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Why can’t I play nice with the other kids? For my FB buddy.

A friend penned very important comment at PPPP today. I decided it deserved a full post in reply. I have not used her name as I did not get permission to do so.


I have read what you have posted along with the links and admire your devotion but…the twice impeached former president is guilty of hoarding documents that have not been declassified. I enjoy your opinions and don’t disagree with most of it, but when you start your post with name calling your losing those you may sway to your side. I appreciate the time and effort you devote until the name calling. Honestly, is it beneficial to your cause to belittle the POTUS? If so, how? I’m sincerely interested.


That is a solid gold question. Thank you for that. By pure coincidence, a few days ago, I was considering sticking to concepts and dumping the brash stuff.  But as we explore this, please do think of the absolute trash talk that has been coming from the Left since the 70’s.

First I’ll address style. In my book, STREET POLITICS, I hammered away about being “yourself”. I said the people are longing for brash honesty, not poll-tested phrases. I said that the next Republican candidate to win the White House was going to lean in, touch noses and embrace controversy. The first draft was in the can before the 2016 election got rolling. Then Donald Trump came down the escalator.

Ruh-Roh, Shaggy.

In the final draft I was very critical of Trump for all the obvious reasons. I posted here repeatedly that someone had to smash his cell phone and teach him to end the tangential rants. I counseled candidates to go toe to toe with him and keep punching. I also put this in posts so it would be out there. None of them did, of course. They would engage, their poll numbers would start to rise, then they would step away from the controversy and their numbers would go back down again.

But Trump stayed true to who he is. And that is the ONLY reason he won.

In 2016 I voted Constitutional Party.

That he is twice impeached is as important to me as whether we’ll have a full moon this week. The entire fiasco, and the brutal things said about him were beyond the pail in American politics, and on par with the gutter politics of Alexander Hamilton. And the “sources” for it all speak worse for people like Schiff and Pelosi than Donald J. Trump.

Through it all, he again stayed true to himself. Be honest, have you ever seen a speaker have so much fun at a political rally? Whatever his faults, he LOVES the people and LOVES being out there with them. And despite the talking heads saying he was weak at home (because of the manufactured crimes) he still got tons of stuff done. The Abraham Accords, browbeating China into ordering more American goods, NATO stepping up and paying their dues, just to name a few. The latter two ended the day he left office. They’ve been laughing at Joe ever since.

And Barry O left the White House with 30 MILLION documents (I guarantee you there were thousands marked SCI, SAP.) They ended up in an old warehouse in Chicago. Hey, man, they’re for the memoirs and the library, nothing to see here.

As to my style, I am a consummate smart-ass and I curse like a sailor. I was one for 23 years. I made a conscious decision to be that in my work. The book describes why in detail. As I said, I considered moving to a cleaner, more precise style just recently. Then Joe Duh’s handlers gave him that low-life script he’s been using. Ultra MAGA? Semi-Fascist? Most people who hear him say those words don’t even know what a fascist is. We’ve already been hearing since the previous election phrases like the “white nationalist plots” and” right wing threats to democracy”. Really? Where? The only evidence of it, in a nation of 315,000,000 people, had to be invented by the FBI and planted on a handful of morons in the Midwest. Other than that, where is this danger? Show me the people and the actions taken.

These jackasses aren’t talking about criminals or people actually running around in military gear, plotting to take over the country. They’re talking about ANYONE who doesn’t share their worldview. And they are trying to seriously provoke the Billy Bobs into confrontation so they can say, “See, I told you!”

The fact is ALL of this talk coming from the Democrat party and the White House has been manufactured to demoralize the people they fear most. That would be anyone of voting age who sees through them.

As for diminishing the President of the United States, two points: with his nonsensical rhetoric, “you gonna need an F-15” bullshit, Joe Duh has done a magnificent job of diminishing himself and his office with absolutely no help form me. We elected a man who was long past his already weak prime. BUT…

I don’t know who the president is. It certainly isn’t this guy. There’s no way this guy sits through meetings absorbing information. In real meetings at his level, not the silly images of him in front of a TV, information comes at you through a fire hose. Conversation is truncated and nuanced but specific. With his surviving speech and comprehension faculties, he’d have a 23-hour workday. His biggest complaint is that no one listens to him. Hmmmm.

So who’s running the show? Rice? Klain?

It matters not. For the moment, there is no actual president answerable to the people.

As I said to my wife, why should I be softening my tone? Nothing I ever say reaches the level of a Schiff or a Schumer. You can go all the way back to Harry Reid mumbling in the well of the Senate (!) about W being a “loser” and Romney being a tax cheat.

I always have the option to post non-offensive work, and I do sometimes. But day-to-day, I’ll swim with the sharks.

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