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The Midterms in a Microcosm – Portland, Oregon

How can entire states, even major demographics, in a developed nation be so self-destructive?  Chicago, New Orleans, Philadelphia have all been turned into criminal shit holes by policies that dominate the Democratic party.

I can say I’ve done my part.  I read and write every day with the goal of improving our lot in life.  I also troll out politicians to shame them into doing their jobs. And I vote…ON ELECTION DAY!!!!  Will you do yours?

I had a moment of regrettable schadenfreude today watching the mayor of Portland, Oregon declaring a state of emergency over his homeless problem.

Let’s tease that out, shall we?  What are the contributors to homeless encampments littering cities today?  Hmmmmm.  Could it be state-sponsored illicit drug use?  There’s a start!


“It is easier to build strong children than it is to repair broken men.”

Frederick Douglass

A thinking man’s coffee mug. 





Through the decriminalization of drugs* with NO backstop, like asylums for hopeless addicts, the Left has created a population segment of zombies.  These poeple are concerned about only one thing:  The next fix.  They will do anything: lie cheat and steal, even injure or kill to get it.

Do you think for one minute these pathetic wretches look at the blue tarp that serves as their primary residence and say, “well, jeepers, how can I hold a wine and cheese party here?  What will Mildred think?”  No.  They are too busy being victims of crime of committing petty crime themselves, to worry about decorating.  They have no pride.  They have no self-worth.


What else has the Mayor (now pleading for Mommy Federal Government to spent YOUR tax dollars to bail him out) done “for” you?  Well, he’s doing his best to make your city another Chicago or Philadelphia.

Remember, this was that same ass hat who spent a whole summer trying to convince you that dirt bags taking over your city was a good thing. Street brawls, outright assaults, looting, firing industrial fireworks at people, burning police stations; this was all an enhancement to the ambience of Portland as a tourist destination. So he made crime fashionable, trendy.

To my Portlander bubbas: Are you happy with your status as a sanctuary city?  This is another pre-adolescent concept that has thrived under your mayor.  It stands athwart federal law.  But while cementing your sanctuary city status, this moron is pleading for state and federal money to solve the homeless problem to which he intentionally contributed.

Understand that the Democrats running to be your councilmen, reps, senators, governor, etc., all embrace the same moronic ideals as your moron mayor.  Don’t reward stupidity.  If even you know these clowns, you’re not voting to make them feel good about themselves.

In this election you are voting to repair the damage they’ve done.  You need to vote your healthy self-interest.

Vote straight GOP!

* I have advocated for the decriminalization of drug use.  But I have no problem whatsoever with the people, in the form of LOCAL and STATE government, separating these users from the productive members of society so we can go about our lives unmolested.

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People to be screaming at: Find your Republican SERVANTS on this link.  CALL them and tell them to get hot on this series NOW!  Hell, call the Dems too.  You might find one or two who won’t get loose stools over it.

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