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How to Make a Grown Man Cry (In a Good Way)

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Look at this nasty face bad ass! How would you like to see this guy cry.  I mean blubber like a baby?  Yeah, me too.

This is my friend Jeff Kerr. Whenever I see him, there’s a lot of goofing and cutting up. But if he ever stopped me and approached my truck in that Smokey Bear hat, I have to say I wouldn’t be making jokes. I’d be all, “yes sir” and “no sir”.

But don’t let the picture fool you. Beneath that iron jaw beats the heart of a real mush ball. And that’s where we’ve got him. [Insert evil laughter here.]  I plan to donate 50% of my proceeds to his cause.

[photo credit: Virginian Pilot}

You can help right here, right now if you already know about the campaign to help Jeff!

Jeff is a rock solid cop. He is a great husband, a devoted father and he’s active in his community. He’s the kind of guy anyone would want their kid to emulate.

Lt. Jeff inspiring kids.

Jeff is also a bicycle fanatic. He rides several times a week from early spring to late fall. And we’re not talking wimpy rides like most people do. We’re not talking about gently coasting along a beach road.  No, these are real rides. Real workouts.

He does the annual Police Unity Tour from Portsmouth, VA to Washington DC in honor of officers who have died in the line of duty and to support their families. That is not a ride for the faint-hearted.

He and his beautiful wife, Shannon are raising their kids to be champions as well. They are actively involved in youth sports and Jeff is a great example for them.

This guy seems to have something going every day. He never stops. Like I said, he’s a bad ass.

But then, he has to be…

Jeff Kerr has to move every day. He has to be in peak condition and work his ass off in order to keep fighting. Jeff has Multiple Sclerosis.

Most of us have heard of MS, but not all of us are familiar with what it does to people.   From the time you learn you have it, you are locked in a constant battle with a disease bent on wrecking your body and someday taking your life.

I was teasing Jeff about this picture on FB, telling him this was where he got his bad ass juice. But, sadly, this treatment is a routine part of his life now.

I met Jeff when he took part in my son’s wedding several years ago. Shortly thereafter, I rode with him in my first MS 150 event on the Eastern Shore. Multiple Sclerosis events are another of his passions, understandably. He is the captain of team Heroes Live Forever.

It was on this ride I found out what a bad ass he really is. I say I rode with him, but that only lasted the first 200 yards or so. Each day of the event, I wouldn’t see him again until I got to the finish line. He’d be showered and rested by the time I rolled in. It was kind of embarrassing.

I enjoyed those rides and always enjoyed hanging out with my son, Phil and Jeff. But I moved from Virginia and except for what they call a ghost ride, I haven’t really been on a real MS ride since. I haven’t seen Jeff in a while.

Recently I found myself wondering how I might get involved with the ride again, or at least how I might support it. It seemed lame to just send the team a small check. I used to raise $1200 dollars or more per event.

But as I neared the release of a new edition of my book, I got an idea. I had an excellent instrument to expose my work and help Jeff. That’s where you come into Jeff’s story.

I’ve decided to contribute 50% of all author proceeds of my book to Team Heroes Live Forever. In June 2017, the team will be riding 150 miles in the Colonial Crossroads event in Virginia.

It was originally intended to be just the Kindle proceeds, but I thought, well, go big or stay home, right? So it will include 50% of all sales, paper and electronic, from any outlet. I hope to hand Jeff a big, fat check from all of us.

The book is brash, funny, informative and prophetic. I even make jokes in the end notes. But after the circus we had last year, getting people to read about politics without an incentive is like pulling teeth. I’ll post a description below. And if your local bookstore isn’t carrying it, give them the what-for! Go all postal on them.

If we are successful, if I can move a lot of books, Jeff won’t be able to play this one off with a smart-ass line. That bad ass Lieutenant in the York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Department, will be blubbering. Hah!

I have two simple goals here. One is to support Jeff’s team in their stalwart fight against MS and the other is to sell books. But the real goal is to be a part of that day when Jeff calls my son and says, “Guess what dude! They found the cure. I won’t have to put up with this shit any more.”

I’ll provide a link for you to make a straight donation to the team if you’d rather not buy the book.

(But…no wait…you wouldn’t really do that…would you?)

And I won’t put up a progress chart here. I’ll keep you informed by email so Jeff won’t see what we’ve done until the night of the event.

Click on the book to support Jeff and have some fun.  Here is where we get a chance to take a breath and reinvigorate our civic pride.


Books?  We dun need no stinking books.  Just let me donate.



Book description below.

Street Politics: It Ain’t Your Daddy’s GOP Anymore!

If there were no Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders, Jordan would have invented them; or perhaps better versions of them.

Over a year has passed since the release of 16 20 24: A Path to Consistent Conservative Victory. As you read this book, you’ll be thumping your forehead and talking to yourself. “That’s true! I remember that!” Or, “Damn! Why didn’t my candidate do that? He/She would be the nominee right now!” Or maybe, “Everything Jordan said more than a year ago the ‘experts’ are just saying now!”

In this updated rework of 16 20 24, the author presents a timeless prescription for the modern political campaign. Any politician who follows it, will get traction, build name recognition and control the news cycle. Trump and Sanders stand as stark proof of that claim. Any voter that follows it will demand better politicians. Using this book and associated writings at, a roadmap to ongoing success can be found for anyone, of any party, seeking future election. It is a must-read for people wanting to be a part of a healthier America. That’s anyone of any party. You can disagree with me philosophically, but the process remains the same.

Jordan remains true to the original message here. The only changes are the title, forward, the updated conclusions. The book remains a primer for a much deeper look at what America is. In later works Matt Jordan will boldly demonstrate how conservatism can flourish in our society, brightly and without rancor. That’s not to say anything here is sugarcoated. The author is unapologetically brash in his appraisal of the existing (dying?) political zoo.

Here and now, in this book, we have the invaluable lessons we continue to learn as this election unfolds. These lessons will be the historical bedrock upon which we can build better towns, states and a nation…IF anyone is paying attention.












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Is it Scary or Exciting?! Dash!

The 100 Centimeter Dash! From the Shelf to the Button.

Have you seen this Dash thing?

I just don’t know what to make of this affiliate link.  Now, truth be told, I am a very low tech guy.  (I’ve been working for weeks to make Street Politics a membership site. ANY of my LEAST techy friends would have had that up and running in December with about 1/2 hour’s worth of work. I needed a 2-hour tutorial video.  Anyway it will be up in March.) 

Still, I knew we’d see things like these buttons some day.  But now it is really here!

And the ramifications are mind-blowing.

I can use this!

Look at the first item in the illustration above.  Iams.  My dog eats the stuff by the metric ton!  I hate humping those big bags from the supermarket.  I could stick a Dash thingy to the wall in my mudroom and *doink* in a day or two, Maggie has a new bag of food.

The button runs on batteries.  But no biggee.  Three years from now, when the watch battery in it runs down, I go into my junk drawer and push the button that says batteries and that’s fixed.  Damn!

I have been planning a post on the “internet of everything” for a while.  This is just a minuscule portion of the radical shifts we are going to see very soon.  We are, in many ways, moving beyond some of the freakiest stuff ever imagined in Sci-fi movies. 

If you are under 25 I feel a bit sorry for you.  To you, these kinds of developments probably run between “cool” and “meh”.  But if you lived in a time when a four-pack assortment of Styrofoam gliders was an impressive toy, and Atari was mind-blowing, today’s technology can be overwhelming.  And I worked on missile systems in the early 90’s!!!!! 

In fact, my MK-26 launcher (the coolest weapons system ever built), with it’s two racks of circuit cards had more computing power than the Apollo 11 Command Module.  My cell phone has more power than those two systems – COMBINED!  And now we have these buttons.  Geeks and young people have no idea how much this freaks me out.

So okay, call me a Luddite.  I’ll own it.  And it’s not a bad thing.  But our lives are changing at such an amazing rate.

A Slightly Bigger Picture

I recently read a Motley Fool sales letter talking about the “internet of everything”.  We are a hair’s breadth away from a time when our cell phones, with near-zero preparation on our parts, will tell us that our car is being stolen and will be sending the thief’s face recognition data to the police station before we can dial 911.

All the chatter, these days, is about bringing back manufacturing jobs to the U.S.  That’ll be great.  But the possibilities coming with this technology, will make the manufacturing jobs little more than icing on the cake.

If you doubt that, look at Wawa stores.  They added automated ordering to their deli.  That didn’t result in fewer people working in the stores.  More had to be hired to keep up with the demand.  That is what happens when you have high quality service and cutting-edge innovation.  

I’m going to get a couple of these buttons.  One for the Pop Tarts my doc says I’m not allowed to eat, and one for Maggie’s 2-ton bag o’food.  Let the FedEx guy test his Workman’s Comp benefits.

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