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Oil and Gas Exports: The World Needs Us

Finally, we have to consider being, once again, a net exporter of energy.

We were under that terrible Orange Man.  I know, I know. Orange Man bad.  Shut up, sissy!

Are you serious about Ukraine? Are you serious about weaning Europe off Russian oil and gas?

It’s a fair pair of questions.

I mean, we screwed Ukraine out of the NATO membership Obama and Lugar, and others, dangled to get them to disarm. We obviously don’t think much of them  So, of what value is Ukraine, right?

Well, I’ll tell you. They are one of the largest net exporter of critical food stuffs on the planet. And Putin is one of the most unstable world leaders since Hitler. I don’t hear GOP people saying enough about how he took his invasion of Ukraine, including Crimea and parts of Georgia, right out of Hitler’s playbook. He copied the Little Corporal’s script  right down to the words he used to justify the invasions. He was saving Russian-speaking people in the countries he invaded.  Just like Hitler was saving German-speaking people in Czechoslovakia and Poland and Austria, etc, etc…

So yes, a stable, free Ukraine is important. However, it is clear Congress and the White House pursued this issue without the serious consideration it deserved.

Had the White House NOT telegraphed what it would and would not sanction; had they NOT allowed Putin and his wretched cronies time to move their assets; had they made it financially impossible for Putin to sell oil, the war would have never been fought. But Brandon, on all these issues, FAILED- miserably.  The little Russian jerk off must have been giggling during the weeks leading to the actual invasion.   He even hesitated in the final days as if doubting even Biden was actually this weak and stupid.

In my humble opinion, Biden did this intentionally. Who cares if Ukrainians die? We have a new shiny object! We can milk this thing for years!

Congress, with more than a little GOP support, has been throwing money at Ukraine with no adult controls built in. We need to find out how stable and IN CONTROL Zelensky really is.  A free Ukraine is the point, right?  But if Zelensky is just a puppet, what have we gained?

All that prologue leads to this: the bleed over. Right now, the little Russian jerk off is, once again, throttling energy to Europe. He is trying to divide the alliance to bolster his adventures in Ukraine. And as I see it we have two choices.

  1. We tell Putin to turn off his undersea pipelines now and bleed them dry, because we are going to drop depth charges on them, unless he keeps it open. If he doesn’t he won’t have a pipeline next year….OR
  2. This one is actually an and/or suggestion. We ratchet up our oil and natural gas production to near a wartime footing and start shipping fleets of oilers and LNG ships to Eastern Europe and Germany.

We should be doing a good bit of the latter anyway. It’s just good business. But if you want to swat both flies with one swipe, this is a good plan. We MUST also freeze any assets we have reach into which allow  Putin to export oil and gas.

But we need to start pounding away at this NOW!  To wait until January, assuming you follow my advice and win, would be pathetic. Have a recognized “moderate” from his Senate days meet with Brandon to make this work.  Biden said himself, in the wretched speech in Philly, that he can work with “moderate” Republicans.  Let him prove it.  Maybe one of his old buddies can teach him to man up.

The real benefit to the American taxpayers is that we will live in an energy independent country. Our nation will be a net exporter of energy. It gives us strength, prosperity and leverage.  And the world, despite the continued presence of Brandon, can stop laughing at us. They need what we have. And we need our allies.

People to be screaming at: Find your Republican SERVANTS on this link.  CALL them and tell them to get hot on this NOW!  Hell, call the Dems too.  You might find one or two who won’t get loose stools over it.

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Quick Hit: Robert Francis

Shall we all agree to drop the Beto crap?  Robert Francis is a well-off Irish guy who acquired the silly affectation of “Beto” because he thinks people with Hispanic surnames are stupid.  He decided that if he took a Spanish sounding first name the little minority people would flock to him as the Great White Savior.

His name is Robert O’Rourke. Hispanics don’t need a White Savior.  Don’t play his silly racist game. Just call him Robert…or Karen.

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Mask Hysteria: The Possible Joy of Civil Disobedience

We established the reasoning behind opening up.  The bottom line here is that despite everything you’ve been told there is no reason to keep things shut down. People like Governor BLACK FACE MATTERS Northam have already permanently destroyed enough of our businesses and society for their political gain.  It’s time for it to stop!

Part 8

If businesses and schools do open be prepared to be bombarded by propaganda. The media will find the one kid in thousands that dies of COVID. You will see the mourning parents, wretched in their grief. You will be told that opening the schools caused this death. You will not be told about any comorbidity the kid may have suffered from.

Numbers WILL spike. But the numbers you see will be “cases” (people who just test positive) and deaths. The vast majority of the numbers will be captured by the ever increasing testing, especially among children. You won’t be told how many more will likely never get sick or who has recovered. Through this we must persevere. We have done enough damage to our country already. We cannot open and close again. EVER.

When you see headlines about kids dying and disease spreading like a prairie fire, read the whole article, or review whatever sources the story cites.  You WILL find what headlines and opening sentences tout as the key points, will not be so.  Buried in the noise you will find the the shock the stories try to impart is propaganda, hype, what Trump would call “fake news”.

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Places like Walmart and Home Depot did a lot to help carry the economy. But protecting the masses does not justify the disparate treatment of businesses. This is not the Soviet Union. The nanny state doesn’t get to choose winner and losers. If one is shut down, all must be. Let people assess their own risk. Let the market to decide outcomes.

As for schools specifically, send in the kids. If a teacher is too old to be exposed to COVID or is morbid obese or is simply afraid to face COVID, THEN THAT TEACHER SHOULD STAY HOME AND “ZOOM” INTO THE CLASSROOM. I am sure there are plenty of college kids studying to be educators who would be happy to monitor the class in person.

As for you. Well, you can take a page from what the snowflakes and bed wetters are doing in major cities right now.  They are committing acts of violence, pretending it has something to do with people like George Floyd or social justice.  You needn’t go that far.  But a bit of civil disobedience might be in order.  Make your own personal risk assessment.  If you believe you are not a high-risk candidate…GATHER! Or if you are willing to stand against stupidity on the behalf of others in the face of risk…GATHER!

Open your businesses.  Support those who do. Protest in front of closed schools, loudly and in large numbers. Have less frightened friends in for a barbecue.

I listened to the mayor of Washington DC this morning responding to the violence in that Democrat dystopia.  Twenty-one people were shot at a large party.  The mayor threatened people with jail time for having such parties.  Not for the shootings.  The was Black on Black.  So it don’t matter, so to speak.  The pathetic mayor was talking about people having parties against her dictates.  Because [Shriek!] COVID!!!!

Well, if that is the direction our government wants to take, I suggest we do our best to keep them very busy indeed.  My guess is when our interaction becomes too much to deal with, the police will ignore the soft-headed, spineless, corrupt politicians and go back to policing real crime and safety.

There. Done. We can open and survive nicely…mostly.

 Travel back to the happy, carefree days of 2015-16, when the only worry we all had was Trump vs Clinton.  Perhaps we can find ideas to help us cope with the national nuthouse we all live in now! Click here!   


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