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Are we at War? Then FIGHT!

In his inaugural address, FDR bellowed the phrase, “…the only thing we have to fear is fear itself!” Viewed critically, it was a nonsensical utterance. But everyone knew what he meant so it went over well. And there was validity in the point.  Sadly, Roosevelt would spent the next 9 years exploiting that same fear and exacerbating the depression he was addressing here.  And that is instructive for today.

After Dunkirk, Churchill said, “Wars are not won by evacuations.”

Are we at war? That is not a rhetorical question.   We have been hearing for several weeks now that we are at war with a virus. If the government, state and federal, are serious then we are losing this war – badly- and needlessly.

And what of our fears? We have been conditioned, far too easily, to live our lives based entirely on our fears. I would argue that fear is being amplified beyond reason more every day.

So I’ll ask again, are we at war?

How did we fight WWII? Did we try every way conceivable to avoid battle because someone might get hurt or even die? Was there a rush to gather our troops into the barracks, encouraging them to find ways to entertain themselves as means of achieving victory?

I know what you are thinking. Don’t even try it. You see where I am going and you are about to tell me the soldiers in our present scenario are first responders and essential businesses. They must fight on the beaches, landing grounds, hills and streets, etc. It is our job to stay home. That is how we beat Corona.

You are wrong if that is how you see our present situation. This is a multi-theater war, just like WWII. We have the medical theater. That runs the gambit from standing 6 feet from each other, to those first responders doing their job, to keeping the ventilators going. It is an all-hands evolution. It also requires staying home WHEN YOU ARE SICK.

It is here we have already lost the opening battles of the war. This is our Pearl Harbor and early North Africa. At the bidding of the political class we have abandoned the field to the enemy. I will demonstrate how all the theaters of this conflict are intertwined in later pieces. But for now, for us to have ANY chance of coming out of this healthy we have to adapt a war mentality.

Are we at war?   Or is the war on Covid 19 just a shitty metaphor like the “war” on drugs or the “war” on poverty. Because I have to tell you those “wars” are an insult to anyone who has actually fought in a war. Those wars were lost because they were not fought. We declared the war and surrendered immediately. In both cases we subsidized the “enemy” and gave away the victory. Why are we doing this again?

We, all of the able-bodied, are the front line troops. ALL OF US.  So just remaining on the medical front for now, we need to adapt the age-old attitude that has often brought about victory. You MUST decide that you already have the virus. You might as well. You most likely had it, have it or will have it when we finally stand up and start to really fight. It is ever less likely that you’ll die from it but the possibility MUST be accepted….IF we are at war.

Or we can continue to take counsel of our fears, sitting in our barracks looking at funny Facebook posts and passing thoughts and prayers back and forth to each other. This is NOT courage. And WARS require courage.

I believe we are at war. We are losing this war. It is time to see all the fronts we are fighting on clearly. There are many. And it is time to fight.

NEXT: How we fight on the Social Front.

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Critical Thought at a Critical Time

I am going to beg you to think critically for just a few minutes here. Of course, that is the goal every time a political writer toils, but on this subject critical thought has been missing across the board for two months.

One of the most socially crippling aspects of the COVID-19 fiasco has been that the talking heads on TV and elsewhere have long since run out of things to talk about. So they started making things up to say and then sought out commentators to advance the fantasies.

I’ll give you a couple examples. We all knew we had a pandemic on our hands as of late February. The newsies knew it too. But an official pandemic has set parameters to meet before being declared. The most important of which is how many countries are impacted. Once that threshold is met pointy-headed committees like the World Health Organization (WHO) declare the “pandemic”.

On that day all the news cycles were reporting the declaration as if it were more alarming than what we were already dealing with. And they succeeded in convincing YOU that this was important. That was just the newsies keeping the chatter alive and trying to keep your eyes locked on their outlet. If you are living through an epidemic it means NOTHING to you if officials call it an epidemic or a pandemic. To you it is the same thing.

Also, an illness is not made more dangerous by calling it a pandemic. It’s still the same germ. If a malady that made everyone’s eyes watery for two days swept the nation, you’d have an epidemic. If it crossed enough borders, you’d have a pandemic. The latter designation does not make watery eyes more scary or important.

But the newsies gasped and convinced most of you that My god, it’s worse than we thought! It’s a PANDEMIC!!!

 Will we ever be the same?!?!

 For the last week we have listened to the talking heads breathlessly trying to define a new normal. I have watched as they repeatedly asked guests whether we will emerge from this event unable to relate to each other as we have in the past.

Tell me, Mister Pretend Expert, will we ever be able to gather in restaurants or at sporting events again? Will we ever hug grandma without KILLING her? Blah, blah, blah.

 Sadly, while human nature will win out as it ALWAYS does, I suspect the jackasses in the media may well have created a vast new cadre of “germaphobes” that never would have existed without their Chicken Little commentary. In today’s me-me-me society we will face a few years of some people thinking they have a moral right to scold or even attack people who will be trying to go about their normal business.

You’ll also see people trying to sue any venue they can blame in the event they contract Corona. Jackpot justice just opened a whole, new market sector.

Happy Break!

If you are a woodworker you will not want the quarantine end.  Just kidding…sort of.

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Happy Break Over!

Ruining your health AND your 401K

The Mao Microbe experience has shown, even more than the housing crash, how easy it is to convince people to do or accept stupid things without so much as a whimper.

As I said previously, far more than the realities of the pandemic, market makers are reacting to how WE are REACTING, and a great deal to the STUPID things being said by the talking heads. If we had kept our wits about us from the outset, if the media had not filled every news cycle with ONLY news about the virus, the markets would have surely gone down, but likely not nearly as much. But markets are now driven by computers programmed to cull headlines, key phrases and even images to trigger trades. Every time the market bakes in a new reality and appears to stabilize or even go up a bit, some empty-headed hand-wringer finds a new way of restating how the world is about to end. Computers and the more weak-kneed investors then react to the new pithy phrases being generated and prices drop again.

Believe me or don’t. It’s your 401K.

Cleaning ourselves into a future sickbed

Not 30 minutes has gone by in the last month where you haven’t been admonished to use hand sanitizer. This situation is not what hand sanitizer was designed for. The stuff MAY kill the Red Death that you MIGHT have gotten from the grocery store cart. But it WILL kill healthy microbes that you need to sustain good health. We may find that some of those very microbes would have helped protect us from things like…the Red Death.

Don’t take my word for it. Look it up. Hand sanitizer was designed to clean your hands OCCASSIONALLY when soap and water are not available. By using the stuff several times a day you are likely damaging your overall immune system. More on that in a bit.

The answer to protecting yourself at the stores [including the liquor store…isn’t that a riot?] is latex or nitrile gloves. Hell, house cleaning gloves would do fine too. When you get home chuck them or clean them with a diluted bleach rinse and use them again.

But quit trying to sterilize your fingers every half hour!

More on immunity

I will make this one guarantee. You will be exposed to COVID-19, period. Sooner or later, whether you actually get sick or not, you WILL contract the virus. There is no way around it. No matter how cautious you are, you will be directly exposed.

Think about that in this context. Part of maintaining our immunities is constant exposure to microbes, both familiar and unfamiliar. The familiar would be what we experience every day with coworkers, social groups and family. Take away that exposure, even for a short time and we start to lose some of our tribal immunities.

Just how much diminished this will be is incalculable. But shutting ourselves away FOR MONTHS we will absolutely test whatever that value may be. My money is on far more bad than good.

As for the unfamiliar… by building and maintaining our ammo belt of immunities, we keep ourselves healthier overall and are thereby better equipped to face unfamiliar microbes. This improves our chances of not being sickened by the unfamiliar or not being as seriously sickened. It doesn’t work with all germs, but we all know that trying to live a sterile life WILL make you sick. Playing in the dirt is generally healthier.

Further, going to work, maybe going bowling or playing basketball, going for a swim at the YMCA may be the only activity some of us get. Many of us live on the ragged edge of fitness. I know I do. It is a lead-pipe-cinch that we can’t go on sitting at home. When the ruling class mandates, or when reasonable people just tire of the drama, we will return to society.

The longer it takes, the more weakened we will all be in facing this “Xi TB” along with the Flu, colds, sinus problems, stomach viruses, etc., once we emerge from our hibernation. 90% of you were better off facing the virus a month ago than you are right now.

There will be a treatment protocol for the Red Death quite soon. A vaccine will follow in record time. But we can’t wait that long before accepting the risk and getting back to real life. I say that as a member of the at risk population.

Call your boss. Say you are ready to get back in the fight. If you are a boss trust your employees to look after their own interests as you will yours.


  1. Politicians will continue to carpet bomb us with shit money, giving you the illusion that you are “getting” something. What you are getting is a further devaluation of your economy. By helping you get to the other end of this thing with no gaps [done because they know few of you saved a dime for a rainy day] they have simply piled on more debt and worthless cash, all of which will have to be flushed out of the system. And how will they do that later? Why, more give-aways and more government programs, of course.  Our response to the housing crash was the worst precedent we ever set for dealing with nation-wide challenges. It would not have happened if the voting public had the first notion as to how stupid the mass bailouts were.  And here we are again.
  1. In a year or two, hospitals will have truckloads of ventilators in storage. Smart bean counters will tell administrators they need to sell them off to other hospitals and other countries at pennies on the dollar because storing them is wasteful. Mark my words. This WILL happen. You will watch it happen or not even notice. Then the first hospital caught flat-footed in a large scale emergency will be crying to mommy government to bail them out again.  Socialized medicine crackpots will say, “See?  This is why we need mommy government to pay for EVERYTHING.”
  2. Venues that try to open with what TV idiots are calling the new normal; social distaining, hyper cleaning and the like, will go under. The ones who just open their doors and say come on in will be just fine.

And so will we…for the most part.

This is my only book so far.  I have others in the pipe but will not pursue them without an agent. Know anybody?  This one is more of a political stream of consciousness with hard-nosed recommendations and a bit of history and humor.

Get your copy here.


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Caveats for the NOW…and the Chinese Crud.

They say if you live long enough you get to see everything. Well, this Xi TB event has brought about some really mind-blowing revelations about just how stupid people can be. I’m not talking about you [looking askance]. You’re here with me right now so you are brilliant. But just in case you might be slouching toward the mob mentality, here’s a few thoughts to help you focus on reality.

Pay attention!

There is more going on in the world than the Red Death, as radio host Chris Plant calls it. For example, the big con between the governing class and big tech is moving along nicely, and you are the mark. Just before we all shuttered ourselves in waiting for the ChiComm disease to pass our door, Mark Zuckerburg announced that what his industry needed was regulation.

This same guy would not have said that 5 years ago. Back then he was still perfecting his social network and working toward his now unimaginable wealth. But now he wants regulation. As I said in a post about 18 months ago, you were being conned by Congress and Zuck. They were just beginning to do their choreographed dance, which would lead to killing competition in the social network industry.   Zuck would, over the ensuing year, appear twice before committees wagging fingers and talking about how dangerous an unregulated Facebook world was…my god! Those dirty ruskies bought ads on FB and ruined our election! It was very dramatic; all shaking heads and knitted brows.

Now here we are, as I said then, waiting to hear how, if you want to start a social network you will have to do multi-billion dollar handstands or regulators will shut you down. See how that works? No one will be able to compete with Zuck.

Don’t believe me? History is on my side. Just wait. They’ll do it. And you’ll let them. The truly stupid will cheer it!

Corona, the crud, not the disease, will provide an excellent distraction.

About the CHINESE virus itself:

The government is in the process of emptying our economic magazines of every round of ammunition we possess to “fight” a virus. States have shut down the remaining school year. People freak every time POTUS doesn’t say a sentence exactly as they would have him say it, in reference to this…event. And we are still in the early stages!

What are all you yahoos going to do when we see many tens of thousands of cases out there?

While all that is happening, the Dems are insulting the entire population by shitting on what both sides say is critical legislation to fight an existential threat. Really? How seriously are we to take Nancy Pelosi who is demanding a laundry list of social causes be included? If any one of the issues she’s whoring for right now were legitimate in the eyes of the public, they’d be law already. But none of them are, so blackmail the rest of the country, right?

Remember the stupid people I spoke of?  Yeah, they think what Pelosi and Schumer are doing is a good thing. As Ron White likes to say, “You can’t fix stupid.”  But political whores rely on it.

And for the record…

…Donald Trump has at no time said we are all going back to work now. This is directed at everybody, but especially the retarded media, FOX and MSNBC types alike. Both are claiming that Trump said yesterday, 23 March, that he is ending the “shutdown”.  Varney had a banner saying “Trump: End the Shutdown” and Morning Joe was jeering it. But he never said it.

His most direct answer to the question was that we are looking at ending the voluntary shutdown “sooner rather than later” and that it wouldn’t be “3 to 4 months as some people are saying.” So he specifically said it would not be 3 to 4 months. Members of the Corona Killer group standing behind him said they would consider what to do about the shutdown later this week. But NO ONE said it was over.

We shouldn’t be surprised about the media’s reaction this morning. Nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING of what they have attributed to Trump, in his dealing with this event, has been accurate. He isn’t Superman and he isn’t Daffy Duck. He’s just a chief executive letting the experts do what they do. And he’s still as inarticulate as he’s ever been.

It’s there where his detractors and admirers think they have the edge. They fill in blanks when he speaks, put words in his mouth, and then declare him good or evil. None of this is helpful.

I spare no one.

Other than ending the shutdown (I favor that) and letting the Asian Asthma run it’s course (as it will do anyway) there is little the government can do that would really help in the long term. In the near term, the “stimulus” will only help a little. And we are doing real damage to our economy in the process.

But if they REALLY want to do things that will fill the gaps and motivate businesses to keep people working they should do three things. Bridge loans to any business that NEEDS the help to keep going, a payroll tax holiday and plus up unemployment insurance fund. Everything else, sending checks to people, bailing out industries, is overkill and puts us on our heels for years to come. All the funny money, 2 trillion at last count, has to be flushed from the system when this is over. And if the college loan bubble pops, and the Dems are trying their best to make that happen, what will we have left to cover that screw up?

The reaction to Covid-19 has been overkill across the board. If it is what they say it is, and if we must put out lives in limbo as a reaction to it, then why do we not shut down every flu season?

Damn, I hope I didn’t just give all the stupid people an idea.