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I hope you are enjoying the holidays.  I broke out some ideas and suggestions below.  But lots of folks prefer to browse, discover that perfect gift on their own.  I do.  If that’s you, click here.

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We’ve all been using paper towel for years without giving it a second thought. And we go through a lot of it!  Then we chuck it away, sheet after sheet!  What a waste!
See This New Advanced Towel Technology In Action And Witness How Powerful It Is!
This revolutionary piece of technology is reusable, non-abrasive, highly absorbent and super versatile capturing dust, dirt, grime, and liquid like a magnet.
Made with Nanolon fiber, a unique and revolutionary patented fabric technology that is 100 times finer than a single human hair.
In fact, each square inch of this towel contains almost 100,000 Nanolon Fiber.
Not only can it SAVE you hundreds of dollars per year on the cost of paper towels, it can also REDUCE the use of toxic chemical cleaners!
Believe it or not.
This powerful towel can ABSORB up to 10 ounces of liquid without a single drip!

Find a great line of Christmas gifts and ornaments here!


Bad Ass Football Frosty Wine Stopper.

I had to think long and hard before approving this one. When you mix the metaphysical with money people tend to do some serious eye-roll.  But it’s inexpensive, it has some freebies thrown in (if they are still up) and there is a solid 100% money back guarantee.  And the sounds are very pleasant. So I thought, “What the hell? What have we got to lose?”

And…[wincing]…what if it works?

My Awesome Living Room Series (Brand New)

You can personalize this canvass.


These pillow come in different sizes and colors.  Mix and Match!

Recycled Pallet Art

Part of my hand-made lineup. Between this and the Living Room series you can come away with a lot of cool stuff.

Salute to police officers/HERO series/recycled/Pallet Art image 1

There is a funny story associated with the HERO pieces.

Wall hanging / You're just a better person when you're image 1
Laser etched and hand-painted

Don’t miss my one of a kind turnings found here and throughout the shop!


There are subtle intricacies in the grain of this material mashup.
To show hand made items from my shop.
Silver spark turnings can be imitated but not duplicated. This is the tulip


I had the political stuff set aside for last.  I know half the readership will lose their lunch on this. But P4B is a huge supporter and if you’re a fan of this page, you’re already conservative or have a healthy sense of humor.  If you take your politics too personally, DON’T GO HERE!  You’ve been warned.


Learn to laugh!

You know the old saying: “Laugh and the world laughs with you.  Cry and…we’ll all laugh harder and point at you.”  I think that’s how it goes.  But you may as well expand you sense of humor because…

…He’s back


That’s right!  The guy who had you putting on pussy hats and pretending it wasn’t a stupid thing to do…







The guy who had you kneeling in the street and screaming at the sky – before he even did anything…

…is a candidate for POTUS for 2024! Which proves one thing:  If there is a god, he is one funny dude! Life is so much fun!

For all the proud “deplorables” out there out there who see this as a good thing there’s this:


11oz Black Mug image 1The Donald 24 Two-Tone Coffee Mugs 15oz image 3MAGA Woman / Let's Go Brandon Street Politics Power Cuff

Ceramic Mug 11oz

Unisex Softstyle T-Shirt image 1



An interesting take from someone who served Presidents in both parties. Click here to see more.

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And yet another Left Wing political low.


…they all clearly received their White House talking points late this week.  Because every single Left Wing “news” program was parroting the same phrase over and over again. “Democracy is on the ballot.”

I have seen some low, slimey sludge splattered in elections over the years.  I am old enough, just barely, to remember LBJ’S asinine nuclear explosion commercial.  But the naked, desperate, ugly filth spewing form the Democrat mouths at the end of this midterm election is beyond the pale!

And, as usual, they are charging the opposition of the very things they are already guilty of. Thwarting the democratic process of this Republic (for the slow and the Left, “democracy” can’t be on the ballot anyway, because we are not a democracy).

Who kept the economy shut down far longer than reason would permit during the Wuhan?

Who kept your kids in masks for a year and a half after WE ALL KNEW that kids are not in any real danger of contracting the Wuhan? And they are very poor vectors!

Who insisted on mandating vaccines and let peoples lives be destroyed long after we knew the vaccine was nearly useless?

Who is pushing unconstitutional and utterly destructive concepts like a programmable digital currency, trans mania and ESG?  These will displace the very oxygen a free society needs to breath! These things along with $4-10 trillion being spent on an EXECUTIVE ORDER are the most anti-democratic, the most corrupt actions a government has ever considered, much less taken.

They know the GOP is for freer markets, individual freedom, more parental rights AND RESPONSIBILITY.  They know, beyond a doubt, that the GOP is far less of a threat to individual liberty than they are themselves!

And they’re losing.  So they have decided on a scorched earth policy with their rhetoric.

There are two problems created by their idiocy.


Who still has a sense of humor out there?


Support Street Politics.  Shop Po River.

One: They all but eliminate any possibility of worthwhile compromise in the new Senate.  They have primed their tribe with hate.  So who on the Left is going to do anything significant if it means working across the aisle?

Two:  After denying elections since 2000, and then lecturing us about denying one, they spent the last month preparing the path for themselves to deny THIS election!  And they’ve built this wailing to an unprecedented crescendo.  THUS, how can anyone feel confident in the electoral process?  You’re a traitor if you deny elections and a traitor if you don’t deny the elections the Left denies. And now the Left is preemptively denying this election.

BJ Bill’s wife ended last week by accusing the GOP of stealing the 2024 elections. She’s a hard core idiot.

The saddest part of all of this is there are adults in this country who actually believe these the lies of the Left.  We can only hope they are few.

It is not lost on me that I just wrote a post talking about the upcoming corruption by the left next week.  But I have the advantage of their words and their track record.  Everything I listed, they did.  Everything.  No one denied it.  If fact the Dems defended the actions.  And we had Joe Duh telegraphing “difficulty” in counting the ballots.

We have all those early ballots waiting to be counted on election day, ready to go.  the weight of the election is so heavily favoring the Right that if more than one or two races are not called ON ELECTION DAY, if anyone “stops” a count, if anyone “repairs” a ballot. they’re cheating again.

As I said, they accuse others of what they do routinely.



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A Love Letter to Pennsylvania Blue Collars

From: p4B

To:  All my blue collar friends in PA, and I have a few…

…the polls say you are going to take a pass on Mastriano for Gov.!  What?!  Are you joking?  Did the Philly, Scranton, and Pittsburgh worker just become a whipped cream, nutmeg latte drinker?

Trust me, the beautiful people will be the end of life, as you pursue it.  These people think THEY should be living you life, not you!

Be smart. Grab Mastriano and Oz.

Please!  Tell me the pollsters are blowing it out their asses!

Cheers and all the best, regardless.



What I didn’t make myself, I design myself.  Some are cool, some are classy, many are funny. Enjoy.



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