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"Scumbags" is it?

Just a quick hit.

I want my friends, Left and Right to consider this story.  Maxine Waters call Administration “Scumbags”. Consider how stupid this woman sounds.  Consider how she lowers the discussion into the gutter.

When we argue in similar fashion, we sound just as bad.

It’s one thing to use strong language.  But if your words are to leave you sounding intelligent, instructive or even worth listening to, you MUST have a real point.  You must be able to back your words with citation or reason.

If you can’t, you will legitimately be dismissed by the reader as being as ignorant and useless as Maxine Waters.  And who wants that label?

So next time you want to toss words like fascist or lib-tard or scumbags around, think twice and develop an argument instead.  That will inspire respect, even from those who disagree with you.

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