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F**k the Russians! Clinton is the threat!

The Russians?!

I get a kick out of the Democrats, dumb Republicans and the obedient media harping about how the Russians might be trying to screw with our elections.  Hell, we have a whole lot more to fear from the felon/candidate scamming us than the Russians.

There has never been a better time to address the various voting discrepancies that have been intentionally inserted into our election process.  They came into existence for two purposes:  cheating and incumbency.  You were told they exist because your representatives love you and don’t want you inconvenienced by a silly little election.

Absentee Ballots

America!  What a country!  Why didn’t I take up politics for a living?  Oh yeah, I remember.  If I ran for office the incident with the stripper and small farm animals would come up and I’d be ruined.  But if I have learned anything by covering the political zoo it is that many (most?) Americans LOVE to be treated as idiots.  We love it when politicians say we are too weak, or too lazy to live our lives.  We cheer when we are coddled and treated like children.  And it is so easy to do!

The ruling class has cheapened our voting franchise by making it easier and easier to exercise it.  And the result has been fewer and fewer of us vote.  The shrinking numbers who do vote are increasingly made up of those who are clambering for more infantile handling, party zealots and the dwindling few who still cherish the franchise.  This is because when you make something cheap and easy, it loses its value.  People generally don’t look at voting as an important franchise anymore because it has been treated as nonsense by those in power.

Take absentee voting as an example.  It was created for specific people.  At any given time there are tens of thousands of American living abroad.  Many of these people are military and diplomats.  Many more are business people or folks with homes overseas.  But they are still Americans and they still pay taxes (more so, now that Obama has put the screws to foreign banks and is skulking around the world looking for every measly cent he can find to tax).  The absentee ballot was created because a Marine working in our Embassy in Germany can’t fly home on election day.  It was extended to people who are genuinely bed-ridden or house bound.

At some point, a shady opportunist came up with the idea of saying, “Oh!  You poor voters!  Let us make things even easier for you.  You don’t have to be vested by the effort of actually showing up on election day and participating in an important community event.  We’ll just send you one of these absentee thingies and you can return it at your convenience.”

Along with further isolating us from each other, or making life in a political echo chamber more attractive, this method is ripe with fraud.  Cities and states with good voter data now have the motivation to use that information to make absentee ballots more available to some and not to others.  Look at what was done to the military in 2012 and 2014.  In many cases the ballots showed up when it was too late to use them.  Hmmm, the party in the White House was not popular with the Armed Forces.  This does not mean it was done on purpose.  I have no way to know that.  But what it does mean is that it can be. Given the abysmal ethical record of this administration, it may well have been intentional.

Often, if the number of absentee ballots doesn’t appear large enough to sway the voting that has occurred by election day, some states and federal entities have chosen not to count the absentee ballots.  This is just a matter of announcing it and it is forgotten.  Now you have two problems.  One is that it is easy to lie about such things.  The prevailing media is lazy and not interested in really making waves.  When people like me raise a stink, we are labeled “conspiracy freaks”.  So the opportunity to cheat is huge. Also, we are left without a major part of the election record.  What can we learn about the sentiments of our military and people overseas if we toss the votes in the trash?

Rectification:  Go back to using absentee ballots for those who are truly unable to get to the polls.  Let the voter invest in the franchise.  The simple act of going to the polls causes the voter to be engaged and vested in the act of voting.

Early Voting

Many early voters in North Carolina likely came away from last weekend questioning their vote.  A full two months before election day, weeks before the first debate among the candidates, some states are unethical enough to encourage voting now.  It doesn’t speak well of those who participate either.

Election Day is just that for good reason.  We have a constitution that has us install our new government after a peaceful contest on a date certain.  To accomplish this, we designated a point, as close to the date of installment as possible, to use all that we have learned to pick the next office holders.  This provides voters with a sense of certainty that their vote MAY have value.  As in markets, politics or any competitive engagement, certainty (as much as it can be provided) fosters confidence.  Turning the vote into a two month exercise strips the certainty from the process.  What would early voters be thinking if Hillary Clinton has another bout of “pneumonia”?  Perhaps this episode of “pneumonia” leaves her with a limp and slurred speech.  What do we do with the early votes if Vice President Joe ‘Duh” Biden steps in?  What if the early voters wouldn’t have voted for Duh?

In the case of legitimate absentee ballots, we have done everything we can to have isolated/overseas  persons vote as close to election day as possible. But to casually let everyone cast ballots now when the run up is the most revealing part of the race is absurd on its face.  And the whole idea allowing such early voting was so politicians could say to their constituency, “Look how much I love you!  I made re-electing me so easy for you!”

This to say nothing of Article 2, Clause 4 of the Constitution which we celebrate this week! “The Congress may determine the Time of chusing [sic] the Electors, and the Day on which they shall give their Votes; which Day shall be the same throughout the United States.” (Emphasis added)

The Constitutional Convention was bringing certainty and minimizing the opportunity for shenanigans on the part of the people in power at the time of an election.  And how simple such shenanigans become when you have thousands of ballots, electronic or paper sitting for months.  A very small number of people with lots to lose and everything to gain, especially with today’s technology, can do a lot of damage to the legitimate vote.

I know.  You’re saying, “But MJ, those votes are protected!  How could anyone manipulate them?”  Right!  Only certain super human beings are capable of taking possession of the right lead wire or plastic seals.  There has never in all of history been a case where such devices were defeated, right? Please.  And the electronic ballot are child’s play for the right people. 

When Al Franken was running for the Senate, his race was so close the outcome was impossible to call.  Then a few days later, the votes of an entire precinct were found in  the trunk of a Democratic operative’s car.  Not surprisingly, they were almost all for Franken.  Did anyone get arrested for improper handling of ballots?  Were the ballots disqualified?  Noooo!  That would have been the honest thing to do.  Sadly, in that area there were no honest people around; only “progressives”.  And the longer you have votes laying around, the more opportunity you give people like this to tamper with them.

Rectification:  End Early voting.  Let the contest run up to election day.  There are thousands of people out there who would have loved to have taken their votes back and voted for Romney as the truth of Benghazi oozed out in 2012.  Things happen on October.  The only people who benefit by early voting are the ones running out of steam, message of validation as election day closes in.

Which Brings Us to the Paperless Ballot

I once asked a question of an IT guy while he was setting up a system at our DoD facility.  I asked why, when the internet was new, but we could see where it was going, did DoD not set up its own closed network instead of using the public network?  He said it wasn’t necessary because we have 28 bit encryption.  Nobody could break that.  I have heard the same reaction from people who favor a paperless ballot.

Excuse me, but didn’t the Germans and the Japanese say the same thing about Enigma and Magic, respectively?  Haven’t we been burned enough over the years to know that nothing is unbreakable, inviolable?  Besides, you don’t have to actually hack an existing computer system and break the codes to manipulate outcomes.  The real manipulation can come before the vote even happens.  It would be easy for people in a large metropolitan area to put malicious algorithms in an existing program that will create a different count than what was actually voted.

Rectification:  Bring back the paper ballot.  It can be hand checked, bubble form, punch out. But there has to be a valid check on the vote.  No honest person believes that an unchecked computer program is a valid record.  No honest person believes computers are invulnerable to hacking or rigging.  Quite the opposite, they are the best device for rigging outcomes.

Voter ID

“Progressives”!  You remember those folks, don’t you?  They are the most closed-minded, insulting, illiberal, anti-progress, racists on the planet.  They believe that we must be protected from ourselves.  Only THEY are brilliant enough to make decisions for themselves.  We must be controlled.  Except when it comes to voting.  There, they want no rules.  They want their supporters to vote early, vote often and vote under as many names as they can find in the obituary column.

Once, during a book-signing, a woman groaned when I brought up voter ID and fraud.  “That is such a cliché,” she said.  That’s right!  The pesky thing about clichés is that they become clichés because they are true.  There is wide-spread voter fraud in this country.   There are people being bussed from district to district casting illegal ballots.  There are illegal aliens voting in our elections.  There are dead people voting.  Take another look at the Franken campaign here. This is because our voting franchise has been so cheapened (by our own antipathy as well as “progressive” corruption) that no one is willing to deal with it.

Whenever a state says it wants to have voter ID to prevent fraudulent voting, “progressives” show their racists colors.  Minorities, they say, especially blacks, are incapable of acquiring the proper ID the state would require.  Why? Are the “progressives” insinuating the blacks are lazy or stupid?  ( The answer to that question is YES!  That is exactly what “progressives” believe.)  In the case of some recent attempts to require voter ID, states put in the bill provisions to assist people is getting the ID.  This, of course, was still not good enough for the pig-headed “progressives”.  In fact while telling minorities directly that they are incapable of doing what white people can do, they are claiming conservatives are racist for insisting everyone be treated equally and the voting process be kept honest.

Orwell must be banging on his coffin lid screaming “ASSHOLES!”

Rectification:  Assume all races, sexes, NASCAR fans, etc, are equal and perfectly capable of acquiring a document from the DMV.  And if a state or city wants to go the extra mile and assist the elderly or informed is getting the documents, GREAT! 

It Could All Happen With This Election!

When discussing these abuses of the voting process after an election like Reagan vs Mondale, it doesn’t seem to matter much.  Mondale carried his home state.  That was about it.  But no one knew it was going to be such a blowout before-hand.  The upcoming election is looking like it will be far tighter than that.  When you look at the margins each candidate is hoping to squeak out in battleground states it doesn’t require the mind of a conspiracy freak to see that fraud could change the course of history.

Again, there is no constitutional basis for any of these voting scams.  In addition, we have one of the most corrupt candidates in American history.  She is backed up by a corrupt White House, Treasury and Justice Department (including the FBI) It would be far from impossible to rig enough population centers to create any kind of outcome you want.  And it would be done by taking advantage of a combination of all the malpractices mentioned above.

It’s too late to do anything about this election.  If it is stolen, so be it.  We probably couldn’t prove it anyway. It’s our fault for allowing it to happen. But we can gain at least some confidence in the future. Start now by demanding that all subsequent elections be validated on paper.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here!

Kindle Version, STREET POLITICS: It Ain’t Your Daddy’s GOP Anymore! 50% of all author proceeds go to fighting Multiple Sclerosis!!

Serious Americans Need To Read This!

Are you one of the 60% who disapprove of the two “major” candidates?  Would you like to take control back from the ruling class.  Are you a Democrat sickened by the prospect of voting for Hillary?  Are you a Republican who realizes “the Donald” is a clown and a fraud?  Would you like to do something about it? Let’s see some guts!

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Trump vs Clinton? I'm Blowing Raspberries!

By now, most people know I am not voting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.  I have left what remains of the Republican Party and will participate in politics more in line with the way John Adams recommended.  Strong centralized parties, like strong central governments, result in only two things: incompetence (by design) and corruption. The sooner we, as voters, pull ourselves from the morass that is major party politics, the better this country will be.

For the time being I will vote 100% conservative down-ticket, no matter the party label, and encourage all of you to do the same. Today’s discussion will demonstrate just some of the reasons you should do the same.

While I still think Trump is an undisciplined, non-thinking, self-absorbed crybaby, it wouldn’t be fair to him or the reader to not say something about the economic programs the two leading candidates announced this week. Bottom line, Trump’s is the more intelligent plan and more likely to bring economic growth, but not by much.  Note: Gary Johnson’s economic plan is the most informed, credible and detailed by a long shot and has been on the streets for months. 

We’ll start with Clinton’s “plan” first.  She promises that she will produce an “economy that works for everyone”.  Right there, you have the premise upon which everything that follows will fail.  An economy of any sort CANNOT AND WILL NOT EVER work for ANYONE.   An economy is not something you can assign an overarching task to, no matter your political philosophy, making it do things for people.  An economy, like gravity, will function based on the self-interest and awareness of everyone participating in the economy.  It cannot be made to produce a desired result.  You can interfere with the free conduct of people within an economy to produce artificial results, but I challenge anyone to demonstrate where that has ever been successful on a national level.  No, the New Deal was a failure.  The Great Society continues to erode the economic and moral fabric of the nation to this day.

There are several articles The Economist has published over the years dealing with the meddling in the laws of economics over the last 250 years. The title of the most important one escapes me. One that tells almost the same story can be found here.  See how the reaction to each crisis by government and banks leads to, or contributes to a future crisis.  See as well how the government never acts in the interest of
“the people” in these situations.  They always act in the interest of the big banks. While it can be argued that taking care of the banks takes care of “the people”, government corruption and incompetence rarely results in a happy outcome for anyone but major bankers and politicians.

So just the premise Clinton relies on to increase the power of the central government is fatally flawed as “economic policy”.  But there are issues addressed in her “plan”.  First is that darn, unfair tax code.  You know the one.  That tax code that has the top 1% of productive society paying 37% of all federal taxes.  Her solution to this problem is to make them pay even more.  Check the logic here.  They already pay more than 99% of the population and we have near zero growth for 9 years. So taxing only them several points higher, we’ll solve all the problems?  How?

If you soaked the infamous “1%” for all of their income, you wouldn’t pay for Clinton’s debt-free college and infrastructure programs.  So much for Family Leave or Child Care.  You would also be taking a huge chunk of money out of the productive economy and giving it to people without and exchange of value.  And as stated failing to achieve your purpose.

Not to worry.  There is nothing in the history of Democrats or the Clinton’s specifically that would lead you to think the tax increases would be limited to rich people.  With the inevitable failure of the plans as laid out, they will simply announce that all these crises from college tuition to baby sitting are much worse than thought.  We’ll have to soak everybody. (See Bill Clinton on raising taxes at all in his first year in office. It’s worse than we thought…) And if you bitch about it, you’re not patriotic.

So the whole “taxing the richest” thing is a lie.  They know it.  The “richest” will include anyone making $50,000 a year.

So what of her “programs”?  We mentioned a few. There is the college loan refinance fiasco.  We already have a dangerously large bubble in the student loan cancer.  You want to see a tumor metastasize?  Just allow Clinton to take a page from the Barney Frank school of Real Estate devaluation.  We re-fi a bunch of loans, lower payments and tell the lenders they have to wait.  We back these loans, already defaulting at alarming rates, with a government guarantee.  Already we are spending borrowed money to pay back what deadbeats have defaulted on.  By lowering payments, we may slow the default rate.  But with no job growth, as we’ve seen for 8 years now, defaults will continue at incredibly high rates.  Since the government now controls the entire student loan market, no one will be in a position to evaluate whether to make a loan.  Anyone taking a loan, especially those in the “protected classes” will get it.  Soon the banks will not be able to sustain the paper and facing collapse, turn to mommy gov to bail them out.  This will cost hundreds of billions more to do than the original loan scheme that caused it all is costing.  This is going to happen regardless of whether Clinton gets in office or not.  It will be bigger than the housing bust.  But the sooner everyone bails on the existing scheme, the less the damage will be.  By stringing it out as if it was working for anyone we will make the damage exponentially greater.

There is a better way to finance college.   I’ll deal with that in a future post.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here!

Kindle Version, STREET POLITICS: It Ain’t Your Daddy’s GOP Anymore! 50% of all author proceeds go to fighting Multiple Sclerosis!!

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Gary Johnson and Abortion

Damn it Dale!  You’re making me think!

I have been friends with Dale Romine for years.  I respect his opinions; even the ones I disagree with.  One can’t dismiss Dale out-of-hand.  One has to think to have a conversation with him.  Dale has been reading my posts about Gary Johnson.  He considered my information and came back and said he might have rolled for Johnson, but Johnson was pro-abortion and Dale could not abide that. 

The same thought has crossed my mind.  This was my response to Dale:

I have given your last message a lot of thought today. I reject abortion on demand or abortions of convenience. They are the most barbaric abrogations of responsibility we’ve ever seen. I rank it up there with honor killing and forced clitorectomies. I can’t believe a civilized society accepts it. However, on this subject, I think we have little to fear from Johnson. I’ll post the reason I say that tomorrow.

I am going to go out on a limb here and assume that Dale’s views are rooted, at least in part, on Church teachings.  Mine are not.  I have absolutely no truck with the spirit world.  But that doesn’t mean I take the killing of babies for convenience less seriously.  Yes, I said babies.  It’s not a tumor.  You can make up terms that allow you to feel better about yourself, but it’s a baby.  You don’t call a small corn plant a rock and a big one corn.  A row of corn is a row of corn, even before it has matured.  Once the little booger has fingers and toes intellectual honesty demands that you recognize what it is.  It isn’t a zygote.  It isn’t a blastula.  You can call it an embryo, but that does not disqualify the term baby.

As for Johnson, I have read his statements about abortion.  I have seen him in situations where interviewers would bring up abortion in a tone that almost says. “Boo!  Hah! I got you there!”  His position on abortion is passive.  He isn’t against it.  But I imagine if not in a presidential campaign, where he is trying to gain the favor of EVEYBODY he’d likely say abortion is not the government’s job nor is it the taxpayers responsibility.  That would be in tune with his central message.

Now, we are not going to see a change in the abortion laws in the next four years.  There isn’t a solid enough majority in congress to pull that off either way.  And abortion as a critical issue isn’t on Johnson’s radar.  As I always say about Johnson, he will say and do things that piss me off.  But this won’t be one of them.  We don’t agree on everything.  But his overarching trajectory, lower taxes, slashing regulation, growth, free markets are what this country must have if the American Experiment is to survive.  And it is on life-support right now.

Serious Americans Need To Read This!

Are you one of the 60% who disapprove of the two “major” candidates?  Would you like to take control back from the ruling class.  Are you a Democrat sickened by the prospect of voting for Hillary?  Are you a Republican who realizes “the Donald” is a clown and a fraud?  Would you like to do something about it? Let’s see some guts!

To Compare…

Trump talks of growth, and then speaks of tariffs if businesses choose to do business elsewhere.  Can you say trade war? He lowers taxes a little bit and talks of running the government better.  There is no talk of dumping entire agencies.  He is recently sounding quite liberal with his new gimme-gimme policies.  He is both Johnson and Hillary lite.  But I guarantee the reader one thing.  There will be no anti-abotion campaign in a Trump White House.  He voiced four different opinions on the subject in one weekend after saying women should be punished for abortions.  And his stand against abortion, like most of his conservative positions, is new-found.

Hillary?  She’s beneath mention in this context.  The only thing we KNOW that will happen in a Clinton White House is a storm of “progressive” policies, a lot of lying and endless graft.

I’ll say it again.  Johnson will piss off honest people on both sides of the political aisle.  And he will please people on both sides.  But he is a better human being than Trump or Clinton.  He is less of a populist, he is more honest and has a real track record.  Ignore these facts at your peril.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here!

Kindle Version, STREET POLITICS: It Ain’t Your Daddy’s GOP Anymore! 50% of all author proceeds go to fighting Multiple Sclerosis!!

Find 16 20 24 on Amazon.

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