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Defining John McCain: Yes, He Really WAS a Hero.

Let me vent a bit about some reactions to the John McCain circus stunt first, then we’ll deal with his monumental ego and lack of conviction.

To the social media bozos:

I read several posts on FB and Twitter, celebrating McCain’s cancer. Some of this was even before McCain made his return to DC to give lie to his promises.

The vast majority of these lower creatures dislike McCain because he didn’t jump on the Trump bandwagon and sing the praises of a talk show/professional wrestling showboat. That gives you an idea of what is wrong with this country. Yes, we have drugs, crime, sloth, corruption and the destruction of the First Amendment running rampant on our college campi. But we won’t find the answers to these problems in the minds of such losers as these. In fact, as there are many people who think spite and pettiness are the answer to everything, the problems I listed above along with all other social ailments will only worsen if mouth breathers such as gain a voice.

If you believe Bill O’Reilly, McCain was motivated by a visceral hatred of Trump. I don’t buy that either. While it may be true, there is a history we can look to for a more well-grounded answer.

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My Caveats

For my part, I don’t celebrate the suffering McCain and his family are about to endure. I have seen first-hand what brain cancer can do to a person. And the harder they fight, the more brutal the disease is.

I will also never forget McCain’s badass performance as a POW. His consistent harassment of the enemy, while in captivity, should serve as a textbook example for all military people to follow. (There is footage of him flipping off Jane Fonda and the media during her pathetic stunt to maintain relevance in Vietnam. That resulted in abuse that he knew was coming, but he did it anyway. Most of his detractors would have the sack to do something like that. They’d be the ones down in front of the cameras being subservient and well-behaved.)

And I have never insulted McCain for have been captured in the first place, unlike our present Commander-in-Chief. (It turns my stomach to use that term in this context). How do you insult a guy for getting in a fighter jet, getting shot down, breaking both arms and then being dragged off to a cage? That one statement, Trump saying he prefers military guys who don’t get captured, as much as any other stupid statement he’s ever made, shows Trump’s maddening ignorance of the simplest realities.

That Was Then

But I DO have a problem with McCain’s politics since leaving the military. He has done what many people have in our political zoo. He wore one label while taking the side of the opposition on most things. He called it being a maverick. I call it being a fence sitter then going with the popular winds. This was done to reap the benefits of sitting in DC without having to take a principled stand on, well, ANYTHING.

McCain and Lindsay Graham have gained a reputation as military hawks, wanting to spank every dictator and bad actor on the planet. But beyond that, McCain has been a big-government liberal since he became a Senator.

In the last election, along with most of the GOP swamp creatures, McCain said that he would be the leader in the fight to repeal Obamacare. That is the type of lie, which in my mind, separates McCain the military hero from McCain, the lying, amoral scoundrel he has become. Since his reelection, John McCain has not even been a follower on the fight to repeal. He has been silent while Mitch McConnell sold his own Senate down the river.

Then in a big splashy show[1] McCain returned to DC to cast a vote and cement the lie that was his last campaign.

But McCain is not unique. He was rolling with the gutless majority to hand the Chuck Schumer an undeserved victory.

[1] He was not being a hero in his return to vote for permanent socialized medicine. The fact is, this terrible disease hasn’t gotten him yet. He had a procedure and was chomping at the bit to get back to DC. Wild horses couldn’t have kept him away. He knew he would receive the “returning hero” treatment. The Senate could not have done otherwise. And all the other Senators wanted to insert themselves into his soon-to-be tragic narrative. And he knew he would use this momentum to vote against that which he had promised to deliver. To what many see as a brave thing, I see as a duplicitous stunt. John Glenn comes to mind, ending his career as a Senator by playing parliamentary games in the Thomson Committee. He did it to run out the clock and protect BJ Bill and his unworthy wife, in exchange for one last joyride in Earth orbit.

Matt Jordan is the author of Street Politics: It Ain’t Your Daddy’s GOP Anymore! Grab your copy here.

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It's The Free Market or 100% Government Medical Care

If you track medial costs, not insurance costs, but the actual price of medical care, you will find that every time the government created a new mandate for INSURANCE coverage, the actual cost of MEDICAL CARE went up, not just the insurance premiums. Every time the government increased spending on Medicare and Medicaid, the actual price of the MEDICAL CARE went up again.

The reason is the same in every industry any government ever got involved in. When there is other people’s money to be had, ALL recipients will always find more reasons they need more of that money. Why? Because the government gives them the incentive to do so! They simply have to check a series of boxes, created by people who know little about the industry in question, and jigger a few numbers to justify an increase in what they are awarded. There are also the added costs of the bureaucratic nightmare that accompanies getting that money. Don’t I get money for doing that as well? Of course I do.

Hospitals and medial firms are no different than any other. They pay people full time to find more and more ways to wring every dollar possible out of the government piggy bank.

Remember the sick child from the previous essay? We’ll say she is still sick.   The family is on it’s heels because the parents didn’t plan for the future. I mean why should they have? Mommy government says they shouldn’t have to. No matter how stupid they were in the past, somebody ought to step up and pay their bills. Right?

Again, that is what Medicaid is for. We’ll say this family has shot their financial wad and they still have a sick kid. Medicaid should step in. In a world without Obamacare and the constant money machine of mandated insurance coverage it would be easy to administer a program just for folks like this AND for folks who may have never been above the poverty line.

This child will not die because she didn’t have healthcare. Now on Medicaid, getting care will come with a lot of hassle as all government programs do. (They are all created by bureaucrats and are loaded with needless nonsense). But hey, if everyone else is paying your bills for you, you can’t bitch too much.

So mom might have to quit work to take care of the kid and get her to the doctor. Once the family has taken every step to they can, including the sale of golf clubs and moving to a smaller place without a pool, there is no reason why we can’t step in and help out. By this time, the government would be avoiding greater dependence.

Either way, no one is going to die because they are refused treatment. Only the VA does that. And that is a function of government corruption and incompetence.

So let’s wrap this up.

A smart Mitch McConnell (figure the odds) should announce that in two-years time, Obamacare will cease to exist.

All restrictions on competition and state-line restrictions will be eliminated from the federal registry.

If people want to offer insurance plans to employees and employees wish to take the deal, fine. But now that we know the dangers in doing that, there should be NO INCENTIVES offered by the government to sustain such an arrangement. People would be better off buying into the huge cooperatives that will immerge in the new market.

Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that in less than a year a multitude of competent companies will announce their new medical plans. And they will cost far less than what Americans pay right now.

A smart McConnell will say that if you are now being covered by a pre-existing condition under Obamacare or Medicaid, you will be kept on that coverage. But the coverage will be means-tested and if you are over the poverty line a graduated scale will be created under which you will share in the burden of your healthcare. Substantially!

If you don’t buy your own insurance on or before the end date of Obamacare and THEN get sick and THEN try to get on Medicaid an additional penalty will be assessed to the deal in the previous paragraph.

Since the advocates of Obamacare think that paying $6000/yr premiums and $6000/yr deductibles is perfectly okay, then that may be a good starting point for the two previous paragraphs.

Woohoo! If the government does anything like this, you will be gob smacked at the numbers of people who will flea Medicaid AND SAVE MONEY! LOTS OF IT!

The cost of doing business will fall into the basement! Everybody will make out…hospitals, insurance companies, and patients…everybody!

If you need proof, look at the cost of auto insurance or homeowners’ insurance. Those are still REAL bets. [for the monumentally slow, that is what insurance is. It cannot work any other way.] These industries have been very stable for decades. Costs often lag behind inflation. That is because there is honest competition and less interference by the government. You cannot turn on the TV and NOT hear XYZ company offering a better deal than the others. They also have an endless variety of specialty coverage options, like “whole car replacement” (a gutsy bet at any price) you if you are willing to pay a tiny bit more in premiums.

This should be the model for medical insurance.

This is a great example of how ridiculously inexpensive basic medical care actually is before you add all the corruption and bureaucracy to the equation.  Click here!

Another author’s case for free market health insurance. Click here! 

Matt Jordan is the author of Street Politics:  It Ain’t Your Daddy’s GOP Anymore! Grab your copy here.  

Kindle version here!

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Mitch McConnell: At least half his brain is working.

McConnell actually said it!  That’s a start.

Mitch McConnell made half of a brilliant statement today. It was the smartest thing he’s said in years. Sadly, he wrecked it all with the other half of his statement. But we’ll just stay with the smart half for now.

He said that it is time to vote to just repeal Obamacare. That’s brilliant. The free market always did a better job at creating a medical insurance product, selling that product and administering it, than the government EVER did.

Before you get your little panties in a wad and saying , “Well, what about pre-existing conditions and high deductibles…blah-blah…” I will remind you that the problem with government interfering with health insurance goes back way beyond Obamacare.   We have been on the road to total government healthcare for decades.

Photo Credit: KAZVorpal Flickr via Compfight cc

The government, often with the help of corrupt union leaders, has been bullying or enticing insurance companies to rip off their customers since the 1960’s. Back then, the unions had only just succeeded in using class envy to get medical benefits added to their contracts. It seemed like a good idea at the time to a lot of people. Back then you worked for IBM or GM from the day you graduated college until the day you retired. So, if you took medical benefits in lieu of money because taxes were insane, that was a convenient benefit for working at IBM. If you got medical benefits working the line at a GM plant “because all those rich executives got it so you should too,” well that was pretty easy too.

Sadly, within a decade, spending a lifetime at the same job went the way of the buggy whip. Also, the government had found a popular toilet through which to flush their shitty ideas.

For example, someone wants nosebleeds covered by their “catastrophic” medial protection (health insurance policy), Senator Douche goes on a tear and declares that all policies should cover nosebleeds, and stitches and birth control, etc. “Yay,” says an ignorant population. “reelect Senator Douche! He loves us.” Of course, the insurance companies have to do two things. Raise rates and create or increase deductibles to pay for all of the Douche requirements.

AND since raising rates threatens their competitiveness, they need Sen. Douche to add n amendment that only one or two insurance companies should be allowed to sell insurance in certain states or regions. Can’t have all the competition offering the same service for a lower price now, can you?

The story goes on, but you get the picture. Obamacare was just an acceleration of what was going on for years. The insurance companies would love to be rid of all the regulation and Senator Douche altogether. But until they are, we have what we have.

For years congress has been passing legislation to repeal Obamacare. They would go home and tell their constituents they did their duty.

But then near the election and after, as I pointed out then, they started to say repeal and replace. AND, as I pointed out, there was no conceivable “replace” they would create that wasn’t just as ridiculous as Obamacare.

If we simply repeal Obamacare right now real insurance companies would need about two hours to create the outline of a plan to create REAL insurance. In a month they would be able to unveil a plan that would cover what insurance is supposed to cover for pennies on the dollar.

But they can’t be hamstrung with mandates. And they would need open border competition.

THEN you would see the price of REAL insurance drop like a rock.

But you would have to do your part! Take care of yourself and your family!

 Sadly, too many people would want to cling to multiple thousand-dollar premiums and multiple thousand-dollar co-pays and deductibles, because you are told, they cover everything. But the policies insurance companies could write without the government on running their businesses would leave more than you would need to cover common allergies, common childhood illness, minor injuries and certainly birth control along with all the other little things that are not bets, but sure things. [See insurance as a bet here] or in my book, below.

People have to be smarter about what is good for them. They also need to be more responsible. If you are poor (I mean REAL poor, not $98,000–per-year-family-of-four “poor”) and you got sick, you were covered. Medicaid, looong before Obama came along, paid for your treatment.

But again, Medicaid is not insurance. It is a government give-away originally intended for truly poor people. When the DC swamp creatures point out how many people were shoehorned onto Medicaid and say, “look how many more people are insured,” they are touting a lie. By running up the qualification for Medicaid to 400% of the poverty line, you simply voted away more money from the makers and gave it to the takers. At the same time you create yet another incentive for people to become takers.

This is how you fix insurance and make it truly fair and ethical:

  • Repeal Obamacare
  • Don’t tell insurance companies what coverage they can or cannot sell. They will be in the business of making money. They will provide coverage that goes from just catastrophic for a very low price (1/4 or what we you pay now) to complete coverage of everything, which will cost you a pretty penny; almost as much as a shitty Obamacare mandated policy. And of course, there will be gradients of coverage in between.
  • Remove all impediments to competition. There are two reasons insurance rates ran up prior to Obamacare. Compliance to regulations, most of which were a complete waste of time and have NOTHING to do with healthcare or paying for it. The second biggest reason was that large established companies, in exchange for bribe money paid through K Street, were protected from competition. So they could charge as mush as they needed or wanted to. By letting all companies with the means to meet their coverage obligations to compete everywhere, you bring down costs precipitously. By eliminating the stifling, useless regulations you bring it down even further.
  • Tort reform. No jackpot justice. Legal recourse for malpractice was never intended to ruin good doctors. But there is an incentive to get into court for a hangnail. So doctors practice defensive medicine and have to pay HUGE premiums to protect themselves from real mistakes, litigious vultures, and the scum bag lawyers that represent them.
  • Smart insurance companies, not the government should require hospitals to PUBLISH their prices for treatment. (Don’t say it can’t be done. The hospital knows exactly what it will charge for every single procedure. It’s just a case of hitting the print button.)
  • Smart insurance companies, not the government, should require that hospitals offer the patient the option of paying cash for a procedure to keep their premiums low. That is almost always a huge discount and makes the policyholder a great bet for the insurance company.
  • Make it clear citizens should protect themselves. Get insurance while you are healthy. If you wait until you are sick and then demand someone pay for you, there should real and natural consequences.
    • We’ll take the family of four.
      • Firstly, any man who would create a family and, even under this stupid Obamacare burden, not protect that family from medical catastrophe, is not a man. But be that as it may…
    • Our family of four is living at 400% of the poverty level. At $98,000 per year, they can afford a really nice house and two cars.
    • We’ll say the parents don’t choose to insure themselves or their kids. A parent, or child gets chronically ill. That’s a tragedy. BUT…
    • Now they are scrambling to get insurance to pay for the illness. Maybe the local news picks up the story. We see mommy crying, holding the sickling. The reporter gravely says what a terrible thing it is that they cannot get insurance for their little one.
    • Why, there ought to be a law! Right?

Wrong! This is the lie of Obamacare and all the defenses of it. Before we should be required to spend a dime of other people’s money on this situation, this family, because they were not responsible earlier, should have to divest itself of material goods in favor of taking care of there own. It would have been REAL insurance that would have prevented this reality. But I don’t pay taxes so that a comfortable, middle class family can keep their house and cars AND get their medical expanses paid all at the same time; this AFTER they avoided their own responsibilities. No one should pay taxes for that!

Having done what they could, should they approach actual poverty, well then by all means, Medicaid would be there for them. Medicaid does not exist so people can live a consequence-free life and when the chips are down, then cash in on our tax money.

With this as the model, people would a) see the sense in buying a policy while they are young and healthy, or b) pay for their decisions and be picked up later.

But…sniff, sniff…what if the child dies in the meantime? Sniff, sniff.

We’ll address this obvious canard in our next piece.

Matt Jordan is the author of Street Politics:  It Ain’t Your Daddy’s GOP Anymore! Grab your copy here.  

Kindle version here!

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First the Russians – eek – And Now This! Poor Comey.

So Comey is fired.  So, what?

I have not seen this level of blatant melodrama on display in DC since…well, since the Russians “interfered” with our elections.  The hypocrisy run so deep and wide you could dam the Mississippi River with it.  Let me school you on some facts here.

There is, amongst all the wailing and the gnashing of teeth tonight, actual talk of the impact this decision will have on the investigation into the Russian dealings with BOTH PARTIES in the run-up to the election. One hack on FOX told Bret Baier this evening that the investigation into the Russian “meddling” is the most important national security event in the history of the country.

So marks the intellectual integrity on display on Capitol Hill.

Join Jeff’s Army.  Help a Great Cop!

In 2016, the Russia engaged in the time-honored tradition of trying to affect a favorable outcome to elections in another country. To be certain they did even more of it in France before last Sunday. As do we. In fact, Russian “meddling” to whatever extent it occurred, was nowhere near as vitriolic, immature and ham-handed as Barry Obama’s was in trying to sway Israeli elections. Obama and fellow Dems followed this with pouting and petulance after Netanyahu won anyway. BHO spent the remainder of his term, especially the last 60 days, creating as much difficulty as he could for an ally. And we’re mad a Russia for trying to kiss up to our candidates?

Yeah, I have the throw the bullshit flag on that one.

When they were caught, they denied interfering in Israeli election and then spent the next several month explaining why they did it.

It’s called nations working in their own best interest.

Even the most half-assed nations across the globe work very hard to see a candidate they favor end up in the halls of power, especially among the stronger governments. Russia and China tend to be poor pickin’s because they are wholly corrupt, totalitarian states. What “elections” there are, aren’t worth “meddling” in.

That said, the Russian investigation will continue. It is too convenient a hiding place for congressmen who don’t want to actually engage in the peoples’ business. So, saying the firing of James Comey had anything to do with this investigation is specious and beneath consideration.

As for the firing itself…

…the new-found certainty on the part of Republicans is amusing. As is the new-found adoration the Dems have for Comey. The Republicans were starting to call for Comey to be fired back in may of ’16. But then the Clinton investigation seemed to get legs so they loved Comey. Then Comey appointed himself Attorney

James Comey/Washington Tim

General and decided the most open-and-shut case for the mishandling of government documents was un-prosecutable. The Republican hated him again. In October, Comey re-opened the investigation into what did turn out to be the most egregious aspect of the Clinton mess. Huma Abedin intentionally sent sensitive documents to her husbands computer. Once again the Republicans were in love with James Comey. What a swell guy! Then Comey, once again decided publicly that there was no crime to be prosecuted. And once again, the GOP felt like the jilted lover.

For their part the Democrats despised and celebrated Comey proportionately opposite to whatever the GOP was doing. During one of the anti-Comey moments on the Democratic see-saw, Chuck Schumer declared that James Comey no longer had the confidence of Congress or the citizens and needed to be removed. Now, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein releases an assessment , based on exactly the same reasons and the exact same incident and Chuck is pretending to be upset at Comey’s firing.

It is all such a silly show.

At least one CONSERVATIVE, through it all, maintained that Comey was a problem and needed to go, never having let go of that position. That conservative would be yours truly.

heas shot of Rod Rosenstein
Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein

To understand why, you should read the letter sent to President Trump by his Deputy Attorney General, Rod J. Rosenstein. The letter explains how Comey not only worked above his pay grade in his public pronouncements of the Clinton scandal, but that he acted irrationally and against extremely important policies. Most importantly, in the process of “clearing” Hillary Clinton of criminal wrong-doing, he went on to list derogatory behavior, by her and others, for public consumption.

While a trial or eventual release of reports on the whole affair would have been damaging to whatever was left of Clinton’s reputation, it is certainly not the job of the FBI director to point that out in a public speech. The only thing we should have heard from Comey in July was that he had passed his investigation along to a Deputy Attorney General and would await the decision of the Justice Department just like everyone else.

But Comey saw too great an opportunity to gain the limelight. He simply couldn’t stay professional. He has come out with many explanations since, defending his poor performance in the summer and fall of 2016. It is this constant excuse-making that convinced DAG Rosenstein that Comey was not reliable and may at some point in the future put the integrity of the Justice Department or FBI at risk.

Rosenstein is a refreshing change after our last two self-serving, scofflaw Attorneys General.

And Trump doesn’t Help His Cause!

The creepy, near admission of some kind of guilt by Trump in his letter to Comey is, even by Trumps standards, mystifying.  It also shows that Trump’s people are either blindly loyal or just as weird as he is.  Either way, Trump is ill-served. 

Trump tells the man he is firing how glad he is that Comey told him three times that he was not the target of investigation. 

If this is true, and there is no reason to doubt it unless you view it with an anti-Trump agenda, you don’t say such things in the firing letter!  Knowing the question will be asked, you take that opportunity to bend the narrative your way.  Something like, “Of course this dismissal has nothing to do with an investigations.  They will continue.  But based on all evidence, it is ludicrous to even intimate that the President was involved with any Russian meddling. Hell, even Comey disqualified President Trump as a target of his investigation ON THREE OCCASIONS!”  But you don’t invite suspicion by saying something an 8-year-old would say in that situation – and putting it in the pink slip!

This part of the affair further demonstrates one of my chief concerns about Trump.  Where succeeding as a leader is a game of chess, Trump can’t seem to hold his own in a game of checkers.  Those who would see him undone, nationally and internationally have an easy task laid out for them.

Timing Isn’t Always Everything

Chuck Schumer, pink shirt, hands on hips
Chuck Schumer (D-NY)

As for the “timing” of this report, Rosenstein is still very new to the job. Congress slow-walked his approval as they did many other appointees, including the DAG’s boss. And whose fault was that? Oh, yeah. Chuck Schumer! (along with lame ass GOPers like McConnell) Rosenstein was asked to look into something and make a report. He did. And it is a very straight-forward, level-headed report.

I hope no one is losing any sleep over this. My friend Tim thinks it’s the bellwether of the coming Fascist state. It’s not. That would be Obamacare/Ryancare.  All the  wall-to-wall breast beating and crying today is just typical Beltway bullshit.

Join Jeff’s Army.  Help a Great Cop in a Worthy Cause!

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How to Make a Grown Man Cry 2 (Colonial Crossroads)

As promised, here’s your tip to help the Colonial Crossroads MS event without my book. (But wait…no…I mean, you would really do that…would you?) And thanks for being AWESOME!

Click on the book to support Jeff and have some fun. Here is where we get a chance to take a breath and reinvigorate our civic pride.


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We’ll keep you posted on progress and let you know about live events leading up to the Colonial Crossroads event.


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Right Hook! 11 Must-Reads for the Politically Mature

I Know, 11 Must-Reads.  Why Not 10, right?

I wrestled with labeling this list as “conservative”. Anyone who reads it will learn something. This is especially true in the case of the Goldwater book. I came down on the side of truth-in-labeling. Conservative writers did write these books.  I consider these books to be arguable must-reads.

As I point out in Street Politics…, the terms Conservative and Liberal mean little in today’s discussion. There are few more stodgy and pig-headed than the modern American “liberal”. And people who would be slapped with the label “conservative” are often more willing than the Center and Left to try new ideas and cut loose the creative juices of their fellow citizens. Please bear this in mind as you browse the following books.

Also this is not presented in the rank order the books sold in. But most have spent time on the Amazon and NY Times best-sellers lists.

Just click on the book to go straight to it.

From Good to Best:

1. Are You Liberal? Conservative? Or Confused? (An Uncle Eric Book) 2nd Edition

by Richard J. Maybury (Author), Jane A. Williams (Editor)

I started with this book because it addresses directly the observation I made above. It properly diminishes the political labels that have been popular since FDR and challenges popular myth. Not every observation in this book aligns with my own, but at least we have a cogent argument about labels and why we must see past them if we are to have a hope in hell of ever getting this country back on a sustainable, successful course.


2. STREET POLITICS: It Ain’t Your Daddy’s GOP Anymore!

by Matt Jordan (Author)

Aw, c’mon! You didn’t think I was going to publish a list of conservative writers and not put my own masterpiece on here did you? Besides, I didn’t let hubris overwhelm me, placing SP ahead of everyone. I think I could have moved it much higher on the list, but I’ll be coy and keep it here.

This is your chance to deal with the new reality in Washington. Whether we like Donald Trump or not, we need to understand how got elected in the first place. Only then can we build on his unorthodox success.

As of this post, we are failing to do so. We are watching Republicans ensure the permanence of government-controlled health insurance while we miss entirely, the danger of a President who tweets WHAT HE IS THINKING, everyday, unedited, without an ounce of forethought or maturity.

Please remember:  50% of ALL AUTHOR PROCEEDS will go to support Lt. Jeff Kerr, super cop from Virginia, in his fight against Multiple Sclerosis; his fight and helping others as well.  Due to the way book sales are reported, we don’t have much time before the Bike MS event in late spring. I hope you’ll help and share this book on your favorite social media.

3. Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America

by David Horowitz (Author)

Here’s an in-your-face book that I hesitated to include. But Horowitz is no blushing virgin on the political scene. His book takes square aim at all who disagree with the new President, including to some extent your host. I have yet to be enamored with Trump’s antics and don’t yet see how his big agenda is going to be much different from Paul Ryan’s.

I’ll give this example: If the Republicans repeal Obamacare and then “replace” it with something, they will have permanently crippled our health care system with a government insurance program. The only valid disposition of Obamacare is to dump it by a date certain, allowing insurance companies time to come up with real policies people can afford.

But there is cadre of folks on the right who think I’m wrong. Horowitz is their siren.

4. The Conservative’s Handbook: Defining the Right Position on Issues from A to Z 2nd Edition

by Phil Valentine (Author)

Westwood One radio personality, Phil Valentine does a fair job of defining conservatism in this easy-to-read work. His opening premise is most important to understanding the books general direction; America is Good. He correctly points out that despite our rocky beginnings we are not only a great power, but a force for good.

This will only remain so if we can, as a nation, back away from the self-destructive behaviors of political apathy and ignorance of economics.

Valentine has some other interesting things to say in The God Players and his DVD An Inconsistent Truth.

5. Cop Under Fire: Moving Beyond Hashtags of Race, Crime and Politics for a Better America

by Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. (Author), Nancy French (Contributor)

Sheriff Clarke puts his common sense views on paper. It is more than passing strange that his views would be considered controversial. I suspect that in most cases, they actually aren’t.  But his detractors need a position to attack from.  Still there are many who think David Clarke is wide-eyed, right-wing doctrinaire.  That doesn’t speak well of our education system.

6. Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto

by Mark R. Levin(Author)

There are two Mark Levins. One is a radio host who seems to spend 90% of his airtime playing to the lowest common denominator in his audience. For a constitutional lawyer, one may opine, he sure spends a lot of time mired in emotionalism. And he insults his callers. It is often clear, due to a lack of active listening, Levin has completely missed a caller’s point. It makes him look even worse when he barks at a caller who agrees with him and is in the midst of making a very instructive point, and then hangs up on the caller. This is often followed by insults (dummy, jerk) when the caller was expounding on LEVIN’S point! So who is the jerk in this equation?

I try to wade through the BS showmanship and listen for cogent points. There are many. But too often he wrecks his own argument by behaving like a non-thinking progressive.

Fortunately, there is the other Mark Levin. His writing is far more palatable and enjoyable than his radio show. His intent is clearer and his legal education and experience come through on the page. He is an enjoyable read. If you love his radio show, then you have two reasons to love his work. I only have the one.

In Liberty and Tyranny Levin pulls no punches in his assessment of America under the boot of progressivism since FDR. And his assertions are correct. His argument is sound. Liberty and Tyranny is a fast moving read.  You can always count on Levin for spirited argument. His other works include Men in Black: How the Supreme Court Is Destroying America and Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America.  Also recommended reading.

7. Atlas Shrugged

Ayn Rand (Author)

This is the third rail of “conservative” literature. There are two reasons. First: Rand is [gasp] an atheist! As a result many will never read the clear-minded, conservative thinking which supports a free-market worldview as well as Rand does. Many of this cadre have an equal and opposite view of their religion-infused politics as their liberal counterparts. On the left there are those who believe Christ was a Marxist rebel and welfare maven. The religious on the right, who reject writers like Rand, believe if Christ were alive today he’d be a Republican hedge fund manager (with a heart of gold).

No matter the god you to which you might ascribe, it is folly to include him in our political squabbles. No all-powerful omnipotent would ever sully itself by wading into our petty politics and economics. That is a strictly human concern. If divine providence were ever a part of the American political experience we’d have neither Obamacare nor a President Trump.

The second reason is the dated, simplistic style of Rand’s novels. While her essays and arguments are concise and edgy, her novels incorporate those elements in a 1950’s romantic package. Her novels also belie her pure “objectivism” and demonstrate her passion and lust for life.

However, to understand Rand is to understand pure, free-market thinking and the rejection of needless government intrusion into our lives. One does not need to come away from her books as a committed Objectivist to benefit from the experience. Surely, many who think they are to the right of center, when confronted with the unvarnished portrait of that position, might actually question their position.

I find Rand’s work to be a reaffirmation of my own worldview with a bit of an edge added.

Read also: Fountainhead, We the Living and Anthem. If you would like to explore Ayn Rand through the eyes of a writer who is neither acolyte nor enemy, consider Goddess of the Market by Jennifer Burns.

8. A Generation of Sociopaths: How the Baby Boomers Betrayed America

by Bruce Cannon Gibney(Author)

Here’s an interesting one. I would take the author to task on a few of his conclusions (baby Boomers caused global warming or too little taxation led to the impoverishment of government) as a bit too simplistic and not quite accurate. Also, the writer is not what we’d call the modern “conservative”.   But his observations deserve attention. His hopeful goal is to lay naked the party Boomers have had, and continue to have, at the expense of their grandchildren.

Gibney’s warnings are very much in line with those responsible fiscal conservatives have been putting forward since before Bill Clinton.

If you are a hard right doctrinaire, you will have the wrong argument with this book. But if you are open to a discussion which may not originate inside you political wheelhouse, then this is a must-read.

9. Right Reason

by William F. Buckley(Author)

I’ve said that Bill Buckley could say in a paragraph what some writers need a book to say.

I chose to include this book because it offers a look inside the mind of a true conservative. There are other interesting aspects as well.

Written in 1985, this book lets you revisit the period ’79 to ’85, and hear it discussed by a man with few equals in the world of clear expression. It was Buckley’s robust and unrivaled use of language that first inspired me to consider writing about politics as a living. If you enjoy reading George Will or Christopher Hitchins, you’ll prize this book. From Buckley’s treatment of Hitchins’ election commentary on 1980 to his eulogy for his mother, we see glimpses of Buckley and the way his mind worked.

It should be noted that he and Hitchens were at opposite ends of the political and religious spectrum, but were good friends. Hitchens stood as best man for William Buckley’s son, Chris.

I am fairly certain Buckley would chafe at appearing on this list with Ayn Rand. There were times when Buckley showed real intolerance, while angered by intolerance toward Catholicism. Gore Vidal and Ayn Rand were among his favorite targets. This is odd in the case of Rand. Other than Rand’s atheism and more robust hedonism, there was little light between the two philosophically.

10. How To Be Right: The Art of Being Persuasively Correct

by Greg Gutfeld(Author)

This was intended to be a list of ten books and I wanted to include all the others. But I had to put Gutfeld in here. Not only does his work match or surpass any of the others, it does so in entertaining fashion. His books read even better if you know his voice and can hear his impish tone as you read.

Gutfeld’s approach to being right is not about shouting down the opposition. It is about reasoned argument, properly understood and delivered for the right reasons.

GG has a way of poking you in the eye and leaving you laughing about it. If we could all learn his timing and delivery, while arguing serious facts over Lefty fairy tales, there would only be about five self-loathing liberal left on the planet.

So, okay, I exaggerate. But the world would be a better, funnier place.

I’ll call this a tie with number 11 if only for the fun of reading it and your chance to actually learn something.

See also, The Joy of Hate, by Gutfeld

11. Conscience of a Conservative

by Barry Goldwater(Author)

Here, I go straight to the source. One on the most senselessly maligned and least understood people in modern politics is Barry Goldwater. He is also the father of the conservatism we know today.

In this book you will find principle that history has validated again and again. Over the centuries, people could be forgiven for not understanding the lessons of each passing era.

But since FDR, we have had an immediate audio and video record of the of big government, left wing failings and vindication of right thinking repeated over and over again. It seems society is either willfully ignoring the obvious answers or is breathtakingly apathetic about how their liberties and their hard-won treasure are being taken from them. And EVERY time this is done on a grand scale, the utopian programs the theft supports fails miserably.

Know Goldwater and you will know what we must do to right the country.







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2016: What Did We Learn?

Wow! 2016. What a Year, Huh?

It was the year of Brexit. It was the year of Hurricane Matthew (you’re welcome). We lost a lot of cool celebrities. But we also got rid of Castro. Finally!  2016 was the year I billed Mexico for my garden wall. It seemed like the smart move at the time. They didn’t find it funny.  There was also some kind of election thingy, wasn’t there?

I Celebrate My Wrong-ness!

I am late getting back to you on one of my 2016 predictions. I have just spent several days in WordPress/Plugin hell trying to create a membership program for this site. I hope to create a talent incubator for political writers. And it will be for left, right, young, old, gay, straight, Lithuanian, Latvian…

It would be about time we had some talent here. Until that happens, you still have sweet, lovable me.

If you are a frequent visitor here, you will have read my warnings about the Federal Reserve’s December 2016 rate hike. I will state for the record, I was anticipating from ½ to full point increase.

With Trump’s victory (the Fed sees him as a problem) I expected the Fed to go big. I warned people here to keep a sharp eye on their retirement accounts because a big rate increase would throw cold water on the stock market.

When I am wrong, I say I’m wrong. The Fed only bumped their rates to big banks by ¼ point. The Wall Street nose-dive I worried about did not occur. If the Fed is going to do anything in relation to Trump, they will wait until next year to see if he actually intends to “drain the swamp.”

If he really does enact the agenda he ran on, expect the Fed to punish him with draconian rate hikes. This won’t necessarily be a bad thing in the long-term, but it will be very painful for all of us at the outset. For the record, the Fed IS the very slime at the bottom of the entire Beltway “swamp”.

But There Was a Glimmer of Right-ness.

Poor Stuart Varney.   From Late November until his last vacation, he was having on-camera, autoerotic spasms waiting to see the Dow at 20,000 before Christmas. Every guest who came on his show was asked to make a prediction on the possibility. He could taste 20,000!

Sadly, and predictably, it didn’t happen. And there is the tiny space in which I was right. While ¼ point was not enough to completely knock the wind out of Wall Street, the market has been quite flat since the very day of the announcement.

So much for all the talk of a “Trump” rally. What we saw was a run up to the Fed’s rate announcement followed by a slightly dampened market.

Poor Varney will have to sit alone in his room, doing god-knows-what, dreaming about the big moment. [1.I’m kidding, of course. I am a devoted Varney fan and watch his show almost every day.]

One last Street Politics prediction: As I said in a previous post, I predicted in 2013 that we’d see the National Debt at $20 trillion by the end of 2016. Ooooooh! So close! I lost a bottle of Johnny Walker Black by a mere whisker of $50 billion.

In case you think that was a wide margin to miss by, the debt as of 12:45 PM on New Year’s Eve, 2016 stood at $19,949,833,450. I missed by less than 1%! From two and a half years ago!

Political Lessons

If ever there was a year in which we could have had our eyes open to how things really work, it was 2016. This was the year in which cult-like devotion out-performed any concept of quality statesmanship. The mob stole the show.

2016 laid naked our political and intellectual immaturity. It gave us a chance to really evaluate how far we’ve regressed as citizens and voters. After a primary offering several very good candidates, we left ourselves with a choice between a petulant, impulsive teenage girl and Hillary.

You would think the LEAST observant among the talking head class would have volumes of lessons. You’d expect the old, stale views would be abandoned in the hopes of quality elections in the future.

But it seems they’ve learned nothing of lasting value…or even of short-term significance.

I watched an interview on this subject led by Chris Stirewalt, one of my favorite commentators. I expected at least some hope that 2016 didn’t circle the toilet in vain. I was, for the most part, disappointed.

Stirewalt interviewed two journalists who had provided their “lessons learned”, three each, for discussion. Josh Kraushaar, political writer for the National Journal put up this list:

  • The Obama coalition is on life support
  • Data is only as good as the analyst
  • Clinton campaign lost because it got overconfident

All those statements are basically true. But, come on! Have we not come out of every election since JFK with at least the first and third item touted by every pundit?

Of course the Obama coalition is on life support! He’s a lame duck. His party lost. The Obama coalition was officially flat-line on 8 Nov 16. It will never be heard from again. Sadly, we can’t say the same for BHO. He’ll be holding court every day, opining negatively about the Trump administration. He was a weak and feckless president, even more so than Carter. He’ll crave validation wherever he can find it.

Kraushaar’s second point, “Data is only as good as the analyst”??? WTF? Is that a major lesson we learned in this election. I thought we learned that when Mondale and Reagan were neck and neck – and then Reagan took 49 states. Josh, please!

And data doesn’t win elections. Even your understanding of data doesn’t win elections. That point is a virtual corollary to a complaint I heard a Clinton staffer make. “We had such a good ground game in every state! And yet we lost!”

(REUTERS/Brendan McDermid)

You can have a phone bank that calls every phone in America. You can offer every single voter (and in Hilary’s case lot’s of illegal aliens) a ride to the polls. You can have every statistician in the country analyzing your data. If you have a candidate that absolutely no one likes, who is under investigation by the FBI, you lose the election.


The only reason this one was so close is Donald Trump was only marginally less distasteful, to a frustrated 60% of the electorate, than Clinton!

Then it was Daniel Halper’s turn. He is the New York Times Washington Bureau Chief. This was his list of political profundity:

  • Don’t learn too many lessons from past elections
  • Conventional wisdom is often wrong
  • Ideology is insignificant

Well, bust my buttons! Is there something the other 310 million of us missed? Is this new?

Don’t learn too much from past elections is right! Other than 2010, how many times since Bush 41 have we heard that the GOP is the walking dead? “They’re on the wrong side of history,” we were told. The reason talking heads say we can’t learn from past elections is because Halper’s second and third points are correct.

But the same talking head class spends every election season reinvigorating the same wrongheadedness framed in these lists. Conventional wisdom, remaining stagnant since Reagan, is why I wrote Street Politics: It Ain’t your Daddy’s GOP Anymore! The people are bone weary of canned, handled, poll-tested campaigns.  And they already reject “conventional wisdom”.

That’s why the Donald was able to enter the election and say, “I’m going to build a wall” or blurt out something that was trending on his beloved Twitter feed, and people went wild! “He speaks the truth,” was a refrain we heard constantly. [emphasis mine]

His continued dependence on Twitter and recent shallow stunts are why he didn’t earn my vote and has yet to earn my trust.

Photo Credit: torbakhopper Flickr via Compfight cc

I did said as early as 2013 that there was a dire need for a genuine, in your face candidate. Carly Fiorina could have been that. Certainly Rand Paul could have been. But they opted for caution. And yes, I will stipulate that since June of 2015 the press decided there were only two candidates in the race, Trump and Clinton and covered the two accordingly. ALL other candidates were ignored unless one of the prime darlings was attacking them.

And ideology is indeed insignificant. It is dead. When you see ideology being touted, you are being lied to. The Democrat party, the party of the “little guy,” has completely whored itself out to Wall Street and Hollywood money, while scut-mouthing the same rich people. Most of the GOP wouldn’t know a conservative idea if it fell out of the sky, landed on their faces and wiggled. (I stole that line from Dan Aykroyd in The Great Outdoors)

This is the inevitable result of an entrenched two-party system. When loyalty to party is everything and principles are nothing. Hell, even the “Christian Right” gleefully cast aside it’s core principles in favor of a candidate who, if he ever had a genuinely conservative thought, was only a conservative for 1 ½ years before he ran for president. So much for ideology.

It was Stirewalt who finally evoked anything other than cynicism on my part during this interview. First, he stated the only valid (if not self-evident) lesson of the 2016 campaign. “In 2012, people voted for Obama because they wanted to. In 2016 people didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton because they didn’t want to.” Wow! These guys are smart!

In the wrap-up, Stirewalt said, “Tell me the name of another journalist who distinguished themselves in 2016.”

It was at that point my head exploded, splattering the walls of my living room with pieces of my superior brain. “Me!” I shouted. “I was touting the real lessons we needed to heed since early two thousand and goddamn fifteen!”

They didn’t hear me. They never do.

Matt Jordan is host of and author of 16 20 24: A Path to Consistent Conservative Victory,  on Kindle as: Street Politics: It Ain’t Your Daddy’s GOP Anymore!

Kindle Version, STREET POLITICS: It Ain’t Your Daddy’s GOP Anymore! 50% of all author proceeds go to fighting Multiple Sclerosis!!

Find 16 20 24 on Amazon.

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The Kumquat Crucible II


In my previous post, I explained what inspired my holiday project for 2016, kumquat liqueur. I also said I followed (rather loosely as it turns out) a Christina’s Cucina recipe for making it.

Christina’s recipe is designed to create one bottle of liqueur. But I am nothing if not ambitious. I wanted to make enough liqueur to give a tall jar to each of my four sons for Christmas. So I upped the recipe. I used 2 liters of grain alcohol, 40 ounces of water, 8 cups of Kumquat peels and 4 cups of sugar. But there were a few, shall we say…glitches.

First I should say that Christina’s recipe called for a 45%-by-volume alcohol base. She mentioned using vodka or grain alcohol. Having never heard of 45% (90 proof) grain alcohol, I opted for regular grain alcohol which is a great deal stronger. My wife asked if that would be too strong. I did a lightning calculation in my head. “No worries,” said I to my troubled spouse, “This is going to be extremely watered down and as sweet as candy when we’re done.” Her trepidation persisted, thinly veiled.  She is wise beyond her years.

Did you ever notice that as quick as lightning is, it’s rather arbitrary and destructive? Hold that thought for a bit.


The first step was to peel 8 cups of kumquats.

We soaked the rinds in alcohol for 14 days, more than the recommended 10. I’m a busy guy.

Straining the rinds

Next, we strained the rinds leaving the now fruity alcohol to be mixed with sugar water later.  It was at this point Lynette suggested we might make labels and give our stuff a name.

“It should have a pleasant Southern charm about it,” Herself said.

“How about Billy Bob’s Urine Sample,” I offered.  All I got was a smirk. “Mississip-pee? That would be a good one.” 

She smacked my arm and called me a twit.  “I’m thinking more along the lines of Gulf Mist or something with Gautier in the name.”

“Yes, dear.” 

We then followed the instructions to mix and heat the sugar water. After waiting for it to cool, we added the alcohol and filtered everything into mason jars. 

First filtered batch.

The filtering process was a bit slow. So I took a break and took the dog for a walk. When I returned, my problems still didn’t dawn on me.  This, despite the fact my house smelled like it had been hosed down with orange juice and rubbing alcohol.

You see, the problem was my math. The proportions resulting from my calculations were exactly backward. By the time I realized how poorly I had performed my “timeses” and “gozintas”, I had created 96 ounces of a citrus flavored high explosive. I DID NOT water it down to less than a third of its original strength. I hadn’t even cut it by a full third.

In Navy terms, this stuff would knock your dick in the dirt. And the citrus tingle stays strong on the tongue for hours (…14 days, more than the recommended 10).  If I gave this to my sons for Christmas, my great grandchildren would be born with hangovers and a lemon pucker.

The Do-over

I will now  resort to what I am calling great idea #722B.  We created another batch of sugar water (40 oz of water and 3 cups of sugar.) After employing algebra, calculus and having NASA engineers check my figures, we concluded this would cut the strength of the  mix by about a third. It would be about as strong as straight Jim Beam. And it would mellow the citrus kick. I sure hope so. I sampled a bit of the original and I think the nerve damage to my tongue is permanent.

So now, we wait while the filtration process is repeated… [Cue the Jeopardy thinking music]

Success!  Along with making the liqueur sweeter and a bit more mellow, we also removed a lot of solids that survived the original filtration process.  The dark orange particles floated to the top while the batch was stored.  When we filtered the old batch into the new sugar water, these little specs were captured. 

So now, we stow the jars in a cool dark place.  An initial cloudiness will fade to a clear honey gold and they will be ready to enjoy when we see the family.

Christmas is so much nicer when the words “poison control” are not haunting your thoughts.  God bless us, Every One!

Coming soon:  I will be updating my Blueberry (De)tour when I’ve cleared the bushes around the wild berry plants. The things I do for my readers.

Hey! That gives me another idea. Idea #723: Next year, homemade blueberry vodka! Brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that sooner?



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Homemade Holiday Gifts-STAND BACK! NO SMOKING!


Bringing Home a Bit of Greece for the Holidays.

A while back, Herself and I took an extended vacation which included a cruise to Croatia and the Greek Islands. We hit Crete, Santorini, Corfu and Mykonos.

Most of the port visits were too short. In Mykonos we didn’t have enough time to visit the beaches the cruise director spoke endlessly about. By the time we cleared customs, got into town and found the bus stop to hop a ride to the beaches, it was time to go back to the ship. If we had made the bus run the beach, we’d have likely missed our departure.

But it wasn’t a total tour fail, however. We did at least get to enjoy the waterfront and have a late breakfast. Over coffee, we watched the fisherman, already back from the morning run, smoking pipes, discussing who knows what; probably lying about the day’s haul.

We also wandered the back streets above the waterfront and got some amazing pictures.

The town above the waterfront is riddled with these tiny walkways. talk about being close to your neighbors!  But it really is interesting to explore.


The port at Mykonos

Jeeps, Fun and Fruit

Corfu was altogether different. If you ever make the tiny island by ship, be sure to take the jeep tour. That’s the event which presages this holiday season for us. We recently had a nice experience that brought back memories of Corfu as we prepared for the holidays.

We left the ship with the first excursions and were shuttled to the start of our tour. I was a bit nervous about driving a four-wheel drive vehicle in a foreign country, but the route to the trails was easy and fun.

The Switchbacks

It was really cool navigating the switchbacks up the sides of mountains. At one point a large tour bus coming down had to get past us. We all stopped an

Some of the jeeps on our excursion. Busses actually pass you on this route!

d pulled over. It didn’t look good, but the driver got almost completely by and around a very tight turn. I pulled very tight against the wall of the mountain and gave the driver the few extra inches he needed and off he went.

We spent the early day touring spots to get sweeping vistas of the islands, did some four-wheeling on some back roads and finally stopped at a place that made wine and liqueur from kumquats. If you not familiar with them, kumquats are like little sour oranges.

We did some sampling and really enjoyed the liqueur. It makes for a really nice dessert drink.

To the right is Psarras Taverna where you can sample the wines and liqueurs.


Fast Forward a Few Years

This year we discovered our neighbor had a kumquat tree. That’s when I got great idea #722. If you are an avid fan here you’ll know how many great ideas my best girl has weathered over the years. Idea #385 almost cost me an index finger; stupid lawn mower. #471 resulted in the two of us lost in the Alps for about a day. Someday one of my ideas will work. You’ll see.

No wait. Hold the phone! I did take tour of the gardens at Thurnham Hall outside Lancaster, England with the man who designed them. I took good notes and was able to recreate an English garden for Herself, at home in Virginia. And it wasn’t a disaster! Sonofabitch! So great idea #501 worked. Somebody make a note of that.

But this year I wanted was to bring our Greek Island experience home for the holidays. I would make kumquat liqueur as holiday gifts!  Brilliant!   I know, right? 

I followed a recipe (sort of) I found on Christina’s Cucina. The site was very helpful and the recipe was simple and straightforward. I really enjoy her website and will go back from time to time when new great ideas emerge.

Having Googled my way to expertise on the subject of homemade liqueurs, will I succeed in creating my holiday masterpiece without burning down the house?  We’ll all find out in my next segment.

Kindle Version, STREET POLITICS: It Ain’t Your Daddy’s GOP Anymore! Only $4.99 and 50% of all author proceeds go to fighting Multiple Sclerosis!!

Find 16 20 24 on Amazon.

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The 24 Day Revolution! Stun FOX and CNN!

One of my favorite political memories was the stunned looks on some of the cable news faces when Bush won in 2000.  Wolf Blitzer, on CNN, looked as if he’d been tased. I’d love to relive that moment.  But I’d like to add Sean Hannity to the list of people who should be seen loosing bowel control on the air.

The media are now so smug in their assumptions.  They carried Clinton and Trump.  They gave them tons of free press through the primaries.  Then they retired to their editorial corners and declared that it can only be Trump or Clinton.  Any mention of another possibility is ridiculous.  If you listen to people, you’d get the impression the general population has bought this line once again.

BUT…for those sickened by the race to the bottom we are witnessing, for those who don’t see any redeeming qualities in the “republican” or the “democrat”, we have something going for us we’ve never had before; numbers.  Huge numbers.

Think about it.  The polls are now polling likely voters.  People who actually vote make up less than half the voting age population.  Clinton and Trump polling the 40’s indicates that each candidate has the support of about 20% of the voting population.  That leaves up to 60% of American adults are available to a third, fourth or fifth party.

I would wager a good number of those people would like to cause Sean or Wolf to piss their pants.

That is what the 24 Day Revolution is all about.  The idea is to simply continue to share this argument as it unfolds in text and video.  By repeatedly exposing people to the idea that they are not the property of the major parties they may start to feel their value and independence as voters.

WARNING! States have different rules about how close to an election you can register.  So if you are not registered but want to be a part of the Revolution, REGISTER TO VOTE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!


Imagine the reporting on 8 November, and the morning after, if the electoral results were rolling in and all the pundits turned out to be wrong!  It will be laughable to watch them try to make sense of it.  Can you see the House and Senate members racing to the microphones trying to convince everyone they knew this was coming all along?

Hillary would go into hiding, that smug smirk knocked off her face permanently (perhaps it would be a learning moment for her).  Trump, of course, would be telling anyone who would listen that it was “all rigged and unfair, very unfair.  Believe me.”  To which we could all happily say, “You’re welcome.”

We can do this!  We can have a better president and sit back and watch them all scramble to understand it.


I’m not going to say you don’t have the right to vote for anyone you wish.  But if either of the two creatures the media and the major parties foisted on us gets into office, those who voted for them have a hand in doing grave harm to our country.

This isn’t the first time I am saying all this, but the context is different.  We have a chance to do something amazing.  Listed here are just a few of dozens of reasons to try.

Hillary will happily drive the nation and the economy into the dirt.  We aren’t far from there already, as we will see when the Fed finally stops spoon-feeding Wall Street [1. Kept alive by artificial means, the stock market is completely removed from the actual state of the economy.  When the quantitative easing gravy train roll to a stop, the market will reflect the condition of the wider economy.  That, my friends, will be a dark day indeed.].

What would Hillary Milhouse Clinton do when the Fed finally can’t carry her as they did Obama?  If you are intellectually honest you know the answer to that.  She will seize the opportunity to gather much more power unto herself.  She is without conscience.  She is, as we always knew, in bed, naked and having rabid (financial) monkey sex with the the biggest of the crony capitalists.  The “emergency measures” she would take would dwarf the $2 trillion dollars we pissed away in 2008-2009[2. the bank bailout and the stimulus package]. That wasted money resulted in the executive branch acquiring more power for itself and treating it’s bank and union minions to big fat give-aways.

Some far-left types might say that’s a good thing.  We need a strong central government to fix this country.  I respectfully disagree with the assertion.  But what is not open to argument is that Hillary is not your girl to do that.  She isn’t a true socialist in the mold of Jill Stein.  Hillary has no sense of other.  Hillary cares only for Hillary. Others only exist in her world to serve HER – not the country.  She’s proven this.

I will give you one of countless examples of Hillary in a snapshot.  At the State Department, nothing was permitted to cross her desk that wasn’t a photo op, super good press, face time with Obama or the Clinton “Foundation”.  Just one negative result?  Well, by the time Chris Stevens was begging for more security to run guns all over the Middle East, Hillary was no longer getting any face time on the issue of Libya.[3. This article addresses it indirectly.  As apologetic as the piece is, it is still damning.] While the CIA and Secretary of Defense remember getting Cc’d about the need for security, Hillary doesn’t.  This isn’t an example of her famous, phony amnesia at work.  She really never saw the emails and wouldn’t have done anything about them if she had.  There was no money in it and there was no self-promotion in it.  As a result, four men were killed in Benghazi.  The most amazing thing is she has not had a moment’s remorse over the affair.

In Street Politics, I wrote that her “What difference does it make…” moment was staged, planned for when she ran out of obfuscations.  As it turns out, that is exactly what is was.  She hired a publicity firm to tell her what to say before the committee.  That fact has been public knowledge for a week.  You likely haven’t heard it.

We know it all to be true. My words are not intended for the truly ignorant or the willfully blind.  I am speaking to people who want to do the right thing by this election.

But What About Trump and the Economy

Ah, but what would Donald Trump do when the funny money runs pout and the real economy is laid bare.  He is supposed to be this great CEO, right?  He’s a brilliant businessman, right? Well, no.  That’s quite wrong actually.  to demonstrate Trump’s brilliance they point to The Trump Tower and the casinos he “built.”  Here are the facts.  Trump did find investors excited about being in the big-time and building big things.  The real work, including the writing of “his” books was left to professionals.  Trump didn’t pick them because magically saw a spark of talent in up-and-comers.  He found out who already did what he wanted to have done and doubled their salary.  Trump’s job then, as is has been ever since, was to be the face man.  He’s the court jester, if necessary.  He was to keep investors and buyers entertained and interested.  He was good at that.  It doesn’t take a genius to give a mark anything he wants to keep him happy.

But in the process, Trump ran the finances of these great projects into the ground.  His own bankers said Ivana was more aware of finances than he was.  The result, by the time the bankers were forced to take action, was that all four major Trump projects were in dire straights.  When the dust settled, Trump was out as CEO and put on a generous monthly allowance.  His job was as before; in exchange for the use of his name Trump would continue to receive the allowance and continue the dog-and-pony routine.  Everything he did professionally was done to polish the Trump name.  Not the family name, but the Trump Taj Mahal name.  He was also allowed to bid on facilities maintenance contracts for any projects that used his name.

All this has served him well.  He has gone on to a “Reality” TV gig, where he was fed lines to throw at pretend interns, got paid to put his name on all sorts of projects and stayed in the public eye.  All this was good for him and the companies he lost, but left his name on.

I never faulted Trump for using the bankruptcy laws as they should be used when the companies needed it.  Only jealous losers go on about how rich he is when he had to file bankruptcy.  And his loyal fans say that using those laws are a sign of his hidden genius.  But unlike more short-sighted fans and enemies, I understood the need for those reorganizations and who initiated them as an indication he was in way over his head.   History and this campaign proved me right.  He’s not a genius.  He’s not even a good chief executive.  He is what we see every night on TV.  He is a self-absorbed, inarticulate, immature Twitter fan.

Worse, if he is elected, the Fed won’t attempt to carry him.  They would like nothing more than to pull the rug out and blame a “conservative”[4. This is the price you pay for pretending to believe Trump is a conservative.  He is not.  He never has been.]

When the financial balloon goes up, Trump will revert to type as he does now, even when he knows it is suicidal.  He CANNOT help himself.  He will fume at the Fed.  He’ll say it’s unfair.  He’ll say HE is being treated poorly.  ‘It’s all rigged.”  He’ll say.  Advisors will try to get him to focus and say the right thing.  He will try, but he won’t really understand where they are going and won’t really be interested.  He will obsessively tell everyone it isn’t his fault.

I may be writing for naught anyway.  This is unconfirmed, but I understand Trump is considering starting his own network, like Oprah.  What serious human being would even be daydreaming about that in midst of a bruising political campaign; no matter how loony the campaign had become?

There is more, much more.  Join the revolution!  But don’t vote yet.  Check out McMullin, Johnson and Stein.  If you are honest with yourself, you will see that the Revolution is correct.  We can do better than Clinton or Trump. 

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