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Darrell Castle: Dull to the Dull-Witted.

We live in a world where the two leading candidates are a shallow criminal and an inarticulate populist. Neither is what they claim to be, but a credulous electorate is turning hand stands trying to believe them. Why? Because everybody else is doing it.  In such a world, Darrell Castle will appear dry and dull, like a book on your grandmother’s shelf you have no interest in. The sad fact is, such a book might be worth a look, may teach you a mind-blowing life lesson. But it’s dusty. It has no sexy picture on the front. It has no blurbs. Hell, it doesn’t even have a dust jacket. Boring!

Darrell Castle is running on the Constitution ticket. He is an intelligent, articulate, well-spoken lawyer. He has been a part of that party since it’s founding in the early 90’s.   Castle has been inaccurately portrayed as an isolationist. This is nonsense. He is a non-interventionalist to be sure. What clear-minded American isn’t. History from 1898 until the present day teaches us what a mess can be made by interfering in foreign affairs, especially with the military. We should endeavor to befriend all nations, trade with everyone and be prepared to defend our interests. Those interests shouldn’t include a sudden need to overthrow long-siting dictators or help for religious uprisings just because we can.

Scott Bradley, Castle’s running mate, strikes you as one of those earnest, hard-working people you see at town council meetings and other community events. That’s because he is exactly that. While pursuing his PhD and becoming a major player in the tech industry, Bradley has also involved himself the community and politics in a variety of ways. Wouldn’t it be nice to see someone like that in the White House? Bradley is also a veteran of the Utah National Guard.

If you are an Original Intent voter, if you are unabashedly conservative and want to dump Agenda 21 and the UN, this is the only ticket that can deliver what you want in a candidate. If you believe Trump will even consider any of these things, you are either hopelessly duped or you don’t understand the terms conservative or Constitution. Trump’s barely intelligible conservative claims are all less than three years old. Many are less than a year old.

Castle served in Vietnam as a Marine officer and trained under Oliver North for a time. He is an accomplished lawyer and has established law firms throughout the South and Midwest. In other words, he is not only intelligent, he knows how to make payroll by delivering a real service. That is something totally alien to Hillary Clinton. She knows only graft, spin and outright lying.

Note: That’s a ticket with two military vets on it. I wish I had a nickel for every guy I’ve heard say they believe only people who have worn the uniform should be president. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a woman say it, but I am sure there are women who believe it. This comes most often from conservative vets. Well, guys, here’s your chance. Donald Trump spent his youth in a protected cocoon. Hillary has shown herself to be utterly disdainful of the military. So let’s see how many of those guys weren’t just blowing words out of your ass.

One last point, Castle infuses a lot of his political thinking with his Christianity. Trump pretends to by mangling scripture and just blurting out vague inanities about the Bible. It’s empty pandering, but people love it.  I have no connection to the spirit world and I do find it funny that someone who represents the constitution party pours so much religion into the mix. The Constitution stands mute on Christianity and only mentions religion as something the government is not to touch. Still, arguments about religion and matters of state are a debate I would gladly have with an honorable president versus a Trump or a Clinton.

What I am saying is that secular conservatives, like myself, who know that the religious freedom protections work both ways should not count Castle out just because he is a religious man. It becomes a single-issue or identity politics problem is you let it interfere with your thinking.

He’s is not a felon and he’s, for damn sure, not a clown.

“The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.”  George Orwell

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Bernie's Embrace of Corruption!

Lay down Bernie! Roll Over! Good Boy!

Well, Bernie Sanders showed Hillary Clinton his belly and urinated a lot sooner than I thought he would. The Democrat nomination results were invalidated by the release of emails demonstrating collusion between party officials and Clinton. Sanders had a fresh opportunity to reinvigorate his platform influence at the convention this week by putting up a floor challenge. Instead, he demonstrated his cowardice and with barely a whimper, gave up the fight.

Clearly, you’d be hard-pressed to locate a complete pair of gonads within the entire Democrat establishment. There is no one who has the fortitude or the good sense to stand up to the felon and her machine, even though they can no longer deny the damage that’s been done to the party and is potentially in store for the nation. The modern “progressive” is a prideless, gutless, witless slave to party elites. Whatever Hillary orders them to swallow, they’ll swallow. And, drones that they are, they will march forth with their memorized talking points to further the lies and hypocrisy of the Queen.

If there is anyone on the convention floor with an ounce of courage, I would happily be proven wrong. I’d like to see a floor challenge to the rules and Clinton’s hubris.

The disgrace of the party brand is not the worst part of all this. What these leaks clearly demonstrate is that Clinton was indeed a target of foreign intrigue. Honest, reasonable people can any longer say that Clinton’s illegal server wasn’t hacked. The FBI Director, Jim Comey pretty much established that in testimony. He said that he couldn’t rule her being hacked in or out and he was fairly confident the Russians and the Chinese had the contents of that server. So yeah, she removed classified information from it’s proper domain and she was hacked.

But none of this is new. We know, for example, from news reports going back to Dec/Jan that BJ Bill’s wife told her aides to remove classification markings on a secret document, cut and paste the content and send it to to her illegal, unsecured server. She even coached them on how to do it!

We knew this. But now, in anticipation of the next Assange release, it is being reported as a new revelation. As is always the case when bad news is anticipated, you are being inoculated.

So here we are. We sat through the FBI/Justice Department collusion, shutting down the investigation into in the illegal server. We are watching quietly as the FBI continues to shed it’s honor by covering up the facts about the Clinton Foundation and their direct, brazen sales of influence to foreign actors. We now get to see just how ethically bankrupt the Democrat Party is in their handling of the latest scandal.

It must be said, the Dems are surely gaining confidence from of the zero coverage their sycophant news drones provide. The major networks are, as usual avoiding this story like the plague. CBS had a long sit-down with Clinton and her running mate. They did ask the most burning questions of the day regarding the party emails. That part of the interview ran online after the news was over. It should have led the cycle. All the fake news shows, and Party-run newspapers know that by leaving it to FOX and Breitbart to report, they will claim later that covering the scandal is just another vast right-wing conspiracy. The party drones, devoid of dignity will pretend to believe it and will even spread the misdirection further.

Meanwhile, on the GOP Side…

Donald Trump is demonstrating, almost as if I’d asked him to, why I have been so hard on him and why I shake my head in disbelief that he ever got nominated.

Today was the greatest opportunity EVER for him to utterly cripple the Clinton candidacy. Ammunition was served up like a salad with Wassermann-Schultz croutons. He could spent the day swinging for the fences and nailed one home run after another. Instead, what does he do?

Trump announced today that he intends to form super PACs to destroy Ted Cruz and John Kasich in the public arena. Because they did not stroke his ego, Trump has actually stated publicly that he will dedicate energy and resources to destroying fellow Republicans.

I covered the Cruz issue, a contrived event started by Trump and Pete King (R-NY) in a previous post. In Kasich’s case, he refused to even attend the convention. Why? Because his convictions wouldn’t permit it. I don’t think much of Kasich. I think he spent the entire campaign thinking if he remained inane enough, the country would suddenly think he was the prettiest girl at the dance. Clearly, that never happened.

So to punish these two for hurting the Donald’s feelings, Trump and his incompetent handlers blew a golden opportunity to advance the Republican cause while trashing Republicans who still enjoy some support within the party. Way to be the “reuniter” Big D! Time, energy and scarce resources will be blown trying to make Cruz and Kasich look bad instead of going after the REAL opponents.

Okay, show of hands; now that Trump is desperate for cash (he’s not worth $10 billion) how many think serious donors will step up and give him the needed cash while he behaves with such mind-blowing petulance and irresponsibility. Do you think the Koch brothers will part with their money if they think Trump will be spending his time continuing to cry about Lyin’ Ted?

If you raised your hand use it to slap yourself in the face. No serious donor will waste their money that way.

Meanwhile, There’s the Libertarians.

While all this is going on there is a successful two-term governor backed up by another two-term governor as his running mate. Gary Johnson is a bit dorky. But he can form full sentences and he is not a felon.

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La Raza on the Bench

Typical Trump at Work: Handling La Raza

Here’s how an intelligent man handles things: Faced with a judge who is a member of a racist movement, the intelligent client has his lawyers bury the court in objections regarding the judge’s fitness to preside over a case involving a political lightning rod. This especially, when the lightning drawn is from the race the racist judge hails from. Then the intelligent man lets the court of public opinion create the firestorm surrounding such a judge. If nothing else, such an approach creates an environment favorable to an appeal.

But what did Trump do? He accused the judge presiding over his case of being “unfair” (the favored word of crybabies everywhere) because he is a Mexican. What can the Donald do before people realize he lacks the capacity for reason and considered action? He mentioned the judge’s affiliation with La Raza, an organization that refers to white Americans as “the enemy”, as an indirect aside. He didn’t name the organization. Trump has said something stupid every day of this election cycle. But this one, coming on the heels of his peevish press conference, will pretty much screw the pooch where normal, thinking voters are concerned.

The Donald Does Have a Point

Still, despite Trumps complete inability to communicate on an adult level, he is right about one thing. Imagine, if you will, a staunchly protestant merchant who is being sued for poor services or shady dealing. He learns that the judge provides legal advise and pro bono representation to Sinn Fein and the IRA. While the man would be smart not to complain about the judge’s religion or where he was born, a plaintiff would be fully justified in questioning the judge’s objectivity based on the judges own actions. The judge’s actions are his alone, they weren’t foisted on him by his parents and they aren’t a geographic accident of birth. The actions show how the judge thinks.

Such is the case with Gonzalo Curiel. Anyone who represents controversy where the Hispanic community is concerned would be smart object to a presiding judge who actively supports La Raza no matter what the jurist’s race might be.

Is He REALLY This Incompetent?

I am forced to wonder, as I have in the past, if Trump isn’t being stupid on purpose. Clearly, he never heard the word “no” as a child. He was never required by his parents to treat anyone with the least respect. He grew up to be an ill-mannered hot head with a penchant for circus. But is that all that is at work here? Could anyone be this repeatedly ham-handed in comporting himself in the public eye?

It should come as a surprise to no one that within days of each announced pledge to be more presidential – there have been three – he would set a new low in rhetorical ineptitude. The result, by his own ignorance or design, will be four more years of Democrat control of DC. Looking at the state of the economy and our social fabric now, it isn’t a stretch to say the American Experiment cannot withstand four such years.

And so, once again, the elements are coming together to create another loss for the Republicans in an election they should have won in a walk.

I’ll say this, I give the Trump kids’ nannies or mothers a lot of credit. Those offspring didn’t acquire their poise and erudition from their father. If anything, he made their upbringing more difficult.

Hope Springs Eternal

Fortunately, we do have an alternative. He isn’t the prefect alternative. But he is a far more superior choice than Trump or Clinton. He has as much a chance of swaying thinking people (almost 60% of the electorate) to his side as the other two.

I am of course referring to Gary Johnson. Oh, I know! I know! He’s wouldn’t have been my first choice either. But compared to the other two wing nuts, he’s the best choice.

I am certain he will do things in office that will piss me off. And yes, he can come off as a bit geeky. Fortunately, unlike the millions of rubes presently singing the praises of Clinton and Trump, I am not a single issue voter. Nor am I the type of voter who puts faith in people no matter how crooked or inept they are.

Johnson is a successful two-term governor, backed up by a governor (Weld) as his running mate. He intends to take a wrecking ball to the federal budget. He isn’t my cup of tea on military issues, but there is no way congress will let him pull back in the way he would like us to. He will fight a war, declared by congress, if the US is attacked or our interests endangered (Now there’s a refreshing change. For more on this see my book.)

The most important qualities I see in Johnson are his apparent integrity and normal ego. There is no evidence he’s committed serial felonies, as BJ Bill’s wife has. We know he doesn’t base his decisions on who likes him and is “fair” to him, as does Trump. And as a bonus, Johnson can form a coherent sentence and present an argument that goes beyond “believe me” or “big time folks, big time”.

To be certain, Johnson wouldn’t have said a judge was no good because he was Mexican.

I’ll talk more about Johnson soon.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here!

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