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I have had more than one boss in the military say “bring me solutions not problems.” I have also had bosses who were very slow to hear or advance good ideas for fear that they (the bosses) would become too visible and be expected to act. In politics, especially this year, don’t be the latter example.   By all means, point out the blatant and rampant corruption and incompetence of the Left and then follow through with what WILL work. Be specific. The voters are dying for that kind of honesty. The media will freak. The voters will reward you.

And THAT is what this series is about. Solutions.

One urgent solution which will have an almost immediate positive effect on the economy would be done in two parts.

First, rescind in it’s entirety, the Inflation Reduction Act. Claw back every unspent dime.  This is the biggest lie foisted on the American people since Obamacare.  That includes all the vote buying the swamp did during the “pandemic”.  None of this money did anything it was supposed to do.  And, as is ALWAYS the case, it was shot through with corruption.  From Hollywood to China, thieves and movie stars were abusing the grants we were told would keep our economy chugging along.  The same will happen with the lie called the Inflation Reduction Act.

So first, kill the Inflation Reduction Act.

Then, on the same day, kill all out-year spending associated with all those “pandemic” boondoggles and rescind those bills.  None of it is needed and it will never achieve what it was intended to achieve.  There are probably tens of billions of dollars out there you can claw back from those idiot bills as well.

In both bills instruct the Treasury to pay all that money against the PRINCIPAL of the national debt.  This will have two advantages.  1. It will obviously put a tiny scratch in what we owe the world. 2. Since almost all of the money we borrow was never really intended to be paid back and was almost entirely the result of fictionalized lending, almost all the money will simply disappear from the money supply. Vanish. Gone. (Read the Creature From Jekyll Island).  This would create immediate downward pressure on prices.

This series is here on and started on 20 August.  I will put up another post every day or two.Talk about this NOW! Tell your political SERVANTS to put it on the to do list for the first 100 days and then do it!   You’ll thank me later.

Author’s note:  The link to the book is not a paid affiliate link.  You can buy the book for far less used.  It’s worth every penny.

People you should be screaming at: Find your Republican SERVANTS on this link.  CALL them and tell them to get hot on this NOW!  Hell, call the Dems too.  You might find one or two who won’t get loose stools over it.

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