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I Nailed It! Dark Brandon strikes again!

The undignified, false and insulting shit show put on by Joe Duh last night was again, a another new low in American politics.  I said earlier the Dems were hitting new lows weekly. This one was only days on the heels of the Left exploiting the Paul Pelosi assault.

In fact, Brandon even participated in that as well.

But the upshot of the speech was basically this:  I am here to unite the country.  And if you vote against my party next week, you are t threat to democracy.

I predicted this in a previous post.

Many will say, “Oh no, Duh was just talking about MAGA people who want to hurt the country and are causing violence.”

Well, MAGA is a term that represents ALL of the 70+ million people who voted for Donald Trump.  MAGA – Make America Great Again – was the entire focus of the Trump campaign.  It was his slogan and his primary mission statement.  If you voted for him, like the label or not, YOU ARE MAGA.

I would add questions:  What violence?  How are the hurting the country, by disagreeing with the Regime?

Trump wasn’t spared the flail of lies either.  “He abused his power,” Biden told us.”He refused to accept his loss.”

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Grab some cool stuff and tune your sense of humor.

Both statements are lies.  Trump fought his corner as he thought he should.  If you don’t like that, it does not follow that his fight was a threat to democracy.  He was free by law and the Constitution to challenge the election.  He did.  He failed.  And then he left office.

After the fight the Left claimed he had no right to do it.  Then they scrambled to change the laws that acknowledged his right to do it. These people have no shame, no dignity, no scruples, no ethics! What ever they accuse their opponents of doing, it is a sure bet they are doing it.

The puppet president accused the MAGA people of inciting violence and plotting against our “democracy” (I know, we have a president who doesn’t know what he is the president of). Talk about conspiracy theories.

The part of the show that perked my ears was how we have to be patient and that we might not have results on Election Night.  He is already saying there will be “difficulties” with the counts.  As I headlined in that earlier post: How many votes do we need?  –   How many do you want?

Watch for the mules, ballot “repairing”, “stopping the count” and ejection of poll watchers.

Basically, the whole exercise was drooling hate and political desperation tarted up with phrases about saving democracy and uniting the country.  The central focus of the Regime (those are the puppet masters) is to vilify and destroy all opposition.  We’ll get into more of that in a later post.

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