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Dump McConnell and McCarthy

In short, killing the goose that lays the golden egg is a viable political strategy, so long as the goose does not die before the next election and no one traces the politicians’ fingerprints on the murder weapon.

                                                                                    Thomas Sowell

Take a good look at that quote.

I said in a previous post we need to get 65 seats in the Senate if we are to have the least hope of undoing the socialist dystopia the Left is building. For years now the fuel behind the GOP has been millions of voters who have completely rejected the business-as-usual style of politics.

For the first time, thanks to a goofy, brash businessman turned politician, many are going to county and municipal board meetings and challenging power. People who at one time had little interest in politics are now seeing the folly of their ways and becoming activists. It is upon these people the hope a nation rests.

And what do we get from Mitch McConnell? He is trying to kill this golden goose. And he was quite blunt. Twice in a week he has all but declared the Senate race a tie or a slight loss FOR THE GOP! What an asshole!

Done right, pursued with the least tact, this November should be the ass-kicking of a lifetime over the Democrats. And Mitch’s reasoning reveals the elitist thinking of the corrupt cowards inside the beltway.

And why doesn’t he think the GOP will stomp the Left into a fine paste this year? Get this; he cited, “CANDIDATE QUALITY”.  It was clear to everyone listening that he was referring to the very people responsible for the success the GOP has had for years, despite his efforts to thwart them. These are the candidates favored by the newly engaged people. He as much as called them a “basket of deplorables”.

This alone should be enough for the GOP to finally throw off this dull-eyed millstone. So the first order of business, even on the way to gaining the majority we need in the Senate, would be to kick Mitch to the curb.

The biggest objection we hear from the establishment right is that Mitch is a brilliant tactician and a great infighter. Really? Because he sat on Garland’s nomination? That is when I started hearing this type of praise. The Right-leaning media got the vapors over a step a complete imbecile would have taken in the same circumstances.

For two years he has done nothing but hand the Dems victories over key legislation.  He has only half-heartedly mumbled any objections to the most outlandish spending we’ve ever seen in this country. Why does he not blast the Democrats at every turn for using “Reconciliation” to pass major spending legislation?  That’s blatant dishonesty on a MULTI-TRILLION DOLLAR SCALE!

Before that, in the friendliest manner, he did everything he could to water down whatever Trump tried to accomplish, despite knowing what Trump was doing always resulted in improvement. (I will make an exception in the case of Trump taking on trade with China and Russia at the same time as Europe instead of getting Europe settled first.)

More important, Mitch is up to his weak chin and saggy jowls in dirty China money. He is as good at it as Biden or Clinton. We all know, Right and Left, that this is no longer tolerable in our politicians. We need legislation NOW that will weaken China on the world stage and eliminate their heavy hand in American business. And McConnell is NOT the man for the job.

We have to get rid of Speaker McCarthy as well. He, so far, doesn’t APPEAR to be as corrupt as Mitch. But he is just good hair. He’s a smooth, soft-spoken tool of the ruling class in this country. Like Mitch, McCarthy doesn’t really care about who actually holds the majority in Congress.

Congress is no longer run as it should be. The leadership of both parties, sometimes with White House colluding, decides what the legislature is going to consider and members of respective parties are told how they will vote. You get the occasional holdouts like Manchin and Snowe, but they are usually outvoted or dirty deals are struck.

At any rate, like McConnell, McCarthy has been perfectly happy with this arrangement, and why not? It requires no strength of character and carries no responsibility for outcomes.

So new leadership is needed. A return to actual legislative authority must be reestablished. Power must be wrested back from the Executive. Laws must be straightforward. There must be no more vague, multi-thousand page laws that imply tens of thousands of pages of regulation. No more leaving execution entirely to bureaucrats. Often the resulting regulations end up blunting the law itself or expanding the power of the bureaucrat far beyond what the governing law created.

If you are smart you’ll elect Rand Paul as Majority Leader.  He is consistently the voice of reason and ethics in a constant whirlwind of ignorance and corruption.

In this series, we will get into the list of the most critical legislation that must be passed within the first 100 days of the new congress. But as the list develops the existing members, especially those up for reelection must start talking about these issues NOW!   There is a kernel of truth in lies by the Left saying the Right complains but has no ideas. Quality individuals in Congress do have ideas but they are not bringing them forward while criticizing Biden and the Democrats.

I have had more than one boss in the military tell me to “bring me solutions not problems.” I have also had bosses who were very slow to hear or advance good ideas for fear that they (the bosses) would become too visible and be expected to act. Don’t be the latter example.   By all means, point out the blatant and rampant corruption and incompetence of the Left and then follow through with what WILL work. Be specific. The voters are dying for that kind of honesty. The media will freak. The voters will reward you.

Now let’s get into the good stuff!

A side note: The rank and file in the House should recruit Ron DeSantis as Speaker for the next Congress AND START TALKING ABOUT IT NOW! I think he might see the genius of serving for a couple of sessions and then running to the White House in ’28. Maybe not. But it is worth the effort to find out. Remember my rule about touching noses.  The controversy over this move alone would keep proponents in the news for months.

People you should be screaming at: Find your Republican SERVANTS on this link.  CALL them and tell them to get hot on this NOW!  Hell, call the Dems too.  You might find one or two who won’t get loose stools over it.


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