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How Worthless is a Harvard Education

For our first Whoopee Cushion Butt Salute I pulled this piece from commencement season 2017.  It is part one of two.  Enjoy! Lunacy at Harvard In his address at Cambridge, Mark Zuckerburg, (CEO Facebook) called for a universal wage.  He likened it to a “cushion” for people lesser than himself.  There are so many things […]

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Zuckerburg’s Lunacy: Wake Up (part 1)

Mark Zuckerburg should stick to restricting the reach of peoples’ posts on Facebook.  It’s what he is good at. A long time ago I started talking about the price of apathy. I said that while it is understandable to want to throw your hands up in disgust or just roll with whatever the TV talking […]

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The Price of Apathy – Part 1

Our Apathy Leads to a Beltway Circus We are seeing a repeat of all the same types of policies from the previous eight years playing out before our eyes. Some intentions are diametrically opposed to those of the previous administration. But the results will be the same or worse.  Apathy is to blame here.  This […]

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How to Make a Grown Man Cry (In a Good Way)

Outdated!  See updated article here!                       Look at this nasty face bad ass! How would you like to see this guy cry.  I mean blubber like a baby?  Yeah, me too. This is my friend Jeff Kerr. Whenever I see him, there’s a lot of […]

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Obamacare: Repeal The Phony Healthcare System

While you’re here, grab my RSS—> See part one here. Why Not Go All The Way? In 2009, while medical costs were up and a recession was getting underway, the government saw another opportunity to do something they’d been dying to do since Truman; a complete takeover of the medical insurance industry. Here’s how the […]

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Pansy Rants vs Real Violence

Are These Pansy Rants Supposed To Be Helpful? I have a thousand chores to complete here. I have two posts I promised my friend, Kathleen. I am almost ready to launch my membership writers’ program. And the furniture business is not going to stand itself up. BUT…I saw this post on Facebook the other day […]

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Dumping Obamacare: This is not Rocket Science!

While you’re here, grab my RSS—> It’s Also Not Multiple Choice! There is one and only one condition under which the Republicans can save the medical insurance industry and protect citizens from Obamacare. It is the only way to create an economy of scale that will permit the average American citizen to afford coverage that […]

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The Convention of States Movement

Grab my RSS while you’re here —> The Convention of States Movement is now gaining real traction.  I find this exciting for a few reasons, which I’ll discuss below. What is the Convention of States? There is a process, championed by George Mason, inserted into the Constitution whereby citizens, can seek to directly make amendments.  […]

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Trump Snarks Media and Fumbles on Flag Burning

Dull-witted Snark as Political Argument Sometimes, an argument is presented so poorly, so devoid of maturity and reason that language fails the respondent. Such is the case with much of what people call “political discussions” on social media. Almost half our population is now witlessly enthralled with monosyllabic populism. And whether right or left, that […]

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Keep Calm You Feckin Eejits

Keep calm. Good advice. This title is emblazoned on a tee shirt my wife gave me. It’s a green shirt with a shamrock on it. You get the idea. It is not helpful that we’ve elevated the office of POTUS to the level of royalty. It is not helpful that people who should know better, […]

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Greg Gutfeld "stole" my stuff!

Greg Gutfeld has obviously been reading my stuff.  Well, I think he has.  I’ll have to have the Russians hack his computer and get back to me. But tonight, on The Five, GG made a very specific analogy in a very specific way.  I have made many references to the Clintons being like Pigpen from […]

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As If Charlotte Cops Had a Choice!

I gleaned two important points from the Charlotte Police Department videos of the Keith Scott shooting. One is that he had a gun. You can’t see it in a video, but we know he had one. Consider: A man exits his car, doesn’t get shot. He gets back in his car and no one shoots […]

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An Un-serious Nation Mourns

Any time I see images of the events of 9/11, and certainly at this time of year I am overwhelmed with three emotions; awe at the heroics of those who those walked into the burning towers, deep sorrow for the pain so many families suffered and a deep, burning hatred for the hijackers and anyone […]

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Stalinist and Stupid, Part 3: Attacking Reason

Where Reason Goes to Die In final installment of this series we will discuss the perversion of science being proposed by Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, et al. Science is being perverted at expense of all Americans and at the peril of the foundation of all our Constitutional rights. Yes, it is that bad. It is […]

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Stalinist and Stupid, Part 1: No Gun For YOU!

In recent days, we have seen stunning attacks on free speech, political activity and due process in this country. There was a time, not too long ago when such attacks would have seemed inconceivable to anyone of any political stripe. To have put forward such ideas would have seemed Stalinist, stupid and embarrassingly immature. But, […]

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Classic Rock: Do You Still Believe the S**t We Shoveled?

Have you heard the news and the associated sound tracks in the dispute between Led Zeppelin and the group Spirit? It seems there was a group that toured with LZ back when people believed that rock bands represented something transcendental and non-materialistic (as opposed to the greedy, money-grubbing materialistic reality). This group laid down a […]

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What Will Become of the Internet?

Don’t sit on your hands! Bottom line up front (BLUF): I am going to ask you most imperatively to write your congressmen – NOW!  I am also going to ask you to share this on all your social networks. If you already understand what the loss of ICANN means to our freedom of speech and […]

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Letter for Your Senators and Reps.

Go to your Senator and your House Rep contact pages. Cut and paste this letter. Dear Senator, If Congress had done its job when this idea was first floated, this letter would not have been necessary. But Congress did not, so as of September 2016, we will lose control of ICANN and the Domain Name […]

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DHS and FBI: Partners in Failure

What the Partners Failed to DO Well, almost 15 years after 9/11 national law enforcement and intelligence have still not learned the basic lesson it should not have needed to learn to begin with. No stove piping. On three occasions the FBI had the pleasure of Omar Mateen’s company. It seems this unworthy piece of […]

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Indicted? If only it were true!

Below is an interesting article floating around social media. It makes very good points about what BJ Bill’s wife should be facing. Sadly, the headline is somewhat misleading. If it were true – if the Justice Department already knew she was to be indicted – the word would be flooding out from everywhere. I’ll include […]

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FALL IN! The REAL Energy Revolt

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If you scanned a QR on the side of a vehicle you saw the FALL IN, The REAL Energy Revolt in action. We are a movement committed to restoring our country to energy independence and our economy to some semblance of sanity. Join our movement. We will drive on all interstates, highways and major roads […]

FALL IN! The REAL Energy Revolt

By Street Politics | November 28, 2022

If you scanned a QR on the side of a vehicle you saw the FALL IN, The REAL Energy Revolt in action. We are a movement committed to restoring our country to energy independence and our economy to some semblance of sanity. Join our movement. We will drive on all interstates, highways and major roads […]

Sponsors Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday and Cyber Monday Party

By Street Politics | November 24, 2022

Woodworkers treat yourself to this program with huge extras and make some serious sawdust. Increase Joy! Reduce frustration!       I hope you are enjoying the holidays.  I broke out some ideas and suggestions below.  But lots of folks prefer to browse, discover that perfect gift on their own.  I do.  If that’s you, […]

And yet another Left Wing political low.

By Street Politics | November 5, 2022

Well… …they all clearly received their White House talking points late this week.  Because every single Left Wing “news” program was parroting the same phrase over and over again. “Democracy is on the ballot.” I have seen some low, slimey sludge splattered in elections over the years.  I am old enough, just barely, to remember […]

A Love Letter to Pennsylvania Blue Collars

By Street Politics | November 4, 2022

From: p4B To:  All my blue collar friends in PA, and I have a few… …the polls say you are going to take a pass on Mastriano for Gov.!  What?!  Are you joking?  Did the Philly, Scranton, and Pittsburgh worker just become a whipped cream, nutmeg latte drinker? Trust me, the beautiful people will be […]

“Fact Checkers”. Low-Rent Karens.

By Street Politics | November 3, 2022

Fact checkers are activist dorks! Do you remember John Candy as the theme park security guard in Family Vacation? He is the emotional and intellectual equivalent of social media “fact checkers”.  These people wouldn’t know a valuable fact if it reached out and tugged on their panties. The phony complaints of the fact mavens I […]

I Nailed It! Dark Brandon strikes again!

By Street Politics | November 3, 2022

The undignified, false and insulting shit show put on by Joe Duh last night was again, a another new low in American politics.  I said earlier the Dems were hitting new lows weekly. This one was only days on the heels of the Left exploiting the Paul Pelosi assault. In fact, Brandon even participated in […]

Biden to Con the Nation on National TV Tonight!

By Street Politics | November 2, 2022

Change of Plans This post was scheduled to be a pitch for a FLAT, Point of Sale federal tax. But an announcement on the radio completely derailed my plans.  Joe Duh has a circus planned for this evening, so I must make allowances. And understand, what follows is not absolution for not voting. It is […]

Paulie P and the Nation of 12 Year Olds

By Street Politics | November 1, 2022

Listen to the press whinging on and on about Paulie P.  Almost every month since this administration took office, and then weekly more recently, the American media have consistently struck new lows in politics and journalism. The mainstream media is clearly the obedient lapdog of the political Left.  Nothing new there.  But the complete lack […]

Clean Up The Corruption.

By Street Politics | October 25, 2022

  Time to take out the garbage! In furthering my election series, with a goal of acquiring 65 Senate seats, there’s this, short and sweet. Start making noise now about cleaning up the agencies that have been utterly corrupted at the top by the Biden and Obama regimes. Under Obama the IRS, Intelligence agencies and […]

GOP: If You’re Teaching, You’re WINNING.

By Street Politics | October 10, 2022

From the Political Party Pooper Play Book (P4B) I recently referred to the general electorate as a group of people who couldn’t pass a 3rd grade civics class with a cheat sheet. Our COLLECTIVE ignorance of how the government works versus how it is supposed to work is pathetic. And that is born of a […]