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Paris! This is Our Wake Up Call – Again!

BIG Update! I didn’t see this before. It was this paragraph that caught my attention:

The brave men and women in our Armed Forces should not be left defenseless against terrorists on American soil. Local commanders now have the authority to allow service men and women to be armed while on base. Members of the military should have the same ability to defend themselves as every other law-abiding citizen.

Get the rest of that story here. It’s an interesting article

Update 2: But I may have gotten my hopes up too soon. Keep in mind the when a DC post-Vietnam yes man speaks, many service commanders lose their nerve and won’t enact common sense ideas even if the have the authority. As we’ll soon see in this case.

Original story:

It is long past due that we FINALLY learn the lesson that has been taught to us over and over again. From Ft. Hood to the mall in Kenya and dozens of other places to the streets of Paris tonight. We have seen every time, surprising no one, that from the moment a subhuman scum, driven by their brand of superstition, pulls a weapon from hiding to the moment the first rounds hits an innocent person, there is no force on earth to stop it. Nor is there for the second, third or tenth victim. Such is the case, anyway, in the ever-increasing number gun-free zones we have carved out.

For years we have been denied the right, in many places, to protect ourselves in situations where those charged with doing so cannot hope to – on their luckiest day. And we have tolerated it. And so like pathetic lemmings, our citizens have stood stupidly or crouched in fear, waiting for the scum to get to them; to deliver their bullet.

Through it all we have known one thing with absolute certainty. The best form of gun control is return fire. After every terrorist attack and lunatic shooting spree, people who know better have argued that we must let this happen to ourselves. We must dial 911 so cops can come, take a body count, draw chalk lines around the bodies and circles around spend casings.

Well, the low life, superstitious pieces of excrement we hear so much about being recruited here, just got a lesson in how the stage a successful, dispersed terrorist campaign. (I am honestly surprised t took so long for the scum to figure out this style of raid. But Paris has popped our cherry on that score, hasn’t it?) You can bet they and their online mentors are paying close attention. They will take the example of Paris onboard and plan accordingly. We will likely continue to do what we do and not take the correct steps to prevent such things happening here. We will be told to dial 911. We will be in a place marked “No weapons allowed”. We will stand stupidly and wait for our bullet. We have become weak and pathetic, more fearful and distrustful of each other than of the unworthy garbage who would do us harm.

Sheppard Smith naïvely commented at how incredible it was that such an attack could take place when the police were already at such a high state of alert. What an ass! That fact is, in a city, a stadium, a crowded mall, there is NO WAY to stop this kind of attack. Let me repeat that for the truly stupid. In such situations, there is NO WAY to prevent such attacks. But once started, there is a very quick, effective way to end them, armed and alert citizens.

The most egregious example of our forced cowardice is on the doors of military facilities all over the country. “No Weapons!” On any given day, but especially on this disgusting night, how can those who set these policies not see the stupidity of them? Any self-absorbed lunatic, any idiot driven by his fanatic devotion to his god, can stroll into almost all the public gathering places on military installations and have a turkey shoot. Our military personnel, trained in the use of firearms, are set up like clay pigeons for attacks like the ones still ongoing in Paris.

This sign is on the door of a military exchange.
This sign is on the door of a military exchange.

I call on all Commanding Officers, especially O-6 through flag rank, to eliminate the regulations banning firearms where members and their families gather. All personnel, trained in the use of arms should be permitted to carry a weapon anywhere their duties take them. Gun lockers should be placed outside SCIFs for weapons to be checked by visitors. Any NCO or junior officer responsible for the training of new recruits will be required to carry a sidearm and held responsible for the safety of their charges. Where alcohol is served, weapons can reasonably be banned, but an armed contingent of duty personnel will augment base security in ensuring the safety of military members socializing there.

It’s YOUR command. Show some guts, initiative, honor, courage and some goddamn self-respect and own the security of your people. While you are at it, give them the tools to do the same for themselves and their brothers and sisters in arms. After tonight, if a solder under your command falls needlessly and helplessly at the hands of an asshole who decides to shoot up the base hospital, it won’t be the fault of some pencil neck bureaucrat in DC or even the asshole’s fault. It will be yours, Admiral, General, Colonel, Captain. You were warned tonight and you didn’t have the guts to take action. Paris is your reveille.

I call as well on my fellow citizens to come down on your state and local government like a plague of locusts and demand an end to gun-free zones. If a business wants to have a weapons ban, don’t use them. Encourage others to do the same. Forget the federal government. It’s none of their damn business. Tell your governments to create gun-friendly atmosphere. Actively encourage citizens to get the handgun out of the safe, clean it and take it to the firing range.

It is certain that now the dog shi’ite has figured out how to do this, it will be done here. Don’t let it be in your town. You have a choice. Let the subhuman wing nuts of the world, terrorists and common thugs, know that your town, your state, is not a place to be trifled with.

Good news, Mayor De Blasio has put the New York police on high alert! Yeah, that’ll work.

Update 20 Nov 15: This morning Stuart Varney expressed shock that Paris police found a huge stash of weapons after their shootout with Islamic scumbags, considering France’s draconian gun laws. Where is the shock? Don’t these people get it? In France, as in any other place where the citizens are prevented from getting guns, the criminals have no trouble acquiring them. This most true in Europe, still awash in the weapons the flooded the market after the breakup of the Soviet Union.

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