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Another National Embarrassment to be Ignored.

I have referred to the Left’s (read: Obama)use of Orwellian non-reason many times here at Street Politics. Here are some earlier examples.(Reference 1) ((Reference 2)What leaves me gob smacked is the glee with which so many people pretend to believe the nonsense and how many more simply shrug their shoulders and permit our American Experiment to be perverted by those who employ such non-logic.

This morning we had the opportunity to see the American version of un-knowing things being exported to Jolly Olde England by an incredibly self-righteous Barack Hussein Obama. In a joint presser with England’s amateur head of state, he discussed terrorism (ineptly), Earth Day (a monumental annual farce) and explained to the little English people how they are better off remaining in the European Union.

One may reasonably agree or disagree on whether Great Britain does benefit from membership in the EU. But only BHO can stray so far from reality as to say that being in the EU magnifies the United Kingdom’s influence in the world. This is the Orwellian untruth, the antifact. All the EU has done is drag the United Kingdom into continental economics on a level harmful to all the stronger, smarter member nations. The UK was one of those superior nations. It has heavily watered down the unique influence, rebuilt by Thatcher, that the London enjoyed prior to joining the Union. All UK policies, especially in the area of foreign affairs are overshadowed and sometimes diminished by the influence of the EU. Certainly, it can be said that membership in, and the influence of, the EU has damaged the UK and other formerly great nations by the glorification of rampant immigration of neanderthals from Muslim countries. The cultural and economic damage done with these policies may be irreversible. Surely, they will be generations in the undoing if Europe is to be restored to its former glory (pre-EU).

While lecturing our most important ally and abandoning reason in the process, Obama insulted them with a thinly veiled threat. He insinuated that trade with the US would be made difficult for the UK if they left Europe’s failed experiment in the balance of power. (The EU  is just the latest attempt at achieving this un-achievable misnomer. there is power and there is stasis. Power is, by its nature, a dynamic force. To try to “balance” brings the kind of results we see in Germany and Greece, as examples. Germany repeatedly pretends to be powerless while feeding less responsible, more corrupt countries. Greece is “awarded” imaginary and undeserved power by being carried by the EU. Germany hurt itself by not employing it’s true power in a positive way and telling the EU the spigot is closed. Greece continues it’s death spiral because no one had to take responsibility for righting it.

But this is the kooky club our president has, once again, embarrassed us over. He has insulted our friends in support of his socialists utopian ideas in the face of one such utopia’s naked failure. Thanks again, Mr. “President”.

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