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Wake Up, Wisconsin!

Wisconsin! Have half of you lost your minds?

I will allow for short memories and cults of personality, both demonizing and inflating. BUT!…

…You have a governor who has done more for your state than many past governors combined. You have conservative candidates ready to hit the ground running on your behalf right now. And yet, it seems the races this Tuesday are looking like close calls! What are you thinking?

Keep the following in mind this week when you vote: Rust belt states have always languished under Democrat rule, both local and national. Look at any major city where the Left is entrenched. You will see blight, violence, employment ALWAYS lower than the national average (often much lower), crappy schools, nepotism and outright corruption.

Scott Walker (R-WI) Governor

The amazing thing is the very people who bring you this misery spend all their time blaming the other party, especially in areas where the other party has absolutely no power. And it would seem half of you believe them!

You are not making history here. The same rust belt has a history of voting for Dems because the Democrat Party always sells it’s drivel as being the easy way out. It’s all feel-good nonsense. But it is easy to buy into. They get into positions of power and immediately go to work centralizing power and ruining economies and lives. The people put up with this for as long as they can, and finally when they are forced to see reason vote in GOP people to unscrew the mess.

And then they become complacent. Worse, as in this election year, personalities come into play. Yeah, Trump rubs people the wrong way. I get it. I am hoping someone primaries him next year. But you can’t sacrifice everything Wisconsin has gained because you think Trump is a big , fat jerk.

I take that back…you can. It would be monumentally stupid, but you can if you don’t want to keep the success your state has experienced.

Here’s a suggestion, skip the years of heartache and just keep Walker where he is and send an army of conservatives to Washington who will get government out of your way and let you get on with your lives.

Or you can go back to some kind of pathetic, John Steinbeck, I–am-in-love-with-poverty dystopia for a decade or so.

Your choice.


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Ford vs Kavanaugh: #I Don’t Believe Her!

When you don’t have an argument…

…have a contrived scandal in your pocket ready to spring on your opponent.  There is no honor in it, but you might just get the worthless win anyway.  When you are without scruples taking the highroad has no appeal.

Bottom Line Up Front. I have looked at the Ford vs Kavanaugh story and I don’t believe her. Set aside the American imperative that one is innocent until proven guilty (progressives are already snickering behind their hands at that), her story just reeks of progressive emotionalism right out of the gate.

There are politicians out there already selling her tale vigorously. But they don’t believe it any more than I do. They just find a delusional dupe like Ford an easy ride to derail a Supreme Court nominee.

There are rank and file progressives that sincerely believe Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford. But they are credulous, emotion-adled drones already programmed to believe it. No one else, who has read the particulars, available so far, actually believes her. Too much of it makes no sense. The nonsense is so pervasive that to judge her story to be an intentional lie is not being terribly unfair.

And the 11th hour sex scandal from the left is now almost guaranteed whenever they are losing.  They are counting on your credulity to keep using it, no matter how vapid the storylines.

But let’s stipulate to some of her story just to TRY and give her that much credit.

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The Party

In the early ‘80s, Ford attended a party with other teenagers. It was at the house of someone she does not know and she has no recollection of how she came to know of the party.

[loud gameshow buzzer]

There’s the first red flag. If, in our teens years, a friend invited us to a party at his house and we went there and nothing of note happened, we’d likely forget the details and probably even the party. BUT, if we are part of a group that goes to a strange house and crashes, or we are part of a group that HEARD about a party at a stranger’s house and followed the crowd there, we remember that. We just do. To say other is a lie, unless you make a habit of traipsing off to strange houses, uninvited, to raise hell as a matter of course. Is that how Doctor Ford lived as a teen/young adult?

Add to that, we had an experience at this strange place from which we came away saying, “he might have inadvertently killed me.”

Now that is a party we will always remember. ALWAYS!   (I’ll deal with the repressed memory bullshit in a moment.) If we really did come away regretting the night – and this is human nature – we would  torture ourselves with mental tapes playing over and over in our heads about what happen

Kavanaugh. Source: Brietbart

ed, how we might have avoided it and how we came to be in such a situation to begin with. We would be as embarrassed at our own stupidity as we might be angry at how we were treated.

If there ever was such a party, Ford remembers it in vivid detail and in color.

But…so, okay, there was this party.

 Again, this was the early ‘80s. So what possessed Ford to retire from the group to go to a bedroom with two apparently drunk teenage males? I am going to go out on a limb and make some broad assumptions*. I suspect she wasn’t required to wear a burka as a child. She wasn’t a child of the 18th century, raised by her recluse uncle who was a parson of a small rural church. And she wasn’t raised in a convent. So one can safely assume the teenage girl knew what all drunk, male teenagers want. We’re talking about the 1980’s. Not the 1780’s. So why did she go into this room where she was supposedly molested? I can hear the emotionalist moaning already: [whiney voice] Your blaming the victim! No, I don’t believe she ever was a victim. Her story, as we will see, holds little merit. I am asking a simple question. Why go to the bedroom?

His first reaction? The “offender’s” resume!

Fast-forward to 2012. We have Ford and hubby in a therapy session, as the story goes. By some machination – this therapy session must have been a humdinger – Ford is induced to retrieve a “repressed memory”. Wow!

She tells her therapist and hubby that she was molested at a party as a teenager. She relays, by her own and her husbands accounts, the last names only of the boys involved. And what is hubby’s immediate reaction? Again, by his own account, he thinks hmmm, Kavanagh (no first name). He sits on the DC Circuit court, he could be a Supreme Court Justice someday.

 Now here is how a real husband would react. “Kavanaugh?! Who Kavanaugh? Are you talking about that judge? Brett? Did that mother f*#@er hurt you!? I’ll kill him! I’ll f*#@ing kill him.” A real husband would have to be restrained. I might need an injection from the good doctor.

There is so much wrong with how they speak of the husband’s reaction, I could write a book about it. But I will stick to the basics here.

To the ladies: Would you stay married to a man who, when confronted with you being sexually assaulted, first reacts by wondering if the attacker might make it to the Supremes some day?

To all: How many people, who are not over-the-top political wonks, even know the names of the members of the DC Circuit court? Of those how many actually think DC Circuit and then Supreme Court, concurrently, when there is not a compatible seat open? The answer is NO ONE to both questions.

That is an utterly insincere or sociopathic response. The only reason it was inserted into their story was to give the smear job context. So you can call them liars, meaning they are politically fanatical to the point of ruining another person’s life to score a win. Or you can believe them in which case you acknowledge their weakness and stupidity.

And what of that DC Circuit Court thing? They decide, as a couple we must assume, that he should go on handing down decisions from his bench, for the rest of his life, affecting the lives of countless people.  This explosive information about Kavanaugh being a sexual predator should be kept secret. That’s okay to do. But then, oh no! – He’s about to be confirmed to the Supreme Court! Quick, dash off an anonymous letter to Diane Feinstein, tell her not to use it and get a polygraph test so we never have to come forward with what we know!

 Yeeeeeeeah, that is precisely the behavior of anyone who wishes not to gain notice. RIGHT!

Nothing says immature and emotionalist like a stupid hat.  This is not Christine Blasey-Ford. It is not known if Ford owns a giant vagina costume.

About the whole anonymity, non-political thing: We are dealing with a very political couple. They are heavily involved with groups who are rather loud with their dislike of conservatives and Donald Trump (the two are not synonymous). And our good Doctor Ford is a loud and proud owner of a “pussy hat” (their adolescent term, not mine). People who attend rallies wearing a pussy hat are not averse to notoriety, conflict or emotionalism. Ford is all the way down with being a part of the narrative. But she was most likely told not to look too enthusiastic.

The polygraph is being touted as proof of her truthfulness. There are reasons polygraphs are not permitted in courtrooms as evidence. They are not, as the misnomer would indicate, lie detectors. Let me give you a for-instance.


Let’s say my wife gets home from a day of shopping and I have been watching porn and tagging the whiskey all day. When she walks in and says, “what have you been doing all day?” I am going to have a physical reaction. I will blush, my pulse will go up, my breathing will change and I’ll blurt out something like, “RESEARCH!” If I was wired up, a polygraph would go off the charts.


But, if I was smart, knew the question was coming and had 2500 words of an old draft handy, I could just point to that and say “Just writing.” In my confidence I wouldn’t twitch a needle. That is the value of Ford’s polygraph. If her story is basically true, she was attacked by ANYONE, in this case Kavanaugh, she did herself and women everywhere a disservice by doing nothing about it. The gap of time is enough to shed legitimate doubt. But she’d pass a polygraph.

If she is lying, but has her story straight with hubby, her lawyer and likely Feinstein’s staff, she has no reason to stress when she answers direct polygraph questions. She still passes. She lies, but the machine can’t see it.

But why did she already sit for one? Remember, she had no intentions of coming forward. She wanted to remain anonymous. But she sought and sat for a polygraph? For what, to hang  the tape next to her Christmas stocking?  When you are out to ruin someone’s life and pretend to want anonymity, you wait for the first challenge THEN you take the polygraph.  You don’t say I wish to remain anonymous and here’s my polygraph results.  Because people will suspect you are lying…and for good reason.

And of course, there are the biggest questions. Why did she ever write the letter and why did she not write it when Kavanaugh was an up-and-comer?  She could have prevented the potential rapist and possible killer from sitting on a court bench or advising presidents!

I said I’d deal with repressed memory, didn’t I?

This, in my humble opinion, is mostly psychotherapy hogwash. There have been cases where people have actually blanked things out of their own minds. But in such RARE cases you might find these people were traumatized far beyond anything Ford describes as occurring at this party. We are talking about unspeakable trauma or abuse that would make any of us shudder. If this woman was so traumatized by a drunk teenager trying to get in her knickers, only to see him knocked off of her because his buddy was horse playing, then she likely has far more serious issues with abuse that have nothing to do with that party. But we may never really know.

Truth will not be served next Monday in the Senate Committee hearing. The Democrats will be busy demonizing Kavanaugh and coaching Ford with their questions and comments. There will be a lot of “she is woman, hear her roar” crap. The Republicans will be outdoing each other with how obsequious they can be toward Ford. No one will ask real questions because, as the press has already cautioned the GOP, you can’t pick on her because she is just a girl.

Yeah, I can’t rectify it either.

But no one will be interested in the truth.

As shameless as that all is, it matters little in terms of the accusations. A Senate circus is no place to settle this kinds of thing.  It should have been aired in a courtroom a long time ago. But the true goal of ALL OF THIS may be realized. A man with an amazing legal resume may have his life ruined and a conservative may be denied a seat on the SC.

That trumps everything – even the truth. It is even more important to score a single political victory than to care how real victims of sexual assault will be received in the future.


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Is All This Tariff Talk Real? I hope Not!

Is all the Trump tariff talk real? Or is this just a better-orchestrated rehash of Trump vs Pina Nieta 2017?

Do you remember when President Donald Trump begged Mexico to pay for the wall, or failing that, at least not to say publically that they wouldn’t?

Of course, you don’t. If you linked here from FB you probably can’t remember what people were pretending to care about just before they pretended to care about illegals being separated from their kids. (It was Trump meeting with the crazy fat kid – even though the same people pretending to object to the meeting were insisting on it the week before Trump announced the meeting.)

But the idea behind the phone call to Mexico, cited in the link above, was to create theater around the border wall issue. I believe that by mid-2017, the Donald already realized the slim chance he had of getting a needless wall built. But his entire political trajectory is predicated on him being the Ultimate Deal Maker. Building the wall was supposed to be one facet of this title.

He isn’t a great deal maker. He never was. As has pointed out in other pieces, citing a variety of sources, Trump was never the big deal maker in the multi-billion dollar empire that bares his name. He was the face man. He was the dog-and-pony show that kept the flamboyant public image of empire alive, and the big money marks occupied, while the real deal makers hammered out real business. Ultimately, after it became apparent that he had no mature interest in the actual running and monetization of the corporation, the board fired him from positions of real responsibility and paid him a monthly stipend to stay on as the public entertainer-in-chief.

But hey, it’s an image, right?

When Trump first donned the MAGA hat and announced his candidacy, he knew that most of the public was blissfully unaware of his real role in Trump Enterprises and counted on his undeserved “Gordon Gecko” image to say that he would make “great, great” deals as president. “Such beautiful deals!”

But when it came time to actually perform, we found the Donald woefully lacking.

President Donald J. Trump

For example, when Trump did call Mexican President Pena Nieta in 2017, not only did he tip his entire hand, leaving himself no avenue of attack or retreat, he made a series of cringe-worthy gaffes which for some reason, even his political detractors didn’t really hammer him for. But Trump displayed an ignorance of parlay not seen since the Duke of Edinburg demonstrated the diplomatic skills of a Moe Howard on Chinese soil.

Along with racial groupings that only a modern “liberal” would conflate (because modern liberals are racist), Trump suggested to the president of another nation, that although his “wall” was the least important thing being discussed, that it would be helpful TO TRUMP if they would pay for the wall or at least stop saying they wouldn’t. This was tantamount to begging someone of an opposing point of view to pretend not to be, so the requesting party might not be made to “look terrible”.

I’ll try to address the racial gaffes in another article. My to-do list grows exponentially with such asides.

 Fast Forward

Is it possible we are seeing the same immature theater playing out with these tariff battles (minus the leaks that resulted in the WAPO article linked above)? Did Trump actually sit down with leaders in recent summits and say something like, “Look, I have to pretend to be this tough guy. So I will announce tariffs, then you can do the same and then we’ll settle back to basically where we are right now anyway. I have to do something because I said I would in the campaign. Not doing so would make me look stupid.”

If so, then the worst you can say about this “trade war” dust up is, at least in private, the leaders of the world are giggling behind their hands at the President of the United States. After a few months of posturing and stock market drama, all things will settle back to where they are right now, with a few meaningless, token changes. Trump will declare victory and the our trading partners will be happy to let him do so  because they will continue to gauge our exports as they have for the last 50 years.

I can live with the embarrassment. I would be disappointed with the result.

But what if the tariff talk is real?

What if Donald Trump really intends to use a tariff war to “help” the U.S.? Is it possible that someone who has no understanding of history or economics convinced him that haphazardly slapping several countries with tariffs is a good idea?

I will stipulate that among Facebook bozos and talking heads in the “Entertainment News” business, there is almost no understanding of history or economics. Most people in those two intellectual ghetto forums are motivated by what is politically helpful to my tribe?

 But when White House advisors start telling someone as pliable as Trump that protectionism is GOOD for our economy, well… Houston, we have a problem.

Assuming this is not a stunt, this is how Trump’s present course of action will pan out. We are hitting several key trading partners (I use that term advisedly) with broad, impulsive tariffs. They must respond in kind for their own domestic consumption. This includes China. It can be argued that they need our markets more than we need theirs. That is mostly true, but as you will see, hardly of any help in this scenario.

Very quickly, trade will slow, production will slow, and people WILL start losing jobs. Companies with the money and dexterity to quickly move production into countries, considered our to be “trade war” enemies, will do so. This will minimize some of the damage they will endure. These companies will be punished (mostly with rhetoric – look at Harley) by our deal-maker-in-chief. No one will actually be able to do anything to them legally, except congress, but there isn’t a gonad to be found among the entire 535 creatures there.

And so it will go. Eventually, no country will be able to sustain the economic hostilities. Slowly, quietly, the barricades will be dismantled, and as before, all belligerents will slowly retire to about where we are right now. As was the case in Cuban missile crisis, all countries involved will make some token gestures that will leave their home audience thinking they are strong and the international community thinking they are magnanimous. Everyone will get a participation trophy.

But after wrecking jobs and retirement accounts, nothing really will have changed in the grand scheme of things…

Except for one thing…

…The market sentiment and economic trend created with Trump’s election will be over. In fact it will see a huge reversal. Everything we have enjoyed over the last two years will be wiped out. And this COULD all happen by November of 2018. That means we could be looking at a real “blue wave” as opposed to the imagined one of today.

This is one reason I have still not completely let go of my old Trump-as-democrat-shill theory.

It all depends on whether we are looking at an opening gambit, with real free trade[1]  to be proposed in the ensuing weeks or if Trump and company are actually stupid enough to follow through on the existing threats.

[1] Real free trade is just that; no tariffs, no subsidies, no protectionism.

In my next economic piece, I will discuss REAL free trade and why we need it now more than ever.

Don’t be a political pansy! Read Street Politics: It Ain’t Your Daddy’s GOP Anymore!