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Muddled Interpretaions

In my upcoming book, I talk about political imagery and how it acts upon the political ignorance of too many of our voters.  But the ignorance is not limited to voters.

Some supposedly smart people have a real hard time getting it. This morning Stuart Varney, fairly well respected, counted Robert Francis O’Rourke as one of the moderates in the Democratic field.

If you can count a guy that buys off on the “we’ve only got 12 years to save the planet” line, I’d hate to see your version of far Left.

If you consider a candidate who changes his name to a Hispanic name to get votes anything more than childish and disingenuous, you need to make an appointment with reality SOON!  Talk about the worthlessness of identity politics! I can think of nothing recently that makes more a mockery of obsessing over race, sex, etc. than Robert Francis pretending to be Latino. What a douche!

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I don’t see any malice in Biden’s weird behavior during photo ops. But it does have a creepiness about it.  This is especially true when he is trying to kiss a 13-year-old who is clearly having none of it.

There has been a lot of talk of double standard and comparisons made with Kavanaugh.  The Kavanaugh thing was pure fantasy from the first mention of Blasey-Ford.

I think the real comparison is to Al Franken.  That poor little guy was drummed out of office because he wasn’t cute enough to kiss the pretty girl and for squeezing a WAIST, while taking pictures at an event. (read detail here in section “To Wit…”) Franken’s stuff is nothing compared to the serial creepiness of Joe Duh.

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Quick Hit: Biden, et al Want It Both Ways.

“I can say it, but you can’t. Neener-Neener!” Said the childish Democrat.

In many of my posts, I refer to Joe Biden and Joe “DUH” Biden. I have been told, mostly by my more left-leaning friends, that this is in poor taste because it is mean and personal.


I have listened to the left’s message for decades now. The hallmark of the left, when it comes to speech is to say things as intentionally hurtful and personal as possible. The goal is always to create phony bogie men who wants to hurt this group and that. Most significantly, when things are related on this level, it is never true.

Today, Joe “Duh” Asshat” “Punk” “Scut-mouth” “Lying” “Divisive” “Irresponsible” Biden referred to Republicans as Xenophobes. Really? Tell me that isn’t getting nasty and personal. Tell me he isn’t taking part in the propaganda frenzy of the Obama White House and the Clinton Campaign. Joe isn’t sharp enough to realize that this tension is maintained for the specific purpose of seeing more cops and black men killed in our streets.

He is a little slow. Obama has been working on this for a long time. Joe Is just now jumping on the band wagon. But then, Biden has never been accused of being in the Mensa Society.

In the meantime, if a Republican/conservative says we need to vet refugees coming from war zones occupied by our enemy, or we have to reduce spending and debt, or we still don’t know the ideal temperature of the earth; well that’s hate speech. We should be subject to RICO statutes for even thinking these things.

So if people think I’m a bit too sharp in my labels here, consider the level of insult conservatives face every day just listening to the Regime and it’s lackeys. Consider how half our population hears our President say that killing cops is bad, but there is such a good excuse.  And they believe it!

That said, if my words still appear too harsh; if I come across as angry; if you feel I should demonstrate more restraint when talking about elected officials; well…you can kiss both sides of my ass.

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