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Just When You Thought You'd Seen It All…Stupid is Redefined!

TV’s Most Dangerous Night EVER! That’s the tag line for the stupidest thing TV producers have created since Jersey Shore…and it’s aimed at the same audience. I have always tried to avoid being too abrupt discussing religion. I have no attachment to the spirit world, but I know some folks get a little touchy when […]

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Is the Bikini the Burka of Western Culture?

NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK BECA– USE YOU AND YOUR COWORKERS PRETEND TO BE OFFENDED BY BODY PARTS WHEN, IN REALITY, YOU’RE NOT. In the civilized West, Americans are hands down the most prudish about the silliest things. It seems hard to believe, but we are so squeamish about the female breast it’s almost embarrassing to […]

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2014 – Then This Post – Then 2015

Resolutions I have but one New Year’s resolution: EFFING WRITE MORE!  I have been remiss, especially in the last month or so.   Review 2014 saw the launch of one of the most riveting and influential blogs in all of Thornburg, Va.  This one, Pedestrian Politics and Economics far outstrips the local competing blog Lawnmower Engines […]

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What People Really, Really Want.

Isn’t organized religion a handy contrivance?  There isn’t anything that you can say, not a single phrase you can mutter that can’t be tied into a phrase or idea in any grand holy book.  At the end of this article is a link.  For those entrepreneurs studying for the religion business, this link is a […]

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The Weird Shit Humans Do – Part I (Kissing)

The best thing about hosting a political blog is that when I grow weary of covering the political zoo, when I despair of ever finding an actual statesmen in this intellectual wasteland, I can occasionally avert my attention and just have fun.  To wit: Let’s Play Smashy Face! Have you ever sat back and taken […]

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Our Tradition

July 1st On our lawn in Thornburg, Virginia. July 4th Same lawn, same flag pole. Every year between July 1st and July 4th, Lyn and I (she is still Canadian and loyal subject of the Crown) stand on the lawn in period costume and beat the tar out of each other.  We call it a […]

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Living on a River

A post moved from my other blog. I moved this one here because the wusssies that run my other blog felt it was too commercialized for their taste.  Meanwhile they provide all manner of ways to monitize your blog site as it grows.  If I wasn’t so heavily published there, I’d start a new one […]

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See?!?! This is Why I Can't Have Nice Things!

It’s been reported that there is, yet again, an activity and some tools that people are employing for pleasure which have the added benefit of helping them end an unhealthy relationship with something harmful.  And here’s the worst part; they are doing it on their own without supervision and taxation, beyond sales tax, of the […]

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Toes in the Water

3 Mar 14 I have been reading The Economist quite a bit lately.  One might think with a name like that you’d find clear-eyed, conservative content; not at all.  It is a product from across the pond and is chock full of some of the most well-worn liberal drivel in print.  Last year they ran […]

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War in Ukraine. It’s Closer Than You Think.

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Ukraine has become a three-ring circus. I just watched FOX News criticize, negatively, the comparison of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine to Hitler’s aggression pre-WWII. This is pathetic ignorance on the part of FOX. They clearly do not have a firm grasp on history. The fact is that every move the little Russian jerkoff has made […]

War in Ukraine. It’s Closer Than You Think.

By Street Politics | October 1, 2022

Ukraine has become a three-ring circus. I just watched FOX News criticize, negatively, the comparison of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine to Hitler’s aggression pre-WWII. This is pathetic ignorance on the part of FOX. They clearly do not have a firm grasp on history. The fact is that every move the little Russian jerkoff has made […]

The Fed owns you. F**k the Fed!

By Street Politics | September 18, 2022

So far, I’ve been plucking the low-hanging fruit. The truth of each post is painfully obvious. And there is plenty more of that be had. I’ll get to all of it before Election Day. But there are one or two BIG, somewhat complex issues that will require you, if you’re a responsible adult, to do […]

How Pipelines Will Save America…And the World

By Street Politics | September 5, 2022

Before we move on, let’s fix the problems in the previous post. GOP (and state governors and AGs): The first thing you do on behalf of the 401K and IRA holders in your state is to write a simple and straightforward law that bans the consideration of social issues (or ESG or whatever new name […]

ESG and Your 401k. The Wrecking of Your Retirement Plan

By Street Politics | September 4, 2022

I’ll break this one up. It hits a lot of bases and each needs to be acted on agressivley. Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): Remove impediments to drilling. fix issues with leases, permits, rights of away and royalties.  And get the pipelines finished! Outlaw the use of ESG in in the investment of private money, […]

Why can’t I play nice with the other kids? For my FB buddy.

By Street Politics | September 1, 2022

A friend penned very important comment at PPPP today. I decided it deserved a full post in reply. I have not used her name as I did not get permission to do so. S: I have read what you have posted along with the links and admire your devotion but…the twice impeached former president is […]

Uh-Oh! Polio! Where did that come from?

By Street Politics | August 31, 2022

Welcome Back Polio! Did you know Polio has been detected in New York? Polio, f**king POLIO! But, we eradicated that generations ago, right? So where might it be coming from? Hmmmm. Wait a moment! Could it be coming in with the millions of illegal aliens invading our country, encouraged by the Democrat Party? Is that […]

Dump Miguel Cardona and His Entire department

By Street Politics | August 28, 2022

This one isn’t high on the list, but it’s an easy out.  Pack your bags, Miguel Cardona.  We’re sending you down. The time has come to end the most expensive and sophisticated organization ever dedicated to the art of mental masturbation in the history of mankind.  No, I’m not talking about the EPA…not yet.  There […]

Part 4, Episode 2 The GOP’s Answer to Green Scams

By Street Politics | August 26, 2022

  Source:, L.F.T.R. the New Age of Nuclear By tlp801 in WorkshopEnergy There is a fascinating and exciting technology that has been around for 70 years and can be used to fight the Green Scams and save the climate, to the extent it needs saving. I have only heard one politician bring this up […]

Part 4: Dump the Wretched Tinker Toys!

By Street Politics | August 26, 2022

Take a good look at the picture above. It’s from EDITORIAL 26 November 2018, How some wind turbines hog the breeze The article brings some interesting points we’ll get into a bit later. Look at the view in the background, now spoiled by a wind farm. Funny how the very people who have […]

Dump McConnell and McCarthy

By Street Politics | August 21, 2022

In short, killing the goose that lays the golden egg is a viable political strategy, so long as the goose does not die before the next election and no one traces the politicians’ fingerprints on the murder weapon.                                                                                     Thomas Sowell Take a good look at that quote. I said in a previous post we […]