memorized talking points to further the lies and hypocrisy of the Queen.

If there is anyone on the convention floor with an ounce of courage, I would happily be proven wrong. I’d like to see a floor challenge to the rules and Clinton’s hubris.

The disgrace of the party brand is not the worst part of all this. What these leaks clearly demonstrate is that Clinton was indeed a target of foreign intrigue. Honest, reasonable people can any longer say that Clinton’s illegal server wasn’t hacked. The FBI Director, Jim Comey pretty much established that in testimony. He said that he couldn’t rule her being hacked in or out and he was fairly confident the Russians and the Chinese had the contents of that server. So yeah, she removed classified information from it’s proper domain and she was hacked.

But none of this is new. We know, for example, from news reports going back to Dec/Jan that BJ Bill’s wife told her aides to remove classification markings on a secret document, cut and paste the content and send it to to her illegal, unsecured server. She even coached them on how to do it!

We knew this. But now, in anticipation of the next Assange release, it is being reported as a new revelation. As is always the case when bad news is anticipated, you are being inoculated.

So here we are. We sat through the FBI/Justice Department collusion, shutting down the investigation into in the illegal server. We are watching quietly as the FBI continues to shed it’s honor by covering up the facts about the Clinton Foundation and their direct, brazen sales of influence to foreign actors. We now get to see just how ethically bankrupt the Democrat Party is in their handling of the latest scandal.

It must be said, the Dems are surely gaining confidence from of the zero coverage their sycophant news drones provide. The major networks are, as usual avoiding this story like the plague. CBS had a long sit-down with Clinton and her running mate. They did ask the most burning questions of the day regarding the party emails. That part of the interview ran online after the news was over. It should have led the cycle. All the fake news shows, and Party-run newspapers know that by leaving it to FOX and Breitbart to report, they will claim later that covering the scandal is just another vast right-wing conspiracy. The party drones, devoid of dignity will pretend to believe it and will even spread the misdirection further.

Meanwhile, on the GOP Side…

Donald Trump is demonstrating, almost as if I’d asked him to, why I have been so hard on him and why I shake my head in disbelief that he ever got nominated.

Today was the greatest opportunity EVER for him to utterly cripple the Clinton candidacy. Ammunition was served up like a salad with Wassermann-Schultz croutons. He could spent the day swinging for the fences and nailed one home run after another. Instead, what does he do?

Trump announced today that he intends to form super PACs to destroy Ted Cruz and John Kasich in the public arena. Because they did not stroke his ego, Trump has actually stated publicly that he will dedicate energy and resources to destroying fellow Republicans.

I covered the Cruz issue, a contrived event started by Trump and Pete King (R-NY) in a previous post. In Kasich’s case, he refused to even attend the convention. Why? Because his convictions wouldn’t permit it. I don’t think much of Kasich. I think he spent the entire campaign thinking if he remained inane enough, the country would suddenly think he was the prettiest girl at the dance. Clearly, that never happened.

So to punish these two for hurting the Donald’s feelings, Trump and his incompetent handlers blew a golden opportunity to advance the Republican cause while trashing Republicans who still enjoy some support within the party. Way to be the “reuniter” Big D! Time, energy and scarce resources will be blown trying to make Cruz and Kasich look bad instead of going after the REAL opponents.

Okay, show of hands; now that Trump is desperate for cash (he’s not worth $10 billion) how many think serious donors will step up and give him the needed cash while he behaves with such mind-blowing petulance and irresponsibility. Do you think the Koch brothers will part with their money if they think Trump will be spending his time continuing to cry about Lyin’ Ted?

If you raised your hand use it to slap yourself in the face. No serious donor will waste their money that way.

Meanwhile, There’s the Libertarians.

While all this is going on there is a successful two-term governor backed up by another two-term governor as his running mate. Gary Johnson is a bit dorky. But he can form full sentences and he is not a felon.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here!

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Stalinist and Stupid, Part 2: The Magical Land!

The Magical Land of Stalinist Stupidity

Hello boys and girls. Today will talk about a magical land. It’s a special place where people have suspended all disbelief and want felons and circus clowns to take care of them and protect them. In this land the have a news industry that doesn’t do research and reports everything the leaders say as if that was the news. They are very obedient to the leaders they love.

In today’s episode, we find that the obedient media keep telling the people about the TWO candidates that are running for president. The liberal media[1. They are called “liberal” because they actively support socialist candidates. But we all know there is nothing more illiberal and pig-headed than a modern American “liberal”.] loves a felon named Hillary Clinton. They worked very hard to defeat Bernie Sanders. He is a socialist who tried to win the liberal presidential nomination. No matter how well he did, the media kept saying he wasn’t a good candidate. The conservative media are stuck with man named Donald Trump. None of them believe in him because he is an inarticulate clown. But they think he has the best chance of defeating the felon lady.

Oddly enough, it was the pink, socialist media who helped the clown the most. They have all kinds of dirty things to say about him. But they wanted to match the felon against the clown. So they carried him through the election. If you watch TV, you’ll see that they are starting to bring up these dirty things a tiny bit. But they are really waiting for next month. That’s when they will talk about all the naughty things they have been holding on the clown. Nothing the clown has done is a pittance compared to the actions of the felon, but that doesn’t matter to the pink media.

The conservative, or ham-handed media are trying to make the Donald look good. They don’t REALLY think he can win. The surely don’t think he would do a good job. But they are too afraid to do ALL the difficult reporting necessary or make any of the commentary needed to help or hurt the clown and actually defeat the felon.

LOOK  AWAY! No Candidate to See Here!

So unless you watch the news cycles twice a day like your Uncle Matt does, and pay VERY close attention to the details, you would never know there was a third candidate running for president. Buried deep down in the dark world of 10% poll ratings is a man who is on the ballot in 50 states. But the obedient media people almost never even mention him. All the political wizards told them not to. And when they do mention him, his name is Gary Johnson, they just say he can’t win. Even though 60% of all the voters hate the felon and the clown.

Every day the wretched felon says something silly, like “free college”.[2. Only stupid people think there is such a thing as free college or free WiFi, or free cell phones.] And the media people run to the silly clown and ask him for his reaction. Then the clown says something and they scurry like good little slaves to ask the felon what she thinks. No one ever asks poor Johnson, a successful two-term governor, or his running mate, also a successful governor, what they think. That would require real work and honesty. The modern media don’t want to work and they are not honest. So they keep going back and forth to the criminal and the real estate huckster. The media pretend their words have merit. They tell you these are the only REAL candidates running for president. They know that the vast majority of all the people don’t want Donald or Hillary. But they are under orders to make you want them.

The media, and their bosses in politics believe in the magic of intentional avoidance. They believe if they close their eyes and keep pretending governor Johnson isn’t there, you’ll believe them and vote for one of their candidates. Poof! Magic!

Here’s the most magical, mystical, pathetic part of our story. This week, the pink side of a pretend government commission announced that they wanted to sanction FOX News for how they structured their August debate last year. That was the first debate with a prime time and an under-card debate. People on the pretend commission (the Federal Elections Commission) wanted to make up pretend laws that said FOX “contributed’ to one campaign and hurt others by using the split line-up.  Poof. Magic. New laws.

Never mind that the media goons at CNN did the same thing. That was magically overlooked.

Providing and under-card with pre-determined qualifications didn’t help anyone except the voters who had a chance to see ALL the candidates. But still the pink commission members wanted FOX News punished for being…well…FOX News. In government, that is how you handle your political opponents. You ignore the U.S. Constitution and make up magically stupid and childish inanities to stifle free speech. You remember that, boys and girls. Free speech is what our college students lost years ago. Soon, we won’t have that right either.

And during all this time, the silly pretend commission has ignored years of established media barking about equal time. If there is anything the media slaves are doing to hurt one candidate and favor another, it is ignoring their job of reporting on the Johnson candidacy. It is being done by liberals and conservatives to forward the interests of their political masters. If that isn’t a contribution-in-kind to the felon and the clown, your Uncle Matt doesn’t know what is!

And this story might have a sad ending boys and girls. If Uncle Matt is correct, most of the silly voters won’t research the candidates on their own. They will listen to the media puppets and vote for one of the two worst candidates ever to run for the presidency. Or they will just stay home and hurt their country that way. I hope I’m wrong. Don’t you?

Full disclosure: I support the Johnson campaign by default, not personal enthusiasm. The major parties shame themselves this year in what they offer the American voter. I probably disagree on twice as many issues as I would agree on with Johnson. But he believes in taking a wrecking ball to the budget. That concept is decades, and trillions of dollars, overdue. He believes in small government and doesn’t think A-holes inside the Beltway should be involved with how you live your life. He is the only successful chief executive in the race and is backed by a successful governor as his VP. In my opinion, this is a no-brainer. We all need to grow up and dump the felon and the clown.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here!

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The Ever Present Media Flim Flam!

The Latest Media Flim Flam

It is now accepted by many that the news industry exists, not to inform, but to advance a political agenda. There are few people, including those who work the con, who don’t accept blatantly slanted news as axiomatic to modern life. It isn’t new, but they’ve gotten so good at it and they’ve been so successful at creating an utterly apathetic citizenry, that the media now find themselves in a position to crate an entire presidential campaign out of whole cloth.

Gone are the days where reporters, especially television personalities had to be nuanced in how they spun a story. Now, without the slightest blush of embarrassment, Wolf Blitzer can weave a tale in which a felon can be president while carrying her Republican counterpart from announcement to nomination to defeat in the general election even as the viewer knows it is happening. And the public laps it up, pretending to believe what they are told. Those who don’t have retreated to their respective social network echo chambers, where they harmlessly tell each other how everyone (that would be the rest of the universe not a part of their conversation) is stupid.

They have the basic conclusion right anyway. We are gullible enough as a nation to be called “stupid”. No one on either side has made the slightest demand that their candidate measure up to the least standard. They didn’t think to. The candidates were brought to us 24/7 by the propaganda machine.

How to Make an Idiot Look Good

While Trump faced seventeen opponents, you’d never know there were more than three in the race at any one time. The news outlets would split screen an empty podium for an hour before a Trump event almost every day. He would blather about what is bad, how great his poll numbers are, what a rich guy he was, and it would be carried almost with out comment. Sometimes a talking head would make a remark about Trump’s lack of seriousness or intellectual laziness. But that was pretty much the show. Later in the day they’d carry an obligatory sound bite from whomever Trump was attacking, and that would be the extent of the Republican primary coverage.

How to Make a Felon Look Acceptable

On the Dem side, there stands the most corrupt candidate ever fielded by a major party. The press pounded away at how no one wanted her opponent to be nominated because he is a socialist. Meanwhile, that opponent drove his campaign to one success after another. Had the devotion to the felon been a bit weaker, had the coverage of Sanders been any less condescending, he might have won. But alas, the corruption of the press and the “super delegates” was too great. The media got their girl nominated just under the California wire.

There exists enough material for the media to have gone after her on her slush fund, Benghazi and her illegal server and hounded her out of the race in a week, as they would have done to ANY serious-minded candidate. Her silly double speak answers to the lame questions that were asked are so easily picked apart that not having done so leaves the media nakedly in the bag as her pet. And yet, most people still speak of this election, AND OUR MEDIA, as if it all actually means something.

The race we have today is the exact race the elites inside the beltway, and those that feed off the scraps of the powerful, wanted us to have. The felon queen continues to give her elementary school speeches and the media slowly turns up the heat on the Donald. Now when he says something stupid they report he said something stupid. When he says things that make sense, they belittle or ignore the statements.

As Street Politics Predicted…

And it’s only just begun. As I have said since this time last year, by the time Trump is declared the official nominee, the media will be in a full feeding frenzy. By late July, you will be hearing about Trump’s mob ties. Reporters will be pounding away relentlessly at him. Banner headlines will record his demise. And BJ Bill’s wife will be left unmolested. No one will ask why a criminal continues to run for president. What happened to Comey and the FBI? Why did he chose to be such a tool?

The media also pretends this is a two-person race. Their justification for ignoring a successful, two-term governor on the ballot in all fifty states is that he is not polling well. Of course, a thinking voter would know Gary Johnson isn’t polling because the press is pretending he doesn’t exist. I have seen him interviewed twice in the last four months on FOX and once on CNN. (See, now they can say, “What slanted coverage? We interviewed Johnson!”) Only one of those appearances was prime time.

I admit I am pissing up a rope here. You’ll read this, know it’s true and maybe sigh at the ugliness. So what. You won’t do anything about it. I could tell you how to get Johnson into the debates (in fact, I will in a later post), but experience says you won’t lift a finger to do so.

An ugly reality awaits you in November. It scares some of you. It disgusts most of you. But you are going to stand there and let it happen to you. I listen to all the loud, strong conservatives out their talking a big game. You talk about maintaining your right to assembly and free association, the right to carry a firearm and to say what is on your mind. But when they come for you, or your weapons, you’ll roll over and take it, meekly.

That will be your testament to the success of this monstrous infection we have permitted to fester in our midst.

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La Raza on the Bench

Typical Trump at Work: Handling La Raza

Here’s how an intelligent man handles things: Faced with a judge who is a member of a racist movement, the intelligent client has his lawyers bury the court in objections regarding the judge’s fitness to preside over a case involving a political lightning rod. This especially, when the lightning drawn is from the race the racist judge hails from. Then the intelligent man lets the court of public opinion create the firestorm surrounding such a judge. If nothing else, such an approach creates an environment favorable to an appeal.

But what did Trump do? He accused the judge presiding over his case of being “unfair” (the favored word of crybabies everywhere) because he is a Mexican. What can the Donald do before people realize he lacks the capacity for reason and considered action? He mentioned the judge’s affiliation with La Raza, an organization that refers to white Americans as “the enemy”, as an indirect aside. He didn’t name the organization. Trump has said something stupid every day of this election cycle. But this one, coming on the heels of his peevish press conference, will pretty much screw the pooch where normal, thinking voters are concerned.

The Donald Does Have a Point

Still, despite Trumps complete inability to communicate on an adult level, he is right about one thing. Imagine, if you will, a staunchly protestant merchant who is being sued for poor services or shady dealing. He learns that the judge provides legal advise and pro bono representation to Sinn Fein and the IRA. While the man would be smart not to complain about the judge’s religion or where he was born, a plaintiff would be fully justified in questioning the judge’s objectivity based on the judges own actions. The judge’s actions are his alone, they weren’t foisted on him by his parents and they aren’t a geographic accident of birth. The actions show how the judge thinks.

Such is the case with Gonzalo Curiel. Anyone who represents controversy where the Hispanic community is concerned would be smart object to a presiding judge who actively supports La Raza no matter what the jurist’s race might be.

Is He REALLY This Incompetent?

I am forced to wonder, as I have in the past, if Trump isn’t being stupid on purpose. Clearly, he never heard the word “no” as a child. He was never required by his parents to treat anyone with the least respect. He grew up to be an ill-mannered hot head with a penchant for circus. But is that all that is at work here? Could anyone be this repeatedly ham-handed in comporting himself in the public eye?

It should come as a surprise to no one that within days of each announced pledge to be more presidential – there have been three – he would set a new low in rhetorical ineptitude. The result, by his own ignorance or design, will be four more years of Democrat control of DC. Looking at the state of the economy and our social fabric now, it isn’t a stretch to say the American Experiment cannot withstand four such years.

And so, once again, the elements are coming together to create another loss for the Republicans in an election they should have won in a walk.

I’ll say this, I give the Trump kids’ nannies or mothers a lot of credit. Those offspring didn’t acquire their poise and erudition from their father. If anything, he made their upbringing more difficult.

Hope Springs Eternal

Fortunately, we do have an alternative. He isn’t the prefect alternative. But he is a far more superior choice than Trump or Clinton. He has as much a chance of swaying thinking people (almost 60% of the electorate) to his side as the other two.

I am of course referring to Gary Johnson. Oh, I know! I know! He’s wouldn’t have been my first choice either. But compared to the other two wing nuts, he’s the best choice.

I am certain he will do things in office that will piss me off. And yes, he can come off as a bit geeky. Fortunately, unlike the millions of rubes presently singing the praises of Clinton and Trump, I am not a single issue voter. Nor am I the type of voter who puts faith in people no matter how crooked or inept they are.

Johnson is a successful two-term governor, backed up by a governor (Weld) as his running mate. He intends to take a wrecking ball to the federal budget. He isn’t my cup of tea on military issues, but there is no way congress will let him pull back in the way he would like us to. He will fight a war, declared by congress, if the US is attacked or our interests endangered (Now there’s a refreshing change. For more on this see my book.)

The most important qualities I see in Johnson are his apparent integrity and normal ego. There is no evidence he’s committed serial felonies, as BJ Bill’s wife has. We know he doesn’t base his decisions on who likes him and is “fair” to him, as does Trump. And as a bonus, Johnson can form a coherent sentence and present an argument that goes beyond “believe me” or “big time folks, big time”.

To be certain, Johnson wouldn’t have said a judge was no good because he was Mexican.

I’ll talk more about Johnson soon.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here!

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Trump Was Actually Right On This!

If this guy gets it, what’s your problem?

I am still waiting for Trump to demonstrate even a rudimentary understanding of the office he pursues. To date, we must wait for the completely disassociated translations of his rants to hear what he meant on ANY subject. So when he gets something right, I celebrate!

The loyalty of the left-wing media to BJ Bill and his ethically bankrupt wife defies belief. I have always said there is no creature more pig-headed and obedient than the modern “progressive”. I have to giggle when I use that word because there has not been a clear-minded liberal in real leadership in this country since JFK. He would find “progressives” as narrow-minded and non-progressive as I do.

Since Bill Clinton decided to sexually harass his intern and other women, and then lie about it all under oath, as a sitting president, the media have tripped over themselves to abandon their supposed principles and cover for him.

Before I go any further, let me clarify something. What two consenting adults do in private is none of my business. I am the last person in the world who would call some one out for any type of consensual sex.  Sex, in my book, is never a bad word. It’s awesome!

But that is simply part of my world view. As a matter of law, I am obliged to accept the limitations placed upon us all to live up to a certain level of decorum. For example, when a president has sex with someone, it is only sex. It is none of our business. But when a President breaks the law and has an affair with an intern; when a sitting Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces intentionally pursues an affair his subordinates are routinely punished for; when the primary executive charged with protecting the constitution lies, in court, about sex with said subordinate; when that President exposes himself to blackmail by political opponents and our enemies; then even the most obtuse commentator is obliged, by reason alone, to call that president a criminal.

But not in our media. The policy of most of the American media is to meekly submit to their political betters and carry water for them. And that sick relationship between the press and the Clintons has continued uninterrupted since Bubba announced his candidacy for the Oval Office.

I mention this because the dandies in most media outlets have picked up the talking point assigned to them and declared BJ Bill’s crooked little schledium to be off-limits in this election. We are told Donald Trump crossed “the line” when he brought it up.

The real Hillary

Here’s why Trump was absolutely, undeniably right to call out Mrs. Bill Clinton over her husband’s behavior: She was the enabler who repeatedly allowed for Bill’s low treatment of women over decades. She was the architect of the character assassinations of anyone who spoke the truth about Bubba’s adolescent sexual pursuits. She was the person who attacked women who made rape allegations, thus enabling BJ Bill to go on to abuse more women. Since she lies about all that to this day, she is that same vicious unethical person today as she always was. Hillary Clinton is of a character both undeserving and too dangerously self-absorbed to serve as our representative to the world.

So in calling out the Clintons on Bill’s past, and in some cases, very recent past, Trump is nailing a character issue that is more clearly universal and real than any raised in a campaign in modern times (with the exception of the illegal server). In fact this may be the only thing that will stand between Mrs. BJ and the White House. It is near certain the FBI Director, James Comey has offered the FBI to the Clintons for use as a tool. So the illegal server, for which she should be doing time, isn’t going to stop her.

So perhaps Hillary’s proactive support and encouragement of Bill’s abuses will.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here!

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