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What Do I Know, Anyway? Experts! [bemused]

Once again, months after reality was established here, the “experts” are finally catching up. A recent example is when Charles Krauthammer said he was finally getting the Trump effect. People had tired of the same old formulaic, often weak-kneed Republicans and wanted something new. They found Trump’s brash delivery irresistible. That was on FOX Special Report about a month ago. had already established that before there was a Trump running for office. It’s a source of frustration that this site hasn’t hit its stride yet, despite being ahead of everyone on most things and having a solid grasp of today’s political climate. It has led, and will continue to lead to a string of I-told-you-so posts. That is not for the pleasure of just saying it, although it can occasionally be fun.   The intention is to point to lessons learned in the hopes we don’t have to learn them again. Sadly, until Street Politics gains a real niche, I told you so will be a frequent message.

Gee, thanks, Judge!

The latest unwitting convert to clear thinking is Andrew “Judge” Napolitano, a popular commentator on FOX and FOX Business. He was commenting on a story about the FBI’s unethical whitewash of Clinton’s illegal server. It seems the agent who ran the investigation has resigned from the FBI in protest. He said the investigation went “sideways”. In other words, there was a lot of activity, lots of interviews, lots of immunities granted without requiring testimony. But there was never any real progress. Progress was never intended. The last straw was that no grand jury was seated to hear the mountain of evidence showing Hillary Clinton heading up at least one, likely two criminal enterprises.

So Much for “Experts”…

Napolitano was so smug. “This investigation was never going to go anywhere,” he opined after the fact. It was as if he knew it all along. This would be the same Andrew Napolitano who said for months that since the FBI was running and investigation, Clinton was in REAL trouble! That James Comey is a REAL professional. He wasn’t going to get caught up on all that DC corruption.

Well, readers at this site knew months before everybody (with the possible exception of Judicial Watch) that the FBI was slow-walking the investigation with the intention of running out the clock. The idea was to get as close to the nomination as possible. The Clinton team, including James Comey, wanted to make Clinton’s candidacy a fate accompli. I suspect it early on and called it before Comey disgraced himself and whored away his career in front of congress.

Call this braggadocio, if you wish. My point is to establish the value of this site and encourage you to filter what you see and hear through It isn’t necessary for you to agree with my conclusions. But you can be sure that you are getting informed input. I am clearly in no one’s pocket, as no one pays me but me.

Making the Old New Again

Another bit of breaking news in the last couple of days: Obama sent official documents to Hillary on her unsecured, illegal server. My God! That means he lied to us – TWICE – in one-on-one interviews. Barry O says he first learned about the illegal server by watching the news.

Call me crazy, but didn’t we learn he had a pseudonym for use in communication with the illegal server about 5 months ago? Didn’t we establish the lies to credulous “journalists” on video then? Why is this breaking news? And why didn’t the investigation include Barry’s release of classified documents onto the interwebs in concert with BJ Bill’s wife?

We’ll likely never know the answers to these questions. Congress is too weak and inept to do their job and the press is too interested in elevating the worst president in history to the level of Washington and Reagan.

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Jill Stein: A Gift to the American Liberal

Jill Stein

Age: 66

Education: Harvard Medical School, Harvard University

Party: Green Party of the United Sates

Running Mate: Ajamu Baraka

There are millions who consider themselves to the left of center who would like to break the mold this year. They are dissatisfied with a candidate who tells Goldman Sachs she has a public policy and a private policy and then goes on to share her private policy with the investment company. Dignified liberals or progressives are learning what it is like to be taken for granted. “They’ll vote for me! I’m the major party liberal! I’m all they have!” say you political betters. If you don’t know what that is like, ask honest friends who happen to be Black or Latino. They know what it’s like to be taken for granted by Democrats.

Well, folks, here is your chance to break away! Here’s where you can go from the harsh, phony glare of seedy politics and step into the refreshing air of a new kind of candidate. She’s genuine. She is energetic and imaginative.

When she speaks, she doesn’t provide the standard laundry list of vague bullet points and ambiguous code. She says what she believes and what she intends to do as president.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am fiscal conservative. While I have some social views that would put me at odds with my friends on the right, that is tempered by a view that I exist and succeed in a free economy. Penn Jillette says it better; take a right at money and a left at sex and you’ll have a good life.

So you know I don’t get excited when Jill Stein speaks of energy policy or rails against gentrification. But that is hardly the point. What I want my friends on the left to think about is taking the honest option. If you are solidly left of center why would you whore your voting franchise on a woman who has succeeded in only one thing in 40 years of politics; namely skirting the law when she breaks it? Why would you vote for HRC over an honest woman who more solidly shares your real philosophy? Anyone who isn’t living under a rock knows that Clinton has never has an ethical or philosophical anchor. All her clearly left wing positions have been inserted into her campaign to thwart Bernie Sanders. Unable to pull people from the right into her orbit during the general election, she has maintained many of these newly-minted positions to shore up her base. That’s clearly all she has.

Trump’s situation is identical. All of his “conservatism”, especially his support of the second amendment is between 1 1/2 to 3 years old. He too found he is barely holding his base so cannot go center to pull in the fence sitters. So he continues to throw conservative red meat out there to try to keep the base in line. What his most ardent supporters haven’t noticed is that some of Trumps’ policy positions are pure, unadulterated socialism. And his campaign has stated that his idea of “repeal and replace” for Obamacare turns out to be: we will use more tax dollars so people don’t pay fines and we can subsidize individual costs with more tax dollars.

Ajamu Baraka

Anyone who would question Baraka’s political credential would have to be willfully obtuse of from Mars.  He has been in the trenches, fighting for the Left for decades.  I have a bit of a headache with his resume in that he claims to have been in the military and THEN fought segregation in the South. He would have been 12 years old at the Selma March.  That must have made for an interesting military career.  Be that as it may, he has held numerous positions in key social justice organizations and has written extensively. 

Compare that to Kaine.  Kaine is a political hack and office holder.  That is to say he;s never been in the trenches.  He has spent his live pandering to people in he trenches.  Kaine also lacks the courage of his convictions.  A “Good Catholic” and okie-dokie with late-term partial birth abortion?  You can’t be both.  One of those things is a lie.  I am guessing the former.

Stop Kidding Yourself!

The media has successfully run us through a funnel (through laziness or political collusion) to accept a binary choice for president. I further contend that those two choices will be equally disastrous.

With Stein you have a person who is sincere in her positions and has done more than run for office in pursuit of those ideals. I most ardently encourage my friends on the left to seriously throw your support behind Stein. To make this advise worth taking, all you have to do is take this essay viral. I can’t do that for you.

So hit share and free yourself and your friends to make an open and honest choice. Put this link on all your social media. You have 13 days. There is more at stake than who will un-friend you on Facebook tonight.

Next up: Gary Johnson, Something for Everybody!

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A Love Letter to "Minorities" [smirking]

Do We Need to Obsess Over “Minorities”?

If America was living up to its full potential, or even half so, there would be no use for the term “minorities”.  What thinking human being gives a hot goddamn what color your skin is, who you have sex with, whether your name ends with a vowel or a consonant?  In modern society, with all our technology, what is the fascination with a man in a wheelchair as opposed to out of one?  Is there anyone left who thinks tits interfere with one’s ability to understand a periodic table?  If you are struggling with any of these questions, you are part of the problem I am discussing today.

I know none but the least intelligent business owners don’t care about these things.  When they shake your hand, the only thing they want to know is what you can do for their bottom line.  If the relationship works out, it has much more meaning than that, but at first blush, it can’t be other. That’s why first impressions mean so much.

I know people with well-rounded social skills don’t have a problem with these things.  They want to meet people who bring an improvement to their quality of life.  That’s what a friend is.  Again…first impressions.  Sometimes a person can grow on you.  But they can’t if they see you or themselves as alien to the relationship.

Just who ARE the Racists Out There?

The government is certainly obsessed with your sir name, the color of your skin, your relationship types, your genitalia, your use of a wheelchair….  When hiring especially, they are often less concerned for your ability to do a job as they are the bullshit matrix they’ve assigned you to.  Even if you don’t have any hangups about such things.

In real America, there are only three basic groups; Americans, immigrants and illegal immigrants.  More about the third in a moment.  But in recent years, employers, friends and others who will interact with you will usually find immigrants to be more “American” than Americans.  That’s because as Americans we have a) been broken down into so many mutually resentful  subsets many of us no longer know what an American is, and b) we’ve become so spoiled, lazy and distracted we’ve forgotten what it means to be American.

I find it depressing to watch as so many members of what we refer to as “minorities” give their blind allegiance to those who have created their status as a “minority”.  In the process of doing so, those same people have done serious (irreversible?) damage to those they insist are minorities.

I am speaking, of course, of the political Left.  But feel free to add people who call themselves conservatives but pander to “minorities” for fear the liberals will make them look bad for not doing so.  These people are the most irritating.  They don’t even know what “conservative’ means.  If they did their approach to Americans would be characterized by the first paragraph of this post.

Think about it.  What the hell has the American Left – for simplicity’s sake we’ll just say Democrats – done for you lately? Ever?  Would a member of a “minority” group in Detroit, Pittsburg, New York, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Chicago tell me what the Democratic Party has done for you?  I will qualify the question thus: You don’t work for the government and you haven’t broken from the expected mold and started your own business or studied.  And don’t say schools or welfare.  You can get those things anywhere. And too much “welfare” hurts you more than it helps you. (With that final qualification, I have pretty much destroyed any valid answer you might provide.)

So when I hear that Hillary Clinton has the “minority” vote locked up, I cringe.  Look at any long term news cycle.  Hillary Clinton develops an interest in “minorities” on the exact same level she did her job as Secretary of State. As SecState, she had requirements for things that were to reach her attention. Photo ops/good press, face time with Obama and the Clinton “Foundation”.  Anything else was assigned a lower priority.  You can draw a dividing line at the point where Libya issues stopped getting her into high-profile meetings at the White House.  At that point she went from tens of thousands of documents per year on the Lybia, to a few hundred.  Sadly, for Stevens and the others in Benghazi, they were on the thin side of that line.  Sorry Chris!  Putin needs to buy up our uranium and I get money for the Clinton “Foundation”.

And so it is with American “minorities”.  During election years, the Queen of Wall Street suddenly develops an affection for people she would otherwise ignore.  Hell, she’ll occasionally go all ebonic or acquire a faux Spanish accent just to show you she’s your gal.  But she’s not.  She never will be.  Nor SHOULD she be under this pretense of caring for “minorities”.

Metaphoric show of hands; who is sick of being treated like children, intentionally divided into mutually resentful cliques?  Me! I am!  How about you?

Of what I’ve read, Stein is the only candidate who talks a game about “diversity” and “people of color”.  The only redeeming grace I see here is I believe she means it.  She doesn’t have a public policy and private policy, as Clinton does.  Clinton has one policy for her rich, connected allies and one for those who she considers her lessers; specifically the poor and “minorities”.

I mentioned illegal immigration.  This is one of the most spectacular accomplishments of those who exhibit the racism of low expectations.  They have convinced Americans of Hispanic decent or origin that letting illegals into the country is a good for legal Hispanic Americans because the illegals USUALLY share common sir names.  Talk about cynical!

“Minorities” Might Vote for Clinton.  Americans Won’t!

If you are considered a “minority” and you are considering voting for Clinton, you are sealing your own doom for the foreseeable future.  It will require a sense of self that goes beyond racial/ethnic/gender obsession and a sense of pride to break free of the Democrats’ plantation/ghetto/sorority.

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A Lesson in Lib Think!

I am working very hard, here and on Social Media, to prevent the desecration of the Oval Office.  By that I mean I want to defeat Trump and the felon.  But I decided to take a short break to provide a lesson in Lib Think.

Despite my incredibly low opinion of him, I have to throw the bullshit flag when he is right but the world is getting the vapors over something he said.  The media have their collect panties in a bunch over Trump not promising to respect the election results in November.  Chris Wallace asked if he would and he said he’d wait and see if he’ll respect the returns.  It was a throw-back to an equally ridiculous question posed at the first GOP debate when Bret Baier.  He asked who among the candidates would NOT promise to support the eventual nominee.  All hands should have gone up.  That would be the responsible answer.  But only Trump’s hand went up.

Picture this.  Two nine-year old boys are standing on a garage roof.  One says to the other, “Okay, I’ll jump into the baby pool down there.  But no matter what happens, you have to promise to jump too.  Do you promise?”

That is the level of stupid loaded in the questions above.  Last year, who among the candidates could know whether the eventual nominee might do or say something that would be just too egregious to support?  What if Marco Rubio came to suspect Chris Christie of something very wrong?  It got even more pathetic when North Carolina required candidates to sign a pledge to support a nominee before the primaries were held.

This week, on his usually inept, fumbling fashion, Trump said he would wait and see before he supported the election results.  The incredibly arrogant Barack Obama sullied his office by not only entering the fray on this issue, but stated that Trump was dangerous.  Oooooo! How ominous that someone should say that they need to see an event occur before pledging to uphold the results of the event.

Clearly, Obama thought Al Gore was a dangerous, unpatriotic villain for daring to question the results in Florida.  Hey, W was declared the winner.  That’s it!  Everyone shut up and go to bed, right?  And how about that treasonous John Kerry saying he got robbed in Ohio?  What an anti-democratic bastard!  How dare he speak his mind when he thinks something might be amiss.  We Americans need to sit down and keep our mouths shut, no matter what happens on election day.  The last thing we need people doing is shaking the foundation of our republic by saying ANYTHING about an election like these two monsters did.

Never mind seeing Democratic operatives BRAGGING about how they use dead people, criminals and illegal immigrants to vote.  We need to pretend we didn’t hear that Clinton’s people were hiring losers to start fights at Trump rallies.  Trump is just anti-American.  Trump’s opponent is a black hole where ethics go to die.  But he is supposed to assume she won’t stoop to any low to get what she wants.  He should just put his hand in the air and swear to support the winner, no matter what.

To all the pundits blathering about how terrible Trump is over this episode, well… let me be succinct. SHUT UP, YOU DROOLING SHIT BAGS!  Trump may be the second worst presidential candidate in history, but he is right on this.

The Lesson:

The left and everyone in the media know Trump is right on this issue.  But it doesn’t fit their political plan.  So they must take truth and turn it around 180 degrees and make it lie.  Then take a lie and do the same thing, magically making it truth. A similar example is how they cried all last month about the Russians rigging our election and scoffing endlessly at Trump for saying – CORRECTLY – that the Dems are rigging the vote all over the country.

Keep following the 24-Day Revolution.

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The 24-Day Revolution: video 2

How many people can we break free of the two-party trap?  I will take the 24-Day Revolution live starting Friday night (21 Oct).  the big myth right now is that a vote for anyone but Trump is a vote for the felon.  this is flatly false.  A vote for Castle, Johnson, McMullin or Stein is a vote for one of those people and no vote for either of the insults the two parties are trying to cram down our throats.  It is that simple.  The challenge of the 24DR is to find enough intellectually honest people to throw off the presumption that the two parties own us that we put the electoral process in turmoil (good for us).  We are not sheep.  We are clear-minded people who don’t vote for felons or Kardashians.

I am dying to get to upbeat messages about competing candidates.  But people are early voting right now so I have to at least address the disaster that media (right and left) and the Beltway are trying to con us with.  DON’T VOTE EARLY!!!!!! Vote on election day.  And share the hell out of this series.  It may very well be the most important “Share” you make.

Video part 2

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The 24 Day Revolution! Stun FOX and CNN!

One of my favorite political memories was the stunned looks on some of the cable news faces when Bush won in 2000.  Wolf Blitzer, on CNN, looked as if he’d been tased. I’d love to relive that moment.  But I’d like to add Sean Hannity to the list of people who should be seen loosing bowel control on the air.

The media are now so smug in their assumptions.  They carried Clinton and Trump.  They gave them tons of free press through the primaries.  Then they retired to their editorial corners and declared that it can only be Trump or Clinton.  Any mention of another possibility is ridiculous.  If you listen to people, you’d get the impression the general population has bought this line once again.

BUT…for those sickened by the race to the bottom we are witnessing, for those who don’t see any redeeming qualities in the “republican” or the “democrat”, we have something going for us we’ve never had before; numbers.  Huge numbers.

Think about it.  The polls are now polling likely voters.  People who actually vote make up less than half the voting age population.  Clinton and Trump polling the 40’s indicates that each candidate has the support of about 20% of the voting population.  That leaves up to 60% of American adults are available to a third, fourth or fifth party.

I would wager a good number of those people would like to cause Sean or Wolf to piss their pants.

That is what the 24 Day Revolution is all about.  The idea is to simply continue to share this argument as it unfolds in text and video.  By repeatedly exposing people to the idea that they are not the property of the major parties they may start to feel their value and independence as voters.

WARNING! States have different rules about how close to an election you can register.  So if you are not registered but want to be a part of the Revolution, REGISTER TO VOTE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!


Imagine the reporting on 8 November, and the morning after, if the electoral results were rolling in and all the pundits turned out to be wrong!  It will be laughable to watch them try to make sense of it.  Can you see the House and Senate members racing to the microphones trying to convince everyone they knew this was coming all along?

Hillary would go into hiding, that smug smirk knocked off her face permanently (perhaps it would be a learning moment for her).  Trump, of course, would be telling anyone who would listen that it was “all rigged and unfair, very unfair.  Believe me.”  To which we could all happily say, “You’re welcome.”

We can do this!  We can have a better president and sit back and watch them all scramble to understand it.


I’m not going to say you don’t have the right to vote for anyone you wish.  But if either of the two creatures the media and the major parties foisted on us gets into office, those who voted for them have a hand in doing grave harm to our country.

This isn’t the first time I am saying all this, but the context is different.  We have a chance to do something amazing.  Listed here are just a few of dozens of reasons to try.

Hillary will happily drive the nation and the economy into the dirt.  We aren’t far from there already, as we will see when the Fed finally stops spoon-feeding Wall Street [1. Kept alive by artificial means, the stock market is completely removed from the actual state of the economy.  When the quantitative easing gravy train roll to a stop, the market will reflect the condition of the wider economy.  That, my friends, will be a dark day indeed.].

What would Hillary Milhouse Clinton do when the Fed finally can’t carry her as they did Obama?  If you are intellectually honest you know the answer to that.  She will seize the opportunity to gather much more power unto herself.  She is without conscience.  She is, as we always knew, in bed, naked and having rabid (financial) monkey sex with the the biggest of the crony capitalists.  The “emergency measures” she would take would dwarf the $2 trillion dollars we pissed away in 2008-2009[2. the bank bailout and the stimulus package]. That wasted money resulted in the executive branch acquiring more power for itself and treating it’s bank and union minions to big fat give-aways.

Some far-left types might say that’s a good thing.  We need a strong central government to fix this country.  I respectfully disagree with the assertion.  But what is not open to argument is that Hillary is not your girl to do that.  She isn’t a true socialist in the mold of Jill Stein.  Hillary has no sense of other.  Hillary cares only for Hillary. Others only exist in her world to serve HER – not the country.  She’s proven this.

I will give you one of countless examples of Hillary in a snapshot.  At the State Department, nothing was permitted to cross her desk that wasn’t a photo op, super good press, face time with Obama or the Clinton “Foundation”.  Just one negative result?  Well, by the time Chris Stevens was begging for more security to run guns all over the Middle East, Hillary was no longer getting any face time on the issue of Libya.[3. This article addresses it indirectly.  As apologetic as the piece is, it is still damning.] While the CIA and Secretary of Defense remember getting Cc’d about the need for security, Hillary doesn’t.  This isn’t an example of her famous, phony amnesia at work.  She really never saw the emails and wouldn’t have done anything about them if she had.  There was no money in it and there was no self-promotion in it.  As a result, four men were killed in Benghazi.  The most amazing thing is she has not had a moment’s remorse over the affair.

In Street Politics, I wrote that her “What difference does it make…” moment was staged, planned for when she ran out of obfuscations.  As it turns out, that is exactly what is was.  She hired a publicity firm to tell her what to say before the committee.  That fact has been public knowledge for a week.  You likely haven’t heard it.

We know it all to be true. My words are not intended for the truly ignorant or the willfully blind.  I am speaking to people who want to do the right thing by this election.

But What About Trump and the Economy

Ah, but what would Donald Trump do when the funny money runs pout and the real economy is laid bare.  He is supposed to be this great CEO, right?  He’s a brilliant businessman, right? Well, no.  That’s quite wrong actually.  to demonstrate Trump’s brilliance they point to The Trump Tower and the casinos he “built.”  Here are the facts.  Trump did find investors excited about being in the big-time and building big things.  The real work, including the writing of “his” books was left to professionals.  Trump didn’t pick them because magically saw a spark of talent in up-and-comers.  He found out who already did what he wanted to have done and doubled their salary.  Trump’s job then, as is has been ever since, was to be the face man.  He’s the court jester, if necessary.  He was to keep investors and buyers entertained and interested.  He was good at that.  It doesn’t take a genius to give a mark anything he wants to keep him happy.

But in the process, Trump ran the finances of these great projects into the ground.  His own bankers said Ivana was more aware of finances than he was.  The result, by the time the bankers were forced to take action, was that all four major Trump projects were in dire straights.  When the dust settled, Trump was out as CEO and put on a generous monthly allowance.  His job was as before; in exchange for the use of his name Trump would continue to receive the allowance and continue the dog-and-pony routine.  Everything he did professionally was done to polish the Trump name.  Not the family name, but the Trump Taj Mahal name.  He was also allowed to bid on facilities maintenance contracts for any projects that used his name.

All this has served him well.  He has gone on to a “Reality” TV gig, where he was fed lines to throw at pretend interns, got paid to put his name on all sorts of projects and stayed in the public eye.  All this was good for him and the companies he lost, but left his name on.

I never faulted Trump for using the bankruptcy laws as they should be used when the companies needed it.  Only jealous losers go on about how rich he is when he had to file bankruptcy.  And his loyal fans say that using those laws are a sign of his hidden genius.  But unlike more short-sighted fans and enemies, I understood the need for those reorganizations and who initiated them as an indication he was in way over his head.   History and this campaign proved me right.  He’s not a genius.  He’s not even a good chief executive.  He is what we see every night on TV.  He is a self-absorbed, inarticulate, immature Twitter fan.

Worse, if he is elected, the Fed won’t attempt to carry him.  They would like nothing more than to pull the rug out and blame a “conservative”[4. This is the price you pay for pretending to believe Trump is a conservative.  He is not.  He never has been.]

When the financial balloon goes up, Trump will revert to type as he does now, even when he knows it is suicidal.  He CANNOT help himself.  He will fume at the Fed.  He’ll say it’s unfair.  He’ll say HE is being treated poorly.  ‘It’s all rigged.”  He’ll say.  Advisors will try to get him to focus and say the right thing.  He will try, but he won’t really understand where they are going and won’t really be interested.  He will obsessively tell everyone it isn’t his fault.

I may be writing for naught anyway.  This is unconfirmed, but I understand Trump is considering starting his own network, like Oprah.  What serious human being would even be daydreaming about that in midst of a bruising political campaign; no matter how loony the campaign had become?

There is more, much more.  Join the revolution!  But don’t vote yet.  Check out McMullin, Johnson and Stein.  If you are honest with yourself, you will see that the Revolution is correct.  We can do better than Clinton or Trump. 

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here!

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Relax. Breath. Assess.

I wrote this in May and forgot all about it.  It has been in my Draft box since. do I have my finger on the pulse or what?

My son mentioned Gary Johnson in a text today. It is the second time someone had mentioned Johnson in a week. It makes one think. So sit back, relax and consider your alternatives.

I still see Trump-ettes gloating and Cruz-ers complaining on social media sites. The media will make you think there are only two candidates left in the presidential race. And if not for FBI Director James Comey slow-walking the Clinton investigation (he has made the FBI political tool like the IRS), there might have been only one Democrat.

If you look at the polling data, there are more voters dissatisfied with a choice of Trump and the felon than there are people happy about it. I don’t recall a situation like that in recent memory. The number who don’t like or respect either candidate (regardless of their intention to eventually vote for one) is in the vicinity of 60%. That is a critical number. 60% of all voters think the front runners are clownish and immature (Trump) or phony and untrustworthy (BJ Bill’s wife).

This provides the electorate with an opportunity not seen since Lincoln. As I tease this out, keep in mind that in 1860 most people saw Lincoln as an affable oaf. Enough people in the states that participated in the election saw him as honest enough to elect. So cast aside for a moment the grand images we have of Lincoln today, and think like a person who might be in the 60% mentioned above.

The talking heads on all networks like to tsk-tsk and smirk at the idea of a third party run right now, but as I eluded to, the Republican party in 1860 was a lot newer than the leading third party we have today.

The candidate put forward by the Republicans was far less experienced than the leading alternative candidate we have on the ballot in all 50 states this year. Unlike Donald Trump, this candidate has chief executive experience of the kind that is not entirely driven by a what’s-in-it-for-me motivation. In real life, Trump was a financial funnel more than an actual chief executive anyway.

Unlike Hillary Clinton, the alternative candidate hasn’t destroyed women on behalf of an ethically bereft spouse, used his office to strong arm hundreds of millions from foreign governments, or needed the protection of a corrupt president to cover her felonies. And that is just a short list. It is worth mentioning also that EVERYTHING Clinton ever attempted in an official capacity has failed miserably.

In the person of Gary Johnson, a person I tend to agree with about 50% of the time, we have a two-term Governor of New Mexico. A proven anti-tax warrior (Trump wanted to raise them before he wanted to lower them, before he wanted to raise just some of them. Sanders gains an auto-erotic thrill at raising taxes.). Johnson reduced taxes in New Mexico several times and never increased taxes during his tenure.

He is a consistent enemy of run-away national debt. Both Democrats are debt producing machines.

Kindle Version, STREET POLITICS: It Ain’t Your Daddy’s GOP Anymore! 50% of all author proceeds go to fighting Multiple Sclerosis!!

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Economic Suicide or Economic Suicide: You Pick!

Gary Johnson is a dork. He couldn’t pick a world leader he admires. He forgot what Aleppo was. He made a really goofy joke about winning the debate with his tongue sticking out. And I don’t care. Here’s why.

Our Path to Economic Suicide

The economy is on life support. Soon, it will be time to pull the plug. Who pulls it, and in what fiscal environment we are in at the time, will dictate whether we recover or become a truly failed state.

The laws of economics are as hard and fast as gravity. Like gravity, economic forces can be overcome for a short while. But as in the case of gravity, what goes up, must come down. The higher you go, the bloodier the crash. And all economic bubbles will pop. The more you grow them the worse the implosion. For decades, and especially since the burst of the real estate bubble in 2008, we have been building toward an epic crash.

We learned nothing from 2008. All the major players in the disaster, the U.S. Government being the ringleader, are still in place.  In one form or another, they are still engaging in the same practices that ruined the economy to begin with.

Before the bottom completely fell out in ’08, we had already identified two of the biggest contributors to the problem. We had banks too big to fail because the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT colluded with the biggest deposit banks allowing them to comingle their traditional bank services with high-risk investment banking. We also realized that the everybody-can-have-a-house idiocy created by the federal government was utterly unsustainable.

We had a chance to take the punch in the face back then. We could have paid the insurance on existing accounts and let the banks fail. (“Too big to fail” is a euphemism for “into the politicians for too much money and know they’ll be bailed out”.) It would have hurt. People who had invested poorly would have taken a bath. But we’d have recovered in about two years. Instead, we gave over $8 trillion to the banks, pretended to fine them (out of that same money) and left all the fiscal malpractice in place.

We continue to finance crap mortgages for people who never should have been able to buy their home to begin with.

On top of that, we added Dodd-Frank. That was a bank bonanza tarted up to look like it was there to help the poor American citizen.

We added Obamacare. That was a government scam to give millions of captive customers to the biggest insurance companies. It has nothing to do with medical care, except that it will reduce the quantity and quality of care available over time, while we are already seeing costs skyrocket out of control.

We added reams of new government regulation, often without the consent of a cowardly and ineffectual congress.

To create the illusion of a functioning economy, the Federal Reserve has been pumping funny money into a thin layer of the economy. They did so by giving Wall Street high rollers access to near-zero interest money. They allow investors to borrow for pennies on the dollar, buy huge chunks of stock from the healthiest horses in the glue factory. This triggers automatic computer buys and market sentiment. The activity drives up the price of the equity involved. At some point, the borrower slowly sells off his shares (or holds them for a while if the stock outperforms expectations) and then goes back to the Fed for more cheap money. If all this nets only a couple of points on the stock, the traders have doubled or tripled their money. Often these large buys result in much higher gains.

Important side-note here: We have a whole generation of investment brokers who have built their careers on this funny money scam. They have no experience actually investing in a company based on fundamentals and long-term expectations. They will be useless when we have to go back to doing business the right way.

While letting Wall Street play with the funny money, the Fed also enables the Federal Government to compete against you and all American businesses for every dime of credit. While you have to jump through hoops to get a substantial loan for a car or a house, all the government has to do is have the Fed print more money and “borrow” it. They also borrow from foreign banks with the same terms. This profligate borrowing will be the cause for much more heartache, instability and possibly war around the globe later.

There are two ways the stock and school loan bubbles burst. One will be if Trump gets elected. As soon as he takes the oath of office, the Fed is going to pull the rug out from under the funny money scam. The crash will be horrendous! The Left and stupid people on the right will say it was Trump’s fault. The media, out of obedience or ignorance will simply report this as a fact.

Wall Street, where everyone has been watching and saying, “Oh my, we have a good economy,” will suddenly just reflect what the national economy has been for almost a decade. Without the very profitable fig leaf of moving money around for no real reason, Wall Street will look like Harrisburg or Flint. Wall Street will become what the nation has been since the real estate bubble popped. The flow of money they have been providing through artificial means, the life support mechanism, will no longer be there.

The other possibility will be if Hillary Clinton gets in. Soon after, the Fed will slowly bump up interest rates. Wall Street will have a mild stroke, but will keep shuffling cash as best it can. To look like she is doing something, Clinton will start to push for Obama stupidity on steroids. As businesses and municipalities fail, she will up the tempo of her power grabs and phony “give-aways”. The justification will be that it all had to be done to prevent disaster. We will be told that as much as the government has done to undo the damage George Bush did, further drastic measures must be taken. “Do you see?” they will shout. “Trickle down economics doesn’t work. You can’t depend on the private sector to make your lives for you. We must do that. All the greedy businessmen do is take, take, TAKE!” Clinton will claim, as Obama falsely claims, to have saved us from another crash. The reality will be that the government, Obama’s, Bush’s and especially hers will be responsible for the creation and implosion of the existing financial bubbles.

And Trump is no better. As we have a generation of investors who have spent their professional lives trading with cheap government money, often ignoring fundamentals, we have a presidential candidate with a FEW new-found conservative concepts who spent his life in the world of big government crony finance and maneuver. Trump may actually believe that his programs (every bit as expensive as Clinton’s) are sincere. He may believe his trimming at government around the edges, as we’ve seen politicians pretend to for decades, is productive. And a tiny bit of it may just bring spending down a fraction of a percent. And this might bring down the debt a tinier fraction. It is more likely his programs will explode the debt, as will Hillary’s. But that isn’t what will make all the difference in the coming 24 months.

While my second desire is to see someone taking a wrecking ball to the federal budget, my primary concern is the coming crash. I told you how Clinton would handle it. If faced with an even more immediate crash by a Fed sabotaging a Trump presidency, Trump himself would revert to type.

His first and most immediate concern would be to bail out the banks. That would be banks that have borrowed madly to fund an empty run on stocks and those involved with lending mortgages and student loans. “They are still too big to fail,” we will be told. The Donald will not be able to see it any other way. Throughout his entire adult life, government and private sector worked together in an unholy alliance of you pay, you can do. Whether it is zoning fees, licensing fees or outright bribes, Trump has never existed in a purely capitalistic world. He will initiate as many “bale outs” and “stimulus packages”, just as many government take-overs as Clinton will.

This is why I don’t give two shits that Gary Johnson didn’t name a world leader he admired (a Miss America question anyway). This is why I don’t care if he forgot what Aleppo was. I wouldn’t care if he forgot where London was. The fact is his instincts for small government are exactly what we will need to get through the next financial bust and start to grow.  He was effective as a two-term governor in shrinking the size and role of New Mexico’s government in people’s lives.  We NEED him to do that in DC!  Trump and Clinton will be hands-on and will double and triple down on what has kept us from recovering since 2008.

We have tried socializing banks. IT DOESN’T WORK!! The government, under Obama and without the authority of a cowardly congress took over the school loan program. It is still going to crash. THAT DIDN’T WORK!! But those are the approaches that will be taken by the two leading candidates.

Obama has nearly destroyed our status as a nation that can affect outcomes in the world. That ability is what allowed us to flourish over the last century and a half. If we are to re-establish that, we must get through this next bust with as little interference from the federal government as possible. The federal government must concentrate on those things, there are precious few, that it is chartered to perform; national defense, interstate trade and foreign affairs. We must be left alone to do the rest for ourselves.

Johnson is wired to do just that. The other two lack the integrity and/or the knowledge to limit their overreach in such a situation. So, dear reader, the choice is yours. It’s 2 October 16. You have a few days left to abandon Clinton and Trump and make the right decision or follow the cult followers over the cliff.

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