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A Silly Summit

A Silly Summit

Watching Joe Duh prepare to face China and Russia this week was chock full of cringe-worthy moments. Even with the limited exposure Duh’s handlers permit him, he managed to sound utterly befuddled and ill-prepared.

But there was comic relief throughout.

First was watching the press discuss the much-ballyhooed “summit” generally. For the stupid among you, there was no summit this week. There was the G7 debacle (more about that in another post) and the worthless sit-down with Putzy.

By definition, a summit (the event) is where two powers come together to consummate a significant agreement. The particulars have all been worked out and it is left to the heads-of-state to look each other in the eye and try to assess if the document is worth signing. It almost always is. That, in modern parlance is what people mean by “deliverables”.

Duh and his handlers admitted freely that there would be no “deliverables” in this little confab hence no summit, not even a lame one. But the talkin’ heads couldn’t stop gushing about the “summit”.

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The MS also demonstrated repeatedly today and yesterday how much Donald J. Trump lives inside their pointy, little heads. They breathlessly tried to say that Duh was better than Trump on the world stage. Say what you want about Orange Man, but on the world stage he was never befuddled or at a loss for words – whether you agree with those words or not. I, for one, often did not.

Just look at the evolution of Duh’s remarks regarding Putzy being a killer.   During the campaign Duh called him a killer. When challenged by George Stephanopoulos, asking if he still thought Dear Vladimir is a killer, Duh looked like a deer in the headlights and barely mumbled in the affirmative. Then yesterday, as the big moment with a smarter, tougher man loomed, Duh called Putzy a worthy adversary.

In reality, Vlad is a punk and a criminal who never got the memo that the Cold War was over. He needs to be slapped down. Sadly, we have no one with the requisite nads to do so.

This is not unlike Trump in that the spoken position changes. But in the Donald’s case it has always been his negotiating style. Shame someone to the table (calling Kim the Crazy Fat Kid) then when he wants to do business, showering him with approbations – NOT concessions. In Duh’s case the flip-flops are out of fear and the lack of a genuine position (conceding on the Arctic and the pipeline even BEFORE the pretend summit).

Just because the corrupt media claims Duh is a world leader doesn’t make it so. He’s not. He’s in a permanent fog.

“The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.”  George Orwell

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