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Caveats for the NOW…and the Chinese Crud.

They say if you live long enough you get to see everything. Well, this Xi TB event has brought about some really mind-blowing revelations about just how stupid people can be. I’m not talking about you [looking askance]. You’re here with me right now so you are brilliant. But just in case you might be slouching toward the mob mentality, here’s a few thoughts to help you focus on reality.

Pay attention!

There is more going on in the world than the Red Death, as radio host Chris Plant calls it. For example, the big con between the governing class and big tech is moving along nicely, and you are the mark. Just before we all shuttered ourselves in waiting for the ChiComm disease to pass our door, Mark Zuckerburg announced that what his industry needed was regulation.

This same guy would not have said that 5 years ago. Back then he was still perfecting his social network and working toward his now unimaginable wealth. But now he wants regulation. As I said in a post about 18 months ago, you were being conned by Congress and Zuck. They were just beginning to do their choreographed dance, which would lead to killing competition in the social network industry.   Zuck would, over the ensuing year, appear twice before committees wagging fingers and talking about how dangerous an unregulated Facebook world was…my god! Those dirty ruskies bought ads on FB and ruined our election! It was very dramatic; all shaking heads and knitted brows.

Now here we are, as I said then, waiting to hear how, if you want to start a social network you will have to do multi-billion dollar handstands or regulators will shut you down. See how that works? No one will be able to compete with Zuck.

Don’t believe me? History is on my side. Just wait. They’ll do it. And you’ll let them. The truly stupid will cheer it!

Corona, the beer, not the crud, will provide an excellent distraction.

About the CHINESE virus itself:

The government is in the process of emptying our economic magazines of every round of ammunition we possess to “fight” a virus. States have shut down the remaining school year. People freak every time POTUS doesn’t say a sentence exactly as they would have him say it, in reference to this…event. And we are still in the early stages!

What are all you yahoos going to do when we see many tens of thousands of cases out there?

While all that is happening, the Dems are insulting the entire population by shitting on what both sides say is critical legislation to fight an existential threat. Really? How seriously are we to take Nancy Pelosi who is demanding a laundry list of social causes be included? If any one of the issues she’s whoring for right now were legitimate in the eyes of the public, they’d be law already. But none of them are, so blackmail the rest of the country, right?

Remember the stupid people I spoke of?  Yeah, they think what Pelosi and Schumer are doing is a good thing. As Ron White likes to say, “You can’t fix stupid.”  But political whores rely on it.

And for the record…

…Donald Trump has at no time said we are all going back to work now. This is directed at everybody, but especially the retarded media, FOX and MSNBC types alike. Both are claiming that Trump said yesterday, 23 March, that he is ending the “shutdown”.  Varney had a banner saying “Trump: Ends the Shutdown” and Morning Joe was jeering it. But he never said it.

His most direct answer to the question was that we are looking at ending the voluntary shutdown “sooner rather than later” and that it wouldn’t be “3 to 4 months as some people are saying.” So he specifically said it would not be 3 to 4 months. Members of the Corona Killer group standing behind him said they would consider what to do about the shutdown later this week. But NO ONE said it was over.

We shouldn’t be surprised about the media’s reaction this morning. Nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING of what they have attributed to Trump, in his dealing with this event, has been accurate. He isn’t Superman and he isn’t Daffy Duck. He’s just a chief executive letting the experts do what they do. And he’s still as inarticulate as he’s ever been.

It’s there where his detractors and admirers think they have the edge. They fill in blanks when he speaks, put words in his mouth, and then declare him good or evil. None of this is helpful.

I spare no one.

Other than ending the shutdown (I favor that) and letting the Asian Asthma run it’s course (as it will do anyway) there is little the government can do that would really help in the long term. In the near term, the “stimulus” will only help a little. And we are doing real damage to our economy in the process.

But if they REALLY want to do things that will fill the gaps and motivate businesses to keep people working they should do three things. Bridge loans to any business that NEEDS the help to keep going, a payroll tax holiday and plus up unemployment insurance fund. Everything else, sending checks to people, bailing out industries, is overkill and puts us on our heels for years to come. All the funny money, 2 trillion at last count, has to be flushed from the system when this is over. And if the college loan bubble pops, and the Dems are trying their best to make that happen, what will we have left to cover that screw up?

The reaction to Covid-19 has been overkill across the board. If it is what they say it is, and if we must put out lives in limbo as a reaction to it, then why do we not shut down every flu season?

Damn, I hope I didn’t just give all the stupid people an idea.

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