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Uh-Oh! Polio! Where did that come from?

Welcome Back Polio!

Did you know Polio has been detected in New York? Polio, f**king POLIO! But, we eradicated that generations ago, right? So where might it be coming from? Hmmmm. Wait a moment! Could it be coming in with the millions of illegal aliens invading our country, encouraged by the Democrat Party? Is that even knowable? These people are herded across the border, handed directly from the Cartels to our Border Patrol, and dispersed with absolutely NO controls whatsoever? Could that possibly the case?

Should we even have to ask such questions? In a civilized nation of laws, the question wouldn’t even come up. Our laws require a person to go through the proper channels to come here. And there are other steps that must be taken to stay here. But who worries about pesky laws?

Look at the poor, starving children…no wait…

Certainly not the modern Democrat Party. They and their allies, the drug cartels in Mexico, have money to make and power to cling to. So to hell with your damn laws, we’ll just do what we please and say it is because the existing laws need to be reformed.

Did you get that? We POLITICIANS will actively encourage the breaking of laws, saying that the laws need to be reformed. The very people, who are charged with making laws, don’t lift a finger to create the very reforms THEY claim are needed. They just DISOBEY existing law and encourage others to do the same.

That should be how the GOP is couching its message about the border crisis. And as I have said in earlier installments, start talking about action steps you will take NOW. Dump the poll-tested phrases. They are designed to keep you out of the limelight. Speak plainly and boldly and dive head first INTO the limelight!


Close the border! It’s almost embarrassing to have to list that as a step. But the playtime is over!

Finish the wall.

Start enforcing deportation laws. Tell illegals in no uncertain terms to get their affairs in order. If an illegal is caught in a traffic stop, he gets on a plane to his country of origin. If he has kids and wants to take them along, fine. If he wants to leave them, he needs to have a plan in place NOW. He or she is leaving regardless.

It’s time we recognize parental responsibility in this situation. The Left will say these poor people are too stupid to be held responsible for the welfare of their children. If they brought their kids here, we are responsible for the kids. NO, we’re not. The parents are.

But won’t the kids just end up as wards of the state, if left behind? Maybe. But if you’re an illegal, working under the table, you’re collecting welfare too. That scam is as common as air. So many are already wards of the state, financially.

Many will say that these people coming across are poor, starving families fleeing corruption. Have you SEEN the videos of these people? 70% male, almost all adults. And few, if any look the least bit hungry. Many are fatter than me. And I’m fat.

The respective Central American governments don’t care about these illegals one way or another. The illegals weren’t in Guatemala or anywhere else in the world, fighting the good fight, and then fleeing for their lives. They’re looking for a pay raise.

Wait! There’s More!

End the illegal sanctuary concept. This is not Medieval Europe and San Francisco is certainly not a church. If a city interferes with the enforcement of immigration laws, arrest the officials thwarting ICE and charge him appropriately. This includes the mayor. Hey, if you can do it to a former president on procedural grounds, you can certainly arrest a mayor for supporting drug cartels in Mexico.

If you leave sanctuary cities in place then you MUST allow Texas and Arizona enact any form of anti-immigrant policies they wish and let them carry them out.

Enforce laws regarding the hiring of illegals. Better yet, make them tougher. Outlaw renting to illegals. Make it uncomfortable for them to be here. These people are not as pathetic and stupid as the Left wants you to believe. If they sense a hassle, they won’t come. Make being an illegal a major hassle. Take away the goodies. And certainly start by dis-enrolling illegals from Social Security. You will then see, on a scale even Mitt Romney couldn’t have envisioned, self-deportation. Again, these people are not stupid. If life here sucks they’ll go back. Make life suck for illegals.

In coming episodes of this series you’re going to see that we will have a number of IRS and FBI agents looking for work. Hire them to investigate, infiltrate and break up the gangs that profit from human trafficking. Make life for these, and any gangs for that matter, horrible. You’ll have the manpower. We’re going to free them up with other solutions to our nation’s ills.  There are lot’s of details about this in my book also.

Anticipate the straw argument

The talking heads on TV will say that you are going to lose the support of Hispanic voters. Yeah, the Donald put the lie to that already. While he was pushing to shut the border, his Hispanic numbers were climbing. That’s because Hispanic voters (that would be citizens of Hispanic extraction) don’t like the racist insinuation that their fortunes are tied to those of most illegals because they share similar surnames. They aren’t. I would argue that an American with a Spanish accent has needless difficulties BECAUSE of rampant illegal immigration. I mean, who’s who and how do you know?

There’s also the fact that those coming across are now from every race and ethnicity on the planet. That’s because right now they know that our government is stupid and unbelievably lazy. They know our southern border is the least secure border in existence.

They’re gonna take my libertarian card for this post. But hey, I am a libertarian, not a 12 year old Antifa poof. I think there are lots of laws that need to change. We could burn three quarters of the federal code and lives would improve. It’s why I’m here. But in a civilized society, you start by enforcing existing law. Otherwise there is no respect for ANY laws, like those for example, that protect individual rights.

And it’s time to say it again. Make all laws you push through simple, brief and clean. No earmarks and other bullshit. If we succeed in our primary mission there will be little or no need for backroom deals or arm-twisting.

Cheers. Carry on.

People you should be screaming at: Find your Republican SERVANTS on this link.  CALL them and tell them to get hot on this NOW!  Hell, call the Dems too.  You might find one or two who won’t get loose stools over it.

Photo source:  Bharat Express News, 16 Aug 22
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Dump Miguel Cardona and His Entire department

This one isn’t high on the list, but it’s an easy out.  Pack your bags, Miguel Cardona.  We’re sending you down.

The time has come to end the most expensive and sophisticated organization ever dedicated to the art of mental masturbation in the history of mankind.  No, I’m not talking about the EPA…not yet.  There is a large group of people in Washington DC who have not justified their right to suck air since Jimmy Carter was running the third worst presidency, just ahead of Barry and Joe.

This group spends billions coming up with slogans and poster campaigns and pushing bills through congress with pithy names.  None of this has ever accomplished anything; certainly not for the constituency the organization was meant to serve.

I am speaking of the Department of Education.  Fortunately this is small, as federal agencies go; only 3,974.  But when we get rid of it we could crew an aircraft carrier for less.  We have to dump this useless paper shuffling group.  It hasn’t contributed to the education of a single child.  None of their initiatives have improved the pathetic outcomes in our schools, K-12, since it’s inception. I would argue that Dept. of Ed. has been the tip of the spear in driving our schools into the ground.

The teachers union, presently the real boss of this federal department, will turn teachers out into the street to protest the closure, instead of having them in schools teaching kids.  They will ask how we can layoff such amazing and critical talent.

The short answer is, “Easy. Watch me.”  If you’re a smart politician that should be your short answer also.  But there is more to the solution.  We can send all these people who will have teachers marching in the streets wailing about us firing them, and let them go out amongst the 50 states providing schools directly, their critical talent in educating kids.  They can fill a little of the teacher shortage that occurred right under their noses without the department being able to do a single thing about it.

Cardona can go back to Meridian, Connecticut.  Those kids need him teaching there, not serving the union as the nominal head of a worthless political bureaucracy.  Take the entire budget we would spend in the next year on the Department of Education each year and use it against the principal on our national debt.  I’ve told you before what happens when you do that.

Surely, since ALL of these people represent critical talent who previously worked for the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (the big cheese, the place where too many Americans think you go for all the answers) the school districts across the county wouldn’t begrudge them teaching positions!  These people know everything there is to know about educating children and reducing dropout rates.  Or so we’ve been told.

As an alternative, I hear Home Depot is hiring.

People you should be screaming at: Find your Republican SERVANTS on this link.  CALL them and tell them to get hot on this NOW!  Hell, call the Dems too.  You might find one or two who won’t get loose stools over it.

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Part 4, Episode 2 The GOP’s Answer to Green Scams

An example of a LFTR. Beats the holy shit out of sprawling wind toy farms, right?


Source:, L.F.T.R. the New Age of Nuclear
By in WorkshopEnergy

There is a fascinating and exciting technology that has been around for 70 years and can be used to fight the Green Scams and save the climate, to the extent it needs saving.

I have only heard one politician bring this up recently. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) was promoting the idea on a news appearance. I am talking about Liquid Fluorine Thorium Reactors (LFTR). There are variations under consideration in terms of matrix and fuel, but the process is simple. I believe it was Oak Ridge that had one going for years in the 50’s. It worked fine, but no one wanted to fund it because, as I said at the end of the previous episode, it produces no plutonium. Eventually they just shut it down and shelved the technology.


…there are so many! I will not dive too deeply as the series must march on. But just consider this list. Then read up on LFTR’s.  I believe Germany, Russia, China and India are working with this technology and India and China may have reactors already up and running.

  1. First, they are small affairs. They produce power, not as much as a traditional nuke plant, but you can build and operate several less expensively than a traditional plant. In 2015 proponents of the technology estimated it would cost $5-7 billion to work out the particulars and build the first plant. Thanks to the Biden Regime, it would now cost a little more, but still very doable. Each plant after that would cost less; far less over time.
  2. A LFTR, while performing its primary function, can burn off spent fuel from conventional nuclear reactors down to a tiny fraction of their present volume. Yucca Mountain = Solved!
  3. The proposed fuel for these units is thorium. We have massive deposits of it in this country, unless Hillary wants to sell them all to Russia and China to finance Chelsea’s political career. (It’s worth checking to find out if all the “farmland” China is buying here sits on Thorium-rich land. If so, give them the boot.)
  4. LFTR’s can produce a medical isotope called Bismuth-213 or Bi-213. The product is highly valuable to diagnosticians around the world.
  5. A LFTR does not need water to cool the core. You can replace a massive wind farm with just one LFTR ANYWHERE and produce more power more reliably than the stupid wind farm. It would take two or three relatively small buildings that can even be tarted up to look appropriate to their surroundings. Do you remember that photo from the last episode?
  6. LFTR’s don’t produce hydrogen. No hydrogen bubbles, no risk of hydrogen explosions.
  7. I’ve heard these units called “walk-away safe”. While I’d never recommend turning your back completely on a nuclear reaction, it is obvious the staff for a LFTR can be much smaller than the army it takes to run a conventional plant. The operating systems would be much safer and simpler.
  8. If a plant does overheat and has the LFTR equivalent of a meltdown, all the fuel and salt matrix drain into a containment tank under ground.  The salt cools and hardens.  The contents are fully contained.  Crisis over.
  9. I saved the big one for last. We hear from “greenies” all the time about the dreaded rise of oceans. It’s true; they’re rising a couple millimeters per year and have been doing so for 10,000 years. (I’m shuddering as I write this. At that rate, my house will be underwater in 500 years!) But what of exploiting that frightening prospect? California is in a drought. In my 64 years I’ve never known parts of California not to be, but there you are. They have been siphoning off water, valuable irrigation water, from neighboring states for a century. It’s high time they stopped, or at least curtailed the theft.  Read on, dear friends.

I propose strategically dotting the west coast with LFTR’s. Considering how safe they are and the urgency of the need, we can ignore the NIMBY cries. I did a rough calculation and it seems one LFTR can desalinate enough water from the ocean to produce 7% of what Los Angeles consumes every day. That reduction, reliably provided, would have a huge positive impact on the reservoirs that are presently being drained in the West to serve cities that never should have grown so large in the first place. Las Vegas can pay for two or three LFTR’s and the pipeline to bring the water to them. The farmers along the Colorado River would be most grateful.

Northern California is also running out of water. It takes many gallons of water just to produce one almond. One! How many almonds do the respective trees produce? Almond farmers are sucking up an insane amount of water from a rapidly dying supply. It is most urgent Northern California start desalinating. And the present power grid can’t handle the job. That they haven’t built several of these LFTR’s and started fixing this problem is beyond me, and utterly inexcusable.

One final thought on areas like California. Let’s say they act like adults and build reliable desalination plants. Then, lo and hark, they have a rain boom. They suddenly get all the rain they need for a year. Well, yay. With a flick of a transfer switch, all the LFTR’s start making the cleanest power known to man and feed the pathetic grid additional power.  Some would be able to do that most of the time anyway, while desalinating!

And as a bonus, they sell the salt from the desalinization process. Maybe some mad scientist can figure out a way to seed the northern edges of natural machines like the Gulf Stream to keep them running strong. It seems fresh water from northern ice melts makes them weaker.

So there you have it, the GOP green energy initiative.   Candidates and office-holders: If you don’t start pushing this idea today you are out of your friggin’ minds!  VOTERS:  If you don’t start screaming for this to be developed NOW, then you deserve all the green scams and windmills that can be thrown at you!

People you should be screaming at: Find your Republican SERVANTS on this link.  CALL them and tell them to get hot on this NOW!  Hell, call the Dems too.  You might find one or two who won’t get loose stools over it.