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GOP: Do You Want To Win In November? Seriously?

The first quality that is needed is audacity.

                                                Winston Churchill

To voters and the GOP, I’ll ask again. Do you want to win in November? Do you want to keep winning? DO YOU?!?! Then THIS time, pay attention to what the hell I am saying.

During the 2016 presidential campaign I wrote a book instructing the GOP on how they can win election after election. The concepts were born while I watched Bush 41 yawn his way through his loosing reelection campaign. I’m surprised the whole country didn’t slip into a coma listening to him.

In the book I addressed the tendency on the part of the GOP generally, and Conservatives specifically, to try to avoid controversy. STUPID!

I made little headway. But I am pretty sure Bernie and Donald read it. The fact is people react to strong, muscular messages and they don’t mind controversy as much as “experts” might think. That is why whenever the GOP is in a winning position they usually fail to exploit it. Good God, Trump had the establishment Republicans pissing their pants! The viewing public thus reacts to the louder, more graphic message. Sadly, when seeing a timid (although correct) Republican, this is how voters end up drifting toward the loony left. The loonies make a lot of noise!

This is also the reason Donald Trump was successful. Like him or not, he showed no fear. He spoke his mind every day. He relished controversy as a vehicle for forwarding his message.

Don’t be prideful. Learn from these FACTS. It wouldn’t hurt if you read the goddamn book as well.

I am starting a series of posts dedicated to the things the GOP must do to not only win in November, but to exploit that victory to establish dynastic staying power.

But the first order of business for the GOP right now is: 65. That is the number of Senate seats we need to pick up in November.

I say that for several reasons.

First, we need a veto-proof majority. Coming in we still have two more years of whoever is actually running the White House. Whoever that might be is/are un-elected. Biden is surely not running anything. He has no practical authority. Legitimate authority has been wrested from the people. So, there must be no wavering in winning and passing legislation.

But for that, you just need 60 seats, right?  True.

To my next point. We already have people like Collins and Murkowski to deal with. For the GOP to gain a bullet proof number of seats we need to anticipate we may get one or two more of these self-serving bozos. There are always one or two who hold out at key times to keep their woke cred with jackass factions, or who are looking to make a dirty backroom deal. We need to squash these people.

Finally, picking up 5 extra seats now, while the wind is at our backs, puts us in a stronger position in 2024.

Sadly, Mitch McConnell is making this harder than it has to be by pissing on his own candidates. We will deal with him and other DC swamp dwellers next.

People you should be screaming at: Find your Republican SERVANTS on this link.  CALL them and tell them to get hot on this NOW!  Hell, call the Dems too.  You might find one or two who won’t get loose stools over it.

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