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An Objective, Disinterested and Honest Analysis. Army/Navy

Army/Navy, III vs IV

My son and I have been in some discussion, as is our wont this time of year, regarding the upcoming contest between West Point and Annapolis. I thought it was an excellent opportunity to provide a study of support for the respective teams based on merchandising. The results, as you will see were based on an honest, objective and disinterested approach to something that hasn’t happened yet. Hey, politicians do it.  So can I.

I recently posted a link for people to acquire a phone case with a superior design supporting the efforts of a particular football team.  In this case, God’s Military Academy, the Naval Academy at Annapolis.

My son took umbrage.  He felt that providing a link to a site where one might find equity of options might be a good idea.

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects

Woodworkers: Here’s a Christmas gift to yourself.

You see, my eldest son, Matthew IV, was Army.  I blame the public school system.  I believe he felt the Junior College at West Point needed equal representation in the marketing links.

You will find that, not only am I objective and fair, I am kind.  I have respected my son’s wishes and provided a link so that people who HATE THE NAVY can have an artistic outlet.

Can you see the objectivity at play here?

So here’s the contest: IV said that promoting West Point would sell more Tough Phone Cases than Annapolis.  In the most objective and disinterested terms I can muster, I say “bull****”.  But I will provide the choices anyway.

Now who wouldn’t want this fine case protecting their phone?

Available at this superior location where only the finest people shop.

But hey, we still have to look at…this.



I’m sorry.  But it is only fair that I present this in the most fair way possible.  Perhaps you should shield the eyes of the young ones.

Available here.

Actually, it is a really cool design.

So the question is which will garner more votes (if people were voting with their wallets and thinking about stocking stuffers and Secret Santa gifts). I certainly hope you appreciate the scientific nature of this study.  Personally, I find this to be a teachable moment. No unit pride and inter-service rivalry here! Just pure logic.

Go Navy!

Update:  We’ve reached out to IV for comment and his testimonial re: Army. We have nto received a response.