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A Pox On All Your Damn Houses!

I’ve been looking at video of the Charlottesville riot and trying to piece it together for myself, unlike 90% of the people out there on all sides of the issue. I still have a long way to go. But here is what I’ve gathered so far, along with a few questions that have not been answered yet.

I know the mouth breathers from the Klan[1] (a leftist/racist organization) and the National Socialists (A leftist/racist organization)[2] had a permit to march and hold a rally.

  • When assembling in accordance with their permit, at what point did others approach?
  • Did those approaching them have permits for their “counter protest”?
  • I haven’t seen all the riot footage yet.   But who threw the first punch? (In one video, in at least one place, the violence was started by people blocking the march.)
  • ANTIFA and BLM both have reputations as rioters and have been seen to assault people who disagree with them. Did they start the pushing and shoving? Or the throwing of things? Or did the mouth breathers?
    • It’s more than passing strange that ANTIFA[3] is a fascist organization and BLM is a leftist/racist organization. They both have a lot in common with the inbreds they confronted in Charlottesville on Saturday.

I did catch one interesting sequence as I started to review video of some minor pushing and shoving. There is a NAZI or Klan guy staggering with a beer in his hand (he should have been arrested just for that) in the march. He is trying to push people and not fall over at the same time. Then he passes a man standing at the side of the parade route.

This was an older man. He was pepper spraying every mouth breather who passed him. He sprayed every one. Most of whom were not doing anything at all but walking. Clearly this was his idea of a “counter protest”, injuring the protestors. For that, ANYONE he sprayed had every right to break his friggin’ jaw.

Here’s what you not going to hear from politicians and chicken shit newies:

No matter what a person’s views; no matter how stupid or offensive or inflammatory we feel they are, they have a right to express those views. The Constitution covers a lot of things. Your personal sensitivities are not among them.

If a group, no matter who they are, goes to the trouble of acquiring a permit to make their point, NONE OF US has the right to stop them from carrying out their demonstration. If anyone started that maylay because they didn’t like the message the mouth breathers were conveying, that puts the mouth breathers in the right and the “counter protestor” in the wrong. Period. There is no excuse for initiating violent conflict.

I’ll take that one step further. Let’s say the morons from ANTIFA wanted to come to Biloxi and hold a rally. (I not only reject their hopelessly confused message out of hand but I know they have a reputation of acting out violently against anyone who doesn’t buy their idiot gospel word for word.) Let’s further assume that Biloxi requires a permit for the assembly and ANTIFA goes to the trouble of acquiring that permit. I can go watch them protest. I can flip them all the bird. I can attempt to talk sense into any of them who might listen to me. But I am not entitled to punch them.

Not only would I have no right to hit any of them, I don’t even have the right to occupy the same space they occupy. Everyone has the right to be secure in his person. If I were to even impede the progress of an ANTIFA goon, I would be in the wrong. And the goon would have the right to stand his ground.

Do I have a right to try to shout louder than them? Sure. Do I have a right to personally or directly threaten them or goad one or two of them into attacking me so I have an excuse to fight them? Nope. That’s inciting riot. That’s like yelling fire in a crowded theater. And again, that would put me in the wrong.

So I really am interested in seeing the police video of when and where the actually fighting started. I like to see how close the “counter protestors” were permitted to get to the marchers as they were assembling. From what I heard, conflict started right at the beginning. And if anyone has video of the old shit bag shooting pepper spray at the marchers, who weren’t doing anything to him, getting his clock cleaned, I’d enjoy seeing that. He deserved an ass kicking as much as anyone in Charlottesville that day.

Big picture comments

Everyone knows I am a staunch critic of Donald Trump. He rarely puts a foot right. But when he is right, I will say so. And the pretend media freak-out over his Charlottesville statement was an example of groupthink that would make Orwell shudder.

Trump was right in characterizing the hate as coming from many sides. The groups represented on Saturday all have violence and destruction on their record. They are ALL motivated by the pig-headed notion that everyone must agree with them or face some kind of wrath, whether it is actual violence, or just the destruction of their career or security. ALL the groups represented act out of hate and their own inability to actually present a valid argument. They all speak hatefully. They ALL have warped views of race and civil interaction.

So on this one, I give Trump kudos and the detractors a middle finger salute.

A silly side note

It is interesting to see the Dr. David Duke[4] has crawled out from under his rock this weekend trying to sound relevant. What a pussy! He always piggybacks on the pain or stupidity of others.    

Duke and anyone who follows him can kiss both sides of my hairy ass. But so can anyone who thinks Maxine Waters was helpful this weekend.

[1] Yes, the Klan is a leftist organization. They want to build a government around racial winners and losers. They want to establish a Christian theocracy. That makes them THE NUMBER ONE tyrannical, left-wing, government overreach entity in the United States today.

[2] It troubles me that more people don’t get this. The National Socialist Party. Socialist! How many stupid people out there think NAZIs are conservative or right wing? If you do, you need to go back to the third grade. There are many in the NAZI groups who think their authoritarian, racist bullshit is a form of conservatism, but then there are people in ANTIFA who don’t understand that ANTIFA itself is fascist.

[3] Oh, I know. The heads of snowflakes across this great nation just exploded. “How can you say that? ANTIFA stands for Anti Fascist”. Yeah, and North Korea calls itself a democracy. When you try to provoke cops and punch people who don’t agree with you, then you ARE A FASCIST! That is what Mussolini’s Black Shirts did in the 1920’s and what Hitler’s Brown Shirts did in the 30’s. I will assume that most of ANTIFA doesn’t have a clue what fascism is, so the name just sounds cool…to an emotionalist idiot!

[4] So he’s a doctor of what? Mouth breathing? Head shaving? Garish tattoos? Beer pong?

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