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Ethanol: It was never a good idea!

Some years ago, a pack of virtue signalers, shysters and political whores came together over a truly stupid idea; put food in our gas tanks.  They decided to take our tax money, or to print money depending on what month the checks go out, and give it to farmers to plow under their varieties of vegetables and just grow corn instead.  The corn wasn’t to be used as food, not even for the starving nations we normally help.  And it wasn’t to be used for animal feed.  It was to go into our gas tanks!

The political whores were certainly up for the idea. They thought they would corner the vote in the farm belt by subsidizing the hell out of the farms and providing them with a constant artificial market for the corn.  It also gave the false appearance of doing something Green.  The snowflakes loved it.

To be certain corporate farms were only too happy to play along and provide no end of “political donations” to the whores.  Nice and cozy.

The “thinking” was that you could create ethanol from the corn and then require, by force of law, refineries to put the ethanol into our fuel.  They told us that ethanol burns cleaner than regular gas so it would reduce pollution, and the dreaded CARBON DIOXIDE in our atmosphere.

It’s a very expensive process.  So the refineries and the ethanol suppliers were heavily subsidized as well.  What did any of them care? They were using your money to do it.  So to the them, it was like sharing “found” money.

This is nothing new.  Look at any of the thousands of things the federal government does, that are actually none of its business, and you’ll find billions of dollars of your money being gleefully pocketed under similarly false enterprises.


But there is a half-truth these whores and shysters are relying on to keep you putting food in your gas tank.  If you put a match to a can of gasoline and to a can of ethanol the ethanol will burn cleaner.  It will produce carbon and carbon dioxide, but not as much.

What these people, stealing your money, don’t tell you is that a molecule of ethanol is nowhere near as efficient as a source of power as a molecule of gasoline.  The string of hydrocarbons in gasoline is much longer than that of ethanol.  That’s why gas produces much more power and more carbon, etc. This was explained to me by the lead scientist who worked for the same company as I once did.

BUT…because ethanol is far less efficient it reduces the mileage in your car.  As a result, you burn more fuel per mile meaning the benefit of having corn in your tank is lost.  Ethanol also retains moisture much more readily and scorches the inside of your engine.  That’s why you can’t put it in your boat or lawn mower.

SO…we have this huge scam going with big farms and political whores creating fuel that costs you more, while at the same time pocketing your tax dollars, for the relatively worthless process.

AND…It takes just over 3 gallons of water to make a gallon of ethanol.  And no one knows what happens to the water or how it is disposed of.  The ethanol producers and their government whores say “that’s proprietary information.”

When you get some time, produce some nice sippin’ whiskey in your backyard.  When John Law comes around asking you what he smells in your yard, tell him that’s proprietary information.  See how far that gets you. You see,  you don’t have the blessing of the government to do what they do.  AND you don’t have the threat of force to make people buy it if you wanted to sell it.


Do you think super farms would plow under a decent rotation of crops, to grow one crop, without a giant subsidy and a guaranteed market backed by government force? Would anyone would create  billions of gallons ethanol just hoping people would put it in their gas tanks? How many refineries would bother with an ounce of the stuff if not for the same favors from political whores…who expect to be paid back later?

AND THEN…you have to put the lower quality fuel in your car.  You don’t get a say in any of it.

And when all is said and done, it doesn’t do much of anything for anyone.  As I pointed out earlier, any cleaner emissions PER GALLON are cancelled by gallons burned PER MILE.

So a good start for reducing how much we pay at the pump, and how many of our tax dollars are wasted by the ruling class, would be to tell you representatives to end ethanol subsidies…NOW.  I know, whiners will say, “but that will hurt the farmers! Boo-hoo-hoo!”

No it won’t.  Not really.  Do you think the farmers who grew corn this year will say, “Well, if you’re not going to put my corn in your gas thank then I’ll just burn my crops!” Nope!  They may not get the fat subsidy from the government, but the consumer will have a bumper crop of food and feed.  Trust me, the farmer will be happy to sell it to you.  And if the farmer was fool enough to put all his “eggs” (excuse the metaphor) in the government basket, he deserves a lean year or two before learning how to grow FOOD again.

Do you think the refineries would have processed one pint of this crap if not for a fat check from the political whores? Not on your life!

And knowing what you know now, would you VOLUNTARILY buy a single gallon for your car? Nope!

By my guess, this would create a larger supply of regular unleaded.  “Boat fuel”, which is just regular unleaded without the worthless ethanol, would be pooled with a now easier to refine, regular unleaded gasoline supply.  Prices would come down maybe ten or twenty cents per gallon.


But thanks to the people who own the president, that would be temporary.  If we don’t take the prices of permits, royalties and leases back to pre-Biden levels, if we don’t reopen oil rich regions, if we don’t restart Keystone, the price of gasoline will still trend upward.

I can hear the choir now, “But how will we end our dependence on fossil fuels?” Well, we can’t  – FOR NOW.  I am a big believer in getting rid of fossil fuels.  This stuff IS GOING TO RUN OUT, AND SOON.  but we are not free of our need; nowhere near it.

To get there we must start on an industrial level and within a truly free market.  When Uncle Sam does it he screws up every time.  We need to start generating industrial power with nuclear power.

This can be done on a large scale by more conventional plants and on a medium scale with lots of small, what I call LFTR reactors.  As a bonus, LFTR reactors can be used to “burn off” (reduce) spent fuel from conventional reactors.   Yucca mountain? Solved.

Then we learn to run our cars on the available natural gas…and gasoline, until the present day tinker toys are ready for prime time and we have a proper way to dispose of batteries, silica and other crap in them. It wouldn’t hurt to regain our dominance of the metals used in these expensive toys back from the Chinese.

But for now, we need lots of gasoline, not the government bullshit we’ve been putting in our cars.

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