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“Fact Checkers”. Low-Rent Karens.

Fact checkers are activist dorks!

Do you remember John Candy as the theme park security guard in Family Vacation? He is the emotional and intellectual equivalent of social media “fact checkers”.  These people wouldn’t know a valuable fact if it reached out and tugged on their panties.

The phony complaints of the fact mavens

I was recently down-listed by these jack wagons and the reasons given are a riot.  They say I repeatedly posted “false information”.  In two of the posts cited I stated my opinion on climate change and hydrogen powered cars.  In the car post I even started the post with “if this is true”!

Clearly, these were opinion pieces.  No one on the planet, other than me, would be in a position to judge whether either post was truly my opinion.  So it is impossible to HONESTLY disqualify anything as true or untrue in that context.  But they did.  Here’s how it works.

First, as an example, I post an opinion that parodies or (gasp) criticizes the climate change fetishists.



Please Support P4B. Shop here.






Then one of two things happens.

The FB algorithms flags the post because obedient FB proles are not supposed to have independent opinions other than complete panic over the climate. The post is then sent to a “fact checker”.


Some silly Karen reads the post and REPORTS it to the FB gods, who then forward it to a “fact checker”.

The “fact checker” then reads the post, spits out his herbal tea, adjusts his bra straps, and revels in yet another chance to brandish his pretend authority.  One strike against the evil-doer and his scary opinions!  We must keep this planet safe for the candy-asses!

Among my terrible offenses was my post on 21 Sep, this photo.  The charge against me?  I used an altered photo. And here it is.

I know! See how I snuck that in there?  Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster, sauce be upon Him, that the “fact-checker” spotted this subliminal manipulation. No mortal could have possibly spotted it.  The fact dork dutifully logged it for the future punishment of this brilliant but shadowy forger!

Now here’s the likely truth.

They’ve been logging these innocuous non-events for months. There isn’t a stable adult on the planet who would be the least put off by any of them. No, the 90 day down listing occurred after I posted a preemptive blast at Brandon and his puppet masters before Last Night’s speech.  AND I WAS SPOT ON and said so here today.  But you likely won’t see that on FB because my stuff is driven down to a point that only a complete social media addict would be around long enough to see it.

I am an enemy of the state and must be punished.

They couldn’t cite the Biden post because they’ve been taking a lot of heat about their constant cooperation with government officials and carrying out government censorship on behalf of the Regime.  Bumping me for that would have been too obvious.  So they pulled the trigger on the nonsense.

The first thing the GOP needs to do in January is to tighten up section 230.  As of this moment Facebook is a publishing company; they edit, block, or sometimes just remove user content. FB no longer qualifies for 230 protection. Take it from them!

Then Congress needs to charge everyone involved in suborning censorship by a second party and put them in jail. It is against the law.  Period.

Shut down the underground Ministry of Truth.

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