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Mask Hysteria: Politicians and Moral Hazard

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Moral Hazard is where you incentivize people with the means to do the wrong thing with the rewards for doing it. Politic1ans will always choose the easier, less moral path.  That’s what I meant by politics and money earlier. Bigger COVID numbers mean more money and a chance to beat up Orange Man. What could be more fun?  If you are naive enough to believe your reps and the teachers’ unions aren’t doing that, especially in the major cities, save yourself some time and stop reading now.  You are too well-programmed to benefit.

Part 4

Again, there is no time to cover all the examples of collection, but if we’re being all science-ee here we must admit that the data is invalid. Not wrong necessarily (right or wrong is now unknowable), but without practical working value. Because we can’t know the REAL numbers anywhere!

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Further, to be scientifically valid, data must be reported objectively, without extraneous bullshit. We have seen anything but. The ways numbers are reported every day are wildly subjective, mislabeled and jammed down our throats on a media ramrod.

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Just look at the term “cases”. This is a dramatic media term. When someone tests positive they are immediately labeled a “case”. This conjures images of 4.8 million deathly ill patients languishing in a hospital bed. But a “positive” does not equal a “case”.  Period.  No one opens a folder on you and starts treatment. No one is recording your progress just because you test positive. You are not automatically sick and it is unlikely you will get sick. It simply means you carry the bug.  But the breathy utterance “case” gets ratings.

Also, it should be more than comforting to know that the numbers are very encouraging when analyzed in the right light. Testing is like taking a poll. You can see how a germ is spreading through a community or group. You can discern pretty well how many people are actually running around carrying the Red Death without consequence. According the CDC we can safely assume (as of 8 Aug) there are 40 million who are. While certain pockets of out country are spiking, no one place for very long, the overall numbers in all categories have been falling and continue to fall despite the fact that so many selfish people have decided to return to their real lives. The virus, like all viruses, is weakening as it jumps.

It should also be comforting to know that few children, even during the very height of this bug ever got sick. A negligible number have died. Don’t be fooled by that. Millions of kids have the bug in them. But that doesn’t mean they will ever get sick.

Sadly, this and any other good news about the pandemic counts for absolutely nothing. Read more.


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