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James Comey: The Great American Stooge!

Comey and His Contribution to National Perdition

All my readers know I am extremely hard on Donald Trump. So long as he rants without substance, so long as he holds to liberal, statist ideas like eminent domain for private enterprise (crony capitalism) or answers serious questions with talk of polls and how rich he is, I will continue to bust his chops. But he still gets wood on it now and then, and I am happy to give him credit when he does. Today he knocked it out of the park with his tweet about Hillary Clinton and James Comey and his hashtag #riggedsystem. I think he might agree that this is a dark day. Perhaps the darkest day in American politics since Nixon was pardoned.[1. Most people are not politically educated enough to understand that all the things under the rubric of “Watergate”, the break-in, the shit list, the coverup, the recordings, don’t amount to a flea bite compared to a single one of the crimes and scandals associated with Hillary Clinton. And in her case, she was the actual perpetrator. She wasn’t the cynical boss covering for underlings. She was the criminal or character assassin at the heart of the crimes.]

This morning James Comey proved me right, and countless other commentators who said he was a stand-up guy, utterly wrong. Today Comey discarded all of his credibility and dignity to protect the most corrupt politician in the history of American presidential politics. He allowed himself and the FBI to be used as goons, just as the IRS was used, to advance the aims of the most totalitarian cabal ever to infect the Executive branch of our government. Comey is a stooge and a political whore.

Side note: As I write this BHO is making a campaign appearance for Clinton. For the truly slow among the readership, that’s why Comey had to bend over this morning. Obama was itching to get out on the campaign trail, to feed his fragile ego and he couldn’t do it while BJ Bill’s wench was under investigation. So he had Comey shut the investigation down.

There has never been any man or woman more qualified for this office,” B. Hussein O. says. High praise indeed from the least competent, least effective, most paranoid, most corrupt president in our history. And he’s a better person than Hillary Clinton! Another low bar, I grant you.

What the Law Demands; And What We Won’t Get

I am not a stranger to the requirements of holding a sensitive clearance. I know what is expected of people who have access to, or are in possession of, state secrets. There is nothing exotic in that. My job didn’t require I rub elbows with James Bond or work in the White House Situation Room. But I was responsible for protecting the information I did have access to. These requirements are not a matter of suggestion. They are a matter of law[2. The Espionage Act. The Records Protection Act], as General David Petraeus knows all too well. When you sign the documents governing your clearance and take the training for the handling of sensitive information, you read that matters of convenience or ignorance of the law are not mitigating factors when you are found to have compromised the secrets for which you are responsible. Intent or lack of intent are not factors in your prosecution. If information leaves the domain in which it is protected, a crime has been committed. If an employee or contractor of the federal government were found to have willfully placed sensitive information in an unsecured environment, outside the government’s control, as Clinton did, that person would be dealt with most severely. Unless, of course, you are an amoral, unethical political hack and can successfully corrupt the head of the FBI.

If I (or anyone who is not a corrupt Democrat politician) was suspected of channeling sensitive information to a laptop in my home (much less a server backed up by two unsecured, non-government server locations!) while working for the government, this is how the timeline would have unfolded:

Within minutes of the discovery, phone calls would go out for as many agents and as possible to be made available on short notice. Local law enforcement would be notified and possibly asked to assist in a raid on my home. Discretion would be emphasized. Within an hour or two of the discovery, federal agents of the FBI and Defense Intelligence would crash through my front door. If home, I’d be arrested immediately. My computer and anything remotely associate with it would be confiscated. Every cable or suspicious wire would be ripped from my walls. My internet provider and any company that might be carrying a blog or website would also be raided; not as forcefully, but they wouldn’t be given a choice about cooperating.

 No one would have NEGOTIATED the surrender of my computer! No one would have waited months for that server, providing me with an opportunity to tamper with evidence (another crime which Clinton committed) before arresting me. No one would have NEGOTIATED the circumstances under which I would be interrogated. Interrogations would start the moment I was taken into custody. No one would have said, “Oh gee, you gave a thumb drive with sensitive information on it to your lawyer? Well, can we get it back when you have time?”Followed by, “Oh gee, you or your attorney destroyed the information on that thumb drive in such a way that it can’t be forensically recovered? Well, okay then. Don’t worry about it.”

If anything was found on my computer classified as Secret or higher, I’d be wearing orange coveralls right now. This is not debatable. There is no chance it would be overlooked. If I said I committed the crime because doing so was convenient, or because I deserved greater control of the information I created/handled, I’d have been laughed out of even the most incompetent court room; and rightly so.

If you watch the old news feeds you will know that the Clinton server was being rumored and reported long before the FBI “discovered” she had it. It was that fact and all the “negotiating” and foot dragging that clued me in immediately that this situation would not end well. Still, I was not prepared for the visceral reaction I experienced this morning upon hearing Comey had finally whored himself, his career and the entire FBI in front of the whole world. The sitting president and attorney general have colluded in the crime being investigated.

A Few Particulars from the Press Conference

  • There was no evidence of intent…

First, intent is not a factor. However, are we to believe that Hillary tripped on the sidewalk resulting in the accidental installation of a server in her basement? Clinton said herself that she intended to skirt the system so she could control information.

So from now on, people can put classified information anywhere they want. So long as they say they didn’t mean it, it’s okay!

  • There wasn’t a high volume of information put on the server…

Fact: She returned 55,000 pages of information, most of it classified. And the FBI founds thousands more that she tried to hide – INTENTIONALLY! SHE TAMPERED WITH EVIDENCE. COMEY GAVE HER THE OPPORTUNITY TO DO SO – INTENTIONALLY!

And we haven’t even discussed shaking down foreigners for money while Secretary of State!

Fact: What Clinton did was treasonous. The President, the Attorney General and the FBI director are among the many other co-conspirators.

  • Comey said outright that lesser people – that would be you proles reading this – should not expect the same treatment that Hillary is getting if you commit such egregious acts of espionage. YOU would be prosecuted. Or in Comey’s words, face “administrative sanctions”.

Here’s the big red herring of the whole affair: Clinton’s minions keep saying that there is no crime here because there is no evidence that the server was ever hacked. This is wrong on so many levels. First, her criminality isn’t based on whethewr the server was hacked. It is based on her putting information including information MARKED Special Access Program[3. This is a marking that means no matter what your clearance level, you are not entitled to look at this information unless it is critical to your actual function. no exceptions.] on a server that is not secure and not a part of government computers.

Fact: Before he pled “the fifth”, Bryan Pagliano, the IT staffer Clinton secretly paid to run her illegal server, said there might have been two instances where the server was hacked. Today, while downplaying Clinton’s crimes, Comey said it is highly likely that “bad actors” accessed her server.

I Am a Changed Man

Resultant of today’s news, my relationship with my country has changed. Here’s how.

Years ago, the Navy recommissioned the old Iowa-class battleships. There was no one in the Navy who knew anything about those amazing 16″ guns they carried. The call went out for old hands who knew the guns to come back and teach the young guys how to make them work. Men between 50 and 65 years old strapped on uniforms and returned to service. Being an old Gunner’s Mate myself, I thought that was really cool. But if a weird circumstance like that were to occur today and I was asked to come back and serve under an Obama or Clinton administration, I would refuse to serve.


When I left DC, I was working for a truly great company, a defense contractor. The president of that company was one of the best employers you could ever hope for. My immediate supervisor was a top shelf manager and passionate about the mission. If that company came to me today and said they had the perfect job for me, working well within my areas of interest and talent, in a great location, (and no I-95 traffic!) under contract to a government with a Clinton or an Obama in it, I’d pass on the job. I’d be sick about it. But I wouldn’t do it.

I would refuse for two reasons. The first is obvious. I would refuse to serve a Commander-in-Chief as bereft of ethics as these two clowns. I would find no honor in that.

Second, we watched Venezuela plunge into a pathetic abyss under Chavez and Maduro. They were elected by an ignorant and emotionally charged peasant class. They had the excuse of being a country without the constitutional and educational advantages we have here. It ALMOST makes their mass stupidity understandable. We have no such excuse.

The Democrat party shames itself to have nominated such an unworthy creature to represent it. Half the electorate has yet to learn its lesson after TWICE electing an arrogant, pseudo-intellectual, now utterly corrupt Islamophile to the Oval Office. He and his Secretary of State got four men killed in Benghazi, including our ambassador and were in bed before learning of his fate. Now the possibility exists that Clinton will be elected president.  This is no longer the country whose uniform I wore so proudly. That country has been fading from view ever since the first guns were sent across the Mexican border to support the regime’s narratives. The collective stupidity that got Obama reelected; the more insidious stupidity required to elect Clinton, would be far less forgivable in America than in poor Venezuela – but we would be on the same path as that wretched hell hole.

I don’t want to serve a people who could do that.

Afterthought: Oh wait! Does this mean Edward Snowden can come home and only face administrative sanctions and back pay to the time of those sanctions? Because he didn’t actually GIVE information to the Russians. He just put them on a computer that they may or may not have accessed. Just like Hillary.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here!

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Stalinist and Stupid, Part 2: The Magical Land!

The Magical Land of Stalinist Stupidity

Hello boys and girls. Today will talk about a magical land. It’s a special place where people have suspended all disbelief and want felons and circus clowns to take care of them and protect them. In this land the have a news industry that doesn’t do research and reports everything the leaders say as if that was the news. They are very obedient to the leaders they love.

In today’s episode, we find that the obedient media keep telling the people about the TWO candidates that are running for president. The liberal media[1. They are called “liberal” because they actively support socialist candidates. But we all know there is nothing more illiberal and pig-headed than a modern American “liberal”.] loves a felon named Hillary Clinton. They worked very hard to defeat Bernie Sanders. He is a socialist who tried to win the liberal presidential nomination. No matter how well he did, the media kept saying he wasn’t a good candidate. The conservative media are stuck with man named Donald Trump. None of them believe in him because he is an inarticulate clown. But they think he has the best chance of defeating the felon lady.

Oddly enough, it was the pink, socialist media who helped the clown the most. They have all kinds of dirty things to say about him. But they wanted to match the felon against the clown. So they carried him through the election. If you watch TV, you’ll see that they are starting to bring up these dirty things a tiny bit. But they are really waiting for next month. That’s when they will talk about all the naughty things they have been holding on the clown. Nothing the clown has done is a pittance compared to the actions of the felon, but that doesn’t matter to the pink media.

The conservative, or ham-handed media are trying to make the Donald look good. They don’t REALLY think he can win. The surely don’t think he would do a good job. But they are too afraid to do ALL the difficult reporting necessary or make any of the commentary needed to help or hurt the clown and actually defeat the felon.

LOOK  AWAY! No Candidate to See Here!

So unless you watch the news cycles twice a day like your Uncle Matt does, and pay VERY close attention to the details, you would never know there was a third candidate running for president. Buried deep down in the dark world of 10% poll ratings is a man who is on the ballot in 50 states. But the obedient media people almost never even mention him. All the political wizards told them not to. And when they do mention him, his name is Gary Johnson, they just say he can’t win. Even though 60% of all the voters hate the felon and the clown.

Every day the wretched felon says something silly, like “free college”.[2. Only stupid people think there is such a thing as free college or free WiFi, or free cell phones.] And the media people run to the silly clown and ask him for his reaction. Then the clown says something and they scurry like good little slaves to ask the felon what she thinks. No one ever asks poor Johnson, a successful two-term governor, or his running mate, also a successful governor, what they think. That would require real work and honesty. The modern media don’t want to work and they are not honest. So they keep going back and forth to the criminal and the real estate huckster. The media pretend their words have merit. They tell you these are the only REAL candidates running for president. They know that the vast majority of all the people don’t want Donald or Hillary. But they are under orders to make you want them.

The media, and their bosses in politics believe in the magic of intentional avoidance. They believe if they close their eyes and keep pretending governor Johnson isn’t there, you’ll believe them and vote for one of their candidates. Poof! Magic!

Here’s the most magical, mystical, pathetic part of our story. This week, the pink side of a pretend government commission announced that they wanted to sanction FOX News for how they structured their August debate last year. That was the first debate with a prime time and an under-card debate. People on the pretend commission (the Federal Elections Commission) wanted to make up pretend laws that said FOX “contributed’ to one campaign and hurt others by using the split line-up.  Poof. Magic. New laws.

Never mind that the media goons at CNN did the same thing. That was magically overlooked.

Providing and under-card with pre-determined qualifications didn’t help anyone except the voters who had a chance to see ALL the candidates. But still the pink commission members wanted FOX News punished for being…well…FOX News. In government, that is how you handle your political opponents. You ignore the U.S. Constitution and make up magically stupid and childish inanities to stifle free speech. You remember that, boys and girls. Free speech is what our college students lost years ago. Soon, we won’t have that right either.

And during all this time, the silly pretend commission has ignored years of established media barking about equal time. If there is anything the media slaves are doing to hurt one candidate and favor another, it is ignoring their job of reporting on the Johnson candidacy. It is being done by liberals and conservatives to forward the interests of their political masters. If that isn’t a contribution-in-kind to the felon and the clown, your Uncle Matt doesn’t know what is!

And this story might have a sad ending boys and girls. If Uncle Matt is correct, most of the silly voters won’t research the candidates on their own. They will listen to the media puppets and vote for one of the two worst candidates ever to run for the presidency. Or they will just stay home and hurt their country that way. I hope I’m wrong. Don’t you?

Full disclosure: I support the Johnson campaign by default, not personal enthusiasm. The major parties shame themselves this year in what they offer the American voter. I probably disagree on twice as many issues as I would agree on with Johnson. But he believes in taking a wrecking ball to the budget. That concept is decades, and trillions of dollars, overdue. He believes in small government and doesn’t think A-holes inside the Beltway should be involved with how you live your life. He is the only successful chief executive in the race and is backed by a successful governor as his VP. In my opinion, this is a no-brainer. We all need to grow up and dump the felon and the clown.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here!

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Stalinist and Stupid, Part 1: No Gun For YOU!

In recent days, we have seen stunning attacks on free speech, political activity and due process in this country. There was a time, not too long ago when such attacks would have seemed inconceivable to anyone of any political stripe. To have put forward such ideas would have seemed Stalinist, stupid and embarrassingly immature. But, with “congressmen” who hold sit-ins on the House floor, heartlessly groaning out lame 60’s protest songs, I suppose maturity and dignity are in very short supply. 

No Fly, No Buy

The first, and still ongoing assault on citizens is the “No Fly – No Buy” gun restrictions. At first glance by the uninitiated, the idea seems relatively harmless. If you are a terrorist, you shouldn’t be able to purchase a gun.

But for those who know how to use the government as a weapon (Obama used the IRS to thwart political opponents) the No Fly list is a real gift. At the moment anyone can find themselves on the No Fly list. It was a bit of theater cooked up by incompetent politicians with no protection for the honest citizen.

Let’s say a commentator, we’ll make up a name – Matt Jordan – is toiling away on his political blog. In this blog – we’ll call it… I don’t know… call it Street Politics – Jordan labels Barrack Obama as the most paranoid and incompetent president in our history. There are thousands of people in this country with access and authority to add to the No Fly list. How easy would it be for this hapless scribbler to end up on the list?

Keep in mind the former Secretary of State, now Democratic presidential candidate, once made Imelda Marcos look honest and distinguished. When serving as our First Lady, Hillary Clinton made use of 1700 FBI files to construct her husband’s shit list. It was and is illegal for her to have been in possession of those files. She should have done jail time for it. But so corrupt was the Clinton Administration, so feckless our Congress, she got away with it. The obedient, often ignorant media played along.

What would stop an ethically bankrupt person like BJ Bill’s wife from using this list as punishment? What of government bureaucrats who believe it is okay to break the law and deny someone their rights and ruin reputations in order to protect such a politician? Couldn’t they put this madman, Jordan, on the No Fly list? Sure. It’s done all the time.

And once on the list, it has been made intentionally tedious and costly to get off. People spend years trying. At no time is anyone required to tell you why you are on the list or who put you there. Talk about your basic 1984 scenario. Not only is it abusive, it would be maddening. Oh, and it can all be done without a warrant and with no explanation to anyone.

Now, this is the list the Democrats want to use to control the sales of firearms. They introduced legislation, in a fit of drama and insult to the dead in Orlando, to say that if you are on the No Fly list you can’t buy a personal weapon. The Republicans, of course voted it down.

The GOP Is Not Being Helpful

Not to be outdone, the GOP announced their legislation saying that if you are put on the No Fly list (we’ll say by the pussy FBI employee whose car you bumped with a shopping cart) you’ll have a whole 72 hours to demand redress.

So okay, what citizen, who isn’t a well-connected Beltway tool, would be able to lawyer up and fight this inside of 72 hours? The result would be the same for most people who have been put on the list erroneously or spitefully. Years of hassle and a complete denial of due process. No matter. The point of the legislation is to grow the list as quickly as possible and to deny people their Second Amendment rights.

Now, Paul Ryan (one of the Four Morons) has announced the Republicans would offer a new bill that should pass regarding No Fly – No Buy. What is he going to offer as a redress window for the people on the list, thirty minutes?

If anything remotely similar to these bills passes, you will get whiplash watching the list grow. Few, if any of the names added will be terrorists. Liberal hacks will put every name they can come up with on the list. There are already a million names on it. Dummies who publicly state what worthless, witless boobs we have passing for a government will be among the first ones enrolled. We’ll won’t get guns. We might get cavity searches.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here!

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