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GOP: If You’re Teaching, You’re WINNING.

From the Political Party Pooper Play Book (P4B)

I recently referred to the general electorate as a group of people who couldn’t pass a 3rd grade civics class with a cheat sheet. Our COLLECTIVE ignorance of how the government works versus how it is supposed to work is pathetic. And that is born of a wider ignorance.

The average adult wouldn’t be able to make heads or tails of an important Nixon or Kennedy speech today. They’d need a translator. And the Frederick Douglass Fourth of July speech would be a waste of time on most people. They would be utterly distracted by the very sound, simple, timeless concepts that make society work but are now considered offensive or mean or boring or really, really hard [pouty face]!

I spent some time on this in the book so I won’t rehash the history of our ignorance here. Suffice it to say our addiction to mindless online drivel is the manifestation of it. (Yes, I know. You’re reading this online…SHUT UP!)

The need to correct this, the need to teach, adds a previously overlooked dimension to a truly successful speech or blog post.

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As I write this, I worry that I am speaking over the heads of my readers. As a rule I try to write to a grade 8 level. And according to my SEO reports I am doing that most of the time. Sometimes I stray toward high school or college. But while most people do READ at this level or slightly above, too many cannot COMPREHEND at that level. That is mainly due to a TikTok or Instagram attention span. Oh well, I’ll soldier on.

We now have 29 days until the 2022 midterms. There are two choices before the electorate today. Either a GOP rout, followed by a tidal wave of letters and emails to the new congress to get things moving in the right direction, OR a small GOP majority under which nothing of substance can be done to slow the retarded, dull, Stalinist world taking control of our lives. It’s personal liberty or complete ruin. How you TEACH that choice can make all the difference.

If you are a politician, a conservative influencer (that’s not even a word) or you just want something good to come from holiday political arguments, you are addressing a population that is ignorant of many constitutional realities we must return to if this country is to survive.

If you are smart about it, your speeches/posts/arguments will write themselves. It is in the teaching that your message emerges clearly and positively.

For example…

You are a congressional candidate preparing to deliver a political speech. Your go-to issues are taxes, spending and the border. It would be wise to outline the process by which these issues are decided and contrast that against how they should be decided. Half the country thinks the president does all these things. In a perverse way they are half right in our retarded political zoo..

In supplying the complete, correct picture, in a loud and enthusiastic way you reap two things. You demonstrate clearly how you intend to accomplish your go-to’s and that YOU possess the requisite understanding to do just that.

If you have a staffer that is great with audio/visual production you could have slides ready and rehearsed. My medium of choice is a white board (the speaker is more engaged making crude illustrations then he is clicking a remote).

With each issue, explain the slow leaching of power from the Legislative Branch to the Executive. Talk about how you, and your GOP colleagues will radically halt that trend. How you will reassert the responsibility of congress over the border, taxes and spending. AND THEN SHOW THEM HOW YOU WILL DO IT!!!

The time for vague, half messages is OVER! If your handlers are telling you to be vague and non-committal they are doing you a huge disservice. You in turn are doing your voters the same disservice. As Reagan said, work in bright colors not pale pastels. I would add to that: use concrete statements.

When the press has a seizure at how bold you are and mislabels your intentions (and they WILL) then good! They present you with an opportunity to do thumbnail versions of the same speech to millions of people. You get to hammer away at your message again…for FREE!

There is a broader alternative for the GOP to pursue, but it would have to happen real quick! Create a podcast and YouTube platform for a party star or a professional presenter to do the heavy teaching and messaging. (If Tulsi Gabbard agreed to switch parties and do this I would have to rethink my lack of faith in a benevolent god.) The podcasts should be tough, controversial and cover all the points in this series. Most are part of GOP thinking anyway, but nothing has been done about them for a generation. Be prepared for the media circus to follow and use it to bang away at your message.

Bottom line: By using your go-to issues to teach Civics in your speeches, you not only remind people of their duties and privileges, you give them the BEST reasons to expend them on YOU!

People to be screaming at: Find your Republican SERVANTS on this link.  CALL them and tell them to get hot on this NOW!  Hell, call the Dems too.  You might find one or two who won’t get loose stools over it.

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