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The Fed owns you. F**k the Fed!

So far, I’ve been plucking the low-hanging fruit. The truth of each post is painfully obvious. And there is plenty more of that be had. I’ll get to all of it before Election Day.

But there are one or two BIG, somewhat complex issues that will require you, if you’re a responsible adult, to do a little reading or research to fully understand. It is possible that many of you already know this stuff; perhaps better than I do. (Wait. Let’s not get carried away here.)

To the threat:

I want you to sit at your laptop and cup your hands together tightly over the keyboard. Have someone fill your hands with water. Now without spilling a drop, type a comment to this post.

Stupid, right? I hope no one tried it. If you did, there’s no point in you reading any further. You’re beyond help.

Well, that type of trick has been what the GOVERNMENT SAYS is the primary mission of the Federal Reserve. Keep inflation at bay while keeping unemployment low. The two are opposing forces. Left alone without interference they oscillate against each other in a healthy fashion. You have cyclical price increases and decreases. But you don’t have a constant state of inflation, a la Fed.

Recently, the Joe Duh Regime announced that they are ‘requiring” the Fed to add “creating equity in outcome” for minorities. You know who they are. They are the people the Joe Duh Regime thinks are too stupid to compete in the world without Mommy Government protecting them. I’m pretty sure Morgan Freeman, Charles Payne and Candace Owens, among millions of other “minority” people, would laugh at that.

So, from the cheap seats, the Federal Reserve is a benign creature created to look out for your interests.

Well, boys and girls, it’s not.

In order to truly understand this YOU MUST read The Creature From Jekyll Island, by Griffin. This is a heavily documented history of the Fed from it’s founding. What you will read will astound and infuriate you. The Fed, our equivalent of the Bank of England and the European Central bank, is a creature created to seal in concrete the power of our Central government. It also provides them the luxury of throwing away money, recently many trillions of dollars; to create the illusion they are giving you things. This keeps the unwashed away from the palace gates; keeps you numb nobodies sedated with ever depreciating money.

If time is an issue, there may be a good version of Cliff Notes for Creature. The ones I’ve seen online are pretty lame. No explanation of terms, etc. But read it!

People think the Fed is answerable to the government. That’s how it was sold to congress to create it. It is actually a conglomeration of powerful banks that hold an unacceptable amount of power OVER the government and utterly over YOU.

There are others who hold Fed shares, but the big Fed powerhouses are Bank of America, JP Morgan, Citigroup and Wells Fargo. (It would be worth checking to see if Blackrock and Vanguard hold shares, considering what I posted here.) If they were the least interested in the common good that would be great. But they are not. They are interested in their bottom line, first, last and always.

Jefferson and Madison fought against establishing the first central bank because they knew from experience that ALL governments eventually treated central banks as money presses. They would abuse their offices to create mountains of debt, foisted on the people. It is a certain path to permanent inflation and a speculatory nightmare. And they were right, of course.

It’s a threat to liberty and our republic. You’ll see why in just a bit.

The book details how the Fed loans the United States and other countries insane amounts of money. How the loans are abused and how they are almost NEVER paid back. The big banks running the Fed don’t want the loans paid back for two reasons.

  1. Fractionalized Lending. The Fed, like all banks, with a bookkeeping trick, loan the same billions – or now trillions – of dollars over and over again. If you take out a loan at your bank the credit is based on the same money that has been loaned out again and again. That is why they don’t want you to ever actually pay it back. They just want you to service the interest for as long as they can possibly drag it out. So long as you do that, they have income and they own the underlying asset you borrowed against. The Fed operates the same way. And who knows how many times the times the loan money has been fractionalized. Because the Fed has never been audited. The government has no power over the Fed. They presently hold all the power over the government. And the Fed is perfectly happy to see our government and all governments just service the debt because it is ALL income for the bank. None of the loans, except for the first loan on the first non-fractionalized dollar, represent a loss for the Fed – the big banks. It’s all money in.
  2. When the government borrows money from the Fed it is printed or created digitally with absolutely no value behind it whatsoever. Every penny is fiat money. Every dollar printed devalues every dollar you earn or have. That is why the Fed NEVER loses. In fact, they will happily refinance your debt and put you in deeper hock to them. IT’S ALL INCOME.

Why do you think refinancing YOUR loans is a service advertised online and on TV? They don’t want your house and they don’t want the principal to be paid back. They want an unending stream of cash. And they hope you live a long and healthy life. Because when you croak the estate liquidates all debt. The bank’s loan is paid off. And that is what they fear.

Because of fictionalized lending, assuming your loan was the ninth on the books for those particular dollars, all but 10% of the money returned against principal vanishes. It’s gone as if it never existed. Poof.

It is impossible to know how many times the Fed has chopped up (fractionalized) the money it lends. Considering the insane amount of money that has gone out in loans over the last decade, tens of trillions, if they were only slicing and dicing 6 or seven times per dollar lent, I think our inflation rate would be approximately a gazillion percent per year. But it is not.

What happens if our dollar get so weak (Joe Duh is working on it) that nations realize they can pay of their debts or refi with China or the Saudis and let them pay it off?

Ruh-roh Shaggy!

That money only exists as a U.S. Bond. Do you think the executives at the big banks are going to take it on the chin and hand back their salaries when the money goes POOF? That wouldn’t even solve the problem. No, they are going to keep every dime.

Consider the 2008 crash. The bigs were up to their eyeballs in crap debt created with all this easy money. They decided to make some extra skim off of debt and started a casino making chips with worthless paper bundled with good stuff. The chips were called collateralized debt obligations (CDO) and credit default swaps (CDS). The dumb and the greedy couldn’t get enough of the game. The cautious thought they could use them as a hedge or a write-off. The smart few realized the chips were dangerous and they could see the end coming.

When people started calling out this activity, Glenn Beck was ahead of the game in the media, the chatter on the business channels was, “Well, It’s just big investment firms and whales playing hot potato with some shitty paper. It’s not like they are selling these things to Joe Six-Pack.”

Then, after a year of warnings from the observant, a couple of firms ended up with more of this garbage on their books than the entire net worth of their corporations. Boom.

The reason they had all this funny money and bad debt washing around can be traced back to the policies and practices of the Fed. Hey, the players were just imitating the Fed’s insane, irresponsible behavior.

What should have happened was too painful to consider.   You were told that if the banks and whales were permitted to go belly up then everyone would go broke. True, a lot of people would have taken a 1929-like hit.   But that is and was recoverable in an environment where the government and the big banks aren’t taking warm showers together all the time. It was true in 1929 and it was true in 2008. It will be true again, when they tell you it’s not. And that’s right soon. Soldier on.

So instead of letting the all the big guys go under, the government scared you with the Depression boogieman and set about making their rich friends whole. And instead of freezing the Fed and going in and auditing ITS practices, they green lighted them to print every dime needed to bail out the players at the casino. The result was huge losses for you, foreclosures among you or your friends while the players were made whole or nearly whole. It cost only $1trillion…because they all knew that was just the down payment.

Then for the next ten years the Fed held a fire sale on easy money. The players kept grinding while the rest of the economy limped along at about 1% growth.

It’s worth noting two important things here: 1. To this day the Fed still loans TRILLIONS all over the world like it was day one of the 2008 crash. A tiny fraction will ever be paid back. 2. CDOs are still a multi-trillion dollar game. But now it’s more like a money laundering scam than a mortgage scam. Hell, the government buys all the worthless mortgages now along with the good ones. And get this!  They do it with money from the Fed! You can’t make this stuff up!

It’s time to audit the Fed or end the Fed. Or both. Every time someone calls for that (Senator Rand Paul is one) the propaganda machine goes into high gear saying that we could mess up the economy if we do that. And how dare anyone suggest that the Fed would do anything to harm Americans?! Why, they are a sort of…half government…helping…patriotic…critical…ya know, the thing!

May I remind you the Federal Reserve is a band of large banks, still players all, in the casino. And THEIR interests are their only interests. Where their interests meet ours, fine. Where they collide it’s, “fuck you, we have politicians to control and empires to expand.”

It is further worth noting that your economy is collapsing around your heads. This is because, and this is just one example of MANY, the government and the Fed are printing money at an alarming rate to finance crony “green” projects. The projects will NEVER work as advertised. So, why do that, right?

Well, the big players, including Fed members have positioned themselves to get this money handed to them. Blackrock and Vanguard will get a lot of that money too. With some of it they will build windmills, hundreds of millions of acres of them. They’ll keep the rest of the money. The windward turbines, on any given farm, when the wind is actually blowing, will work. The leeward on those huge farms, from the second row back, meh, not so much. The ones at the back, ziltch.

What? Did you think the big banks and investment firms were doing this because they care about “green” energy and our precious environment? Hah! You kill me. They don’t even care if these things work. Think Solyndra, but on a multi-trillion dollar scale. All financed by the same guys (Fed members) who will be making all the money!

But they won’t lose anything on the other end when the whole thing fails. No, no! They will set up shell corporations or find a few suckers to build these tinker toys. They will “LOAN” some of the trillions, they gave to themselves, to these companies. When the wind farms, by that time covering an area wider than 5 large Midwestern states, fail…well the shell company declares bankruptcy. Now no one owns the rusting worthless hulks. They sit and rot. Problem solved…for the Fed members and other environmentally patriotic players at the casino.

As I said, the “green” thing was just an example.  There are thousands of schemes in constant motion maintained by your tax dollars that don’t make the taxpayer a single dime. In fact, we invariably lose. They are all orchestrated by the Fed, cronies and their political whores.

It’s time to put a leash in the Fed. 65.

People to be screaming at: Find your Republican SERVANTS on this link.  CALL them and tell them to get hot on this NOW!  Hell, call the Dems too.  You might find one or two who won’t get loose stools over it.

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Part 4, Episode 2 The GOP’s Answer to Green Scams

An example of a LFTR. Beats the holy shit out of sprawling wind toy farms, right?


Source:, L.F.T.R. the New Age of Nuclear
By in WorkshopEnergy

There is a fascinating and exciting technology that has been around for 70 years and can be used to fight the Green Scams and save the climate, to the extent it needs saving.

I have only heard one politician bring this up recently. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) was promoting the idea on a news appearance. I am talking about Liquid Fluorine Thorium Reactors (LFTR). There are variations under consideration in terms of matrix and fuel, but the process is simple. I believe it was Oak Ridge that had one going for years in the 50’s. It worked fine, but no one wanted to fund it because, as I said at the end of the previous episode, it produces no plutonium. Eventually they just shut it down and shelved the technology.


…there are so many! I will not dive too deeply as the series must march on. But just consider this list. Then read up on LFTR’s.  I believe Germany, Russia, China and India are working with this technology and India and China may have reactors already up and running.

  1. First, they are small affairs. They produce power, not as much as a traditional nuke plant, but you can build and operate several less expensively than a traditional plant. In 2015 proponents of the technology estimated it would cost $5-7 billion to work out the particulars and build the first plant. Thanks to the Biden Regime, it would now cost a little more, but still very doable. Each plant after that would cost less; far less over time.
  2. A LFTR, while performing its primary function, can burn off spent fuel from conventional nuclear reactors down to a tiny fraction of their present volume. Yucca Mountain = Solved!
  3. The proposed fuel for these units is thorium. We have massive deposits of it in this country, unless Hillary wants to sell them all to Russia and China to finance Chelsea’s political career. (It’s worth checking to find out if all the “farmland” China is buying here sits on Thorium-rich land. If so, give them the boot.)
  4. LFTR’s can produce a medical isotope called Bismuth-213 or Bi-213. The product is highly valuable to diagnosticians around the world.
  5. A LFTR does not need water to cool the core. You can replace a massive wind farm with just one LFTR ANYWHERE and produce more power more reliably than the stupid wind farm. It would take two or three relatively small buildings that can even be tarted up to look appropriate to their surroundings. Do you remember that photo from the last episode?
  6. LFTR’s don’t produce hydrogen. No hydrogen bubbles, no risk of hydrogen explosions.
  7. I’ve heard these units called “walk-away safe”. While I’d never recommend turning your back completely on a nuclear reaction, it is obvious the staff for a LFTR can be much smaller than the army it takes to run a conventional plant. The operating systems would be much safer and simpler.
  8. If a plant does overheat and has the LFTR equivalent of a meltdown, all the fuel and salt matrix drain into a containment tank under ground.  The salt cools and hardens.  The contents are fully contained.  Crisis over.
  9. I saved the big one for last. We hear from “greenies” all the time about the dreaded rise of oceans. It’s true; they’re rising a couple millimeters per year and have been doing so for 10,000 years. (I’m shuddering as I write this. At that rate, my house will be underwater in 500 years!) But what of exploiting that frightening prospect? California is in a drought. In my 64 years I’ve never known parts of California not to be, but there you are. They have been siphoning off water, valuable irrigation water, from neighboring states for a century. It’s high time they stopped, or at least curtailed the theft.  Read on, dear friends.

I propose strategically dotting the west coast with LFTR’s. Considering how safe they are and the urgency of the need, we can ignore the NIMBY cries. I did a rough calculation and it seems one LFTR can desalinate enough water from the ocean to produce 7% of what Los Angeles consumes every day. That reduction, reliably provided, would have a huge positive impact on the reservoirs that are presently being drained in the West to serve cities that never should have grown so large in the first place. Las Vegas can pay for two or three LFTR’s and the pipeline to bring the water to them. The farmers along the Colorado River would be most grateful.

Northern California is also running out of water. It takes many gallons of water just to produce one almond. One! How many almonds do the respective trees produce? Almond farmers are sucking up an insane amount of water from a rapidly dying supply. It is most urgent Northern California start desalinating. And the present power grid can’t handle the job. That they haven’t built several of these LFTR’s and started fixing this problem is beyond me, and utterly inexcusable.

One final thought on areas like California. Let’s say they act like adults and build reliable desalination plants. Then, lo and hark, they have a rain boom. They suddenly get all the rain they need for a year. Well, yay. With a flick of a transfer switch, all the LFTR’s start making the cleanest power known to man and feed the pathetic grid additional power.  Some would be able to do that most of the time anyway, while desalinating!

And as a bonus, they sell the salt from the desalinization process. Maybe some mad scientist can figure out a way to seed the northern edges of natural machines like the Gulf Stream to keep them running strong. It seems fresh water from northern ice melts makes them weaker.

So there you have it, the GOP green energy initiative.   Candidates and office-holders: If you don’t start pushing this idea today you are out of your friggin’ minds!  VOTERS:  If you don’t start screaming for this to be developed NOW, then you deserve all the green scams and windmills that can be thrown at you!

People you should be screaming at: Find your Republican SERVANTS on this link.  CALL them and tell them to get hot on this NOW!  Hell, call the Dems too.  You might find one or two who won’t get loose stools over it.

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I have had more than one boss in the military say “bring me solutions not problems.” I have also had bosses who were very slow to hear or advance good ideas for fear that they (the bosses) would become too visible and be expected to act. In politics, especially this year, don’t be the latter example.   By all means, point out the blatant and rampant corruption and incompetence of the Left and then follow through with what WILL work. Be specific. The voters are dying for that kind of honesty. The media will freak. The voters will reward you.

And THAT is what this series is about. Solutions.

One urgent solution which will have an almost immediate positive effect on the economy would be done in two parts.

First, rescind in it’s entirety, the Inflation Reduction Act. Claw back every unspent dime.  This is the biggest lie foisted on the American people since Obamacare.  That includes all the vote buying the swamp did during the “pandemic”.  None of this money did anything it was supposed to do.  And, as is ALWAYS the case, it was shot through with corruption.  From Hollywood to China, thieves and movie stars were abusing the grants we were told would keep our economy chugging along.  The same will happen with the lie called the Inflation Reduction Act.

So first, kill the Inflation Reduction Act.

Then, on the same day, kill all out-year spending associated with all those “pandemic” boondoggles and rescind those bills.  None of it is needed and it will never achieve what it was intended to achieve.  There are probably tens of billions of dollars out there you can claw back from those idiot bills as well.

In both bills instruct the Treasury to pay all that money against the PRINCIPAL of the national debt.  This will have two advantages.  1. It will obviously put a tiny scratch in what we owe the world. 2. Since almost all of the money we borrow was never really intended to be paid back and was almost entirely the result of fictionalized lending, almost all the money will simply disappear from the money supply. Vanish. Gone. (Read the Creature From Jekyll Island).  This would create immediate downward pressure on prices.

This series is here on and started on 20 August.  I will put up another post every day or two.Talk about this NOW! Tell your political SERVANTS to put it on the to do list for the first 100 days and then do it!   You’ll thank me later.

Author’s note:  The link to the book is not a paid affiliate link.  You can buy the book for far less used.  It’s worth every penny.

People you should be screaming at: Find your Republican SERVANTS on this link.  CALL them and tell them to get hot on this NOW!  Hell, call the Dems too.  You might find one or two who won’t get loose stools over it.