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My Wall is Better Than Trump's Silly Wall.

I Still Can’t Believe Trump Is Serious!

In a campaign season dominated by the ridiculous, one recurring theme stands out, Donald Trump’s border wall.  To a person opposed to illegal immigration, as I am, the idea of building a wall to keep illegals out sounds like a good idea – for about six seconds.  It takes very little critical thinking to conclude the idea is not only ludicrous but an unworkable waste of resources.

General George Patton is often quoted as saying, “Fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man. Anything built by man, can be destroyed by him.” This speaks to the first and most obvious reason we don’t need a wall. From the moment the first shovel of dirt is drawn, efforts to defeat the wall will begin. A physical obstacle, as often as keeping some people out, draws others toward it with a desire to thwart or destroy it. Drug runners and coyotes will enhance their reputations, and thus their paydays, by creating ways to overcome this fixed barrier. If it works at all, it will work for only a short time. Walls, locks, doors, etc. are all created to keep honest people honest. Dishonest or desperate people will eventually render these things obsolete in pursuit of their needs.

The “They-can-do-it, why-can’t-we?” Argument:

Have you heard this old saw? “Israel has a wall and it works!”

Well, it works most of the time. People often do get over, under or around it. And the Israeli wall has a luxury we don’t have in this country – a nearly inexhaustible supply of personnel to man it. They have mandatory service and huge military reserves per capita. These troops need something to do while not fighting a war. To man a 400 mile wall is no great challenge. And it is not against the Israeli Constitution to do so.  Conversely, we have two problems. Our wall is supposed to be almost 2000 miles long. Manning it the way the Israelis man there’s will be mighty unpopular, especially among the soldiers sent to do it. Then there’s the little question of the Constitution.

Oh, I can hear the outcry already from the Wall lovers. Well, Obama didn’t follow the Constitution or the law when he redefined immigrants and even telegraphed his desire to have more people cross the border illegally!

I agree with that 100%. Obama has abetted criminal activity on the part of illegals. He should face charges. He won’t, of course. But you don’t fix that with further debasement of the same laws. This country is not ready to have federal troops manning checkpoints and possibly aiming weapons at us. Civilian entities charged with doing so are stretched thin. They will not be able to cover our Wall the way Israel does theirs. And we have no provision for the Army to do it.

I Stole Donald’s Idea…Sorry.

With all this in mind, and eager to demonstrate how competition is good for the buyer, I hit on an idea last week.  I sent the Mexican Embassy in DC the following email.

To: His Excellency Miguel Basanez Ebergenyi, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

From:  Matt Jordan, Author, Not at all extraordinary.


 I have been watching Donald Trump going on about building a wall for a year now.  In his words, “It’s going to be a great wall; a GREAT, GREAT wall.  Let me tell you.”  Then he always goes on to say, “And Mexico is going to pay for it, believe me.”  Why would you do that?  I am not altogether sold on the idea of Trump’s wall, but if Mexico is interested in paying for a wall in the United States, why wait until election day?  

 I was recently combating erosion on my property and hit upon a brilliant idea.  It’s a win-win for everyone involved.  I already built a wall.  It is…well, perhaps not great…but it’s pretty nice.  And it is very practical.

 My idea was to let Mexico pay for this wall instead of the Trump wall.

 Think of the advantages with the deal I am offering.  It’s quick, easy and far less expensive than the deal Mr. Trump is offering.  And the work is already done!   Frankly, I don’t see why you would even consider what Mr. Trump is offering.  It sounds terribly pricey and does nothing for the curb appeal of either country. 

If you prefer my wall, and IF Donald Trump becomes president and says it’s time to build a wall in the U.S., you can say, “No problem.   We already built one in Mississippi.  But good luck building yours, Donald.”  And if Donald is not elected, his campaign can say,  “Well, at least Mexico was nice enough to pay for a wall, anyway.”   Trump saves face.  Everybody wins!

 I’ve taken the liberty of attaching the invoices for my retaining wall.  The total comes to $182.74, USD.  I subtracted $15.26.   You shouldn’t have to pay for my light bulbs too.

 But wait!  There’s more!

 In the spirit of international cooperation and because I had a great time in Playa Del Carmen, I am not going to charge you for labor.  So, you have that going for you.

 Thank you for your time.  I look forward to your considered reply.  And I sincerely wish you all the best.

 Very Respectfully,

 Matthew E. Jordan III

 Yes, I really sent the receipts and pictures of my tiny wall. I hope the Embassy takes the email with the humor intended. I hope they enjoy reading it. I hope they actually cut me a check.

Trump, Wall, Clinton, Mexico
My Wall. An ankle-high marvel of engineering.

Trump, Wall, Mexico, Clinton


Trump, Wall, Mexico

The funniest send-up I’ve seen on the Wall issue was the treatment it received in South Park.  In the episode, Canada decided to build a wall to keep Americans out.  Needless to say, Americans had all the reactions you’d expect.  Insult, resentment, curiosity.  All the Wall really did was to interfere with the natural rhythm of life on the border and hurt both economies.  

When asked what Canada was hiding behind the wall, the response was one that will become legend in comedy history: “[long pause]…Don’t worry ah-boot it.”

The Wall That Never Was (A Remake)

Another reason to reject the wall as ludicrous is that it will never, ever be built. I am of the opinion that the wall talk is just a populist rant. It gets good poll numbers among those who believe it. But let’s assume Trump is sincere. He REALLY wants to build the wall. They’ll start it. There will be ribbon cuttings and politicians with chrome-plated shovels turning over clods of dirt. Men with hard hats will move in and get to work. From that day forward, every foot of the structure will be challenged in court. There will be case after case, genuine and frivolous, filed. Most will be from landowners or environmentalists representing every species living within 100 miles of the wall. They’ll all get their hearing. Injunctions will roll out by the wagonload. Work will stop and start. Contractors will have to give up to control losses. After a few years it will be announced that due to costs and interference the wall won’t be built. Or it will just be left to die quietly with no announcement. But I can assure you that at the end of Trump’s tenure, whether it is four or eight years, there will only be a few sparse, abandoned sections of what was intended to be a wall from the southeast tip of Texas to the Pacific. It will be exactly like last time when we were promised a wall in exchange for amnesty for millions of illegals.

The only way we will reduce the numbers of illegals coming into this country is to make it as uncomfortable as possible for those who try. Enforce existing law. No welfare, no food stamps, no Medicaid, no housing assistance for illegals. And damn sure, no Social Security! If churches and charities want to try to provide all that, fine. Their illegal beneficiaries will still be deported when caught.

If the federal government is too corrupt or cowardly to enforce its own laws, states and municipalities have the right to declare themselves illegal alien no-go zones. By not enforcing the law, the federal government forfeits the right to interfere in such enforcement by state and local government. If, for example, Jackson County, MS decides it wants no illegals there, they have a right to pass laws proscribing the hiring or housing of illegals.  It would be the equal opposite of sanctuary cities.  Just watch the real estate values shift!!!

It will take real effort on the part of those against illegal immigration to force corrupt politicians and their crony business partners to follow the law. I doubt 98% of the people reading this will ever lift a finger.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of Street Politics: It Aint Your Daddy’s GOP Anymore!

Kindle Version, STREET POLITICS: It Ain’t Your Daddy’s GOP Anymore!


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Debate: The Real Result = 0

The first debate of the general election is in the can.  And as I warned repeatedly, in the book and here, all the felon had to do was talk.  She could have recited nursery rhymes.  She may as well have since ALL of her points were general socialist crap the left has been shoveling for decades mixed in with the pretense of economic understanding.

I said on FB last night that by morning CNN would declare Clinton the debate winner and FOX would say Trump won.  Well, I just watched CNN and despite showing four polls to one with Trump as the winner, CNN says the felon won.  At FOX, their own focus group has Clinton winning overwhelmingly and FOX says that Trump won.  Go figure.

The fact is nobody WON last night and the viewers, who hoped to see something significant, lost.  Hillary spent the evening doing her best more-of-the-same routine in front of a nation, 75% of whom think we are headed to hell on a rocket sled.  So Hillary didn’t win – she just didn’t lose.

Except for one moment, Trump was left to repeat the same, tired, tangential blather he always uses when he is not on teleprompter.  He did nail it on TPP for two reasons:  First it is 100% true the Hillary Clinton was totally in the bag for TPP until she saw Trump polling through the roof by being against it.  She immediately flipped.  The second reason he scored is because the tangents he swung through happened to be on topic, so he sounded good.

But basically the Donald that I, the media and BJ Bill’s wife have expected since last year showed up last night and made a hash of the debate.

Make no mistake.  While I am no fan of Trump and warned against his nomination, I am even more an anybody-but-Clinton advocate.  But Trump just did not rise to the occasion last night.  He isn’t capable of doing so.  He missed so many opportunities (cyber security, Benghazi, Syria, economic growth, the Clinton Slush Fund) to slap that silly grin off her face that I was left yelling the lines and ranting to my buddy Dale via IM.

But again, Trump didn’t lose, he just passed on too many opportunities to walk away stronger.

The Trump cult is intact.  The rubes who think “mommy government” should continue to change their diapers are still pulling for Hillary.  And 60% of us are left to continue to shake our heads and wonder how these two could possibly have been nominated.

I’ve said it before.  Gary Johnson is a dorky guy.  But he is a successful, two-term governor dork.  He can also form complete sentences.  If for no other reason but bringing an actual argument to the debate, we need him on that stage.  Hell, Johnson might be the catalyst that keeps Trump on message.  He’ll certainly be a foil against the kind of Clinton pablum which has dominated the left since 1968.  He is up to 13% in recent polls.  Let’s get him over 15% just to shake things up. Just click here.

And be sure to visit 2get2get2 on Facebook.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here!

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As If Charlotte Cops Had a Choice!

I gleaned two important points from the Charlotte Police Department videos of the Keith Scott shooting. One is that he had a gun. You can’t see it in a video, but we know he had one. Consider: A man exits his car, doesn’t get shot. He gets back in his car and no one shoots into the car. He then exits again and starts to square off with police. At this time, at least two of four policemen start yelling, “Drop the gun!”

I know many would like to pretend that the two officers just randomly, and without reason, decided to yell, “Drop the gun!” because it is fun to say. But I’m going to go with reason here and say were yelling drop the gun, because he had a damn gun.

Consider what is missing from what his wife has told the police so far. There is a key piece to this story that would place at least a whiff of suspicion on the cops who shot Scott. But it isn’t there. I will say what the missing piece is some other time. I have no interest in giving the goons in Charlotte yet another reason to gratuitously burn things and steal stuff. You may already know what I am talking about. But if she had made a key statement, contemporaneous to the event, I may not be so sure of my support for the police in this matter. She didn’t. If she suddenly said it now, she’d be lying.

There is one more rather compelling reason to believe he had a gun. They the recovered it at the scene along with Scott’s ankle holster.

So point one: He had a gun.

Lawyer Says Cops Were Supposed To De-Escalate.  Idiot!

Point two is partially based on point one: As he was armed and moving, not listening to police, they HAD to shoot him. Contrary to the press statement of one of the Scott family’s ambulance chasers, police, when confronted with an armed man who is not obeying the command to drop said weapon, are NOT required to de-escalate the situation. They are required to protect themselves, their fellow officers and, in this case, the wife on the scene.

There are two ways to look at Keith Scott’s body language that day. Sadly, the officers didn’t have to option of choosing. They had only one interpretation available to them in keeping with the last sentence of the last paragraph.

Holding a gun and backing up, Scott could have been thinking of making a run for it. In this case, they would have had to drop him anyway. You don’t let a man with a gun in his hand, who has already behaved quite strangely, to run wild in the streets. So…bang!

He may also have been squaring off with police, (quite stupidly) seeking an advantageous moment to dive for cover or maybe even get off a shot at one of the cops. Yes, backing down, ignoring the command to drop your weapon and looking back and forth at the officers is just as easily squaring off or preparing to bolt. The police had to prevent the latter and are under no obligation whatsoever to risk their lives on the former.

The cops had to drop Scott. It is sad, considering the police were expecting to conduct routine business and ended up having to kill a suspect. But it is true.

If It Wasn’t So Hateful, It Would Be Just Laughably Stupid.

Since the “hands up, don’t shoot” myth was started, when a fat punk was shot scuffling with a cop, it has become a major pass time for some folks to look for reasons to tar cops as racist. Of the handful of videos to surface since (out of tens of millions of interactions with police and minorities[1] each year, that don’t even end with guns being drawn), I have seen what look to a reasonable person two possible bad shoots. In both cases, the officers involved are facing charges. Tulsa is one of them.  In the case of the man selling “loosies” in New York, who got choked out, the officer involved is also up on charges.

In the case of good shoots, the lives of the officers involved are still ruined. The local hooligans, abetted by out-of-town hooligans and professional agitators like Sharpton and Jackson, have made so much hay out of myth that the officers cannot do their jobs and their lives are put at risk. I should say greater risk than they already were, day-to-day, protecting the same hooligans who pretend to be burning cars and stealing merchandise because they “care” about the suspect who was shot.

You can’t discount the “look at me!” aspect of the situation either. Interspersed among the naïve “protestors” who wanted so badly to believe there was something to be protested in Charlotte, were scores of childish, loud-mouthed punks, playing up for the cameras and looking very much like the stereotype we are supposed to pretend doesn’t exist.  They knew as they danced on the hotel signs, played ‘Billy Badass” at the police lines and ran back and forth gesturing wildly (over-acting), that they were simply inserting themselves into a narrative and getting on the idiot box.  “Look at me!  Look at me!”

As an Aside…

Al Sharpton (tax cheat) asked what the difference was between the police in New Jersey, where a suspect was not killed and police in Tusla where a man ended up dead?  Al knows the answer to the question and he knows he is just asking it to incite race riots.  that’s his bread and butter.

The most practical reality is distance.  The cop in Tulsa who appears to be either nuts or way too twitchy to be a cop was standing right next to the victim.  In New Jersey the cops were across the street from the suspect and moving, as was the suspect.

Also, the police (generally speaking) in New Jersey or anywhere are not like the cop (singular) who killed the man in Tulsa.  Trying to lump all cops together to the ones who are stupid or dirty is a low-life stunt.  It is the kind of race-baiting Al Sharpton is famous for.  He must laugh himself to sleep at night thinking about all the money he has soaked poor black people for by convincing them they must hate white people and give him money.

[1] I can’t believe I have to qualify that with the word minority. But it is a race-obsessed society we live in, isn’t it?

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here!

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Serious Americans Need To Read This!

Are you one of the 60% who disapprove of the two “major” candidates?  Would you like to take control back from the ruling class.  Are you a Democrat sickened by the prospect of voting for Hillary?  Are you a Republican who realizes “the Donald” is a clown and a fraud?  Would you like to do something about it? Let’s see some guts!