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You Can Make History – Literally!

Answering the Call of History: Consider Your Options

Do you consider yourself a Libertarian? Do you say you are for responsible government? Are you one of the disaffected Republicans with whom Donald Trump has failed to connect? Are you a Democrat with an ounce of self-respect left? Perhaps you are a JFK liberal as opposed to a (smirk) “progressive”.   I’d like to offer you a chance to make history. I am not talking in a vague, esoteric sense of the word. I mean you will one day tell you grandchildren, “Yes, that really did happen. It was exciting. And I was one of the people smart enough to make it happen!”

If you see yourself in the first paragraph, you know the two leading candidates in the presidential election offer a disastrous choice. There is no winning situation with either one. I have listed the specifics of that charge numerous times at I will leave it to you to read those thoughtful opinions. But if you are still reading, you know what I am saying is true and you would love to change the game. So, here’s the good news: YOU CAN!

I wrote 16 20 24: A Path to Consistent Conservative Victory in early 2015 and published it last summer. In it, I made a number of predictions and observations. Those predictions, what the candidates did and failed to do, the way the press continues to cover the election, have all come to pass as if I had planned it all myself. I don’t say that as a matter of boast. I say it because I know there is one and only one way we can alter the outcome of this election in such a way that the clown and the felon are denied the oval office and we start fresh, RIGHT NOW, to rebuild the American Experiment.

If you understand already that an honest, successful, two-term governor backed up with another successful governor as his running mate make more sense as president and vice president than Trump or Clinton and you want to make that happen, skip the rest of this essay and go straight to the paragraph entitled This is Where the History Happens below.

If you need a bit of convincing, I will lay it out for you.

Respectability vs Populism vs Criminality

Gary Johnson, Libertarian for President, has many specific issues I disagree with. I don’t like his stance on immigration. I feel his message about the military was, until very recently, odd and muddled. I think his abortion argument is filled with vague clichés. That said, I believe with a conservative legislature at the tiller, Johnson would be a far superior choice over the present field.

Whatever his specific policies, he is a small government man and has proven it in New Mexico.

  • He has no felonies hanging over his head.
  • He can form sentences and doesn’t dabble on Twitter like a little girl.
  • His plans to cut deeply into the military would be impossible to carry out with a conservative congress.
  • His abortion stands are pretty much what we have right now, so it isn’t like we’d suddenly have abortion clinics in our middle schools.
  • His immigration stand is naive, but again with a conservative congress, he wouldn’t be able to declare the US a haven for every loser wanting welfare or coming here versus fixing their own dysfunctional country.

Further, Johnson strikes me as a man who would not employ totalitarian, statist, non-existent “executive authority” to push these things through without the consent of the governed. To do so would run counter to everything he claims to believe. Also, if conservatives in congress push for banning gay birthday parties or call for mandatory prayer at NASCAR events, a President Gary Johnson would veto that. There are real checks and balances possible here.

I am suggesting, whether you agree with his individual policies of not, he’d be a better president than the clown or the felon. Besides, single-issue voters and populist voters have enabled both parties to destroy this nation. Any person elected for this one policy or for that one group has not been properly tested. They have no evidence of being able to navigate in the real world effectively.

I’ll take it a step further. Johnson’s running mate, Bill Weld, unlike Mike Pense, doesn’t believe the world is 6,000 years old. Weld doesn’t believe it was made to look older by the devil to deceive us. He isn’t a corrupt party hack like Tim Kaine. With this ticket we really are getting a two-fer.

At this writing, there are less than 70 days left until the election. What can be done in that time to really change the outcome? Well…a lot, actually. And the work can be done in 30 days. And it is ridiculously easy work. The question is, will you do the work? My experience with social media says most of the people who read this are just people living in their respective echo chambers, unwilling to put out the effort to really impact their own governance. The more obnoxious the posts, the less brain power and the less likely they are to vote. And that’s just talking about the people who show an interest in politics. Many are utterly cynical or obtuse about it all.

But we have a simple way to get people engaged and cause an event that has only happened twice in our history; force the election into the House of Representatives. If we succeeded in doing that, using a ground-swell operation, there is no way even the stupidest of Republicans would elect Clinton or Trump. And a lot of Democrats would come along with the wave.

Before I tell you how YOU will make history, let me reiterate; as president, Johnson will do things that will piss off conservatives. He will also do things that piss off liberals. Hell, he already says things that flame out Libertarians! I guarantee all three of those statements are true. But he will be a more level-headed, honest and capable president than Clinton or Trump. The most important contribution he will make is in the area of economic growth. He will need a conservative congress to succeed here. Reid and Pelosi are devoid of scruples and will simply stand in the way of anything Johnson would do to shrink government and grow the economy. With the first real uptick in interest rates, you are going to find out how critical that is, no matter what side of the fence you are on politically. The economy doesn’t care if you think there is such a thing as social justice or you want school prayer. People in both those camps are going to be slammed the just as hard when Janet Yellen runs out of Wall Street sugar pills.   So we’ll need a fiscally conservative down ticket to right the ship.

This is Where The History Happens

Almost everyone knows what happens if you take a penny and double it every day for a month.  For those that don’t, if asked how much money you’d have in thirty-one days, you often get estimates of tens or maybe hundreds of dollars. The fact is you’d have over ten million dollars.

But who would be able to generate that much money to test the process? Certainly not me. And if you could, what would be the purpose of the experiment? You’d already have the money so the experiment would silly.

But what if we apply it to politics? If everyone reading this did a few very simple (I’ll admit, a bit gutsy) things in the next 24 hours, we could not only push the election into the House, we could possibly secure outright victory for a new breed of politician. Not since Lincoln has anything so historic happened in a presidential election. And you can be a real part of it. With this plan every single link, every person taking part, is as critical as every other. Every person can truly say, “I changed the course of history!”

So here are the steps:

  1. Commit to throwing your support behind Gary Johnson.
  2. Go to Johnson’s website and throw the campaign a bone. It could be $5.00, $1.00, $3.68; anything. Just chip in a little. (This will help, but it is actually the least important step in the process.)
  3. You all know disaffected voters from both parties and people who just don’t vote or participate. Cut and paste this article in an email and send it to them. Or send them the link to this post.  But then talk to them by phone or in person.  Tell them you know they are in X party, or you know they really don’t care about politics generally, but would they please just give you a listen and let you make your case.  Then step them through the points listed above.
  4. Try to do it all in one day but DON’T GIVE UP UNTIL YOU HAVE TWO PEOPLE WHO ARE COMMITTED TO DOING THESE SAME 4 SIMPLE STEPS. Encourage them to do the very same thing. Each person brought along to find two to do all the same things. Find two, who find two, who find two, etc. And by all means, don’t limit yourself to 2 people. If you are on a roll, keep going!
  5. Actually vote for Johnson in November. And vote a fiscally conservative down ticket.

Let’s say of all the people who see this post in the next 24 hours, only six decide to commit and stick it out. If each successive person had complete success in only 25 of the next 30 days, there would be 100,663,296 people actively supporting and voting for Gary Johnson by the end of September. That’s not an indecisive, House of Reps election. That’s outright victory! And we would have done it entirely on our own. No political organization, no government involvement; just citizens who got together, with a very simple process and blew the doors off the old school!

Pie in the sky? Well, if we do a quarter of that, the House will put Gary Johnson in the White House.

We can do this! YOU can do this! Good luck.

For extra credit: contact CNN, FOX, MSNBC, CBS, all of them. Tell them whom you vote for is not for them to decide. From now on you expect to see Gary Johnson and Jill Stein asked for their reactions to anything the other candidates are asked about. For every Trump or Clinton event covered by the media, there should be Johnson events covered as well. If there are reporters assigned to the dem and the GOP guy all day, there should be the same assigned to Johnson. Tell the media to stop living up to our worst expectations, for a change, and do their damn jobs.

Full disclosure: I am not, nor have I ever been a part of any campaign for federal office.  This project originates here at and is created entirely by the author.  Send inquiries to

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here!

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Nehlen v Ryan, Kahn v Trump and Other Stinkers

Keep your eye on this Nehlen guy. He is demonstrating, honestly and accurately, how Ryan and his ilk play bitch to “progressives” to make their own incumbency easier to protect.

This and more…

Why So Quiet?

A friend mentioned that I’d gone quite quiet recently. Indeed I have written more in my travel blog than I have Street Politics.

The reason is that the bullshit is piling up so fast on the political front, I can barely keep up with it. With people like Trump and Clinton, where do you begin?

But I’ll do better.

Let’s Dump Ryan and Others!

Things seem to be going poorly for Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan up in cheese country. It seems the folks in Wisconsin are thinking less about the imaginary status having the Speaker as your congressman provides.  They are starting to listen to a new-comer, Paul Nehlen. Nehlen’s resume would indicate he is a smart man. His policy positions are straight-forward. Many of Ryan’s positions are similar, though throttled by inanities and loaded with wiggle room.  Nehlen doesn’t seem to give himself such room to slither around in.

The truth is, Ryan is every bit the sellout his mentor, John Boehner was. He is utterly disinterested in anything that requires real effort on his part, if it doesn’t lead to political dollars and re-election. He is certainly not a conservative! Ryan and his ilk in congress, both houses, have become a national embarrassment.

I’m getting a kick out of listening to all the RINOs now crying that Trump won’t endorse them. Personally, I think it is suicide on Trump’s part to not tout all Republicans down the line.  He would be smarter not to say a single negative thing about another Republican (Chapter 17).  But he can’t help himself. He is not a bright man. Trump does nuance the way a gorilla would do ballet.  Still, to people like Ryan, who said Trump shouldn’t be nominated now whining for his approval is proof that they are not worthy of the offices they seek.

Let’s all send $5.00 to Nehlen and make noise on Facebook and Twitter.  Let’s encourage our friends in Wisconsin to do the right thing and dump Paul Ryan. Let’s get rid of McCain while we’re at it.

Whitman Endorses BJ Bill’s Wife! Hah!

If Christine Todd Whitman, former Governor of NJ, were still a viable entity in politics, this might rile me more.  But it rings of a pathetic has-been exercising her immature urge to shock, and so gain notice.

So Christie, you don’t like Trump.  Join the club.  The line is long and distinguished. But at one time you claimed to have at least SOME principles by which you lived your life.  In this race, you have a serial felon, a reality TV clown and a successful two-term governor, Republican when he served.

Everything Hillary Clinton stands for, except for a few social issues (which should mean little to a TRUE conservative – Chapter 4) are the very antithesis of what you made your life’s work.  Aside from being the most corrupt politician in the last 100 years, beating even FDR, she would preside over the continued deterioration of the U.S. economy.  She would draw power unto herself, without a thought of laws or ethics.

Trump…?  Who the hell knows what he stands for?  His campaign spends every day trying to explain the stupid thing he said yesterday.  As of last weekend, Trump forgot the Russians had taken half of Ukraine.  So, for not endorsing him, you are forgiven.

But then you have Gary Johnson.  He does share positions on some of your social issues.  He likely differs on some other issues as well. I know I disagree with his stand on the military and immigration.  But he isn’t an idiot and he isn’t a felon.  And he was a successful governor; more so than you were. 

Have you no dignity, Ms Whitman? Did you actually endorse someone who is a standing insult to everything this country is because you both have vaginas.  Were you stupid enough to buy into that con job?  Here’s a thought.  Why don’t you get together with Hillary and Barbara Streisand and their Democrat friends and form the Vagina Party? Or would that just be redundant?

Trump vs Khan

If you wait long enough, all the smelly shit eventually oozes out, doesn’t it? I will dispense with the now cliche preface of “Sorry for your loss”.  It has been said so many times this week it has lost its meaning, even to the Khan clan. So there we were, watching the couple who lost a son in war 12 years ago. that son was said by Larry Sabato to be a good man and a top-notch soldier.  If Sabato says it, I believe it.  So the greater the tragedy it is.  We need good men like him.

Lo and behold, the Clinton campaign plucks this couple from obscurity.  It seems Khizr Khan sees the banning of Muslims from this country (a false flag, a straw argument) bothers him because his Muslim son died for this country.  We watch as Mr. Khan pulls out his pocket Constitution and scolds Trump on not understanding what is written there.

Sigh, sniff.

But there are some problems here.  We can simply mention that the Constitution makes absolutely no prohibition against a congress or a president throttling immigration in any way they chose, certainly not against the same officials using immigration restrictions as a means of security!  I’d be more comfortable if the immigration moratorium were simply expressed in terms of geography, leaving people’s personal superstitions aside.  But their is still no constitutional restriction even there.

The second problem lies in the Latin question, cui bono?  Whenever something smells funny, like a speaker at a Democrat convention pulling out a pocket Constitution, you should always think of that question; cui bono?  Pocket Constitutions are punchlines in Tea Party jokes.  “Progressives” going all the way back to Woodrow Wilson have chafed at the Constitution.  They insult those who stand by it because it restricts their ability to “manage” the population and all their activities as “progressives” fit.

I knew Khan was a stage prop, but where was the benefit for him? Fifteen minutes of fame?

Well!  It turns out Khan is a long-time associate of Hillary Clinton with a motive to advance her ambitions and thereby his own.  Khan is also an immigration lawyer.  He makes lots of money gaming the system to get green cards for people. The influx of hundreds of thousand of refugees from unknown, unverifiable dung heaps, Clinton’s plan, would channel millions of dollars worth of business to Khan’s law firm. 

Okay, show of hands; who doesn’t think the deal from Clinton was, “you give me a good speech and get me some mileage and I will make sure you are overrun with Syrian, Yemeni and Iraqi clients.  We will instruct INS to direct them to you.”

If anyone doubts that, if anyone thinks Khan dragged his wife onto that stage without a solid quid pro quo, you need to go outside and slam your car door on your head several times. It won’t do you any good. But it feels good to picture you doing it.

As for Trump, he was stupid to engage.  But since he can’t help himself, his handlers should have taught him a better approach.  It would have been smarter still if he had waited.  He could have beaten Khan over the head with this information and accused him of whoring his own son’s death for financial gain which, of course, he did!

Gary Johnson, are you listening?  This is your chance. Speak up. Get in the news cycle. Controversy is good, so long as you are on the side of honesty.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here!

Find 16 20 24 on Amazon.

Find 16 20 24 at Barnes & Noble