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Ford vs Kavanaugh: #I Don’t Believe Her!

When you don’t have an argument… …have a contrived scandal in your pocket ready to spring on your opponent.  There is no honor in it, but you might just get the worthless win anyway.  When you are without scruples taking the highroad has no appeal. Bottom Line Up Front. I have looked at the Ford […]

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Vanity Fair Ought To Be More Careful

One of my future books is going to deal with just how wrong so many people can be about so many things. The reasons for such wrong-headedness are simple: One is immature or unprofessional writers, either out of ignorance or agenda, splashing stupid all over the web. The second is that we, as information consumers, […]

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My Facebook Friends Are Drones. An inner monologue.

We are indeed a lovely lot of mindless drones. The state of our nation is in free-fall. This is the product of our own numb skulls.  Thank you Facebook! It would be one thing to say that we had no choice in the matter. Perhaps an evil government entity snuck some hypnotic substance into our […]

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Sexual Counterfeiters

I wrote this before leaving town for the holidays.  But check out the update at the end.  I love being right! Let’s pretend we’re Puritans and we’re irreparably offended by Roy Moore, et al! A good holiday read this year might be The Crucible: A play in four acts by Arthur Miller. Yes, the original […]

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Why Everyone is Wrong About the NFL "Protests".

This whole taking a knee stunt has more than worn out its welcome.  From the start it was missing the point of the playing of the National Anthem to begin with.  But so was almost all of the reaction to it. First let’s clarify what the “protest” has been from the beginning.  It was a […]

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Why Everyone Is Wrong About "Tax Reform"

So, What’s Wrong With “Tax Reform”? I’ll start with this little hint:  What we are seeing debated right now in the abortion we call Congress is not tax reform.  It isn’t even a significant tax reduction.  Okay, so that was more than a hint. Take a gander at my piece about Boris and Ivan.  When […]

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A Fun and Easy Lesson: Boris and Ivan

I was told this story by an economist. He said an economist is a CPA without the bubbly personality. For the life of me I cannot recall his name. Boris and Ivan Boris and Ivan were goat herders in pre-communist Russia.   They lived on neighboring farms, raised their little herds and sold goat milk. Goat […]

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Smirky Head Shakers II

Those TV and movie moments that make normal people smirk and shake their heads. I was at a doctor’s office waiting for my wife last week, watching a Biloxi news show. I had to cringe. This is why local news is seen as the kindergarten of the news media industry. The anchorwoman was discussing child […]

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Pay Attention!

I am supposed to be doing homework for a special project. But I if I didn’t get this out, my head will explode. Everybody is getting their noses out of joint about the NFL and Donald Trump being his regular, inarticulate, nonsensical self.  I sure as hell said my piece about it.  But as a […]

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The NFL. Children. Ignorant, Petulant and Overpaid

I’ll put the Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF as my old boss used to call it). The playing of the National Anthem at sporting events has always been for one and only one purpose. It was a way of saying, in a feel-good way that we are all in this together. The Baptist in section […]

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Modern Fallacies of "Race" and "Heritage"

This is addressed to a small, but growing subset of our population. In the following paragraphs, I will state several facts.  They won’t be arguable. Every literate person who reads these facts will know they are true.  But these facts will tug at the silly emotionalism too many have chosen to cloak their lives in.  […]

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A Pox On All Your Damn Houses!

I’ve been looking at video of the Charlottesville riot and trying to piece it together for myself, unlike 90% of the people out there on all sides of the issue. I still have a long way to go. But here is what I’ve gathered so far, along with a few questions that have not been […]

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Smirky Head Shakers

Those TV and Movie moments that make normal people smirk and shake their heads.  Zips?  Really? I imagine, if anyone was paying attention to Media Buzz on Sunday, 6 August, that FOX News got some pretty fiery emails.  We’re not talking about a super high-rated news show here.  I imagine only news and political geeks […]

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"Founded By Slaveholders", A Non-thinker's Argument

Founded by Slaveholders! There is a popular admonition floating around about our nation’s founding. It is intended to cause deep soul searching or inflict discomfort and shame in the American listener. A reasonable listener could be excused, with reasonable provenance, for reaching a different conclusion about the admonition and the purveyors of it. I would […]

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And this is just one of countless cases! The Internal Revenue Service of the United States, through onerous and thuggish actions, has marked itself as an unapologetic criminal enterprise. Ever since the Obama Administration, without a blush of irony or shame, turned this organization loose on the American people for political protection, an atmosphere of […]

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North Korea: What Does Twitter Say About It?

Do we attack or shake our finger at them REALLY HARD? There is a disturbing meme concerning North Korea crawling into the American consciousness. Depending on what occurs over the ensuing months this meme could be either disappointing to those who believe it or shattering for the entire country. One of the more influential people […]

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The Shooting in Alexandria. Dare We Point Fingers?

There’s been a lot of hand wringing over the last 24 hours about how we must come together and not point fingers of blame about the shooting in Alexandria. Basically, I agree with that statement. But fingers are being pointed anyway. So if we must assign blame, or at least accuse others of inspiring this […]

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The End of the Trump Presidency

As of Thursday, 8 June 2017, the Trump Presidency has reached a point where it has no allies. Well before this, Ryan and McConnell had alternately duped Trump into backing stupid ideas (Ryancare) by stroking his ego, or turned their backs on his agenda (taxes and infrastructure). Now they have the cover they need to […]

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How Do We Measure Up This Memorial Day?

Memorial Day, 2017 I was at Legion Post 1992, Gautier-Vancleave, waiting for our annual Memorial Day observance to begin. I picked up a program and read the following words. Dear Lord, Lest I continue My complacent way, Help me remember that somewhere, Somehow out there A man died for me today.  As long as there […]

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Universal Welfare: Is Zuck Actually Evil?

Universal Welfare? Say It Ain’t So! My knee-jerk reaction to Zuckerburg’s speech was shock at the naivete on display.  Sure, he made a lot of money when he was too young for the responsibility.  But by now you would think he’d matured at least a little. But a talking head on FOX Business turned me […]

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FALL IN! The REAL Energy Revolt

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If you scanned a QR on the side of a vehicle you saw the FALL IN, The REAL Energy Revolt in action. We are a movement committed to restoring our country to energy independence and our economy to some semblance of sanity. Join our movement. We will drive on all interstates, highways and major roads […]

FALL IN! The REAL Energy Revolt

By Street Politics | November 28, 2022

If you scanned a QR on the side of a vehicle you saw the FALL IN, The REAL Energy Revolt in action. We are a movement committed to restoring our country to energy independence and our economy to some semblance of sanity. Join our movement. We will drive on all interstates, highways and major roads […]

Sponsors Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday and Cyber Monday Party

By Street Politics | November 24, 2022

Woodworkers treat yourself to this program with huge extras and make some serious sawdust. Increase Joy! Reduce frustration!       I hope you are enjoying the holidays.  I broke out some ideas and suggestions below.  But lots of folks prefer to browse, discover that perfect gift on their own.  I do.  If that’s you, […]

And yet another Left Wing political low.

By Street Politics | November 5, 2022

Well… …they all clearly received their White House talking points late this week.  Because every single Left Wing “news” program was parroting the same phrase over and over again. “Democracy is on the ballot.” I have seen some low, slimey sludge splattered in elections over the years.  I am old enough, just barely, to remember […]

A Love Letter to Pennsylvania Blue Collars

By Street Politics | November 4, 2022

From: p4B To:  All my blue collar friends in PA, and I have a few… …the polls say you are going to take a pass on Mastriano for Gov.!  What?!  Are you joking?  Did the Philly, Scranton, and Pittsburgh worker just become a whipped cream, nutmeg latte drinker? Trust me, the beautiful people will be […]

“Fact Checkers”. Low-Rent Karens.

By Street Politics | November 3, 2022

Fact checkers are activist dorks! Do you remember John Candy as the theme park security guard in Family Vacation? He is the emotional and intellectual equivalent of social media “fact checkers”.  These people wouldn’t know a valuable fact if it reached out and tugged on their panties. The phony complaints of the fact mavens I […]

I Nailed It! Dark Brandon strikes again!

By Street Politics | November 3, 2022

The undignified, false and insulting shit show put on by Joe Duh last night was again, a another new low in American politics.  I said earlier the Dems were hitting new lows weekly. This one was only days on the heels of the Left exploiting the Paul Pelosi assault. In fact, Brandon even participated in […]

Biden to Con the Nation on National TV Tonight!

By Street Politics | November 2, 2022

Change of Plans This post was scheduled to be a pitch for a FLAT, Point of Sale federal tax. But an announcement on the radio completely derailed my plans.  Joe Duh has a circus planned for this evening, so I must make allowances. And understand, what follows is not absolution for not voting. It is […]

Paulie P and the Nation of 12 Year Olds

By Street Politics | November 1, 2022

Listen to the press whinging on and on about Paulie P.  Almost every month since this administration took office, and then weekly more recently, the American media have consistently struck new lows in politics and journalism. The mainstream media is clearly the obedient lapdog of the political Left.  Nothing new there.  But the complete lack […]

Clean Up The Corruption.

By Street Politics | October 25, 2022

  Time to take out the garbage! In furthering my election series, with a goal of acquiring 65 Senate seats, there’s this, short and sweet. Start making noise now about cleaning up the agencies that have been utterly corrupted at the top by the Biden and Obama regimes. Under Obama the IRS, Intelligence agencies and […]

GOP: If You’re Teaching, You’re WINNING.

By Street Politics | October 10, 2022

From the Political Party Pooper Play Book (P4B) I recently referred to the general electorate as a group of people who couldn’t pass a 3rd grade civics class with a cheat sheet. Our COLLECTIVE ignorance of how the government works versus how it is supposed to work is pathetic. And that is born of a […]