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As If Charlotte Cops Had a Choice!

I gleaned two important points from the Charlotte Police Department videos of the Keith Scott shooting. One is that he had a gun. You can’t see it in a video, but we know he had one. Consider: A man exits his car, doesn’t get shot. He gets back in his car and no one shoots into the car. He then exits again and starts to square off with police. At this time, at least two of four policemen start yelling, “Drop the gun!”

I know many would like to pretend that the two officers just randomly, and without reason, decided to yell, “Drop the gun!” because it is fun to say. But I’m going to go with reason here and say were yelling drop the gun, because he had a damn gun.

Consider what is missing from what his wife has told the police so far. There is a key piece to this story that would place at least a whiff of suspicion on the cops who shot Scott. But it isn’t there. I will say what the missing piece is some other time. I have no interest in giving the goons in Charlotte yet another reason to gratuitously burn things and steal stuff. You may already know what I am talking about. But if she had made a key statement, contemporaneous to the event, I may not be so sure of my support for the police in this matter. She didn’t. If she suddenly said it now, she’d be lying.

There is one more rather compelling reason to believe he had a gun. They the recovered it at the scene along with Scott’s ankle holster.

So point one: He had a gun.

Lawyer Says Cops Were Supposed To De-Escalate.  Idiot!

Point two is partially based on point one: As he was armed and moving, not listening to police, they HAD to shoot him. Contrary to the press statement of one of the Scott family’s ambulance chasers, police, when confronted with an armed man who is not obeying the command to drop said weapon, are NOT required to de-escalate the situation. They are required to protect themselves, their fellow officers and, in this case, the wife on the scene.

There are two ways to look at Keith Scott’s body language that day. Sadly, the officers didn’t have to option of choosing. They had only one interpretation available to them in keeping with the last sentence of the last paragraph.

Holding a gun and backing up, Scott could have been thinking of making a run for it. In this case, they would have had to drop him anyway. You don’t let a man with a gun in his hand, who has already behaved quite strangely, to run wild in the streets. So…bang!

He may also have been squaring off with police, (quite stupidly) seeking an advantageous moment to dive for cover or maybe even get off a shot at one of the cops. Yes, backing down, ignoring the command to drop your weapon and looking back and forth at the officers is just as easily squaring off or preparing to bolt. The police had to prevent the latter and are under no obligation whatsoever to risk their lives on the former.

The cops had to drop Scott. It is sad, considering the police were expecting to conduct routine business and ended up having to kill a suspect. But it is true.

If It Wasn’t So Hateful, It Would Be Just Laughably Stupid.

Since the “hands up, don’t shoot” myth was started, when a fat punk was shot scuffling with a cop, it has become a major pass time for some folks to look for reasons to tar cops as racist. Of the handful of videos to surface since (out of tens of millions of interactions with police and minorities[1] each year, that don’t even end with guns being drawn), I have seen what look to a reasonable person two possible bad shoots. In both cases, the officers involved are facing charges. Tulsa is one of them.  In the case of the man selling “loosies” in New York, who got choked out, the officer involved is also up on charges.

In the case of good shoots, the lives of the officers involved are still ruined. The local hooligans, abetted by out-of-town hooligans and professional agitators like Sharpton and Jackson, have made so much hay out of myth that the officers cannot do their jobs and their lives are put at risk. I should say greater risk than they already were, day-to-day, protecting the same hooligans who pretend to be burning cars and stealing merchandise because they “care” about the suspect who was shot.

You can’t discount the “look at me!” aspect of the situation either. Interspersed among the naïve “protestors” who wanted so badly to believe there was something to be protested in Charlotte, were scores of childish, loud-mouthed punks, playing up for the cameras and looking very much like the stereotype we are supposed to pretend doesn’t exist.  They knew as they danced on the hotel signs, played ‘Billy Badass” at the police lines and ran back and forth gesturing wildly (over-acting), that they were simply inserting themselves into a narrative and getting on the idiot box.  “Look at me!  Look at me!”

As an Aside…

Al Sharpton (tax cheat) asked what the difference was between the police in New Jersey, where a suspect was not killed and police in Tusla where a man ended up dead?  Al knows the answer to the question and he knows he is just asking it to incite race riots.  that’s his bread and butter.

The most practical reality is distance.  The cop in Tulsa who appears to be either nuts or way too twitchy to be a cop was standing right next to the victim.  In New Jersey the cops were across the street from the suspect and moving, as was the suspect.

Also, the police (generally speaking) in New Jersey or anywhere are not like the cop (singular) who killed the man in Tulsa.  Trying to lump all cops together to the ones who are stupid or dirty is a low-life stunt.  It is the kind of race-baiting Al Sharpton is famous for.  He must laugh himself to sleep at night thinking about all the money he has soaked poor black people for by convincing them they must hate white people and give him money.

[1] I can’t believe I have to qualify that with the word minority. But it is a race-obsessed society we live in, isn’t it?

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