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How Pipelines Will Save America…And the World

Before we move on, let’s fix the problems in the previous post.

GOP (and state governors and AGs): The first thing you do on behalf of the 401K and IRA holders in your state is to write a simple and straightforward law that bans the consideration of social issues (or ESG or whatever new name they come up with) in how investment companies, large and small, invest other people’s money.

If successful business people want to invest their personal fortune in ESG type fiascos, they are free to do so.But, without the fix being in with the political whores we discussed earlier, no rich guys would be playing this game. They know it is a loser bet. So stop them from using this same loser bet to screw your citizens and damage retirement accounts. Kill the rigged game.

And kill the carbon footprint compliance while you’re at it. It is arbitrary bullshit anyway. One industry’s carbon footprint is West Virginia’s fart capacity.  It’s meaningless.

At the same time, ORDER the Executive Branch to drop the costs of leases, permits and royalties back to 2015 levels. Recovery needs to be quick!

VOTERS: Call your representatives and SCREAM AT THEM to do this NOW. I’ll give you other things to scream at them about in future calls below.

Remember, this series is about GOP victory. But more important, it’s about repairing the damage the Dems are doing right now! It is assumed that if you are now setting the agenda, the political whores most interested in ESG and windmills are gone. Or they are in the minority. If there are any among GOP ranks (is Mitch one?) put them on a backbench and instruct them to shut the hell up.

So what else has the government been doing to ruin our most important industry in favor of absolute stupidity?

They Killed The Pipelines!

The existence of the keystone pipeline was a matter of law. Brandon had no right to shut it down. None. Resurrect the Keystone law and any others in limbo and authorize the projects, extract most of the regulatory limits the executive can impose.

Pipelines MOVE oil and gas! Lots of it! These projects are critical to the US maintaining it’s standing in the world. They are the key to returning to sustained energy independence.

Pipelines don’t derail and kill and injure people.

Building and maintaining pipelines = jobs.

Unless you are only now self-aware or you are a complete numbskull, you know that starting to build Keystone and doing other projects under Trump was creating hundreds of thousands of jobs. And it isn’t because you are hiring a bunch of guys in hardhats with wrenches.  The ripple effect of having these projects in private hands is that the people working the project need to eat.  They need housing, entertainment, roads, booze, convenience stores.

This is how a nation evolves.  Major centers, like whistle stops on rail lines, become villages and grow into towns.  The fortunes of counties are often improved.  So when the big push moves on, you have new and growing population centers doing all the things any other town or county does. With light governance, and entrepreneurial thinking, these are well-rounded communities.  With “progressive” governance they are just administrative entities that go dark when the circus leaves.

But let’s not lose sight of the fact that we now have a safe, fast, reliable means to move OUR oil to processing and to market.  That’s the goal.  The ripples are just a nice benefit of how America works.

An epiphany!

This one just hit me out of the blue while I was writing that last paragraph. Suggest strongly that the pipeline people use those LFTR reactors to power the pipeline. We talked about them in post 4 of the series. The pumping stations will use only a tiny fraction of the power generated by the small, safe reactors. SO, the pipeline guys can sell most of the power onto the grid at a very attractive price. The possibilities are endless! The mind boggles.

I’ll have to think about that last point.  It’s a brilliance in it’s infancy.  It must be nurtured and coddled. But a truly free nation is, by default, an innovative nation, right?

Holy crap! This series is solving problems on an enormous scale!

Next time we’ll set the world right…for a price…an easy price; more than fair. We’ll still make a killing.

The world needs us!  It needs what the US we will be under the GOP.  What we are fast becoming under “progressives” is of no use to anyone.

Read on, dear friends.

People to be screaming at: Find your Republican SERVANTS on this link.  CALL them and tell them to get hot on this NOW!  Hell, call the Dems too.  You might find one or two who won’t get loose stools over it.


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