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Are You Woke, Woker or Wokest? [eye-roll]

Am I the only one who smirks when supposedly grown adults use the term “woke”? Granted, slang is slang. In that regard who cares if people slouch to the use of a weak term on occasion.

But in present discourse people discuss, straight-faced who’s “woke”, who’s “woker” and who still needs to “get woke”. Then there’s Senator Spartacus’ admonishment to “get folk woke!”  These morons believe they are being deep and significant when they use such a STUPID term.


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Woke is one of those shallow, grab-ass, pop terms you might use to get a 14 year old to try to raise his consciousness. (I know. I used the grammatically convenient, masculine pronoun there. So shoot me, bitch.)

The laziest part of using this term is that it is meant to mean whatever the speaker wants it to mean. Communication, to be clear, requires more than that. And any term that means everything means nothing.

So, if you want to be seen as an adult in conversation, stop saying “woke” and use real language…bitches.

’tis his honesty that brought upon him the character of a heretic.

Benjamin Franklin

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