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Greg Gutfeld "stole" my stuff!

Greg Gutfeld has obviously been reading my stuff.  Well, I think he has.  I’ll have to have the Russians hack his computer and get back to me. But tonight, on The Five, GG made a very specific analogy in a very specific way.  I have made many references to the Clintons being like Pigpen from Peanuts here and on social media.  I’ll post his remarks here when the transcripts come out.  Two of my examples are listed below.

Perhaps I can assume that great, warped minds malfunction in like fashion.  (perhaps greatly warped?) GG and I are very close.  I am like the older brother he never met and didn’t know about because he hadn’t been to the asylum yet to find me walking in circles saying, “Ten minutes to Wapner.”  Anyway, I like Greg’s work.  I have an Amazon link to one of his books somewhere on this site.  If I wasn’t a prick I’d probably put another here.

His work is the only thing that stops me from flying to New York and fixing him with some firmly worded statements.  Well, that and a lack of plane fare.  My truck could make the trip, but he won’t be at work on Saturday.  And the moment will be gone by Monday.  Boy, he is one lucky short guy!

Oh, well.  He’s not the first big name to make the call long after I do.  They aspire to brilliance.  I be havin’ brilliance all over me.


Hillary Milhous Nixon or Richard Rodham Clinton?

Would you be walking free right now? Hillary is!

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