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Kamala Harris? Historical? I didn’t get the memo.

In what way is Kamala Harris a(n) historical figure?  I didn’t get the memo.

Source: CNN

Oh, but MJ, you may whine, Kamala is the first woman of color (no one seems to know exactly what color) to be a candidate for Vice President!

So? Why should I be impressed? We’ve already had a black president.  We’ve had two female VP candidates. We’ve already had a female at the TOP of a presidential ticket.  We’ve had a BLACK FEMALE as Secretary of State and two serve as National Security Advisor.  These last two positions far more powerful than VP!  So why should I be getting the vapors over this political hack being selected to run for an office Truman described as being not worth a bucket of warm spit?

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Quick Hits

Muddled Interpretaions

In my upcoming book, I talk about political imagery and how it acts upon the political ignorance of too many of our voters.  But the ignorance is not limited to voters.

Some supposedly smart people have a real hard time getting it. This morning Stuart Varney, fairly well respected, counted Robert Francis O’Rourke as one of the moderates in the Democratic field.

If you can count a guy that buys off on the “we’ve only got 12 years to save the planet” line, I’d hate to see your version of far Left.

If you consider a candidate who changes his name to a Hispanic name to get votes anything more than childish and disingenuous, you need to make an appointment with reality SOON!  Talk about the worthlessness of identity politics! I can think of nothing recently that makes more a mockery of obsessing over race, sex, etc. than Robert Francis pretending to be Latino. What a douche!

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I don’t see any malice in Biden’s weird behavior during photo ops. But it does have a creepiness about it.  This is especially true when he is trying to kiss a 13-year-old who is clearly having none of it.

There has been a lot of talk of double standard and comparisons made with Kavanaugh.  The Kavanaugh thing was pure fantasy from the first mention of Blasey-Ford.

I think the real comparison is to Al Franken.  That poor little guy was drummed out of office because he wasn’t cute enough to kiss the pretty girl and for squeezing a WAIST, while taking pictures at an event. (read detail here in section “To Wit…”) Franken’s stuff is nothing compared to the serial creepiness of Joe Duh.

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Don’t Be A Political Pansy…on Election Day.

The tag line I use to promote my book is “Don’t be a Political Pansy!” That is tongue-in-cheek advertising, and as much a joke as it is a challenge. But there really is a breed of political pansy out there.

I normally serve up red meat on this site. There is so much we can devour! And I am serving up plenty of it elsewhere. But right now I am talking to EVERYONE. I may be preaching to the choir though. It is likely that the people this is directed at won’t see it because, well…they are the people it is directed at, political pansies.

Who are these pansies? These are the people on both side of the political spectrum who harp endlessly on how screwed up everything is. They call names on Facebook and sit in the break room at work looking down their noses at politicians and the people that vote for them. But in reality they are too lazy and insincere to actually go out and make their own noise in a way that is constructive.

 These pansies have a laundry list of reasons to not fulfill their civic duty and vote. But my favorite is, “Why bother? It never changes. They’re all the same.”

These pansies already know the answer to their own question. Things remain as they are because too many people say, “Why bother? It never changes.” By being that guy, you hand the worst of our politicians the advantage of incumbency and the comfort of knowing that not enough of the electorate is awake enough to impact their political ambitions.

You have to trust me on this: If the political class woke up on Wednesday morning to find out 90% of the population voted (the results would be wildly out of sinc with what the talking heads are saying now) they would piss their pants! And rightly so. It would mean that they would have to start performing. They would have to shitcan their poll tested garbage and really try to make a difference. They would realize that all the special interest cronyism won’t protect them from US!

And damn! Look how easy they have made voting! You can vote online, vote mail-in (used to be called absentee, and you can vote early. I have made my concrete concerns for these stupid ideas known in my book and here.

Despite those misgivings, how much easier do you need it to be before you participate and drop the phony self-importance about how the man will keep you down no matter what crap?


I was talking to my buddy Bob D. on Facebook the other day. We were in disagreement about a particular get-out-the-vote campaign. But on one point, I don’t believe there was a spark of light between us.

I said that Election Day should be a bank holiday. Forget early voting or online or mail-in garbage. Only real cases should vote absentee. On election day, we should all gather and celebrate the day and the franchise, win or lose. Voting is at least as important as the Fourth of July! It’s way more important than Labor Day. There should be Election Day parties. No one allowed in without an updated “I voted” sticker. These parties should not be mandated by law, of course, but it would be an original party theme. On this day, even as the returns are still being counted, we are all one again. We all did our civic thing and now we are enjoying just being Americans.

Tomorrow, it all starts again. But today, no rancor or discord would be of any use to anyone. Pass the beer and the brats! 

But what am I saying? [snide whiney voice] No one would ever do that. It’ll never change. Right?

To this I would respond with a slightly non-contextual quote from Ken Olsen, founder of Digital Equipment Corporation in 1977: There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.” At the time, that was the prevailing wisdom.  It would last less than 5 years.  Of course we would need a center of influence bigger than my brilliant self to make Election Day a holiday.

And what the hell, it would give Hallmark a reason to jack us up for a whole new set of greeting cards.


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